African Nations To Get Generic HIV Drugs At $75 Per Year Per Patient Under Bill Gates Foundation Guarantee

Reuters reports:

Makers of generic AIDS drugs will start churning out millions of pills for Africa containing a state-of-the-art medicine widely used in rich countries, after securing a multi-million dollar guarantee that caps prices at just $75 per patient a year.

Global health experts hope the deal will help address two looming problems in the HIV epidemic – the rising threat of resistance developing to standard AIDS drugs, and the need for more investment in manufacturing capacity.

Bill Gates’ charitable foundation will guarantee minimum sales volumes of the new combination pills using dolutegravir, a so-called integrase inhibitor that avoids the drug resistance that often develops with older treatments.

In return the drugmakers, India-based Mylan Laboratories and Aurobindo Pharma, will agree the maximum price of about $75 per patient for a year’s supply – less than the list price for one day’s supply of a dolutegravir combination in the United States.

The agreement will eventually include 92 nations and will be announced this week during the United Nations General Assembly.

  • Mark Cross

    There are not 92 sovereign African nations…

    • TrueWords

      Yes that is simple geography…

    • TrueWords

      This is from the article…

      Bill Gates’ charitable foundation will guarantee minimum sales volumes of the new combination pills using dolutegravir, a so-called integrase inhibitor that avoids the drug resistance that often develops with older treatments.

      In return the drugmakers, India-based Mylan Laboratories (MYL.O) and Aurobindo Pharma (ARBN.NS), will agree the maximum price of about $75 per patient for a year’s supply – less than the list price for one day’s supply of a dolutegravir combination in the United States.

      The agreement, which will make the treatment available to 92 poor countries, starting in Africa, will be formally announced during the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Thursday.

    • margaretpoa

      Well the article says that it will eventually include 92 nations starting in Africa and though the sentence at the end isn’t crystal clear, it doesn’t say that there are 92 nations in Africa. It just says that the agreement will eventually include 92 nations. You assumed the rest.

  • TrueWords
    • JT

      Brought to you by the corporatist kleptocracy.

    • Stogiebear

      Was curious about what the expense was if one were paying out-of-pocket and it’s staggering:

      $22,817 (year’s cost in US from cost estimate provided by GoodRx)

      I imagine lower costs on this or any other drug will not be one of the effects of Dotard turning the US into a third world country.

      • Mikey

        I don’t believe the problem is entirely the Pharmaceutical companies’.
        Here in Canada, my yearly bill for all my meds adds up to around $1000 CDN.

        In the US the issue seems to be directly related to how regulation (or lack thereof) works.
        You Americans are always going on about “less government intrusion” and “free-market”, well, this is what happens when things like life-saving drugs are part of that “free-market”.

        • Jeffg166

          We have crony capitalism not a free market.

          • David Walker

            We also have a government that loves to ki$$ a$$.
            “They say that life is tit for tat, and that’s the way I live.
            So I expect a lot of tat for what I got to give.”

          • RevDan

            Matron Mama Morton was right on the money with that song: “When they pass that basket … she’ll put out for you.” What would happen if Trump stopped putting out?

          • Steverino

            And I always thought tat for tit referred to a breast tattoo. Silly me.
            : )

          • David Walker

            Only for commercial purposes. “For a good time, call…” “Eat at Alice’s Restaurant”

          • RobinROlson

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        • Tom Furgas

          You Canadians shouldn’t paint us US citizens with such a broad brush. The majority of Americans are progressive, but the GOP keeps a stranglehold on the electorate with gerrymandering and dirty tricks in order to hold power, which they they use to screw over the very people who elected them in order to appease the sociopathic billionaires that have lined their pockets.

          • Mikey

            the brushstrokes may be broad, but the very people who benefit the most from the ACA are those voting against their own interests, gerrymandering or not.
            there is STILL an unnaturally (and unhealthily) high percentage of the population who approve of the GOP.

        • Tawreos

          Part of it is the federal government is not allowed to negotiate drug prices. If Medicare could negotiate then the price would drop significantly.

        • jerry

          What’s particularly galling about this is that most of the drugs are developed through government funding, mainly university grants, and then farmed out to the pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing–they didn’t necessarily even have the development expenses.

      • Goodboy

        I watched a documentary about how the American pharmacy industry and their cronies in congress stopped 3rd world countries access to generics for many years causing untold amounts of deaths. The reason. They didn’t want their 1st world customers to see the truth behind it ie how really cheap it truly was.

      • CherieHDahms

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    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      Drug companies are also using American Indians and tribal sovereignty to extend drug patents.

      Allergan transferred all patents for its billion-dollar drug Restasis to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in a bid to shield the drug from legal challenges to the patents. The tribe then granted Allergan back an exclusive license for the drug.

      In exchange, the tribe got $13.75 million, and potentially $15 million annually in royalties.

