Tony Perkins Celebrates The DOJ Siding With Anti-Gay Baker: Trump Is On The Right Side Of Religious Liberty

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

It may be one of the most important religious liberty cases in a century — and President Trump isn’t about to be on the wrong side of it. In the latest sign that this isn’t Barack Obama’s DOJ, the administration is going to bat for Jack Phillips, the Christian baker at the center of a five-year firestorm over vendors’ forced participation in same-sex marriage. In a brief to the Supreme Court, the last stop for his case, the Justice Department argues that Jack was well within his rights to turn down a wedding cake order for a ceremony that contradicts his faith.

“The government may not compel an unwilling speaker to join a group or event at odds with his religious or moral beliefs,” Attorney General Jeff Session’s team argued. “Otherwise, a graphic designer whose clients include ‘a Jewish affinity group’ could also be forced to make fliers ‘for a neo-Nazi group.'” The Left is desperately trying to turn this into a debate about Christians refusing service to same-sex couples. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Like Barronelle Stuzman and dozens of other wedding vendors, Jack offered to sell the men anything in his store.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what Samuel Alito warned when the Supreme Court redefined marriage for everyone in Obergefell. “I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employers, and schools.” Now, two years later, clashes like this one are exploding in Christian businesses all across the country. It’s time for the Supreme Court to step in and stop this crusade against faith it started. President Trump is doing his job on religious liberty. It’s the justices’ turn to do theirs.

  • shellback

    Shut up you FUCKING NAZI. We’re sick of your bullshit. Just. Shut. The. Fuck. Up!

    • jamesparson


  • Jonathan Smith
  • Sashineb
  • BearEyes

    “religious liberty” =/= license to discriminate.

  • Bluto

    I kinda wish that cheeto would announce that the US is now a theocracy, just to watch all these self-proclaimed “holy” men kill each other over the power struggle.

    • Karl Dubhe

      Yah, I’ve had an ex like that…

      It’s why he’s an ex.

  • netxtown

    Did somebody say ‘MONEY”? NOW we hear loving trump support from the RWNJ’s. There’s money to be made!

  • Karl Dubhe

    It’s a matter of time before Tony and his theocrats will be calling for LGBTs and every other ‘sinner’ who doesn’t bow down to his invisible fiend should be imprisoned.

    Then executed.

    And of course, tortured forever in a fiery hell.

  • TrueWords

    I can not wait until other service industry members pull this CRAP against people…you know like cab drivers who transport women; and oh the list goes on and on

    • Ninja0980

      Muslim cab drivers have in fact done to this same sex couples in several states.
      And contrary to what the bigots claim in that only Christians are “targeted”, when they did it in IL,OR and NY where there are anti-discrimination laws in place, they were sued and they lost.
      Because whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc., you don’t get to decide which discrimination laws you’ll follow based on religious beliefs and which ones you won’t.
      If you can’t handle that, don’t open a business that serves the public, simple as that.

      • Bj Lincoln

        I remember when Muslims owned cab drivers refused to transport women traveling alone and LGBT people in NY. They did lose and that seemed the end of it. As for the bakers, there are only a few who refuse to make cakes and not “businesses all across the country” as if there were tons of them. We have not had that many problems considering.

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    • narutomania

      And that’s it, in a nutshell.

  • Frostbite

    Remember that Tony, when people start denying Christians things because they don’t agree with Christianity!

  • vorpal 😼
  • Uncle Mark

    Here you fuckers go again…making this all about baking a goddam cake. It’s not just about baking a cake for customers, whose lifestyle you disapprove of…it’s about everyone having that “freedom” to discriminate. Eventually, it becomes the pharmacist, who doesn’t want to sell you the birth control (and didn’t we see that a few years back); the EMT policeman, or doctor, who doesn’t want to help you because ‘God must be punishing you’…and they’re not going to interfere.

    Secondly, if EVERYONE is entitled to their religious rights in the workplace/marketplace, then my boss can’t fire me because I don’t want to work with someone whose faith I find disagreeable…or are those religious rights ONLY for those wealthy business owners and fuck the little guy’s religious freedom to discriminate? You can see how messy this sad excuse for blatant discrimination can become. it’s disasterous for business as well as individual freedom

  • Mike in Texas
  • lucadrian

    Sure. Right side of religious liberty. Wrong side of history and humanity.

