Trump Continues Anti-NFL Barrage By Exploiting 2004 Death Of Liberal Atheist Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

Trump followed up this morning’s anti-NFL tweetstorm by retweeting a post about former NFL star Pat Tillman, who was accidentally killed by US troops in Afghanistan.

Think Progress reports:

In 2004, Tillman was killed in a friendly fire incident, five weeks after the Department of Defense initially misreported his death as the result of enemy fire. When Colin Kaepernick began demonstrating in 2016, Tillman posthumously came into the spotlight, appropriated by right-wing bloggers who said that by refusing to stand for the national anthem, athletes were disrespecting what Tillman died for. One of the most popular posts on the pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald frames Tillman as someone who “believed in something but instead of taking a knee, fought for it.”

Absent from the conversation among conservative circles, however, are Tillman’s personal politics. Those who served with Tillman in Iraq and Afghanistan say he was vehemently against former U.S. president George W. Bush and called the war “so fucking illegal.” Tillman was also an atheist and maintained correspondence with one of his favorite authors, Noam Chomsky. After Trump announced the travel ban against majority-Muslim countries, Tillman’s widow took to Facebook to say “this was not the country he dreamed, not what he served and died for.”

  • Tawreos

    Like the flag, a dead hero can mean whatever you want them to mean regardless of the truth.

    • Smokey

      Dorothy Day — ‘Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed so easily. ‘

  • Max_1
  • bkmn

    A wise man knows when they are losing and adjusts strategy accordingly, Trump is not a wise man

  • Dan M

    I just hate it when people start using facts. Ruins perfectly ridiculous arguments.

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      When my husband and I were having “discussions”, he often said I was muddying the waters with facts and logic.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    “believed in something but instead of taking a knee, fought for it”

    What does that say about their dear leader Trump and the Vietnam war? With his “bone spur in the feet” deferrals, Trump didn’t take the knee, he took the foot.

    • Tawreos

      He believes in money and fought to stay home with it

      • Goodboy

        I agree. Trump bravely stayed home and made a shitload of money that helped the economy. Trickle down economics I believe they call it. Plus, look at the charity $ he’s donated. If that’s not patriotism I don’t know what is.

        • Harley

          Yea. You’re so funny. Trickle down doesn’t work. Never has. Money trickles UP. Plus Trump never donated his own money and in fact took money from children’s cancer funds to pay for his prostitutes in Russia. #peetape.

          • kareemachan

            I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning. Evidently, you didn’t get a whiff of it.

      • David Walker

        Didn’t he say that avoiding STDs was his Vietnam War? All indications point to he lost.

    • netxtown

      Kinda OT: I’ve been watching parts n pieces of the Vietnam War series on PBS…and it will wrench your guts to no end. It was absolutely hideous – and should serve a poignant reminder of the very worst of humankind.

      • Mihangel apYrs

        Vietnam was one in a continuing line of dreary manifestations of humanity at its worst. I don’t think there has been an instant in human history when one group or another wasn’t fighting and killing another group.

    • wmforr

      But he told Howard Stern that he fought “his own Vietnam” by bravely risking venereal disease while he fucked every bitch in sight during the Vietnam War.

  • Max_1

    When will Republicans stop complaining about Tim Tebow takin’ a knee…
    … Oh,

    • Paula

      But dat wuz fer da jeeby!

      • carrot festival

        Puhleaze….White jeeby!

  • PickyPecker
    • Lumpy Gaga

      Whoa. Even a douchebag is clean twice a day, I guess.

    • Chucktech

      NASCAR would fire him for that………if he wasn’t already retiring….

      • Lumpy Gaga

        I know fewer NASCAR stars by name than I do porn stars. This strikes me as a big deal.

      • Goodboy

        That shit just never gets old. I can watch a car going round and round and round forever. When I’m totally drunk.

        • TampaDink

          The color commentary is fascinating….”as the cars approach, they take another left turn….and then another left turn…and another left turn.”

