Christie Hits Back At Bannon: His Last 15 Minutes Of Fame Is Over And Nobody Cares About Him [VIDEO]

Politico reports:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ripped into Steve Bannon on Monday, mocking the fired White House aide as a powerless figure who was looking for his “last 15 minutes of fame” during a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday.

The Republican governor, who ran President Donald Trump’s transition team before being sidelined after the election, rejected Bannon’s allegation that he had been taken out of the running for a Cabinet position after his critical response to the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump bragged about groping women.

In an interview Monday evening with “PBS’ NewsHour,” Christie called that claim a fabrication, saying not only that he didn’t have such a conversation with Bannon, but that he was, in fact, with Trump that weekend.

He said he ran debate preparation that Friday, when the tape was released, and the next day. He also took charge of preparation for the third debate. The governor also noted, as had been reportedly previously, that he was offered several Cabinet positions that he turned down.

Start at the 32:30 mark below and watch Christie go off.

  • Todd20036

    True Christie, but the same can be said for you, and you don’t even see it.

  • Tawreos

    It is so cute that he thinks he actually had a shot at a cabinet position.

    • Todd20036

      He did… as a cabinet.

      • Tawreos

        That may be a bit beyond his qualifications.

        • Reality.Bites

          Not compared to those who actually made it in.

      • Vira

        Trump: “Hey, Kristie Kream…against the wall. Just like that cabinet.”

        Christie and Bannon should be required to compete in a decathlon, with the winner getting to name the sex act he wants performed on him by the loser. Film it. Sell it. Donate proceeds to the victims of Sandy, Harvey, Irma, and Trump.

      • Andymac3

        He’d make a much better bean bag sofa.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I think he did but the Bannon camp sink it. The shit gibbon management style if you can call that remind me of an asshole I use to work for. She loves to create animosity between two groups of employees as a way to control them. Making them fight to prove who is more loyal to her. Whoever remain standing in the ring stay regardless how her attitude had the averse effect on the company. A vile piece of shit!

      • Tawreos

        It was also Hitler’s management style, how odd.

  • shellback

    Speaking of last 15 minutes of fame…

    • KayDThomas

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    • Acronym Jim

      Considering the other reply to your post, that was a remarkably prescient comment.

      • shellback

        It took me 3 or 4 attempts, but I finally flagged it.

    • Jay Silversmith

      Yeah, the irony completely escapes him as he climbs out the back window of Dump Tower.

  • Rex

    Christie used his 15 minutes of fame to eat a cheeseburger.

  • Bluto
  • Gustav2

    This Spring on Fox News: The Battle of the Has-Beens, A Ten Minute Investigative Report.

  • AtticusP

    Hey Christie: don’t you have a bridge to close somewhere?

    • another_steve

      Or a mudbath of Big Whoppers to wallow in.

    • Uncle Mark

      Or a bridge to live under?
      Or a beach to close & monopolize?

  • another_steve

    That photo of him just turned me straight.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I don’t have such flexibility. I’ll just turn celibate.

    • barrixines

      And so Jared’s anus squeaks a sigh of relief.

      • another_steve

        Jared is tired of Ivanka. He finds her in her father’s bed from time to time and thinks it very inappropriate.

        His anus is ready for the right guy.

  • Acronym Jim

    The headline of this story deserves that “taunting Gollum” gif.

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.

    • kareemachan

      This couldn’t be said more succinctly. Kudos.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • Uncle Mark

    Says the guy, who’s sportscasting gig fell thru, and is now interviewing with CNN & MSNBC. As shitty as Bannon is, at least he had his old job at his propaganda outlet. As for picking on Bannon, there’s no point in kicking a dead horse…literally

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      That Bannon horse is not dead! It’s more of an alcoholic coma.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I would not recommend going anywhere near that biotoxin let alone kicking it.

      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        Huge risk of gangrene.

        • Andymac3

          It’s the noxious gaseous fumes seeping out that I would worry about if it were in a poorly ventilated area.

  • Acronym Jim

    Shorter Chris Christie:

    Yeah, I got impatient.

  • worstcultever

    Go away you fat fuck. GO. AWAY.

    And fuck you, media, shoving these assholes at us 24/7. You fucking gave us Trump. Haven’t you done enough? No, I guess not. Cuz still $$ and ratings to be made on chaos.

    GAH. Still TOTALLY pissed at 60 Minutes and EVERY MSM OUTLET that normalizes this TOTAL EVIL for profit. FUCK. YOU.


  • Ninja0980

    Pot, meet kettle.

    • lymis

      That’s unfair and inaccurate. Shame on you.

      It should be “Cauldron, meet kettle.”

  • Chrissy

    What’s the fat version of a cat fight? Fat fight?

    • MBear

      I believe its called “a congealing”

      • edrex

        a rendering?

    • greenmanTN

      Christie vs Bannon, a suet duel?

  • Ken M

    What shade of “bad tan” is that anyway?

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    After completing his service as Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie needs to leave public life for a while.

    Relax, take a break, exercise, diet, work out, etc.

    And then surprise everyone – because I think he is really talented. Yes, he’s also a complete jerk (Bridgegate), but maybe that’s what America needs.

    • Guess?

      No. America doesn’t need a complete jerk. America needs fewer jerks running things.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Then it’s up to Americans to support non-jerks so they can win elections.

    • Adam King

      No, he should fuck off.

      • Reality.Bites

        So should the troll you’re replying to.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Awaiting Chris Christie seriously getting into an exercise program is the same thing.

        It won’t happen.

    • edrex

      we’ve got jerks all the way up. how’s that working out? and i have no doubt that christie’s a shitty tipper.

  • Hank

    Talk about a political “Has Been”… after what he did to NJ, and his ratings in the state who would want him???

  • Mike__in_Houston

    Ha. I didn’t realize anybody ever did care about him. That old alkie must have been in make-up for at least three hours to look even as remotely human as he did. As far as watching the video of that fuck from New Jersey, I’ll pass, thanks. I woke up with an upset stomach as it was.

  • Randy503

    And things are going exactly according to Trump’s MO. Sow discord among his allies, flunckies, supporters and employees. Blame everyone else for your failures, take all credit for successes. No one will actually be strong enough to challenge him, and that’s how he stays in power.

    Anyone else have a manager who acted like this?

  • JWC

    speaking of a laspsed 15 mins of fame

  • Disqusdmnj

    Overall he’s a pretty horrible governor for the state, but every once in a while he stands up for the right things, and I’d take his word over Bannon’s any day.

  • vorpal 😼

    Hypocrite, hippo-crit.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Has been talks about newly minted has been about being a has been.

    aaand now we’re moving on.

  • Blobby

    awwww…..someone still wants a job in the Dump Administration. cute.