  • vorpal 😼
  • Ken M
  • Christopher

    If they want to be able to discriminate, then they should be forced to put up signs stating their bigoted beliefs. Those stupid Jebus fishies should do the trick.

    • And they need to be big enough to be seen plainly from the street so people don’t waste time getting out of their cars as well as any ad’s.

    • rickhfx

      They do it for me ! I call them bigot warning signs.

  • Hank
  • Joseph Miceli

    What will it take for you to realize God hates you, Tonette? Maybe next time God will strike your house with lightning and burn it down. If so, I’ll bring the marshmallows.

    • Christopher

      I’ve got the chocolate!

      Whomever brings the graham crackers, make sure they’re Honey Maid brand. (They love us.)

  • Christopher
  • Gerry Fisher

    [sigh] No one’s asking you to “participate in the event” (actually, you’re not invited). People can still deny service to groups whose philosophy supports violence and hate (Nazis).

  • Tomcat

    Trump and DOJ support religious Crusades’s.

  • Tatonka

    I was reading a great case yesterday from the Texas Supreme Court (of all places) that made the case that beliefs are a wholly private affair, but that actions have always been subject to governmental regulation. Sorry Cakey, but your actions are actions, not beliefs.

  • Uncle Mark

    You know for someone, who alleges to care about his religion and “good Christian people,” I will point out the same hypocrisy I have with Schlafly and the other religious hucksters & grifters.

    What “pro-family”/”pro-humanity” organizations has Tony (or the other religious grifters) with all their money and influence created? NONE. !! All he’s created are legal/PAC/political organizations.

    NO organization/shelter for single mothers
    NO orphanages for those “unwanted” miracles
    NOTHING to provide money for women wanting to stay home to raise their children
    NOTHING to help understand homosexuality or counsel families with an LGBT member
    NOTHING to aid families in need. (No homeless shelters, no food pantries)
    NOTHING to counsel couples seeking divorce
    NOTHING for runaway teens

    Before he claims to speak on behalf of his religion, shouldn’t he at least practice what his sacred tome preaches? Shouldn’t that obvious failure to even behave like a real Christian invalidate him from speaking on behalf of his religion?

    He’s just a big mouth that doesn’t actually do anything good for people, but empower & enrich lawyers, politicians & himself at the expense of others….tainting his religion by marrying it to corrupted politicians. He’s the quintessential church lady that loves to preach down to others, look down upon others, while elevating himself, yet never doing anything to actually help any individuals.

    As for his movement, he threw his support behind a greedy, congenital liar, thief & con-man, a thrice married & proud adulterer, and someone who sells alcohol and gambling, and is as much a Christian as Nero. Tony, congratulations on your movement; please flush because it’s done.

    • Tatonka

      Lately I have been trying to open myself up to the concept that there’s a spiritual aspect to life that is bigger than my own existence. Professional assholes like this make that difficult.

      • Friday

        Honestly, I wouldn’t look in the direction that all these liars promote for that. When they make the discussion all about themselves it’s one way they actually *keep* people from just going and doing something else.

        • Tatonka

          I absolutely do not. If God and especially hell exists, they’re fucked.

      • Just gaze at the heavens on a beautiful night. By day, visit a zoo and see the wonders of diversity on tigers, peacocks, zebras, giraffes. There has to be someone/something beyond human nature, which can be wonderful or suspect.

      • Uncle Mark

        They are there. With some organizations, it’s hard to see when you have the hypocritical “church ladies” of the world taking credit and deep bows for other people’s hard work. I found often that it is those people, who work in the background without acknowledgement or notoriety, but only for the greater good….are the ones, who seem to be the inspiration…who by their nature and their quiet works, can point you in the spiritual direction you’re looking for.

    • Puck

      The marriage thing has been washed away when claimed some lame “born again christian” crap!

    • Menergy


    • zhera

      Dear, sweet, summer child Uncle Mark! You seem to have misunderstood. The grift came first. The IDEA of grift, and then the how-to. FRC exists only for the benefit of PerKKKins and the other grifters there. It was never-ever about making life better for families or for children, it was never about doing the good lord’s good work. It’s only grift. And they chose the easy way, by hate.