          • Goodboy

            Yep. It’s great when I’m listening to it on the radio.

          • clay

            white noise, that fluctuates in volume, sorta like a loud, whiny, version of listening to the surf.

          • E.J.

            It’s the occasional right turn that people are tuning in for.

        • Uncle Mark

          I got my fill of that when I had Hot Wheels and a track as a kid.

      • Christopher

        Isn’t he an owner as well as a driver?

        I don’t really know, because watching people make left turns all day really isn’t my thing.

  • boatboy_srq

    Typical. They fragged him, and now they want to make him a hero.

    • Kelly Lape

      I believe “fragging” is the intentional taking down of an incompetent or disliked superior officer. He wasn’t fragged he was killed by incompetence.

      • Todd20036

        True, but then they lied about it.

  • Paula

    I seem to remember serving in the Army and Air Force with the idea that we were protecting all people’s right to protest.

    • Todd20036

      You’d be wrong. You were fighting only so white, male Christians who think the poor should suffer and die so the wealthiest can get a tax cut, women are playthings, and laws are optional if you are a Nazi.

      Now make me some cookies! [ducks, runs]

    • boatboy_srq

      That was before the FundiEvangelicals took over the USAF chaplains and the USAFA, yes?

      • Paula

        i served in the USAF from 75 to 79. We had a Mormon contingent among the officers even back th n.

      • Mike Solo

        I was at USAFA while the fundies were trying to take over. They made inroads, but there are a lot of cadets there that resist and think for themselves. More and more atheist cadets are coming out from what I hear from classmates that are now instructors there. The evangelicals have a big presence, but too many cadets are cynical and free thinking for them to take over.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Thank you for your service, Paula.

  • JWC

    Trump has No Class No Shame He stoops so low trying to validate a riduclous point This man is beyonf human disgust

  • Todd20036

    Tillman didn’t die so we would be forced to obey the President.
    He died for our Constitution and the freedoms it espoused.

    • boatboy_srq

      Worse. He was killed by fellow troops, quite possibly for questioning the pResident and his GWoT.

      • Todd20036

        When there’s a choice between incompetence and malevolence, incompetence is the answer 95% of the time

      • stevenj

        Worse still the Army tried to cover up the circumstances of Tillman’s death.

        • Bj Lincoln

          When a young man, fresh out of high school, was killed within weeks of this long ass war, his parents were told one story that made him sound like a hero. His mom thought something didn’t add up when the paperwork said something else. She yelled at Bush Jr. when he came to town and asked to meet the parents. The boy was one of the first killed. She started snooping around and found out he was killed from ‘friendly fire’. 4 shots to his back. She started a group of parents who have lost kids. I don’t know if she is still at it or not.

      • Goodboy

        They did that back in Vietnam too. Unpopular officers had to watch their backs.

    • Daveed_WOW

      Sorry, but he did not die defending the Constitution. He died in a colonial (or rather post-colonial) war of dubious purpose. Foreign invasions bear no relation whatsoever to your Constitutional freedoms and mine.

      • Todd20036

        Not literally, but that is what he signed up for.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • WitlessProtection

      I’ll second that!

      • TrueWords

        If ANYONE wants to live in a country that would dictate how its citizens demonstrate their patriotism, I suggest the person move to North Korea.

        • WitlessProtection

          Once agin you are either not reading or not comprehending, or pulling your head out your ass just itching for a fight. I served my country in the US Navy. I was discharged for being gay. I, unlike you, put my life on the line during Desert Storm to set up a field hospital in Bahrain a mere 12 miles from where all the shit was going down. I SUPPORT these people taking a knee. It is their RIGHT to do so. So before you invite me to leave my country, might I suggest you serve it first.