      • stuckinthewoods

        I also can’t help but notice on Restasis ads that it’s a 0.05% emulsion of the common antibiotic cyclosporine. In other words, they wave a cyclosporine tablet over a gallon of water and re-package it in tiny vials.

  • Scott MB

    Sorry, not to take away of the help, but this is BULLSHIT!!! Why can’t he use his charity to do this in the US?!?

    I am so friggin’ sick of these US charitirs throwing all their money overseas. Why aren’t they dealing with the HIV epidemic, homelessness, starvation, etc. in the US first? If these peoples governments won’t help their own people then that is their problem. The churvhes caused the widespread issue of HIV si maybe they should be the ones paying for it. It’s about time they started putting all that tax free money to charitable work instead of to buy a 5th house and 10th car.

    • TrueWords

      BIG PHARMACY and the FDA are the problem…Bill and Melinda Gates would have an uphill battle fighting them…while I wholeheartedly AGREE with you I am pleased that this is happening for a VAST number of people around the world…we live, breathe and BLEED capitalism here in America and it can not and DOES NOT solve nor address all of our problems…sometimes it creates more!!

      • Bluto

        Yup, must protect those obscene profit margins. Eight & Nine figure CEO bonuses don’t pay for themselves.

    • clay

      Why isn’t the US’s own government? Many of those African nations are spending a greater % of their national budgets on HIV prevention, treatment and the social remedies necessary from losing young parents than the US spends on welfare for those UNDER retirement age.

    • The Gates Foundation has stated that countries like the United States have all of the resources they need to solve problems like the HIV epidemic, homelessness, hunger, etc. They have chosen to focus on nations where their help is more needed. They cannot control public policy in the United States and it is deplorable that as a nation we choose to spend our money on the military instead of its people, but that is not the fault of The Gates Foundation.

      • Goodboy

        We already have a military budget bigger then all the other western countries combined and now trump is increasing it to new astronomical numbers because he knows the military will honor him with support.

        • You are preaching to the choir as I agree 100%….

      • TrueWords

        I agree with you Bob…it would be exhausting to deal with the red tape that details and ultimately kills many Americans!!

        Also I too am a Seattle resident!!!

    • Palmer

      HIV originated in Africa, it has it’s strongest foothold there. The virus mutates quickly and soon a completely resistant strain might develop there and again spread to the west. Third world countries either can’t, or won’t, take care of the most vulnerable. By addressing the crisis in Africa and other susceptible nations Mr. Gates will head off another mass dying in first world countries.

      As to homelessness and other social ills many, efforts are stymied by our own government. In Los Angeles a grassroots movement started to provide safe, secure cabins for homeless people. These were little more than glorified garden sheds, but the provided a safe place to sleep and store what few possessions these people had. The city government evicted the people and bulldozed the few dozen that had been built. And this was in a liberal city.

      • Goodboy

        It’s funny. The city has no problem with tents and sleeping bags on the street. Just don’t give them any kind of real shelter. Assholes in charge.

        • Palmer

          Agreed. I was dumbfounded when they tore down those meager shelters.

    • Goodboy

      I agree. It’s great to see these charities throwing billions at other countries but we got big problems right here. It’s so fucking sick. Most wealthiest of countries cares so little for those in need.

    • Ann Kah

      If the government would allow you to get in on this package deal for medicines made in India, you could afford them. But (1) ask your congressman why you can’t, and (2) ask Schkreli why the price is so inflated. Oops, you can’t, he is in jail now …but I don’t think that’s brought down the inflated prices he charges “just because I can”, with s smart-ass smirk.

  • DaddyRay

    I wonder if Nambia is on that list

    • vorpal 😼

      Sure. Just take a right turn at the Sheeple’s Autocratic Nation of Covfefe.

    • MBear

      Only for covfefegravir

    • David Walker

      I knew I’d get the opportunity to post this today.

      • DaddyRay

        That is awesome – I really do love Rocky Mountain Mike

  • bkmn

    How many dictator run countries will block the drugs? Sadly probably too many.

    • margaretpoa

      All of the ones that Scott Lively et al have convinced that being LGBT is a Satanic plot.

    • DaddyRay

      More likely is the dictators will take the drugs and sell them on the black market

  • abqdan

    And they’re willing to make the drugs at a loss, out of the kindness of their hearts – NOT. They’ll STILL be making a profit at $75 a year – while scamming Americans on pricing here.

    • clay

      “They” aren’t allowed to sell/import drugs in the US. This is for pharma companies and factories in India.

  • greenmanTN

    “$75 per patient for a year’s supply – less than the list price for one day’s supply of a dolutegravir combination in the United States.”

    This part is absolutely grotesque. Profits over lives, always.

    • Jeffg166

      In Africa that’s a lot of money for a lot of people.

      • greenmanTN

        I don’t begrudge them the medication, I’m lamenting that fact that by using loopholes the pharmaceutical companies are gouging patients and health insurance companies in the US.

        • fkevin

          Consider thinking of it this way:

          “…the pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies are gouging patients in the US.”

