Sarah Huckabee Sanders On DACA Reversal: It’s Not Cold-Hearted For Trump To Uphold The Law [VIDEO]

“It’s not coldhearted for the President to uphold the law. We are a nation of law and order and the day that we start to ignore the fact that we are that, then we throw away everything that gives these people a reason to want to come to our country. If we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be, then we throw away what makes us special, which makes America unique. This President’s not willing to do that.

“The previous administration was, this one isn’t. But we want to have real solutions. We want to have laws that address these problems, but it’s Congress’s job to legislate, not the president’s. And we actually want to uphold the Constitution, and I think people across this country should be celebrating the fact that they have a President that is standing up and upholding the Constitution as he was elected to do.” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders, speaking at today’s briefing.

  • Travis Morrow

    Yes, it is. You know it is because you have to make the justification.

  • Nation of Law and Order yet pardons Arpaio. /infinite eyeroll

    • Tawreos

      That was a white Trump supporting American, not some darker colored immigrant, which apparently makes all the difference.

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  • halfwaythere

    There is not enough fuck you for this administration.

  • Harveyrabbit
    • Karl Dubhe

      Those are ‘her’ people.

      {25,000 word bannable rant cut}

  • TexasBoy

    “If we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be, then we throw away what makes us special, which makes America unique. This President’s not willing to do that. ”

    Unless, of course, you’re Hispanic, black, female, gay, lesbian, transgender, Muslim, liberal, or don’t agree with Supreme Leader Trump.

  • architect_tim
    • worstcultever

      I’m LOLing at the facial expression – perfect

    • Lakeview Bob

      Love it. I suppose he might be talking about Kellyanne Cuntway.

      • shkwiver

        Is that what Lewis Carrol meant when he talked about the pandersnatch?

  • Cackalaquiano

    I hope she gets fleas.

    • Jeffg166

      To go with her cooties.

    • Todd20036

      What self respecting flea would infest her?

      • MonochromeMouse

        The fleas would be infested with Sarah.

    • The crabs won’t let them stay.

  • That_Looks_Delicious
  • lucadrian

    he can be cold-hearted only if he had a heart.

  • Clive Johnson

    OT sort of: Russian lawmaker says that Russia has the dirt on Trump and should use it.

    • Todd20036

      A pee tape won’t do shit

      • Karl Dubhe

        Contracts and receipts should.

        The pee tape was just the salacious detail. IIRC

    • worstcultever

      Well, since Pooty has officially jilted Miss Deadbeat Dementia at the altar, why not?

  • worstcultever
    • clay

      Dylan Roof = 9th grade drop out.
      DACA students = the next generation of physicians.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • Tawreos

    Dress it up all you want but it will never be anything other than a pile of bullshit.

    • Jonathan Smith

      change “it” to “you” (as in SHS) and we are good

  • Butch

    I will start celebrating, Sarah, when I see you and the rest of this administration in the unemployment line. Or better yet standing on street corners begging for change.

    • Mark

      Or in orange jumpsuits and shackled would be my preference.

      • Butch

        You got that right.

      • Todd20036

        I’ve had sexual fantasies start like that, though not with anyone named Huckabee, I assure you.

  • DoctorDJ

    “It’s not coldhearted for the President to uphold the law. We are a nation of law and order…”

    The Nation of Law and Order:
    “It is difficult at this day to realize the state of public opinion in
    regard to that unfortunate race which prevailed in the civilized and
    enlightened portions of the world at the time of the Declaration of
    Independence, and when the Constitution of the United States was framed
    and adopted; but the public history of every European nation displays it
    in a manner too plain to be mistaken. They had for more than a century
    before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether
    unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political
    relations, and so far unfit that they had no rights which the white man
    was bound to respect.”

    Roger B. Tany, Dred Scott v. Sandford 1857

    • worstcultever

      God that takes my breath away. And reminds me that the battle between sane people and assholes is not new.

    • Jeff Chang

      So you support open borders?

      • Dan McPeek

        Get lost, Chang. You’re on the wrong website!

      • clay

        At the time the Constitution was written, we had open borders and the founders saw nothing wrong with it.

        • Jeff Chang

          Appeal to tradition

      • Todd20036

        The Native Americans didn’t mind at the time.

      • Robincho

        I support opening your chest wall with a jagged tuna can lid…

        • Galvestonian

          Use that old Oriental trick with a copper bowl – 1. place a large rat under the bowl on Mr. Chang’s chest & 2. make sure the bowl is securely fastened to the corpus and then 3. place as many hot coals on the base of the bowl and continue to renew them as they cool. 4. The rat only has only one way to escape the heat. He claws and rips his way into Mr. Chang who will feel some discomfort – more than as the good doctors say, “this will pinch a bit”… surely better than a jagged tuna can lid.