          • TrueWords

            I was agreeing that it is wrong to dictate that someone show their “patriotism”. Also to rant and swear at someone via the internet takes a degree of self-importance to a level not needed…lastly I too have served so stop thinking this places you on a higher plain of existence here in America…because it DOES NOT…

          • WitlessProtection

            Then you my dear, need to learn to type a little more clearly. When you type the word “you” in a response to a comment it seems that is directed at the original poster.

          • TrueWords

            pretty sure it says ANYONE sweetie pie

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          • Scott MB

            I think you misunderstand his comment. He is saying that if a President forces you to act in false patriotism then you should move to N Kore, a country that forces its citizens to never speak out againt anything or face the consiquences. This is not what you, and my father (Vietnam) and grandfather (WW II), fought for. They fought so those people are ALLOWED to take that knee for whatever reason they want. I don’t believe the poster is saying that if you take a knee then you should move to N Korea.

        • WitlessProtection

          Ooops then

  • gaycuckhubby
    • BearEyes

      unified with rival opponents.

    • Leo

      Didn’t they JUST make a statement saying those that didn’t stand would be fired?

      • gaycuckhubby

        I think that was individial car owners, not NASCAR itself

      • Chucktech

        Apparently, NASCAR has “teams” (who knew?) Some team owners said they’d fire any drivers who dissed, in their fucked-up opinion, the flag.

        But the people who watch NASCAR are Deplorables and stoopid people. Two thirds of Trump’s base.

        • Friday

          Uh, yeah, though, lots of people know about race teams. Even if there’s only one actual driver a whole lot goes into setting up and maintaining and pitting the cars. (When it comes to NASCAR, that’s actually the only interesting part to me. Assuming the commentators are good about the tech reporting, cause it’s so down to a science and just an oval track, there’s not much to watch. I’m more for road courses, GT cars, rally circuits, whatnot. Not that there isn’t actually athleticism in actually driving those cars, but the real interest is in how they keep ’em at those ridiculous speeds. NASCAR used to be ‘stock car racing’ which had some pretense of being highly-modified commercially-available cars, now it’s all custom frames and everything built like jetfighters with a few decals to resemble something you might see on the street.

          • Chucktech

            Thank you! I always wondered what the “stock car” was all about since none of these cars have anything to do with “stock” cars.

          • Friday

            I kind of miss when they were; it was a lot more interesting to me when they had to start with the commercially-available. There were reasons the commercially-available wasn’t really working, but I guess maybe they could get back to that these days, except that a lot of people just *like* the faster-faster-faster thing. And there’s safety to consider.

      • Friday

        Apparently that was just a couple of right-wing team owners claiming to represent NASCAR in this.

    • Daveed_WOW

      The freedom to be fired for not standing for the national anthem which is utterly unrelated to the Constitution or to the concept of freedom. It’s entertainment.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Good! So much for Drumpf thinking NASCAR was on his side. ” including the right to peacefully express one’s opinion.”

  • kelven
  • Max_1
    • Chucktech

      Game of Thrones is way too highbrow for Trump’s base.

  • gaycuckhubby
    • iambu

      Done and done! Thanks for the link!

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Me, too! Also! Because right now Puerto Rico has no maps!!!

        (To the one started by FLOPU. Because Fuck the Salvation Army.)

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    Right wingers can remember that Tillman died in defense of his country 13 years ago, but can’t remember what Trump did to destroy this country this week.

    • Daveed_WOW

      Well, he wasn’t really defending the country….

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Right wingers can remember that Tillman died in defense of his country 13 years ago

      Thanks, Obama!!!

  • Joe in PA

    OT…I’m sure you all set your DVRs to record Megyn Kelly’s new show…John Oliver had some nifty insight:

    • Lars Littlefield

      Yup. SMegyn [sic] is a real asshole.

      • Goodboy

        In her defense she didn’t believe a word of it. However, as a women on Fox News you have to show that you’re one of them in the biggest way.

        • Lumpy Gaga

          Sorry, much of the Oliver highlight reel HAD to be off-script. (I’m thinking in particular of Santa Claus. No one writes that and puts it in a teleprompter.)

