Melissa McCarthy Wins Emmy For Spicer Portrayal

USA Today reports:

Dave Chappelle and Melissa McCarthy are Emmy winners, earning trophies for their appearances on Saturday Night Live. Chappelle and McCarthy were announced as best guest actor and actress on a comedy series at Sunday’s creative arts awards, the precursor to the main Emmy Awards ceremony set for next weekend.

Chappelle hosted the first SNL episode to follow last November’s presidential election. McCarthy played host on another episode and also gave a manic impersonation of then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The creative arts ceremony, which was split between Saturday and Sunday, honors technical and other achievements. Next Sunday’s ceremony will air on CBS with host Stephen Colbert.

Another winner last night was RuPaul, who took his second Emmy in the reality show host category.

  • pj

    she out spiced spicer. well done.

    • Reality.Bites

      It’s unfair he wasn’t allowed to compete in acting.

  • another_steve

    We need a good Jared Kushner impersonator.

    Can you imagine the fun they’d have with that speaking voice of his?

  • Max_1
  • Blake J Butler

    I watched AHS: Cult yesterday, and i must say i hate Sarah Paulson’s character’s personality and i sympathize more with Billie Lourd’s character.

    Although one fear has been eased, i can watch the next episodes without much anxiety. Maybe after this i’ll go back to finally watching Maddow again.

    • FAEN

      Did you watch the premiere episode?

      • Blake J Butler

        Oh yeah i did. Jill Stein ? Fuck Ally.

    • Acronym Jim

      Love Billie Lourd, but I miss the earmuffs.

      • Blake J Butler

        She traded up this season for a hair bun.

    • JCF

      I confess, my first reaction was “I’ve seen this movie. What guy is going to come along to sleep with….surprise, Allison Pill!”

      [i.e., Sarah Paulson’s needy femme reminds me of Sandy Dennis’s needy femme]

  • bkmn

    One more thing to piss Trump off – good

  • lymis

    I love that I live in a world where a show about the behind the scenes antics of a group of drag queens wins a reality show award.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    You go, girl!


  • kaydenpat

    Yay!!!! That’s got to chafe at the Trumpster. Lol.

  • bambinoitaliano
    • paganguy

      One could argue that she already has.

      • Reality.Bites

        I don’t think it’s as big as a guinea pig.

        What animal is the size of a cocktail wienie?

        • Snarky

          Think “medium boiled shrimp.”

          • Reality.Bites

            I prefer to keep that one for Jeff Sessions.

    • Todd20036

      The “V” alien has more facial expressions than the FIrst Whore.

      • Reality.Bites

        To be fair, all that Jane Badler had to do was successfully imagine herself to be an alien lizard woman who eats small animals.

        Melanoma has to pretend to love Donald Trump. Meryl Streep would throw up her hands and say, “Listen honey, I’m not THAT good.”

  • Rex

    Melissa should come back this season and take on Sarah Huckleberry-Slanders.

    • FAEN

      I believe Rosie is throwing her hat in for that role.

  • Blake J Butler
    • Blake J Butler

      I meant to copy the reply tweet to her.

    • Blake J Butler
      • Reality.Bites

        Of course she does. They’re useful cannon fodder in her imaginary revolution she thinks she started.

      • EdA

        Better still, remind us of whom you DIDN’T vote for — and whom you encouraged lots of other people NOT to vote for.

    • bambinoitaliano

      But she stand with the ones who voted with Trump. Susan, please stand far far away from any humanitarian causes.

    • FAEN

      Really Susan? You stand with Dreamers?

      If Hillary were POTUS do you think she would have cancelled DACA or not? How about you answer that while we wait for your ‘revolution’.

      • Dk

        she can still play beer pong in a Manhattan she can afford, that’s all that matters

    • GayOldLady

      Susan SaranWrap: Too bad you didn’t stand with the Dreamers in November 2016. Quit your damned grandstanding and retire to the luxury of your pampered, privileged life and leave those of us who live in the REAL WORLD alone.

    • GayOldLady

      And why do you pretend to care about “the womens march”. You and your kind are the reason the Womens march was needed. You don’t give a damn about women in the real world, you just ACT like you do in the movies.

    • Ross

      Susan, dear?

      Sorry, but you fucking OWN this mess.


    • andrew

      Sarandon is one of the millions of people who have put the future lives of the Dreamers in jeopardy by not supporting Hillary in the General Election. She was the only candidate who realistically stood between Trump and the Oval Office.

  • Kevin Perez

    Congratulations. Well deserved!!

  • disqus_D9pH1OIG67

    The one who deserves an emmy is the casting director. Picking McCarthy was inspired.

  • PickyPecker

    OT: Hard to believe it was 16 years ago today. Memories are still fresh as if it were yesterday. Terrifying few days.

    • Rebecca Gardner
      • Todd20036

        What is most terrible is that we’ve already forgotten the lessons of that day – religious extremism is bad, an intelligent leader is critical, international diplomacy can be more important than nationalism.

        • Rebecca Gardner

          We did not forget the lesson because we never learned it. Instead it was twisted into an excuse to be even more greedy and evil.

          A group of Saudi terrorists fly planes into buildings so we now have an excuse to attack Iraq for oil. That makes no sense, but that’s what we did and we are still at war 16 years later. What lesson have we learned from that? None, we never got the lesson. We only took the hate and ugliness of the terrorists and said, hold my beer…

          • Rambie

            You’re right, we SHOULD have learned lessons Todd mentions;

            1- Religious extremism is bad
            2- An intelligent leader is critical
            3- international diplomacy can be more important than nationalism.

  • SDG

    Love it!

  • The_Wretched

    I’m glad she won. Her performances were outstanding.

  • Gene Perry

    McCarthey winning is just gonna reinforce the altright’s fake news that the mainstream media is out to get Trump.

  • zhera

    I read the title as “For Spicer Betrayal”. Then I laughed.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    did RPDR win in the makeup category?

  • Nida Ali

    Sanders wins New York and forces the race open or he doesn’t. Sanders must win New York to continue his narrative of a decisive electorate turn to him. Sanders has many obstacles to overcome to win New York even if he continues to outspend Clinton in ad spending.

  • MaryJOGrady