Trump Retweets Fox News Contributor’s False Claim That Obama Pardoned “Traitor” Chelsea Manning

The Hill reports:

President Trump on Monday retweeted a post from a conservative journalist criticizing President Obama, incorrectly, of pardoning Chelsea Manning. Obama in January commuted Manning’s 35-year prison sentence in January, but did not grant a pardon.

The tweet was posted by Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, who was responding to a tweet from former Obama national security adviser Ben Rhodes that was critical of Trump’s pardon Friday of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Rhodes wrote Friday that “Obama used his pardon and commutation power to give a second chance to people who deserved empathy, not racists who showed none.”

Trump on Monday also retweeted a message from conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, who shared a Washington Post story about anti-fascist groups attacking far-right group members in Berkeley, Ca., on Sunday.

  • Tawreos

    Like Trump is going to care what the truth is as long as his loyal buddy is not going to be punished.

  • Rex

    There you go again, expecting both Fox News and Trump to care about facts.

    • Droz

      But they feel like it’s true, doesn’t that matter at all? /s

      • JW Swift

        Truthiness strikes again!

  • AtticusP

    And all of Trump’s fans will spread the lie.

    I used to think that “Idiocracy” was just a movie. Apparently it was a training film.

  • Tomcat

    Hey Trump, Russia is calling again. Get ready.

  • ospalh

    I somehow missed the part where Arpaio spent years in solitary confinement, or decades in prison.

    • prixator

      Or had the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture claim that the treatment of Manning in prison was “cruel, inhuman and degrading”.

      Oh, that’s right, it’s the ones that inflict cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment on prisoners who deserve pardons (or commutations).

  • PickyPecker
    • JCF

      One third of the U.S. electorate, w/o fail. [Well, w/ THEIR Fail, I mean!]

  • bkmn
  • TrueWords

    Manning wasn’t pardoned. She had her sentence commuted. After having spent years in jail. That’s a huge difference between Manning and Arpaio.

    Arpraio flouted the rule of law, abused his power, and now has all his charges wiped clean–why?

    Because he’s a loyal Trump supporter and Trump felt he owed him a favor, and because Trump thought it would be good politics to help him shore up support.

    If Arpaio had spent even a year in jail, and if he had his sentence commuted rather than vacated, then he might have a point.

    • Uncle Mark

      Arpaio was only going to get 6 months at the most.

      • GayOldLady

        When Arpaio accepted the pardon it was an admission of guilt. So he’s a guilty man, who harmed tens of thousands, in what amounts to desert concentration camps and he never served a second behind bars except to look at the people he imprisoned.

        • Joe in PA

          And an “admission of guilt” is gonna do WONDERS for the civil cases to follow. Fucking idiot. Good luck with any inheritance kids, this guy is toast.

          • GayOldLady

            Arpaio hadn’t even been sentenced. He was planning an appeal. This wasn’t something Trump had to inject himself into, but he did because he is sending a message. The message is “Don’t worry co-conspirators, I will pardon you”. Arpaio’s troubles aren’t over, they’ve only begun.

            Trump’s troubles are mounting by the hour. He will try to fire Mueller soon, but that will lead to a Constitutional crisis. At that point all bets are off. I’m thinking that Pence and the Cabinet will be forced to step into the void and execute the 25th Amendment. Trump doesn’t care about anything at this point but saving his own skin and his kids. This is not going to have a pretty ending.

    • GayOldLady

      If it wasn’t for “whataboutism” the supporters of DJT couldn’t complete a sentence in his defense. Apples to Oranges is how they roll because EMAILS!!!!!!!!!

    • Daveed_WOW

      We know this, but the Trumpers will grasp anything their evil hearts can hold on to.

  • TrueWords

    I wonder why Trump didn’t bother to mention that Manning was found guilty of providing information to Wikileaks, whom Trump claims to love?

    • Todd20036

      Or that there’s a difference between a commute and a pardon?