          She sells her own brand of hot-n-crazy.

          • Joe in PA

            Do you remember when Jeremy (from GoodAsYou blog) was on her program with Tony Perkkkins? I’m not a violent person, but I was having some violent thoughts watching her treatment of Jeremy. Fucking monster.

        • paganguy

          Sorry. I don’t buy it. And if she didn’t believe it and said it for money, that’s worse.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      I’m gonna go hate the cops and hang out.


      • Joe in PA

        Lordy…I just looked at the still from that vid…that’s Mark Furman (sp?) from the OJ trial. Snake.

    • whollyfool


    • -M-

      I recommend opening it on YouTube and up voting. (thumbs up, I believe it’s called.)

    • Chucktech


    • paganguy

      A don’t drink while watching warning would have been helpful. She said, “I’m a journalist” and I sprayed a mouthful of coffee across my keyboard.

  • Daveed_WOW

    Has anyone noticed that this is actually an old issue that goes back to before election? It’s just being trotted out to distract from Trump’s atrocities and to give the Republicans another reason to attack their fellow Americans.

    Some tips that might be helpful in telling off relatives before they stop speaking to you:

    – The flag does not belong to only Americans who think that they are patriotic.
    – Freedom includes the freedom to refuse
    – The protest is against racist police brutality, not against America
    – The President and his supporters are un-patriotic, ignorant and mean.

    • Goodboy

      I’d say Patriotic means country over politics.

      • Lizard

        To me, it’s being proud of your country when it does good and working to improve it when it fucks up.

        Nationalism is being proud of your country no matter what it does.

        • Daveed_WOW

          In my experience, Nationalism is being proud of your country when it is at its worst.

          • Lizard

            Or being intentionally blind to its faults, refusing to accept that it can make mistakes or do wrong.

      • clay

        Yes, they’ve intentionally confused their white nationalism and real patriotism.

  • Thorn Spike

    Details, details. The lizard brain don’t care.

  • Lizard

    But they skate over Drumpf’s draft deferments. Unbelievable.

  • PickyPecker
    • justme

      Yup..Little Donnie will be in the big house with his new wife Bruno!!!

      • Todd20036

        … not even if Bruno were drunk and desperate.

  • PickyPecker
    • Jerry Kott

      T45 is looking for any symbolic form to hide behind. He sees the Flag as a veil to hide all his faux patriotism. Since he has never spent time on the battle field defending the symbolism, he has no right to make any statement questioning anyone else’s patriotic act.

    • Ken M

      Not sure about the gun sales, but over $4 M worth of American flags sold in the US last year were made in China.×250/30552875/gun-and-flag-made-in-china.jpg

      • Bryan

        Am I the only one who wants to see it go off right now? Doesn’t shoot anybody, but packs one helluva kick he won’t forget. This is why we don’t ride guns like horses, just like horses they have a tendency to kick you.

        • Frank McCormick

          Ah — but he probably also doesn’t believe in climate science, so why would he be worried about conservation of momentum?

          • DonnaLee

            That would be way to ‘sciency’ for that guy…

          • Bryan

            I never said he was~ Which is what makes it so prettyful – it exists whether he believes in it or not. He’s perfectly allowed to be against all that librul edumukayshun thinky stuff and still turn his sac into a fine paste against his jeans all the same! Hospitals are seen, doctors perform reconstructive miracles, bills aren’t paid, insurance gets pissy, he goes to the range with beer for a chillax evening, cycle repeats.

        • I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks he should be wearing a brassiere. ..

    • jm2

      especially since that song was originally written as a popular British “Gentleman’s Club” drinking song that Key put the words of his poem to! it wasn’t even the anthem until 1931. maybe the Anacreontic Society had the right idea – you have to be drunk in order to sing it. most everyone has trouble, amateur or professional. I have trouble, but I never sing along anyway… 😜

  • Statistics Palin

    Mr. President, Pat Tillman could shit a better president than you.

