Pro-Trump Nazi Site Owner Andrew Anglin Served With SPLC’s Harassment Suit After Five Months In Hiding

The Daily Dot reports:

Lawyers for a Jewish woman suing prominent white supremacist Andrew Anglin have served their lawsuit in a local Ohio newspaper after being unable to find him for almost five months. In new court filings, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lawyers said an Ohio court clerk has published a legal notice in the Daily Reporter, a legal and business newspaper published daily in Columbus, Ohio, the same state as several addresses tied to Anglin. The notice must run for six weeks before the plaintiffs can claim they have served the lawsuit.

“Plaintiff has worked diligently to comply with the steps necessary to effect service under Ohio law, including working with the Clerk for the Franklin County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas to effect service by publication,” reads the filing. “The Clerk has now placed a legal notice of this action in a newspaper of general circulation in Franklin County, Ohio, where Defendant’s last known address is located.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s lawsuit claims Anglin launched a “terror campaign” or “troll storm” on Gersh, a Jewish real estate agent living in Montana, via a series of articles he published on the Daily Stormer. “These articles caused his followers to overwhelm Ms. Gersh with hundreds of hateful and threatening anti-Semitic phone calls, voicemails, text messages, emails, letters, social media comments, and false online business reviews,” the lawsuit reads.

  • Lazycrockett
  • Tawreos

    Who would have guessed that a member of “the master race” would hide from the consequences of his actions?

    • Todd20036

      Or that he’d cry like a bitch, and you know he will

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    • LatrinaDiBucca

      Or that he’d sport such a weak chin.

      • Joseph Miceli

        Someone should tell him that if he just relaxes, he’ll learn to like it and his time in prison will be so much more pleasant.

    • Uncle Mark

      Meh…most of the successful Nazis would hide out in South America. Low energy/lazy Nazi

    • Taylor Bixler
  • Lars Littlefield

    I want to squish this little maggot and all little maggots like him.

    • Adam King

      Just make sure you clean your boot so you don’t track that nasty maggot goo all over my nice clean floors.

      • RoFaWh

        And be sure to wear rubber gloves while you’re cleaning the goo up. It’s not only ugly, stinky, and stupid, but fairly infectious.

  • fuzzybits

    This is someone who grew up in Worthington,a affluent suburb of Columbus and never was around the inner city. His father still has an office there where he had a P.O box for Andrews mail.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      I used to work in Worthington. Eww.

  • another_steve
    • KP

      Gertrude Berg?

      • another_steve

        Of course.

        During the 1950s and 60s, on my little black and white TV set, she was like a second mother to me.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      Thanks a lot for the nightmares.

    • UrsusArctos

      You are EVIL and must be enjoyed. 👍

  • Ninja0980

    See you in court asshole!

  • bambinoitaliano
  • olandp

    Isn’t he in jail in Virginia?

    • jerry

      Different Nazi.

    • Tawreos

      Different Nazi, I get it though, the hate makes them all look alike after a while

      • olandp

        They all look alike to me, bald head, on the verge of tears, or something…

        • zhera

          If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

          • Beagle

            If you’ve one, you’ve seen too many.

      • Gerry Fisher

        Less weepy than the one in Virginia.

        • Tawreos

          He hasn’t been caught yet, then we’ll see

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    ” The Gubment can’t serve me papers if they can’t never find me. ha ha ha ”

    Here’s the daily paper. Enjoy!

    • Phillip in L.A.

      As you probably know, Ragnar, “publication by service” does not require the putative Defendant to read, see, or be anywhere near a newspaper! Instead, it is a “last resort” (procedurally) when a Plaintiff has been diligent in trying to serve a Defendant, but cannot, through no fault of Plaintiff’s. For a typical form of statute authorizing Service of Summons by Publication, see, e.g., California Code of Civil Procedure section 415.50.

      For rather obvious “due process” reasons, “publication by service” is disfavored(*)–in fact there used to be a Commissioner Dickey in Department 1A of the Los Angeles Superior Court, whose almost sole job was denying these applications. He also denied (mostly) Petitions for Change of Name. His staff had typed up checklists, with 15-20 different reasons for denying these orders, each with empty boxes the Commissioner could just tick off; they were reproduced on green paper, and were thus called, “green-sheets” (or just Rejection Notices).

