NOM Endorses Roy Moore For Senate Because He Will Totally Something Something We Hate Gays [VIDEO]

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

I’ve got some exciting news. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today endorsed Judge Roy Moore for US Senate in Alabama! This is a special election to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he was appointed as Attorney General.

As Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Judge Moore properly criticized the narrow majority of justices on the US Supreme Court who voted to ignore the votes of over 50 million Americans and substituted their own views for the judgement of the American people, imposing gay ‘marriage’ on the nation. Judge Moore called the marriage decision in Obergefell v Hodges, “an immoral, unconstitutional, and tyrannical opinion” and likened the decision to the infamous Dred Scott ruling upholding slavery, and Roe v Wade imposing abortion on the nation.

Moore also directed Alabama probate judges to recognize the state’s definition of marriage, one man and one woman, to the maximum extent possible. That’s the kind of action we need in Washington, as opposed to the empty promises we get from too many “conservative” politicians

Over eighty percent of Alabama voters went to the polls to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Alabama joined with voters in nearly three dozen other states to preserve traditional marriage. Those votes were stolen by the US Supreme Court in their illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling to redefine marriage in the law. NOM is committed to correcting that injustice.

I’ll admit I literally laughed out loud when the narrator in the clip below spews out the words “gay marriage.” NOT incidentally, comments are currently open at YouTube. Heh.

  • skyweaver

    Ah the tyranny of court decisions we simply don’t like

  • Gustav2

    Glad they stuck their neck out since all the polls show Moore winning.

  • Tawreos

    An asshole endorses another asshole, what a surprise.

  • The_Wretched

    While I don’t like all SCOTUS decisions, I don’t think my religion get’s to trump SCOTUS rulings for an entire State. That’s what Moore did. He put his version of the bible ahead of the Obergefell ruling.

    • clay

      and it wasn’t just the Obergefell ruling.

  • Halou

    On a related note:

    Brian Brown appeared at this event which was, for all intents and purposes, a rundown of Russian foreign policy initiatives with a primary focus on the European continent.

    • The_Wretched

      Interesting. The pro-russian stuff is relatively new. I’d rather expect they have meetings like that one to get up to speed on the stuff they now have to push and signal to stay in with the in-crowd.

      • Halou

        From what I understand the “World Congress of Families” holds a conference once every year with more regular, but smaller, regional meetings. The only exception to this was Moscow 2014 which was “cancelled” due to events in Ukraine, but another identical event with all the same speakers was held in it’s place.

        • Gustav2

          Yes, they love them some putin’

  • JWC

    How many ways and how many times does this man have to be told that he is unlike unwanted and is a lying crooked man

  • bambinoitaliano

    NOM with its massive 5 members is behind this asshat?

  • bkmn

    NOM picks another ‘winner’, how long before they claim responsibility for him winning?

    • bambinoitaliano

      Still better record than OMM and Liberty Counsel combine if that Mooren win.

  • PickyPecker

    OT: This tidbit popped up today. bbcnews~ Sean Spicer, former Trump spokesman, meets Pope Francis

  • Harveyrabbit
    • bambinoitaliano

      That stenographer is not amuse of you taking his picture.

      • No one expects the….wait….who is this?

        • clay

          Plague Doctors?

          • in fact, could be the peerage making sure a union is consummated. And notated.

    • Halou

      Ye olde Klansmenne?

  • another_steve

    If Moore is eventually elected to the Senate, all Alabama queer brethren are invited to our place here in Maryland, to take refuge.

    Please bring blankets and toilet paper. We have a limited supply of the former and the latter is…well, when it’s quality stuff…so very very expensive.

    • Todd20036

      Hmm. How are you on lube and poppers?

      • another_steve

        You don’t live in Alabama, trashman.

      • bambinoitaliano

        Good old spit is still the go to is what I heard 😛

    • Bj Lincoln

      We have a pop up camper someone can use till they get on their feet.

  • Todd20036

    I cannot believe Moore is going to win. He fucking ignores the law as a judge

    I realize it’s Alabama but gods are they so fucking stupid!

    • Judas Peckerwood

      Forget it, Todd. It’s Alabama.

    • clay

      Joe Arpaio, he fucking ignores the law as a sheriff. . . and the same crowd cheers his pardon.