      • Xuuths

        The Moron in Chief doesn’t know that. Or much of anything. He only knows how to inherit money, then go bankrupt.

      • JCF

        I notice he did say “commute” in today’s press conference: I guess that fact did make it into his (Kelly-created?) talking points.

  • TheManicMechanic

    You’d think there would be some sort of mechanism in place to prevent the wholesale spreading of provable lies by a president.

    • FAEN

      You’d think there would be.

      • Todd20036

        That’s the Media’s job.

        • Tomcat

          Agreed it is very much the medias job.

        • Bluto

          The problem is the right only get their “news” from sources with no qualms about lying & distorting. They never see nor believe the “fake” news refuting these absurdities.

    • Uncle Mark

      Of course that’s what the free press is for…and it’s why Twitler’s been at war with the press since Inauguration Day. My concern is that we’re missing a mechanism for removing organizations, whose only function is propaganda and spreading lies

      • TheManicMechanic

        That was mostly the Fairness Doctrine, axed in the Reagan Regime.

    • Nax

      There is–thinking. But Trump’s supporters are averse to it.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    OT- My mom called last week to tell me that my Dad fell on the floor when he went to bed. I guess she couldn’t hear him as she had already went to bed in another room. She found him the next morning sleeping on the floor :(.
    He had stopped eating and was in severe pain for a week or so. Refusing to go to Dr.
    I finally drove up there, and could hear him sreaming from outside.
    I said you are going to the Dr NOW.
    After many fun hours in ER, they discovered Huge kidney stone ( 2.5 CM )

    Surgery yesterday, I am leaving here to drive 2 hours to take him home.
    What’s weird is that I was happy he was in the hospital a few days to give mom some relief.
    So please Excuse my absence today 🙂

    • PickyPecker

      Glad to hear you are available to lend a hand. Sending positive vibes your (and family) way.
      Be safe out there. XO

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        I do Appreciate that Mr Pecker.

    • Gustav2

      You will need a note signed by a parent or guardian for an excused absence,

      • Hue-Man

        And your pay will be docked for the time off.

    • Tomcat

      Glad you were there and glad he is feeling better now.
      Hope to never have a stone, I hear they are awful.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Surgery was to place 2 stents ? I don’t understand that but will get details today. I guess another appointment is need to ” blast ” them in a week or so..

        • Tomcat

          OMG, he is still having to deal with more?

          • That_Looks_Delicious

            I think smaller stones will pass by themselves (still quite painful), but 2.5 cm (= 1 inch!) sounds like it’s way too big to pass by itself without breaking it up somehow.

          • Keroleen

            It pretty much is. I had to have a stone broken up last year – the procedure isn’t too bad as long as you don’t react to the anesthetic.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Right, they will be blasted in a couple weeks.
            He has stints that are inserted in his kidneys now, but looks like he cant control his bladder now 🙁

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Yeah he has the BIG one and then another on the other side.

    • GayOldLady

      Glad your mom has you to intervene. I remember well the difficulty of dealing with an obstinate elderly parent. Take care of yourself while you’re caring for them. You’re important too!

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Mom and sis were on him about Dr. They say he will only listen to another male. He holds old values as he has never ever let mom drive if he was in the car.
        We were never close, everything I do is for mom, really.

        • GayOldLady

          Knowing that he doesn’t defer to women makes you even more important to your mom in all this. You’re a good son and I’m sure she adores you.

    • Joe in PA

      Dang, terrible news, but glad you are able to help. Take care of yourself too! We’ll miss you.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Thanks Joe! I am ready for things to be back to normal. Whatever that is……:)

    • CB

      Good luck with that. Having seen my dad through his last illness, although it was demanding, I don’t regret a moment of it. Best wishes to all of you–and remember to get plenty of rest yourself as you can.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Will do CB. It is amazing how exhaustion this all is.