      During my first month of law practice, I was sent to try and obtain an Order for Publication from Commr Dickey (in chambers); he seemed to take a liking to me, perhaps because all my paperwork was correct and complete. He asked me to have a seat when an older and more seasoned lawyer came in with a similar application; Commr Dickey then proceeded to tear this guy a new a**hole, while casting side-long glances at me occasionally. Frankly, I was embarrassed!

      After much ranting and raving, Dickey denied the other lawyer’s application; I thought the other lawyer was going to cry (but he didn’t). After the interloper had left, Dickey granted my application, signed the original copy with a flourish, and sent me on my way, with a metaphorical pat on the butt. When I got back to the office, the other lawyers wanted to know how I had fared with Commissioner Dickey. I just showed them the signed Order for Publication, and they made faces of astonishment and disbelief.

      (*) Disfavored, but not invalid–so long as there are “minimum contacts” with the forum state, and the “long-arm” statute otherwise comports with notions of due process, fair play, and substantial justice. International Shoe Co. v. State of Washington (1945) 326 U.S. 310 [66 S.Ct. 154; 90 L.Ed. 95].

      • juanjo54

        Now there s a name I had not heard in a very long time. He was a bit of a legend much like Judge Brown in San Francisco whose main entertainment in life was ripping lawyers new assholes over sloppy pleadings, citing cases from headnotes and not knowing the facts and being unable to follow proper court procedure.

        • Phillip in L.A.

          That is exactly him to a ‘t’, juanjo54! I think the other judges might have been afraid to fire him (don’t know why–maybe he had some dirt on someone important?). The little soirée I described above cost our client 2-3 billable hours, for something that should have taken 10 minutes (at most).

        • Reality.Bites

          Now there s a name I had not heard in a very long time.

          Isn’t that Obi-wan Kenobi?

      • Reality.Bites

        Commissioner Dickey in Department 1A of the Los Angeles Superior Court, whose almost sole job was denying these applications. He also denied (mostly) Petitions for Change of Name.

        Hey, if I was stuck being named Dickey you can bet I’d deny Petitions for Change of Name too.

        And make them get off my lawn.

    • kiprian

      In Republican Rome (not to be confused with the current crop of whatsits), if you could not be found for the serving of the notice of a lawsuit, a shouted announcement from a particular location (I believe that it was a particular stone on the Capitoline Hill) was considered sufficient notice. Some things simply don’t change, because they work.

  • Sam_Handwich
  • vorpal 😼

    Cue the Nazi waterworks…

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • JWC

    Brave Little Nazi raise your shit then hide like the lowlife coward that you are

  • Paul_in_Dallas

    When you’re talking about Nazis, the re-posting of a previous anagram can never be disallowed.

    Andrew Anglin ~ Grind New Anal

  • greenmanTN

    It’s like Hanukkah in September!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • The_Wretched

      I’m sort of just as happy that those attracted to the nazi-style messaging aren’t capable people. It’s a bit like we’re just barely avoiding a theocratic US under a King/Fuhrer Trump due to the infighting and incompetence of his crew.

  • TCinBerkeley

    A lady Jewish real estate agent in Montana? That is who these numb nuts are threatening?

    Jeebus Crusts! I am rewatching The Venture Brothers on Hulu and these pantywaists are making The Monarch & Sgt Hatred look like friggin’ Doctor Doom!

    I do have an idea for Andrew’s code name though: The Melon (or possibly Dr Melonhead). I would have suggested The Pinata, but probably too “ethnic”. Seriously, how does that scrawny neck hold up that bulbous head?

    • zhera

      He’s Garden Gnome. Andrew Garden Gnome Anglin.

      • TCinBerkeley

        I like it, but you are going to have a problem with the gnomes guild (esp the Zionist ones – tee hee). Also, the ubiquitous red cap is then going to draw in the tomten and the red caps themselves as well and then the Guild of Calamitous Intent is going to get involved.

        P.s. A mess!

      • UrsusArctos

        Aw, come on! You’re en norsk kvinne. You know trolls. *innocent look*

  • Taylor Bixler

    Vice covered this 5 or 6 months ago. The backstory seems to be Gersh, who is a real estate agent, gave some advice to Richard Spencer’s mom (yes him) about selling a property in that little MT town so it would not be in his name and donating the money to a human rights group. Spencer’s mom claims she was coerced into selling (Vice did not interview her) at which point the neonazis got involved. Some of the threats they left on her phone which Vice played were bone chilling.

    • kareemachan

      And we are not surprised why?….