Federal Executive Staffers Take Anti-Leaking Classes

The Associated Press reports:

Employees at the Environmental Protection Agency are attending mandatory training sessions this week to reinforce their compliance with laws and rules against leaking classified or sensitive government information. It is part of a broader Trump administration order for anti-leaks training at all executive branch agencies. The Associated Press obtained training materials from the hourlong class.

Government employees who hold security clearances undergo background checks and extensive training in safeguarding classified information. Relatively few EPA employees deal with classified files, but the new training also reinforces requirements to keep “Controlled Unclassified Information” from unauthorized disclosure. President Donald Trump has expressed anger repeated leaks of potentially embarrassing information to media organizations in recent months.

  • bkmn

    Unfortunately most leaks from this misadministration are not security issues.


  • KevInPDX

    I’m a home brewer and avid micro brew drinker. That anit-leaking thing won’t werk for me!

  • The_Wretched

    “unauthorized disclosure” of things not protected is not a thing.

  • PickyPecker

    Uh…just a thought, but maybe they should consider a fucking ETHICS class.

    • clay

      They did consider them . . . to be too expensive . . . during the Transition.

      • ElinorDRoberts

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    • Tawreos

      Then they would lose plausible deniability

    • Uncle Mark


    • KevInPDX

      Interior Departments USFWS/USGS and at least the research branch of USFS all have ethics training so if they want to discipline and make an example of you they can demonstrate you knew where the line is drawn. I know where all the bodies are buried (as do other silverbacks) so we cannot talk to the media w/o our Public Affairs Line Officer present.

  • Taylor Bixler

    “The Associated Press obtained training materials from the hourlong class.”

    Training success! Good on whatever employee leaked this dumbassery. Fuck you Pruitt and the oil tanker, er horse, you rode in on.

    • agcons

      An hour long? What needs to be covered beyond the following?
      1. Do not use any means to write it out.
      2. Shut the fuck up about it.

  • Tawreos

    If the administration would stop doing stupid and hateful shit there would be less to leak out to people.

    • another_steve

      That’s like asking the Pope to stop being Catholic.

      • TominDC

        The pope is catholic?

        Just asking… for Bill Donohue.

        • another_steve

          Today on Ellen… Pope Francis discusses his new book, “Why I Believe the Whole Thing Is Made Up.”

  • Uncle Mark

    That’s cute that they think classes will fix this…unless the classes include listing rewards for ratting on others doing the leaking, but that will do nothing foster a functioning or cohesive environment.

    1. Twitler and his minions are the largest leakers.
    2. A workplace that is a dysfunctional, chaotic, hostile environment will leak like a sieve. A better work environment would fix much of this, but this would require removing “1.”

  • another_steve

    Hell hath no wrath like the wrath of a scorned career federal civil servant.

    Trump is up shit’s creek.

    • Todd20036

      Damn right. My own saving grace is that no matter how much Trump fucks up Obamacare, my HIV meds will still be $100 for 3 months.

  • Frostbite

    Little late don’t ya think?

  • AtticusP

    Maybe if the Trump clown brigade stopped doing stupid shit, the leakers wouldn’t feel compelled to leak.

    Just a thought.

  • ByronK

    These are not teachings for the women of easy virtue in Russia!!

    • another_steve

      On the contrary.

      There’s an ethical way of urinating on someone and an unethical way.


        Yes! I’m always ethical.

  • Lazycrockett
  • Gustav2

    “Controlled Unclassified Information”


  • j.martindale

    Anti-embarrassment classes, you mean.

  • Rex

    Who leaked the information that they were taking classes?

    • ChrisMorley

      ‘Contact the Guardian securely’

      Decent newspapers provide compulsory trainees with a choice of secure methods to whistleblow/leak


    • fahvel

      it’s all those men in the top spots, ya know, no matter how hard you shake your peg, the last three drops go down your leg”. AND they are all old so the prostate things starts to become an independent advisor and the drip get bigger or better or stop altogether – and it’s time to stop!

  • Stogiebear

    Diapers, ballgags, and buttplugs would probably be far more effective.

    • stuckinthewoods

      I assumed they were teaching them to do Kegels.

  • Tulle Christensen

    Good they will learn, “don’t say where the nuclear material is stored”, but everything else is good to whistle blow on

  • Ninja0980

    Bit late for this don’t you think?

    • Gustav2

      Yeah. the Trumpsters are acting like they will be around for the whole 4 years.

      • matrem

        The scary part is idea that they’re planning a situation where they will be.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    They’re not leaking. They’re Whistle Blowing. There’s a difference. Leaking is bad. Whistle Blowing is Patriotic.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    I have been to mandatory classes sorta like this. I’m sure the eye-rolls were hilarious.

    • Gustav2

      Hubby went to a HIPAA nondisclosure training where the presenter violated the law by showing a real client’s file in the PowerPoint.

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        Hahaha! I went to training on hostile work environment where I stormed out in a rage over the homophobia by the instructor

        • Treant

          Did you get dinged for leaving the hostile work environment seminar due to a hostile work environment?

          I got dinged once for walking out of a pseudo-science psychological profiling piece of crap that managed to insult everybody in there by pigeonholing us into very artificial personality types. Christ, I think Myers-Briggs is only marginally useful and you want me to believe there are only four types of people in the world?

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            Indeed I did. And it came up in an unrelated inspector general investigation. Oh brother!

      • halfwaythere

        I had a cultural awareness training (in Texas, of course) where the instructor referred to Native American shamans as “witch doctors” and talked about how “Gypsies will steal anything that’s not nailed down”. Oh, Texas, you suck so bad.