  • Leo

    Co-opting without facts. What’s new. Also would bet good money a big chunk of re-tweets and likes on that are Russian bots.

  • Bad Tom

    God damn, Tillman was a handsome man!

  • joeyj1220

    Shallow, but here goes… Tillman was a gorgeous man. You could fucking break teeth on that jaw line

  • Gigi

    Tillman was a beautiful man who disliked George W. Bush, and an atheist. Pretty much perfect. So sad that he’s no longer with us.

  • netxtown

    how dare he even fucking go there. Tillman was killed by incompetence – and then they tried to cover it up.

    donnie was too much a pussy to even wear the real uniform.

  • Ken M
  • Ninja0980

    The old you’re with us or against us argument brought up again, full bore.

  • Halou

    Nothing says ‘respect for the military’ like appropriating the deaths of service personnel for political & egotistical point scoring. But hey, Mr Five Deferments insists that the highest form of patriotism any American can aspire to is to merely wave your hand at a flag.

  • -M-

    What a coincidence that it’s only the “liberal” players that the right demand give up football as frivolous.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Pat Tillman was a real hero. The only NFL player to volunteer for the military after 9/11, not because he supported the war — he didn’t — but because he thought it was unfair that working-class kids who were serving would have to fight when privileged people like pro athletes wouldn’t. Then he refused to be used as a prop by the Dubya Administration after he joined.

    I highly recommend Jon Krakauer’s excellent book “Where Men Win Glory” about Tillman.

  • Card

    Obviously he’s expecting some serious Russia shit to hit the fan this week…

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • BeaverTales

    He didn’t give his life so that Americans with grievances against a tyrant would stop speaking up for themselves.

  • wmforr

    If you recall, at his funeral, which was telecast live, his brother sat in the first row drinking beer. After listening to all the platitudes about Pat being in “a better place”, he got up for his eulogy and said, “He isn’t in heaven. He’s FUCKING dead!”

  • wmforr

    And what is the primary skill of a stage magician? MISDIRECTION OF ATTENTION.

    Anybody notice that every hour the news media spends raking Trump over the coals about this is an hour they’re not spending telling you:

    His personal lawyer was trying to negotiate a Trump Tower Moscow during the election.

    His campaign manager was arranging to give regular reports on the campaign to a member of Russian intelligence.

    His re-election campaign and the RNC are paying for his son’s lawyers, even though he wasn’t officially part of the campaign.

    The $107,000,000 he raised for his puny inauguration has mysteriously disappeared (into his own pocket, of course).

    His brilliant son-in-law, who has supposedly usurped the office of Secretary of State, has been using a PRIVATE SERVER for official communications. (Hello, Hillary.)

    His drain-the-swamp crew are draining the budget for charter airplanes for personal business, like honeymoons.

    “Nothing going on here. Let’s talk about the NFL instead.”

    • Xuuths

      Mueller is not distracted or misdirected.

  • Barry William Teske

    Isn’t it time?
    To affect #45’s ‘sales’?
    Since HATE is the commodity he coddles…

  • There is nothing so reprehensible, so disgusting that 45 will not use it to further his supremacy. Just when you thought he could not go any lower…

  • EdA

    Isn’t it bizarre — and disgusting — that Benedict Trump and his deplorables who claim to love America so much have such thorough disdain and contempt for the overwhelming majority of Americans who live here?

    Benedict Trump’s response when he heard about the collision of the USS John S. McCain with the merchant ship, leaving five American sailors injured and 10 dead? “Too bad.” Now THAT shows respect.

    Talking through the moments of silence for the 9/11 wreathlayings. THAT shows respect.

    Needing Melanoma to remind him to put his teeny hand over his heart for the playing of the National Anthem. THAT shows respect. …..

  • BlindBill

    This is such a non-issue – when dishonest-don and his henchmen start attacking celebrities and athletes, you can bet it is a diversion from another steaming pile of presidential shit that he does not want people to notice