      • Bob Conti

        Actually the Treaty of Guadalupe calls for open borders. If you really want to follow the law. Which you don’t. Betcha you didn’t know that, did ya?

  • Ninja0980

    Why did he pardon Arpaio then Sarah?

    • Karl Dubhe

      I’d like to give that comment a few more upvotes.

      Like a billion or so.

    • clay

      I was hoping the follow-up question would be about his un-Constitutional, un-legislated Muslim ban.

      • MonochromeMouse

        Apparently their position is presidents have full control over who is and is not allowed to stay in the country, unless that president is Obama, then it’s totally unconstitutional for his immigration policy to differ from the republican’s.

  • Lakeview Bob

    Gee he upholds the constitution while colluding with the Russians. Yes, such an honorable man.

  • Fuck these monsters.

    These people–PEOPLE–were brought to the US as children. Some are Latino or Hispanic, some are actually black or Asian also. To qualify for DACA, they had to have spotless backgrounds and be in school, have a job, or be in the U.S. military.

    Can you folks just fucking imagine what it’d be like to be serving in the Army, Marines, Navy or Air Force and learn in the last few weeks you’re about to be deployed to a foreign land to fight for a nation that is as likely as not to discharge and deport you to a country you don’t even remember living in?

    This shit is not only heartless, it’s sadistic and cruel–which epitomizes everything about Donald Jizzgargler Trump. He is completely lacking in human empathy and compassion. He destroys, and his only strategy is “praise and reward me for not destroying this thing you value.”

    “Justice” without heart is nothing but authoritarian fascism. Especially when they’re lying about “upholding the law.” Trump had nothing but excuses for the violent white supremacists in Charlottesville. Regularly declared judges doing their jobs to be biased and “so-called.” Pardoned Arpaio despite his being convicted of criminal contempt for continuing the ongoing crime of depriving people of their civil rights.

    This isn’t upholding the Constitution. It’s selectively and often erroneously applying it when convenient and throwing it away when it’s not. Plus we must never forget that this malignant President asked a foreign nation to attack us so he could win.

    Dear Robert Mueller: Hurry the fuck up, or there won’t be a country left by time you’re done.

    • worstcultever

      your last ¶ especially

      the country can’t take this degree of sheer sickness for month after month

      • Goddess knows I can’t.

      • Karl Dubhe

        The world won’t tolerate this continuing. We can’t.

        Please, don’t let it get to that point. 🙁

        • Grumpy Old Man

          Really Kool avatar!!

          • Karl Dubhe

            I had to steal it when I saw it. 🙂

    • P.S. If you’re not a Dreamer, but feel dismay, shock, and nausea at what’s about to happen to some 800k people who came forward, voluntarily, to apply for DACA status—people you may not even know—guess what? You have something Trump utterly lacks: Human empathy.

      • Jeff Chang

        DACA status meant DEFERRED action, not legal citizenship or a green card.

        The deferment is over.

        • clay

          DACA included green card / work permit.

          • Jeff Chang

            DACA included a work permit, not a green card. As such, the ability of DACA recipients was at the pleasure of the DHS and ICE.

            That pleasure has been exhausted.

          • clay

            “Green card” is a vague term since it originally referred to a work permit, not a permanent resident visa.

        • MonochromeMouse

          DACA’s purpose was to give people who were forcibly brought into the country illegally as CHILDREN a path to legal citizenship. Deporting people, who again were brought over here by their parents as CHILDREN, from what is likely the only country and culture they have ever known and forcing them into a country which to many of them is completely foreign is cruel and inhuman to do to someone. And to support it as “law and order” is pure evil, this is Nazi level evil here.

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        You’ve hit all the marks. Thank you for writing this.

        With reference to your last comment, regarding Trump’s lack of empathy — he’s echoing the same lack of caring his base demonstrates. I am beyond horrified by the number of Americans ready to throw their neighbors to the wolves. In the case of the DACA kids, these assholes don’t care that they’ve spent their lives here and are working to earn citizenship. They broke the law. All 800,000 of them. Send them all back.

        There’s no empathy for minority victims of police violence. There’s none for the poor, the sick, refugees, the underemployed. They’re thugs, moochers, lazy, and terrorists.

        Yesterday, on Labor Day, I read several idiotic statements from people here in Michigan who believe that unions do more harm than good, ignorant of the fact that unions kept workers safe and secured better working conditions. These folks feel that if you think your job’s unsafe or doesn’t pay what you think you’re worth, just get another one. At-will employment and right-to-work legislation are fine; if you get fired, it’s your fault for screwing up.