      • Uncle Mark

        Actually, I get that just fine. My point is that you can tell it has always been a grift as there has been nothing else created to actually help their fellow man…let alone the Christians they purport to care about. It would have been a sad crime if they created helpful charities that became corrupted, but they haven’t even created those.

    • Dean

      Tony Pekins decided a long time ago that anti-LGBT bigotry is more lucrative than racial bigotry. He has so much hatred inside of him he doesn’t know what to do with it. Like Trump he is a seriously damaged malevolent sociopath who needs to be reigned in.

  • j.martindale

    SCOTUS still is the same composition as when Scalia lost on marriage equality. I can’t believe that Kennedy will argue that gays have a right to marry, with ALL the privileges and responsibilities of marriage, and then say that that bakers and others are entitled to discriminate against them when they do marry. Because make no mistake, when one group is singled out for disparate treatment, that IS discrimination. Religious based discrimination is discrimination.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I think you are right. Scalia was replaced with a similar judge so nothing changed.
      Just because they will sell us goods for any reason other than marriage doesn’t change the fact they are discriminating.

    • It’s the tip of the iceberg: the goal is to do away with nondiscrimination laws across the board. Mike Lee let the cat out of the bag when discussing the amicus brief filed by him and a bunch of his fellow-travelers:

      “Calling it a “a compelled speech case,” Senator Lee told supporters laws that demand businesses treat people equally are a violation of freedom of speech and expression.”

      • j.martindale

        That is fighting a LOT of legal precedent. Can’t imagine what a Pandora’s Box a decision along those lines would open. Civil rights laws of the last century would have to be discarded. Won’t happen.

  • Ken M

    This clown believes in 2 things, siding and sliding. I’ll keep sliding thanks.

  • Christopher
  • Jay Silversmith

    The supreme court needs to force these poor persecuted bigots to have signs in their windows that state exactly who they will not serve and that would end the problem. However, when that was suggested, the xtians complained that it was discriminatory. You just can’t win with these self-deluded religious nutters.

    • Friday

      Posting signs like that is of course of itself discriminatory, but indeed, they complain when anyone but the people they hurt hear about their ‘proud religious convictions.’

  • Tomcat

    I keep saying the answer is to create the gay religion, get protection from government, build church/shelters and make a lot of money off the government.
    Include immigrants as religious entities that are worshiped and protect them also.
    Fighting hypocrisy with hypocrisy.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I like the addition of ” immigrants as religious entities that are worshiped and protect them also”.

    • Friday

      Frankly, there’s already religions and even churches that are non-anti-LGBT and they don’t give a crap for *our* religious liberties. Claiming ‘LGBT people are a religion’ would only mean the Christianists sue to keep anything about LGBT people out of schools, (with their usual hypocrisy of course)

  • Ken M
    • Natty Enquirer

      “See more” button is broken!

      • Ken M

        Broken, or breaking : )

    • Got any great lesbian photos? Starved.

  • dcurlee

    I just hope the Supreme Court tosses it. It will be bad if it sets a precedent

  • OdieDenCO

    wondering, if this religious bigotry gets passed, can we sue a business for not following the whole of Mosaic law?

    • the sky’s the limit..

    • Halou

      “I’m not selling you this thing bacause I’m gay. And I know how you lot dislike having your purity defiled by such things as the lives of others. Please remember to tip me for good service.”

  • DaveMiller135

    Tony, Tony, Tony: I’m aware that politics makes for strange bedfellows. Still, try to maintain a little dignity. Trump seems to agree with you. That should be the biggest warning flag you American Christians have ever seen. I hope this alliance drags you under, when Trump goes down.

  • Halou

    The proper analogy would be asking a neo-nazi printing company to produce fliers for their local Jewish community group.
    Gays do not have a history of sentencing christians to death because of what they do behind closed doors. Christians, however, have a history of murderous hatred against gays, jews, pagans, muslims, blacks, foreigners, women, even each other when they ran out of other people to hate and kill.

