Rep. Louie Gohmert: Voters Should Recall John McCain Over His Obamacare Vote And Brain Cancer [VIDEO]

Via Mediaite:

Rep. Louie Gohmert said should Sen. John McCain should be “recalled” because of his decision to vote against the latest GOP health care bill — as well as to focus on his cancer diagnosis.  An incredulous Steve Doocy interjected: “Say that again — what are you suggesting? He be recalled?”

“I think it would be very helpful to him and the country,” Gohmert said. He’s got cancer, it’s a tough battle. But stress is a real inhibitor to getting over cancer. So let him go back, deal with the cancer, let Arizona recall him so that we can get somebody who will keep his word from last year.”

There is no mechanism to recall a US Senator.

  • rednekokie

    Phooie Louie is at it again. Ride ’em, sheep herder.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]
  • BearEyes

    even for goober, this is a new low

  • Comixbear

    Trump: “You know that people think I’m the worst politician ever!”
    Gohmert: “Hold my six-pack.”

  • Tawreos

    Kind of makes you miss the old days when the family idiot was hidden from the public and not elected to congress.

  • joeyj1220
  • netxtown

    Be warned! Gohmert’s Disease (GD) (AKA as gawddamn disease) is what happens if you drink the water in south texas….

  • Mike

    And Oprah thinks we need to understand and seek common ground and reach out to hug a specimen like that and the millions others like him because why can’t we all just get along? Forget it, Oprah. If I have even one thing in common with Gomer Pyle there, I would want to know what it is only so I could change it.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Oh, Louie, at least John McCain has had brain cancer for the past several years. What’s your excuse, honey?

    • GayOldLady

      At least John McCain has a brain!

    • ben-andy

      So, Mizz B’housen, it turns out that Louie might be crazy like a fox. Not withstanding Joe’s final comment above, a petition of not more than 200 words CAN be filed in AZ for the recall of Sen John McCain. To be validated, it needs 25% of the number of voters that voted in the past election for that office which was ~2.5 M in November 2016. So, with “only 625,000 signatures”, John McCain could face a ballot where he’d have to win by 50%+1.

      I do not believe that will happen. It just is possible. Talking about it makes it more likely. Louie can also be recalled. I expect that to happen even less, alas.

  • Porkie

    Louis Gohmert explains the need for women’s right to choose in the case of incest …..He doesn’t need to say anything …he just explains it.

  • Keith Crist

    Texas voters should recall him for his lack of brain and his stupidity

    • Joseph Miceli

      Tex-ass voters who voted for Louie Gohmert should be sterilized.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    When did we decide that we should let a ferengi run for the Senate?

    • RJ Bone

      Actually before we elected the racist, incestuous, used-diaper of a “man” infesting the Oval Office.

    • Craig Howell

      Hey! The Ferengi were model citizens compared to this nutjob.

  • greenmanTN

    For god’s sake don’t asparage his asparagus or he’ll really go nuts!

  • kareemachan

    Well, Gomer never fails to live down to expectations.

  • OdieDenCO

    moron! If McCain vote no, you lose. If McCain doesn’t vote, you lose. if McCain gets repealed and replaced, a process that will take months, you lose. I reiterate, you lose, moron!

    • I agree, he’s definitely a loser.

    • Todd20036

      Mind you, Louie isn’t complaining that McCain has cancer, he’s complaining that he’s voting no. If McCain was going to vote for the repeal, Louie would have no problem with McCain’s cancer.

  • Jeffg166

    They would have to do it in 5 days Loonie Lou for it to have any benefit.

  • olandp

    When will Texas recall Louie because of HIS brain damage?

    • Gene Perry

      pre-existing condition.

      • olandp


  • geoffalnutt

    Above the neck – it’s all asparagus.

  • KnownDonorDad

    If anything, Gohmert should be recalled for general incompetence and willful ignorance.

  • Ninja0980

    Louie Gohmert, brought to you by gerrymandering and stupid racist voters.

    • RJ Bone

      “stupid racist voters”

      You could just say “Texas” – same thing 😉

      • Paula

        On his side of the state maybe. We don’t roll like that in several places in the state.

        • RJ Bone

          Sorry. Exposure. I’ve lived in Texas too many years.

          Maybe once they get the gerrymandering sorted out the decent ones might win for a change? There are a lot of racist assholes in this state.

        • RJ Bone

          To be fair, though, there are maps that show sections of blue in the major population centers, so *shrug*? I guess it just comes down to having some of the biggest assholes in office in the country in one state.

        • Joseph Miceli

          Louie Gohmert. Ted Cruz. Gregg Abbot.
          There’s something in the water, and I’m saying that from Lousy-ana.

  • No More GOP.

    Louie, McCain has brain cancer and *still* has better judgment than you. And let me remind you that McCain doesn’t represent Texas and *you* don’t represent Arizona.

  • ted-

    Is it too much to ask for this guy to just die?