        A similar thing happened with a story about out gay college football players. When the point was made that LGBTQ teens need positive role models to give them hope — and ultimately help bring down that group’s suicide rate, there was a surprising number of comments insisting that nobody cared about any of that, just shut up amd play football.

        I try to keep telling myself that there are folks desperate for any outlet that allows them to vent their venomous hatred that they never miss the chance to push their anger and ignorance to the center. But that’s only half true. There appear to be large numbers of adults who’ve figured out that there’s no longer any need to feel ashamed of a lack of compassion, no reason to feel that you have to keep your callousness to yourself — let it out.

        This is what scares me most. The veneer of civility and civic pride has cracked and warped. There’s no remorse, just self-centeredness and devaluing everyone else. I’m afraid we may have passed the point of no return.

    • Jeff Chang

      Person in the military have another avenue to citizenship, not covered by DACA.

      Btw…DACA was DEFERRED action not legal citizenship. The deferment is over.

      • Todd20036

        You said that. And the dreamers are still children, and Trump is STILL not giving them a path to citizenship.

    • clay

      re. serving in the military– Same guy was wanting to switch to privateers in Afghanistan.

    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      And let’s not forget his obstruction of Justice when it might point its sword in Trumpian directions.

      A child brought by his parents is not a criminal, at best, its a crime victim.

    • Tread

      This isn’t upholding the Constitution. It’s selectively and often erroneously applying it when convenient and throwing it away when it’s not. Plus we must never forget that this malignant President asked a foreign nation to attack us so he could win.

      You mean they apply the Constitution like they apply their Bible?

  • JWC

    Exuse me, is there a page or two missing from my script? …”the President upholds the law……the fact that they have a president that is standing up and uo holding the Constitution as he was elected to do”….? HUH

  • zhera

    Oh FUCK YOU, you bitch! Celebrate? Law and Order? Special?

    Somebody get this assbag a dictionary. She clearly doesn’t understand what those words mean!

  • The Sentinel

    Did you catch her Freudian slip at 1:58? Remember that whenever you watch this Christianist ghoul at the podium, she was raised, indoctrinated, and trained by a man who wants to put people living with HIV/AIDS in internment camps. Their evil knows no bounds.

    • Tiger Quinn

      That was the exact wording that was used as well. “We have to make tough choices, they can’t infect the rest of us.” I remember it well.

    • kareemachan

      Those are two butt-ugly people.

      Inside and out.

  • Tiger Quinn

    You are going to be spat upon for the remainder of your miserable misused life you entire gargoyle.

  • jsmukg


  • Tom Chicago

    “…but it’s Congress’s job to legislate, not the president’s.”
    Thanks for the lesson, SHS. I’ll remember that for the next flurry of Executive Orders POTUS bangs out because he doesn’t know how/isn’t able to function within the process.

  • Moebym of the Returners

    Bald. Faced. Lie.

  • Ken M

    Simply stated. The legality, or not, of DACA is NOT for Trump to decide. That why we have a 3rd branch of Government. Dumbass.

  • DesertSun59

    She’s mentally ill. She’s telling the entire nation that an authoritarian regime is best.

    • Lizard

      No, she’s in the service of complete evil. There’s a difference.

      • kareemachan

        She lurves her the $$$.

  • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

    I see that 45 is upholding the law of gravity in respect to your jowls,Sarah.

    • Adam King

      She needs someplace to store her cud while she uses her ample jaw for telling lies.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Sarah H. Sanders is going to be on The View tomorrow! Get her, Whoopi! Get her, Joy!

    • Adam King

      Pig roast!

    • jimbo65

      I just might tune in. Although hoping they don’t let her get away with her usual non answers bullshit.

  • ETownCanuck

    “If we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be”.
    Girl, THAT ship has long since sailed…..

    • Adam King

      We should uphold the “vision” that enfranchised only wealthy white men and legalized slavery? Fuck you and your white-supremacist nazi party, you filthy skank.

  • OdieDenCO

    it was law and order to uphold the stamp act, but that didn’t stop the tea party!
    it was law and order to surrender the weapons stored at Lexington, but that didn’t stop the shot heard around the world.

    overturning unjust law and unjust order is American!

  • Will Parkinson

    If we were a country of law, Trump would be in jail.

    • Bob Conti

      Hopefully all in good time.

  • hdtex
    • Paula

      And when they make big fuck and give me much money.

      • kareemachan

        And when I don’t even pretend to try to do a First Ladyesque thing I said I would.