      • Regan DuCasse

        Yeah, I know. Ignoring laws is truly not just annoying, sometimes it’s life threatening too.
        I’m wondering why no one got this hot about law breaking, when it comes to how CA has conducted itself.
        Sanctuary state policy for example. That’s another kind of tyranny nobody has the intellectual honesty to discuss.
        People have died because of those in office ignoring the law, or outright breaking it, and damn the Constitution.
        I hate Trump and his cohorts with a passion. But now, I don’t have any trust in those who refuse to understand why he got elected in the first place.
        It’s because of people who have held office a lot longer, who have broken their oaths to protect this nation’s sovereignty and integrity.
        Trump is an easy target.
        But where is the compassion for those outright killed by others who have ignored the law?

    • Nic Peterson

      Son Caleb, rocking an orange jumpsuit and proving that the fruit never falls far from the tree. Arrested 8 times! Could use a brow wax here.

  • Uncle Mark

    It worked for Twitler. “Vote for me; we hate the same people.”

  • barrixines

    What was with the static and flickering and digital interference on that video? I fully expect to get a phonecall any second now telling me I am going to die in the next seven days.

    • Gustav2

      It’s Asteroid 3122 Florence targeting you.

  • popebuck1

    I hate how they always bring up the Dred Scott decision as the WORST EVER Supreme Court decision, conveniently ignoring that Alabama totally cheered for it at the time.

  • AtticusP
  • 2patricius2

    Wow! That’s really exciting news! He hates gayz so lets give him our support….

    Announcement: “The Devil And Voldemort Announce Support for Repeal of Marriage Equality; NOM Pledges Their Full Support.”

    • Jonathan Smith

      you forgot: “send money”

      • 2patricius2

        How could I forget? That’s the purpose of Brian Brown’s and NOM’s current existence.

  • JWC

    One major thing the GOP must, very soon, make a decision on, as 2018 is 4 months away. Do they embrace Donnies coat taiis and either ride a wave to victory or sink in dismal defeat. What would be gained by cutting him loose now Can they afford to loose a few seats to the DNC? Do they tow the party line and sink or vote as individuals that represent a constituancy thereby doing what government is supposed to do. McConnell and Ryan are on shaky ground as well

  • Cuberly

    OT: Voldemortress ain’t happy with donnie’s speech. Which btw, it was really really bad. The sky is falling unless we give the 1% a youuuuge tax cut. It was GOP boilerplate via Donnie verbosity.

    • JWC

      Ann you p backed the wrong pony quiot grabbing for anything that floats and prepare for the worst

      • Uncle Mark

        Nah…she’s as loyal as a street hooker. She just hitched a ride with Twitler to sell books to any gullible Trumpster with cash. It’s her usual pattern. When her pro-Cheeto book jumped the shark, she jumped ship. I’m breathlessly awaiting her new book, “I Just Keep Getting Disappointed By These Men I Jump Into Bed With”

    • Gustav2

      After arguing that “EVERY GOP cuts taxes!”, Coulter then began a recent history lesson.

      “Bush cut taxes!” she exclaimed. “Did it create millions of jobs? Nope. The rich pocketed their tax cut & sent jobs abroad, hired guest workers. F– them.”

      Laffer (Curve) Out Loud!

      • Cuberly

        We subsidize the shareholders, it’s the GOP way.

    • barrixines

      Be the change you want to see Ann – fuck off down to the border with a bag of cement.

  • Uncle Mark

    Wow…a parasitic head of a marginalized hate org endorses traitorous, lawbreaking bigot. Color me shocked (yawn). I wonder if Moore is daft enough to think NOM has any influence at all

  • SFBruce

    NOM can’t even keep their website up to date. The top two pieces there were written when Obama was still president; the link to their blog yields this message, “Error establishing a database connection.” Moore may well be elected to the Senate, but if that happens, NOM can claim little actual credit for it.

    • Lane

      If only they had more money, they would totally take care of those things. PLEASE donate today!

  • Gianni

    “Under the Constitution, the American people reign supreme, not judges or politicians.” ……..So, why in hell do we have judges and politicians? When Roy ordered the probate judges to ignore the Supreme Court marriage decision, he definitely expected to be obeyed because he was the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The legal and constitutional controls be damned. Listen up, Roy. Most of us already know that whatever the people want, when a constitutional issue lands before the Supreme Court, they have no choice but to use the Constitution as the basis for their decisions. According to your thinking, whatever the people who see it your way want, then the court should forget about ‘Law’ and Constitution and just throw you and your fellow creeps some red meat. You are on the wrong side of it, asshole. Go to Congress and find out how really insignificant you can be.

  • Hanwi

    Seems appropriate

  • Lane

    “One man and one woman, to the maximum extent possible” — Ha!!!

    • Bj Lincoln

      I caught that too. A quick mumble at the end. I wonder what it’s supposed to mean.