  • Harveyrabbit

    “Voters Should Recall John McCain Over His Obamacare Vote And Brain Cancer”

    Let me fix that for you:

    Voters Should Recall Louis Ghomert Over His Obamacare Vote And missing brain.

  • Karl Dubhe

    Brain cancer is something Louie will never have to worry about, he’d need a brain to get the cancer…

  • Hue-Man

    Louie is a shoo-in for SCOTUS when a vacancy opens up. Don’t need no stinkin’ laws.

    • Paula

      Oh fuck, can you even imagine?

      • Galvestonian

        NO !

  • clay

    Gohmert and Cruz: when the Legislators from Texas take the competition to outdo each other in the wrong direction.

  • Tawreos

    Do you ever wonder how bad the alternatives are if they keep sending this idiot back to congress?

    • Lori

      Maybe he doesn’t get reelected because the alternatives are so terrible. Maybe people in his district are just hateful morons.

  • McCain was prepared to support any bill that was worth a fuck. That’s why he is saying no way. He’s doing his job by protecting his constituents from GOP corruption.

  • JackFknTwist

    Did US Americans also vote for this Piece of S hit ?
    With Trump that’s Two strikes…….and counting.

  • 2patricius2

    That’s not how it works, Louie Snowflake.

  • lymis

    What Republicans “promised last year” was to replace Obamacare with something that covered more people, gave better coverage, reduced people’s premiums, assured covering pre-existing conditions, and which would be widely loved by American citizens and seen as a significant improvement to Obamacare.

    That doesn’t remotely resemble what the GOP is trying to float. The Republicans voting AGAINST Trumpcare are the only ones keeping their campaign promises.

  • Comixbear

    Gohmert: “I’m not crazy…My mother had me committed!”

  • Bomer

    So when do they recall Loony for not having a brain to begin with?

  • JackFknTwist

    In the immortal words of Hillary Clinton :
    “Back off, creep.”

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Louis Gohmert is where brain cells go to die.

  • RJ Bone

    At least we know McCain has a brain, Louie.

  • JT
    • William

      Louie should be doing his howler monkey face.

  • BeaverTales

    If we recall McCain for brain cancer, we should be able to recall Gohmert for mental illness.

    • fuow

      I was about to say ‘at least McCain has a brain’, but you put it better.

  • Paula

    This guy is such an insult to the human race.

  • fuow

    This sort of nastiness is only possible because left-leaning voters don’t bother to vote, not in the generals, not in the mid-terms, not in the specials.
    Oh, and before any BernieBro. writes his usual bullshit about how there are only 40,000 Millennials in the 1st Texas District and they all vote each and every time, I’ve got the stats, so make up another excuse.
    Seriously, folks – how bad does it have to get before we liberals grasp that you don’t vote for The Perfect, you vote against The Awful.

  • Paula

    Louie knows why John McCain was shot down and captured in Vietnam. It’s because he was too relaxed from that massage by his male lover back in camp. Can’t fly like that.

  • TexasBoy

    As so many GOP Texas suddenly hate aliens, why did we elect a Ferengi to the House of Representatives? It must be mind control! We need to wear our tin foil hats more often. 😉

  • Puckfair52

    always been a nasty little piece of SPICEY SHIT JERKY!

  • Hank
  • pj

    hello from arizona. fuck off louie.

  • twb6yz

    And as a former judge you would think he should know there is no procedure.

    Pray McCain stays healthy because as soon as he is no longer in the Senate they’ll vote to repeal it

  • Lakeview Bob

    John McCain has brain caner, Gohmert does not have a brain. Hmmm, which is worse?

  • Galvestonian

    The Republican Party is in my view akin to leprosy invading the American Political System – full of rot & putrescence, foul & decayed, wrong in every way and eventually leading to the death of the whole.

  • The_Wretched

    Don’t you have to go water your aspargus, Louie?

  • JWC

    Louie there is no kind way to say it “Just Fuck Off”

  • Even with glioblastoma eating at his brain, McCain (with whom I disagree a lot) has more intelligence, bravery, honesty, morality and humanity than most Republicans – and Brainless Pinhead Louie Gohmert is among the worst of them.

  • boatboy_srq

    Can we implore Texas to remove Gohmert for his paranoid schizophrenia? Or do I mean hoof-in-mouth? Perhaps it’s untreated BSE….

  • Lars Littlefield

    I swear Gohmert keeps forgetting to put his teeth in when he wakes up.

  • Secure

    Fucking Gohmert Pyle from Texas.

    Sodom & Gohmert.

  • Thornton

    Joe.My.God had a video of Louie Gohmert speaking at Liberty University in November 2015 telling folks about putting gays on an island. Sounded like what Anita Bryant wanted to do back in the mind-70s. Anyone who believes that what comes out of this @$$hole’s mouth isn’t $H!T is dumber than a post.

  • KatieHater

    don’t let him deal with cancer….it’s too late for that, and he’s too selfish to leave. Let’s just hope he croaks sooner so we can say adios.