  • ultragreen

    Well, human slavery was the law of the land too, and it was illegal to help slaves escape from their bondage. The Slave Fugitive Act required people in the North, even if they were against slavery, to return escaped slaves to their masters in the South. Many people correctly resisted the injustice of slavery and even helped slaves to escape from their masters. They did this because the law of the land was both cold-hearted and morally wrong.

    Forcibly sending people to foreign countries who have spent most of their lives in the US since their childhood is both cold-hearted and morally wrong as well. Therefore, the repeal of DACA is wrong. Shame on both Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders for attempting to rationalize this cruelty!

  • justme

    Republicans and the law…
    NOW that’s a laugh!!

  • Halou

    That’s funny, because when addressing the detention of “illegal immigrants” (read: any immigrant regardless because racists don’t care for the difference) and other categories of criminals, Donald Trump was imploring the nation’s law enforcement officers to ignore what the law actually says and be physically aggressive.

  • justme

    It’s past time for America to realize it’s grown beyond the Republican party!!

  • Paula

    Trump actually said that he had a great love for the Dreamers. Funny way of showing it. Nauseating.

    • clay

      He also said he would have them deported immediately upon his inauguration.

      • Paula

        I watched the video of Sessions making the announcement. He had a big shit eating grin on his face and was chuckling at it. Motherfucker!

    • Barry William Teske

      Thats because he whispered the (bad) part.
      It is ‘silent’ like some other letters in the alphabet, because ‘HATE’ is my best guess.

    • Gianni

      I heard him say and it was totally believable and heartfelt. I could tell…..

  • Halou

    North Korea is a “nation of laws” as well. The laws are ludicrous in the extreme and are designed to entrench the ruling dynasty’s position. More than twenty million people are at a disadvantage out there but hey, laws are laws, right?

    A child is born into this world and immediately condemned to live out their entire life in a concentration camp with no chance or hope of getting out because of something their grandfather allegedly did half a century ago. Absolutely fine because that is what the law says and North Korea is a “nation of laws”.

  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    #45 knows nothing about law.
    Except for bending it to his will.
    Nobody above the law they say.
    Prove it.
    I dare you.

  • LeeCMH

    Huckster: It is not “cold-hearted” to enforce the law.

    Huckster: Now we are trying to figure-out how to get rid of all those sinning faggot sodomites.

  • chris james

    Damn I hate this woman, snide bitch, whiner. Sounds like she has a case of permanent PMS. She would defend Hitler if he signed her checks.

  • olandp

    Yeah, obstruction of justice bitch!

  • Michael

    You know if a reporter could just bring in a dog and a rope and point her the nearest tree I’m sure she would hightail it out of there.

  • Gianni

    “it’s Congress’s job to legislate, not the president’s. – I agree wholeheartedly, but Donnie doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that when he sits at his tiny desk and signs every freaking presidential order he wants to sign.

  • wds

    Her Dad Huckleberry must be proud at how well she learned to lie/shade/exaggerate from him … but mostly lie. SMH And yes, she would be one of the first to plead “I was only doing what I was told to do”.

    • kareemachan

      You just know she would try that. But you know what? We won’t forget, bitch.

  • Bluto

    fuck you, you KKKUNT!!

  • ceeenbee

    “If we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be, then we throw away what makes us special, which makes America unique. This President’s not willing to do that.”

    Sorry bitch, we’ve already thrown away “what makes us special, [what] makes America unique” the day the tiny fingered, cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon stepped in and sullied the White House and the United States.

  • RJ Bone

    So her answer was to make excuses for the mostly same Congress not lifting a finger, which is why it had to be policy instead of law?!

    I’m thinking of a phrase… Hmm


  • Bob Conti

    I guess that whole brother torturing a dog is cool though? That whole family is revolting.

  • Galvestonian

    This poor clueless woman has no idea of what she will face in the future after being part of what will go down in history as the most ridiculed and moronic, vicious and cataclysmic Presidency in U.S. history. Trump and his administration are a cancer on our society and our nation.

  • WillMoor

    “but it’s Congress’s job to legislate, not the president’s.”

    Sure b*tch. And that’s why he pardoned Apaio and keeps signing ridiculous executive orders.

  • kareemachan

    Dog-killer’s-sister Fuckabee looks uglier by the day. Honestly.

  • Blake Jordan

    It seems fitting that one of the voices of the apocalypse has sanders in their name…

  • “We are a nation of law and order and the
    day that we start to ignore the fact that we are that, then we throw
    away everything that gives these people a reason to want to come to our

    Is that why Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio?

    And do remember, folks, that one major reason — *the* major reason — Obama resorted to executive orders was that the Republican Congress was quite openly refusing to work with him and refusing to do its job.