KEY WEST: Island House Reports Being “Safe And Sound” After Hurricane Irma, Ready For Business Soon

Many JMG readers have written me over the last week, hoping for some inside scoop on the status of Key West’s Island House and the other popular gay guesthouses that are their Old Town neighbors. Today, we actually have some positive hurricane-related news. Via press release:

Feeling humbled by our good luck, we’re happy to announce that the Island House, and the island of Key West, are safe and sound after Hurricane Irma. The outpouring of concern and support we’ve received has sustained us through all of this, and we cannot thank our friends and guests enough for their caring sentiments. With a few days of tree cleanup, a top-to-bottom spray wash of our buildings, and the safe return of our beloved staff, Island House will be good as new to welcome back our guests.

We’re working diligently to reopen the resort as soon as possible, although we need a few days to know when that will be. If you have a current reservation, we ask that you call us directly for information on the progress that has been made in Key West, and what you can expect as far as amenities and activities that will be available at the time of your anticipated visit.

If you had a trip cancelled because we were closed, please call us so we can talk about options for you to rebook your trip. Reservations after October 20th should be completely unaffected in terms of your vacation amenities, and those guests can expect the full Island House experience to be at their fingertips.

Rest assured, Island House is alive and well, and we are thrilled to be able to get back to doing what we do best! Including amidst other things, endless sunshine, cool cocktails, palm trees, water and of course, the fun loving boyz of Island House.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, Jon, Steve, and the Island House TEAM.

Father Tony and I are already booked for what will be (I think) our ninth annual December visit to Island House, where I will commit the usual poolside blogging.

  • Robincho

    To Island House —

    Kisses on your opening!…

  • Deviancy Behavir

    I’ve been wondering had to cancel my trip. But I’ll wait til winter to rebook, just to be in the safe side.

  • friendlynerd

    I can’t wait to try this place out. So glad to hear it’s all ok!

  • bkmn
  • JoeMyGod

    I’m usually in the room on the lower left in the photo above. Don’t knock. I’m busy.

    • Duh-David

      One year we were sitting in from of that room having lunch when we realized everyone was staring at us. Or, rather not us, but the pumpers in that room with the blinds open. To me, that will always be “the exhibitionists room.”

      • JoeMyGod

        Definitely not when I’m in there. πŸ˜‰

        • Duh-David

          Leave me my dreams.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      When the French Doors are rattling, but the sky is clear blue…

    • VodkaAndPolitics

      My go to room is right around the corner from yours. I work poolside from there two weeks a year, and I always get asked if I’m a blogger.

      • VodkaAndPolitics

        Also worth mentioning, I had an amazing 5 way in your room last year.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      “I’m trying to get a signal in here! Do you mind?”

      • JoeMyGod

        Actually their WiFi is great. I never have to hotspot off my phone unlike some other hotels.

    • Leo Tallant

      “Don’t knock. I’m busy.” – Ohhh so it’s an open door policy, much more sensible than knocking. πŸ˜‰

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    • TheManicMechanic

      Busy blogging and trying new hats, or something more salacious? πŸ˜‰

  • Cuberly

    OT: So it appears Cohen violated the terms he negotiated with the Senate Intel Committee by releasing a statement to the media. Thus the Senate commitee has cancelled the meeting.

    Is antagonism the right way to go in this instance?

    • clay

      So, next step, more enforceable rules from a grand jury?

      • Gustav2

        Sub peonies. He was a ‘volunteer’ before today.

    • Gustav2

      MSNBC said he released his written testimony last night with a temp gag until after his appearance.

      • Cuberly

        Subpoena time.

        • Gustav2

          Burr and Warner added that they planned to reschedule Cohen’s appearance in an β€œopen session,” meaning that now Cohen will be asked to testify publicly due to his indiscretion.

          • Cuberly
          • melllt

            But isn’t that good for him? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t open sessions when each senator has a limited time to ask questions.
            Which means the republicans give speaches instead of asking questions to figure out what’s going on. The democrats ask questions, with answers that are speaches instead of answering the questions.
            My understanding is that in closed sessions, time isn’t limited as much for each senator. And people tend to speachify less.
            Am I also naive to think that the transcripts will eventually be released, and at the least be read by mueller?

          • Hank

            Perhaps, but look at Hilary’s ELEVEN hour public “interrogation”!!! No matter how many times they go around, it may go for a couple of days if we are lucky!

          • melllt

            That’s another thing i dont get. Hillary was interrogated for eleven hours, yet every hearing I’ve watched concerning trump and his ilk is what, two three hours tops, because each senator had such limited time to ask questions. Wtf is that.

          • John30013

            That’s Republicans controlling the hearings, so they softball GOP witnesses and hardball Dems.

          • That_Looks_Delicious

            One legal analyst who tweets about this said that, with what is public knowledge now, Cohen is now painted into a corner where he either perjures himself or he does damage to Trump. It might not be such a bad idea to have that in public.

            I suspect Cohen, given those options, will choose to commit perjury.

  • Tawreos

    If I was poolside blogging they would all have titles like “Damn, I love this cocktail” and “I love the way that guys ass looks in a speedo” All accompanied by pictures of course.

  • Ninja0980

    Nice to have some good news on this crappy day.

  • clay

    I didn’t think they’d want to lose Halloween– it takes money to rebuild.