    • jmax

      Damn. My father is prone to developing kidney stones. The nurse at the urology clinic told him she had 8 children and passed 2 kidney stones, and she would take the pain of childbirth any day. Good luck to your father and you.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Thanks, Jmax. No one should hear a loved one scream like that.
        The pain seems alleviated for now,

    • Did they check for bleeder in his brain? My father in law seemed “normal” (well as normal as a hate filled racist bastard can be) but he couldn’t seem to get into bed without falling. They finally tracked it down to a bleeder.

      Good luck with dealing with your dad.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Thanks, Biki. He is home now. We are thinking about getting them LIFE ALERT.

    • Hank

      Just know, that we are with you, and hope, that things resolve quickly. Also, when things get too difficult for YOU, take a break and get some fresh air… or have a drink!!!

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        I took your advice!

        • Hank

          The fresh air or the drink??? 😇 Also, I see where you are thinking about Life Alert. I had a similar service for my mother, who lived alone in FL. First, she refused to wear it or use it… she was indeed Stubborn…. Second, the”company”, which was through a Catholic Hospital, kept cancelling the service, because, my check did not reach them in time. I was living in DC and paying her bills by mail. They refused to accommodate me, in any way, so if the mail was delayed, they cancelled the service. So, if you find a service, see, that they will help and not just take your money.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Thanks, Hank. Well, they are so rural. Neither one is strong enough to help the other, I wonder what actually happens if the button goes off, and of course if they remember to wear it.
            Having my doubts….

            ( Yes, the fresh air AND the drink )

          • Hank

            RL… Hopefully, in the more than 10 years, that I dealt with the service, things have improved, technologically wise. From the ads, that I have seen on TV, nowadays, it has. Also, ask how the system works, if the button is pushed. At least, 911 should be called by the service, to send the police and an ambulance to their residence. Try to get in touch with the nearest hospital, and ask for Social Services. They may be able to give you more information as to which services, might work in your parent’s area. Also, get them set up with Home Duty Nursing visits. (It sounds like, they have enough medical issues to warrant weekly visits.) Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Good Luck, and feel free to ask any other advice.

    • Ninja0980

      Keeping you in my thoughts.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Thanks, Ninja. Things have leveled out for now, I think.

    • JCF

      {{{Ragnar & Fam}}}

      I hear ya. Caregiving: It’s All That and a Bag o’ Chips!

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Yes, JCF. I remember your ordeal and it’s amazing doing what we never thouhgt we would eh ?

  • A song about tRump, Fox News and Reality.

    • Tomcat

      That was great!

    • Paula

      That was fantastic!!

      • Many missed it the first time I posted it so….

        • Paula

          I am wearing my IMTFA button today, at work.

        • bzrd

          but it’s good start for each morning, Doug

  • rednekokie

    Hmmmm — more fake news from the fakemaster himself.

  • another_steve

    Not to be an apologist for Trump or Fox News, but I once made the same mistake – saying “pardon” rather than “commuted sentence.”

    Many thanks to whomever it was on this blog who corrected me at the time.

    • Crazy Russian

      The critical difference is that you are capable of saying “my bad” when proven wrong.

  • Thorn Spike

    Katie seems s-m-r-t.

    • JohnJay

      Isn’t she a russian bot?

    • Mikey

      M – O – O – N. That spells smart.

  • Tomcat

    Trump just aching for his photo-op in Texas.
    Melania is going with him so Texans can see, in the flesh, their nude pinup girl.

    • JW Swift

      It’ll be like an old-fashioned USO show.

  • Rocco


  • Gene Perry

    Trump didn’t Lie … he simply is to stupid to know the difference between commute & pardon.

    • Daveed_WOW

      Stupidity would not be his fault. He’s evil, not stupid.

    • It doesn’t help that Faux Newz reported that it was a pardon.

  • Hue-Man

    Today Paul Krugman, NYT, goes to the f-word. I won’t spoil the last paragraph which is a direct hit.

    Let’s call things by their proper names here. Arpaio is, of course, a white supremacist. But he’s more than that. There’s a word for political regimes that round up members of minority groups and send them to concentration camps, while rejecting the rule of law: What Arpaio brought to Maricopa, and what the president of the United States has just endorsed, was fascism, American style.