  • Bj Lincoln

    There is NOT “dozens of other wedding vendors”! There is not even a full dozen! A handful of ass holes decided to break the laws of their state/city and don’t ‘believe’ they should be punished for it. Rather than pay the fine and bake the cakes, they want to fight for their ‘ right to discriminate based on their version of the bible’. No other religion/religious person seems to be having an issue with serving us. If they refused to serve us at all or refused everyone on their list of abominations then we would have a totally different problem but they are just refusing to make wedding cakes for us. That is targeting us for discrimination. What is this ‘participation’ shit!? Making a cake is not participation. You are not being asked to get dressed up and be part of the wedding party. You are not at any of the festivities. You don’t have to deliver the damn thing. Just make it! As for SCOTUS, Not much has changed. I don’t see them giving us the right to marry but making it OK to discriminate in all the services that go with it. IF SCOTUS should say it is OK to discriminate, we should discriminate against christians. I bet they won’t like that much.

    • Halou

      And each time it is the same handful of failed lawyers representing them, getting rich off the stupidity of others and by fearmongering with others. If Liberty Counsel and Alliance Defending Freedom were to close then these petty lawsuits would also no longer be a thing.

      • Bj Lincoln

        Very true.

    • Menergy

      Again, we need to amend the Civil Rights Act nondiscrimination language to include LGBTI etc. in named protected classes . We can’t retaliate by discriminating against Christians, unfortunately, since religious affiliation is protected by the same Civil Rights Act.

  • “It may be one of the most important Christian supremacy cases in a century. . . .”


  • Natty Enquirer

    Since when were Neo-Nazis a class protected against discrimination in public accommodations? Predictably specious.

  • Lee Grupsmith-Pedersen

    So Liberty is Cruelty? Got it. Progress in our world will be progress toward more pain.

  • xzargo

    He hungers for dick.

  • narutomania

    Given that “Religious Liberty” is another phrase for “Political Exceptionism in Favour of Religious Nazis”, then yes, Mr Perkins, you are right: Drumpf and Sessions and the DOJ are on the side of so-called “religious liberty”.

    Fascism, plain and simple.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    He has every right to crow. Now. Just hope he eats it when the court is through with it.

  • Ken M

    “Forced participation.” He NEVER me the damned cake. How was he forced?

    • In the real world, the only actual and necessary participants in a wedding are the couple to be wed, the officiant, and the witnesses.

      Any guests are observers, not participants.

      And guests at the reception aren’t even observers — the wedding has already happened.

  • JWC

    shut the fuck up

  • perversatile
  • mdub in Puyallup

    My wedding cake from Corina Bakery in Tacoma, WA (April 2013). They were thrilled to make our cake, heck, they even delivered it to the venue. They were very happy for us. But they never asked if they would be participating in the wedding. They were baking a cake, not sitting in the aisles.

  • Paul

    I find it interesting that the DOJ is taking the “compelled speech” argument. It’s quite an interesting one and very different from the usual “muh religious freedumbz” argument.

  • JWC

    The utter ignorance of these people, who feel they represent moral majority.In their arrogance and selfishness they have not once, acknowledged Harvey, Irma and tomorrow 9/11 No its all about them and how they are persecuted because they can’t persecute others Am I alone in seeing this as really fucked up

  • KnownDonorDad

    β€œOtherwise, a graphic designer whose clients include β€˜a Jewish affinity group’ could also be forced to make fliers β€˜for a neo-Nazi group.’”

    No, you theocrat wannabe, that’s not how it works; these are opinions of the people in question. People are being discriminated against by cake martyrs for an intrinsic quality, like race or gender, it’s just that the Civil Rights Act doesn’t cover sexual orientation, as it does with religion.

  • greenmanTN
  • kevin vincent

    I honestly doubt Trump is even involved, Sessions is a rabid bigot you shouldn’t be surprised and you are still likely gonna lose as you always do

  • You People

    The Family Research Council is not hate group.

    • M Jackson

      The Family Research Council is a hate group.

      • You People

        Well that settles it then.

  • Richard B

    The LGBTQ community is positioned in a lot of key professions. If the religious freaks want to discriminate against us, we should document who they are and be sure they are placed on a bigot list to deny key products and services they desire.
    May I suggest we start with the bigot leader, Tony Perkins, and make sure he and his family learns what is good for the goose. is good for the gander.

  • JCF

    If Satan himself endorsed PerKKKins’ “religious liberty”, PerKKKins would blow him.

  • storioni

    Hence Trump’s role as useful idiot. Though, with Mike Pence at the helm they would have a somewhat truer believer–certainly more of one that DST.