    • JoeMyGod

      Fantasy Fest is definitely on:

      • Lumpy Gaga

        RSVP Like a Pirate Day!!!

    • Gustav2

      Here I thought they were going to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation!!

      • Lumpy Gaga

        You have to print out your profile and pin it to the room door.

        • Gustav2

          With 95 reasons to knock.

          • Treant

            1. I suck. Literally.

  • Chucktech

    October 19 is still an entire month out of business, but compared to other devastation in FL, that’s good news.

  • Reasonoverhate

    This has long been on my list of places to visit. Need to make it happen!

  • Chucktech

    Feeling humbled by our good luck, we’re happy to announce that the Island House, and the island of Key West, are safe and sound after Hurricane Irma.

    That’s because god loves you, unlike all those fat, fag hating christians. This is a sign from gawd, you see.

  • it’s sad to know this is a community tradition that is going to come to end within my lifetime. so many tourist destinations will finally reach the breaking point, financially. the new places to be seen at will rapidly grow in popularity, as uncertainty and conditional damages in the Caribe area grow annually. we were west palm people when we owned stuff down there specifically for vacations, and in the end we decided it wasn’t a good investment.

    Category 6 & 7 storms are coming. or the impact of such, should the stranglehold on science die enough for most people to be told the truth. some of these places will “survive,” but the days of being a child growing up hearing about nice vacations in the gulf islands and making that a goal? those are over. if you’re an investor, look at inland river and lake cities that will be much more popular fairly soon.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Ahem! Usual naked poolside blogging, one hopes.

    (Only on JMG After Dark. Visa/MC accepted).

  • Duh-David

    They called me this morning. All is well. Rescheduled for my birthday week in November. Delta airlines rebooked my flights with no penalty and even upgraded me on the return flight. When it all works out, I remember, “I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

  • Lazycrockett

    FYI The lady who would have given a thoughtful, intelligent, witty, and timely speech this morning at the UNGA, if this country wasn’t so fucked up will be on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tonight.

  • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

    I remember meeting Martin Kaye in Provincetown many years ago. . .

  • bambinoitaliano
  • Karl Dubhe

    O/T πŸ˜€

    It’s SNOWING!!!!!

    winter times are here again…. πŸ˜€

    • greenmanTN

      Where do you live?

      • Karl Dubhe

        Walking in a winter wonderland! (Edmonton, Canada.)

        I’m off for a hike, Goddamn about motherfucking time!

        • AmeriCanadian

          I’m actually flying out to Calgary at the end of this week and will be hiking in the Lake Louise area. I guess I need to pack my long underwear n’est-ce pas?

          • Karl Dubhe

            Depending on what you’re used to. Probably not, but then again do bring them. Just in case… πŸ™‚

            It’s mid September, so the snow’s not early.

          • AmeriCanadian

            I live in the “Sun Parlour” region of Canada (Windsor/Essex) so I’m accustomed to hot (and humid) summers and mild but snowy winters. I will dress in layers and bring an empty backpack in case I get too warm. I’ve never been to that region and I’m looking forward to it. I heard it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

          • Karl Dubhe

            It is. πŸ™‚

    • safari

      Please, no

      • jmax

        I don’t mind the cooler weather.
        I hate snow.

        • JWC

          Wow I am in BC I had heard that some of the mountain passes had snow

          • jmax

            I live in Kansas. It’s in the 90s today.
            I have a co-worker who bought a snow blower after a particularly wet winter 4 years ago. He still hasn’t had a chance to use it, since our winters have been unusually warm and dry lately.

          • JWC

            know the pai I don’t even own a snow shovel and I have lived here for 21 years If it does snow its all gone in 36-48 hrs

    • Duh-David


    • JWC

      where are you ? Montana?

      • Karl Dubhe

        Edmonton, Canada. πŸ™‚

        • bambinoitaliano

          Ha! I just took a guess. The Stockwell Doris gave you away πŸ˜›

      • bambinoitaliano

        I assume somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. Only that part of the country has early random snowfall.

        • JWC

          I had watched it on the news snowing in Montana the easten slopes of the Rockies

      • Tor

        It has snowed in Yellowstone Park and higher altitudes in the area. My brother has been working there.

    • Treant

      It’s 80 here. In Pennsylvania. In late September. We close out September at near-90.

      • Jeffg166

        I was enjoying the early fall weather. I bought a pot roast. Now I get to eat it with the temps in the upper 80’s.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        We are expected to over 90 on the first day of fall.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I’m glad your party house is all right, but people are still in trouble.

  • JoeMyGod

    NOTE: I’ve altered the headline to more correctly reflect that Island House will be open for business ahead of the formal Monroe County opening.

  • Mike_Bernard

    Joe, my husband and I will be visiting Key West for the first time in our lives this Christmas to celebrate his recent retirement. I hope I run in to you to meet you in person.

  • FloBear

    Any news on the Equator Resort?

  • TheManicMechanic

    God spares the gay places once again as he ravages the red states. Try getting that past those Trump supporters collecting pieces of their trailers out of the trees.

  • ceeenbee

    Thank God.

    • Ann Kah


      • LesbianTippingHabits

        And Goddess, honey!

  • Readen Reply

    The Equator also posted an update on Facebook that they received no damage and are cleaning up to reopen as soon as permitted

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    This is wonderful news to everyone. Thank you.