TRAILER: George Michael: Freedom

Rolling Stone reports:

Showtime has shared the first trailer for their upcoming documentary George Michael: Freedom. The late singer himself provided narration for the film, which serves as his final work.

Through unseen archival and private home footage, as well as Michael’s own anecdotes, the documentary focuses on Michael’s entire career but especially the height of his fame leading up the release of 1990’s Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1.

The documentary will also provide a first-person account of Michael’s historic and lengthy legal battle with Sony Music. Michael was heavily involved with the making of the film at the time of his December 2016 death, with the singer listed as co-director alongside David Austin.

  • Jeffrey

    At Palm Springs Film festival about ten years ago there was a George Michael documentary with narration by Michael himself. I’m guessing that this is the same one just updated with some more recent footage?

  • bkmn

    We have lost so many great talents the last couple of years….makes me feel old

    • M Jackson

      I think Debbie was the hardest for me. I had met her several times. My heart broke that day.

      • prixator

        Debbie Gibson died??

        • M Jackson

          Carrie’s mom.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Remember him.
    Remember her too.

    “Would it have bothered you if your daughter Whitney was gay?” Oprah asks. “Absolutely,” Houston replies.


    • Todd20036

      Houston said that? Man, she had a problem….

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Cissy said it. Her Mom.

    • Sashineb

      I remember seeing an interview with Cissy Houston when the topic came up (of Whitney possibly being gay.) Cissy was having none of it. Thanks for posting the link to the interesting article. I didn’t realize Whitey had been booed at the Soul Train Awards.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Me either. I need to find the new documentary and watch it.

      • CJAS

        In 1989, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” was nominated best Contemporary R&B song. It was in fact an Adult Contemporary song, without a hint of R&B as her label was aggressively marketing her to white folks (killing any songs she recorded that sounded “too black”) and black folks caught on pretty quickly. In this specific instance the label had also cast a “racially ambiguous” man as her love interest for the music video which was probably the last straw.

  • netxtown

    I lived in southern cal when Faith was released….and there was just this certain feeling that ‘we’ had made it….all the way to the top. It was like the whole world was singing along…song after song.

  • Todd20036

    I miss Michael. And yeah, I would have done him in the bathroom, too.
    Sue me.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Won’t sue you.
      Might join though.

  • Joseph Miceli

    Loved him since his “Wham!” days. Ironically, his hairy legs attracted me and I believe he stated that he hated having them.
    A great talent and a sexy man. Time rolls on for all of us.

  • George Michael had such a singular voice, and he was still making great music long after radio execs would no longer give him the time of day. “Freedom” is a great song to remember him by.

    • Joseph Miceli

      You hit on something there. Everyone thinks…”I haven’t heard a new song by “fill in the blank” in years.”
      Well, they are probably still out there, still touring and still producing new material, they just can’t get it on the air. Most radio is aimed at the 13 year old girl demographic. On air music has declined horribly. Try iTunes or the internet to see if your favorite band or singer has material and you might be surprised.

      • Vinnie NYC

        His Patience CD is a wonderful album, highly recommend it. Older is underrated and his vocals are superb.

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        • Joseph Miceli

          I have the day off, so I’ll check that out. Thanks!

  • TJay229
    • Goodboy

      I loved that video probably the best. I remember hooking up with this model couple who had just completed the outside video. We were PNP’g all night. They’re the one’s in the back of the truck with the cowboy hat. I remember them having to leave the next day for a photo shoot. Only can be done in youth I guess. Lol

      I always wondered about them. Like how far their modeling went.

  • TJay229

    Every musical artist of that era had a iconic video (some had more than one) but Freedom is w/o a doubt HIS.

    Everyone was flawless. He had all of THE top models who were at the height of their game at the time and that was a feat only designers and magazines could do.

    And not to mention all of the ladies are still working and so is the only guy model (who by the way is a huge Gay Ally)

  • JWC

    A lost Treasure

  • CJAS