  • Ninja0980

    Had the misfortune of meeting this guy once.
    He’s every bit as stupid in person as he is on twitter.
    Can’t blame his husband one bit for leaving him.

    • Treant

      Oh, sweet Jesus, how DARE he show himself in public looking like that. For fucks sake, they make mumus for a reason. Call Omar the Tentmaker and have him do you up.

      Hideous beast.

      • Ninja0980

        He’s not but he has made several posts saying he is, that is what Yashar Ali and others were calling him out on.

    • agcons

      For all that, I cannot disagree with this tweet, and I wouldn’t exactly kick someone who looked like that out of bed.

      • Todd20036

        His body is fine. His head may be full of fat, however.

    • greenmanTN

      Who is he?

  • netxtown

    OMG! This will put Depends out of business!! Have they no soul? How about the rest of us!!!!!???? PRE-existing conditions!!!????

  • bambinoitaliano

    Simple. Cart off the traitors in the White House and replace all the appointees by the traitor in chief.

  • Uncle Mark

    Maybe they should start by having President Big Leaks wearing this over his face. (It clearly will serve several beneficial uses simultaneously.). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/334b6b4f390a915cda66876bd17282ebe96701ae7f2e917f6465d3fd134b15bd.jpg

    • Tawreos

      They have to make sure to cover his eyes so he can’t see his phone.

  • Tawreos

    I wonder if the classes consist of more than someone standing in front of the room telling the class “Stop telling people about the stupid shit the president and his buddies are doing!”

  • Phil2u

    Just get Depends. They may leak, but it won’t go anywhere.

  • Cuberly

    If interested Zuckerberg is doing a live broadcast outlining FBs efforts to deal with their current troubles.

    As usual, he’s ignoring the fact that this is all being done after the fact. He even states how they’re “proactively” working to isolate and neutralize threats. Uh, how do you do that proactively if you have to investigate your own platform to find the offenders to begin with.

    It’s a LOT of lawyer speak and as usual it’s a retroactive panic.


    • Tawreos

      And yet when election season rolls around again he will take the fistful of whatever currency is offered him to run political ads regardless of the source.

      • The_Wretched

        Congress could pass a law making it illegal to host foreign sourced political content aimed at US elections….

        • Tawreos

          The Russians have plenty of people here that can trade Rubles for Dollars and make the buy almost as quickly.

        • Tawreos

          The only way to stop is to get rid of the PACs and only allow political advertising from candidate campaign.

          • Cuberly


      • Cuberly

        I listened to the majority of his speech. It was difficult to take seriously because it sure seemed like it was all about damage control and their complete lack of control over their platform.

        There’s nothing there to really prevent the worst elements from exploiting them again. He doesn’t prove anything.

    • Cuberly

      They don’t have control over their platform and they have no clue how broadly they’ve been exploited.


    • TuuxKabin

      he’s one of the reasons for a housing shortage. Even among the rich. A good ‘I’ve got mine’ example of privilege. He should go to a private island in the Caribbean or other tropical storm part of the world. Lose everything. The dood needs a bite of, if not the entire, humble pie.


  • MBear

    remedial fascism workshops

  • Will Parkinson

    How terrible. To be told you can’t take a leak.

    • JWC

      But none of them are Russian prostitutes

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        Oh, but they are! (in a sense)

        • JWC

          just awaiting their Russian Passports

  • DesertSun59

    This admin is pretending that whistleblowing is leaking.

    They are liars.

  • cheakamus

    “The Associated Press obtained training materials from the hourlong class.” I lolled!

  • JWC

    Trump is the biggest leaker of them all

    • -M-

      Certainly the most dangerous one.

      • JWC

        My Golden retriever has a longer attention sapn than DJT Whatever he was told at 1800 in confidence he has forgotten at his 0300 tweet

  • Lars Littlefield

    Anti leak class room materials were leaked? That’s rich.

  • lymis

    Maybe the heads of these departments should have mandatory classes in what their job is – like the EPA is supposed to PROTECT the environment, not strip mine it while relaxing pollution controls.

  • Dagoril

    Yeah. That’ll stop it.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Yeah, that will totes do the trick…..


  • Talisman

    First, take the Depends out of It’s individual cellophane wrapper…

  • agcons

    Kegels. There, that’s that problem solved.

  • Cipher

    Such a pissy situation. SAD!!!

  • MassageBear

    Isn’t this just a sales spiel for Depends?

  • Donald Trump has expressed anger repeated leaks of potentially embarrassing information to media organizations…

  • Kissmagrits

    Classes on how not to leak? I thought that’s what Pampers were designed for.

    • Ann Kah

      It Depends….

  • narutomania


    A class entitled “How Not To Leak Stuff”.

    How much do you want to bet that every detail of the “class” gets leaked to the press!? Ha ha ha ha ha!

  • HandsomeMrToad

    “Anti-leaking classes” = potty training?

  • kareemachan

    And let me guess: they are all looking at their cellphones under the table and tweeting each other along the lines of: “Lulz, you won’t believe what this dude just said!”

  • EdA

    This is somewhat in contrast to the mandatory ethics classes. Which presumably are classes in how to ignore ethics for fun and profit.

  • FancyThat

    I definitely prefer the previous Administration’s White House leeks. Michelle Obama was such a magnificent role model and teacher for so many children! (still hoping she changes her mind about political life, though I realize it’s incredibly selfish) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7a7c02e1a5e095f7efd5dbc321f39df42f3075c7e741ebf42673da1b9635dec3.jpg

  • JCF
  • fahvel

    when you say the “tr..p administration”, does that mean that the pres had anything to do with a decision or are there other turds quietly floating by making the admin seem to be doing something?