      • Lane

        I think it’s part of a parenthetical-like clause (or something): “Roy Moore ordered the state judges to uphold the state definition of marriage (one man and one woman) to the maximum extent possible.” (not a transcription; recalled from memory)

        It was just seriously clumsy and poorly recited and it totally made me LOL.

    • Princess Lardass

      Sounds like a prison sentence when worded that way.

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    shouldnt that be EX-judge roy moore.
    can a disbarred judge call himself judge?

    • Bj Lincoln

      He was thrown off the bench twice! He has no right to call himself a judge. Its as bad as calling Palin Governor.

  • Buford

    You gotta love these references to ‘traditional marriage’. Exactly whose tradition are we talking about here?

  • Bj Lincoln

    They make it sound like we stole marriage and they can’t get married. Same old shit like before we won.

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    I almost feel bad for these people at this point. Could you imagine having a life so empty and vacuous that all you have to live for is hating and opposing a group of people who you literally have nothing to do with… No love, no tenderness, nothing to stand FOR, just knee jerk figting against people, who mean you no harm. And knowing full well, not only that you will inevitably lose, but that you have already lost.

  • Natty Enquirer

    You misplaced the quotes. I’m sure the script read gay “marriage.”

    • coram nobis

      Might have been “gay marriage” in the original rendering, the same way some people say “oh, God, oh God” in the throes of orgasm.

  • coram nobis

    Is NOM enjoying a religious tax exemption? Just asking.

    The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged & numerous senses could perceive.

    And particularly they studied the genius of each city & country, placing it under its mental deity;

    Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav’d the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects: thus began Priesthood;

    Choosing forms of worship from poetic tales.

    And at length they pronounc’d that the Gods had order’d such things.
    Thus men forgot that All deities reside in the human breast.
    — William Blake, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”

    • Natty Enquirer

      Do you mean property tax? I’m sure they enjoy the tax benefits of being a nonprofit organization.

      • coram nobis

        It doesn’t apply to other taxes. For instance, U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Swaggart Ministries v. Franchise Tax Board that the exemption didn’t apply to sales taxes of church merchandise.

    • clay
    • EdA

      I just checked. NOM -is- in fact registered as a 504(c)(4) organization, though its miseducation fund is 501(c)(3). I wonder how many contributors mistakenly think that it is all 501(c)(3) and take charitable deductions for it off their income tax — completely improperly.

  • Baltimatt

    Alabama voters twice in the last 13 years have voted to retain the state’s constitutional language requiring public schools to be racially segregated, yet black-robed tyrants are defying the will of the people. (Admittedly, these votes have made some strange bedfellows because repeal is tied up with other issues, and black leaders and the teachers union were opposed to repeal the last time.)

  • Baltimatt

    Last time I checked traditional marriage still exists in Alabama. When was it taken away?

    • Reality.Bites

      Traditional marriage will never die in Alabama as long as there are brothers and sisters.

      • Gene Perry

        and cousins

  • Princess Lardass

    Judge Moore called the marriage decision in Obergefell v Hodges, “an immoral, unconstitutional, and tyrannical opinion” and likened the decision to the infamous Dred Scott ruling upholding slavery, and Roe v Wade imposing abortion on the nation.

    FFS! If you don’t like same-sex marriage, DON’T marry someone of the same sex!

    • -M-

      Exactly. Marriage and abortion are individual choices, allowing them is not an imposition on anyone else unlike slavery and discrimination.

  • andrew

    To see how far the quality of our national leaders has fallen in the last several decades you should look to the lives of Roy Moore who wants to represent Alabama in the Senate with Howard Heflin who did represent Alabama in the Senate from 1979-1997. Heflin, a southern Democrat, while not the hero liberals was a thoughtful moderate man who acted with intelligence and dignity. While often opposing liberal bills, he voted in favor of many civil rights bills and voted against many hard right nominees to the Federal Judiciary like Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork. Look also to the life of John Sparkman, the Senator from Alabama 1946-1979, the V.P. running mate of the liberal Adlai Stevenson in the 1952 election. Heflin and Sparkman were not carbon copies of Northern liberals but they were intelligent and thoughtful men who often were able to compromise with there national liberal Democrats and make government work, unlike today.

  • EdA

    I just checked. NOM -is- in fact registered as a 504(c)(4) organization, though its miseducation fund is 501(c)(3). I wonder how many contributors mistakenly think that it is 501(c)(3) and take charitable deductions for it off their income tax — completely improperly.

  • Homo Erectus

    Well, that oughta kill Roy’s chances.

  • Rocco

    George Wallace redux…

  • ted-

    I can’t promise not to laugh if a natural disaster takes down most of Alabama.