  • Friday

    Funny, Trump isn’t treating Assange like any kind of ‘enemy,’ is he?

  • Right-wingers have to face the fact that no reasonable person accepts anything they say at face value anymore. It’s like they’re all so arrogant they think they can say anything because they’re the only ones who know how to work the Google to see if a statement is true or not.

    • JW Swift

      Actually, they don’t care. Their minds are so made-up in the belief that they, and only they, know the truth. Anything contrary to what they believe are lies, from people and organizations that are out to get them, so if anyone DOES ever try to contradict them, that person will simply be branded a “libtard” or someone who is willing to listen to the “lies” from the “liberal media”.

      Even if they feel they’re in the minority, they’ll continue to cling to the belief that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

      • Hubby ran into an co-worker from his last job the other day, one he hoped to never have to see again. That co-worker is STILL banging the HRC emails and that she needs to go to jail for treason drum. He firmly believes that the entire Russia investigation is fake news, that the press for the most part is fake and the only station to trust is OAN.

  • James Redekop

    I suspect Arpaio is responsible for more deaths of Americans than anyone Obama pardoned.

  • JohnJay

    I hope someone is keeping a running list of all this shit. I know the NYT had a list around 100 days of all the lies. But there should be something more comprehensive. I thought this about six months ago, and again a few months ago, again after C’ville; whenever he does or says something outrageous, and I think “That’s beyond the pale”. Who’s keeping track of this stuff? I want to peruse it all.

  • Daveed_WOW

    Deflection is classic verbal abuse. The Right is where abusers go and support each other in abusing others.

  • Pavlich must get her news from Fox.

  • Halou

    Trump’s actions are so indefensible that even he has to resort to whataboutism.

  • DoctorDJ

    (Katie Pavlich? Where does Faux dig up these ignorant, young, blond, bimbos?)

    • canoebum

      By this time everyone knows that the Bimbettes have to spread their legs to get a job. What you see on air are the ones willing to do it.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    We’re losing a major American city and Trump is busy dissing Obama.

  • Ken M

    “Your boss.” Does this she is claiming Trump as her’s?

    • Karl Dubhe

      I’ve never thought of any political leaders as being ‘bosses’.

      That’s quite a strange idea, to me…

      • coram nobis

        Heads of urban political machines often were called that, starting as far back as Boss Tweed.

        • Karl Dubhe

          That’s a heck of a strange country you’ve got there…


          • coram nobis

            Crooked city governments and machine politics were common in the Land of the Free. Take San Francisco at the start of the 20th Century, which even operated a city-gov’t bordello (or “crib”, after the cubicles that were a common amenity):

            … two of the city’s most profitable cow-yards: The Nymphia, which held 300 cribs, and the Marsicani, which housed 100 women in 33 cribs. The battle to close the Municipal Crib, a cowyard with 133 cribs on four floors, was much longer, mostly because the profits went directly and openly to city officials, including the brother of Mayor Eugene Schmitz, who owned a quarter interest. According to Herbert Asbury in The Barbary Coast, “…saloon keepers and others who wanted to curry favor with the political powers advertised the brothel whenever possible; strangers who asked policemen where women could be found were directed to it.” After a number of raids and inquiries into the corruption of Schmitz’s administration, the Municipal Brothel was shut down for good in September, 1907. Never again did a cowyard of any size operate in San Francisco.


  • JWC

    Now kiddies you Donny does not like to be compared to Obama

    • coram nobis

      That’s right. Donny even knows by now that pardon is not spelled with an “e” or a “u”.

  • TampaZeke

    I can’t keep up. So today the alt-right is outraged by an alleged traitor yet last week, all across the country, they were marching with flags, signs and torches in support of monuments to traitors.

  • Lawerence Collins

    Chelsea is a hero. Unlike killer Joe

  • andrew

    Fox News like the Dump Administration has no interest in truth. They do and say whatever they think advances their extremist agenda.