          They are not in competition. They work in tandem to extract the greatest profit from the public. It is basically a form of a confidence scam or boiler scam with federal legislated protections like not allowing states or government agencies to negotiate the purchase price medications or purchase in bulk and not allowing the public to purchase US manufactured medication at cheaper price from Canada.

          • greenmanTN

            That makes a lot of sense, the relationship being symbiotic. Lord knows I’m not a fan of the insurance industry.

    • Tor

      I, for one, am proud to support our pharma-industrial complex. 🤑

    • MBI

      It makes me wonder how come there were never a lives over profit group out there making medicines to save the world?

  • John Calendo

    “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
    – Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

  • clay

    I will be glad to see transmission halted in Africa South of the Sahara and in SE Asia. I hope that North Africa and SW Asia finally start actual testing for HIV. It’s likely that Brazil will try to follow suit.

    Meanwhile, the US struggles with both government entanglement/corruption and under-funding in public health.

  • worstcultever

    Nothing against the Gates Fdn and this good thing.

    But how about TAXING billionaires into mere-millionairehood, and using the money for collective good everywhere (including here) rather than feeding individual billionaires’ wannabe-savior whims and egos?

    (Not to even mention the truly malign money-hoarders like Kochs and Mercers, using their boodle for nonstop evil and destruction)

    (Also, fuck Big Pharma to hell eternally)

    • Tor

      I agree with you in principle, but I don’t trust the government, especially the current one, to do the right thing.

      • DonnaLee

        Totally. These deplorables have shown how they can take something that’s already working and fuck it up.

    • MBI

      Which other countries in the world put a cap on how much a person can earn after tax?

  • Harveyrabbit

    The Martin Shkreli Foundation offered to sell them the drugs for $10,000/year. Interviewed in prison he said: “Well, I need to keep paying my new shareholder.”

  • Adam Stevens

    But $4K a MONTH in the U.S.???


  • Ken M

    Suddenly $17000, a year for AZT (today’s dollars), seems cheap. /s

  • LarryChemEngr

    Really incredible. He should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • crewman

    Bill Gates is truly one of the top 5 men I admire most. As an atheist he is more humane in his actions than nearly all religious leaders in this country, despite their loud, incessant claims of moral superiority.

  • Superman

    How horrible that we Americans struggle against exorbitant pharmaceutical prices even while free market Republicans scream that only deregulation will bring prices down. I think Bill Gates is a great man for what he’s doing to bring AIDS drugs to Africa. What a role model. Why do we tolerate the system we have?

    • Ann Kah

      The pharmaceutical industry makes some pretty large political contributions, for starters.

  • Hue-Man

    According to the [Ontario] Ministry of Health’s most recent update to the list of drugs it subsidizes, coverage for PrEP starts on Sept 28, 2017.

    The pre-exposure prophylaxis drug (PrEP) is a combination of the drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine, which taken daily are highly effective at preventing the spread of HIV.

  • pebouky

    why the fuck can’t people in this country get the same deal?

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Well, if people voted smartly and pragmatically, perhaps you could….but her emails.

      Not saying Hillary would’ve changed things dramatically, but she wouldn’t be dismantling everything that Obama started. Just pointing out that elections have consequences.

  • JWC

    Ok all you religious twits. See what a normal man can and will do to help his fellow man With out chants, prayers or .a request for money or the other bullshit you engage in Go home in shame

    • leastyebejudged

      The silence from the medical community screams of their complicity, so you and your upvoters should kindly go fuck your idiot selves.

  • Survey Programmer

    Instead of funding the highly unpopular and ineffective mass circumcision campaigns in Africa, Gates should be ensuring that Africans get easy access to PrEP, a daily pill that has close to 98% effectiveness in preventing HIV infection. PrEP has been available to North Americans and Europeans for years.

  • Rick Hammond

    The hoops I am forced to jump through in order to qualify for reduced cost of my HIV medications is unbelievable. Without a car to get me back and forth from the required visits to labs, providers and clinics I would be fucked. Perhaps I should shed my clothes, put a bone through my nose and move to Africa for continued care. When my car finally dies, I guess i will die with it. But hey, I’m not one to ride the bitter bus. No, not me!!!!!!!

    • Tomcat

      Kinda racist remark there asshole.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        I’d say he went full Jesse Helms.

  • RoFaWh

    I remind Mr. Gates of an old adage: “Charity begins at home.”

    • Ann Kah

      That’s a pretty poor reason for thinking it should STOP at home.

    • leastyebejudged

      How the fuck does Bill Gates have ANY control over what meds cost here ?

      You’re an idiot.

  • itsnwman


  • TheManicMechanic

    Gates does try to do the right thing via his billions. If Steve jobs succeeded in finding out how to take it with him, he likely would have. Countless other billionaires simply work at amassing more money at the expense of society as a whole.

  • wmforr

    This is what a “charity” does, Donald. Not pay for portraits of your ugly mug.