Gary Cohn Blasts Trump Over Nazi Response

The New York Times reports:

A prominent Jewish member of President Trump’s administration said that the White House “can and must do better” in consistently condemning hate groups. The sharp critique from Mr. Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary D. Cohn, came nearly two weeks after deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va., in response to a rally led by white nationalist groups. Mr. Cohn, who is Jewish, seriously considered resigning and even drafted a letter of resignation, according to two people familiar with the draft.

In his first public remarks on the national dialogue about the violence, Mr. Cohn said in an interview on Thursday with the Financial Times, that as a “patriotic American” he did not want to leave his job as the director of the national economic council. “But I also feel compelled to voice my distress over the events of the last two weeks,” Mr. Cohn said.

“Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the K.K.K.,” Mr. Cohn said. “I believe this administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities.” Mr. Cohn added, “As a Jewish American, I will not allow neo-Nazis ranting ‘Jews will not replace us’ to cause this Jew to leave his job.”

Breitbart has been calling for the head of “Globalist Gary” ever since Steve Bannon returned and their reaction this morning is as you’d expect.

  • Gustav2


    “I still have a chance to be Fed Chair so I won’t leave, but have to say something.”

    • TimJ

      I think its more like “As long as I had a chance to be Fed Chair, I didn’t say anything”.

    • Gigi

      “…because my bubbie made me.”

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  • j.martindale

    They don’t make any effort to hide their anti-Semitism, do they?

    • Bluto

      Well, they did label him as a globalist instead of a jewy jew jewing poor mistreated nazis.

    • Tawreos

      Why should they when they have the backing of the Nazi in Chief.

  • bkmn

    He won’t change Gary. His plan all along has been to have an army of armed white supremacists at the ready.

  • Tawreos

    How brave to wait two weeks after the fact to come forward and condemn something.

    • kaydenpat

      Did he even say anything directly to Trump or is this just to appease the media?

      • Tawreos

        He still has his job so I am guessing it is just to the media.

  • barrixines

    “As a Jewish American, I will not allow neo-Nazis ranting ‘Jews will not replace us’ to cause this Jew to leave his job.

    P.S. All Mexicans are rapists.”

  • Dagoril

    You’re a Hitler-supporting Jew. He only wants you for your money. Pray giant ovens don’t make a comeback, Drumpf will personally toss you into one and feel no remorse at all.

    • Reality.Bites

      Trump doesn’t believe in exercise

      • Tulle Christensen

        yep Trump will get one of his HB1 employees to toss him in

  • Cuberly

    He’s still there. Are we to be surprised?

    Outside of CEOs bailing, arts council walking, Donnie gets away with demolishing acceptable norms. Yet again.

    And the cult remains intact.

  • popebuck1

    It’s worth saying again: guys, your little globe isn’t fooling anyone. Just go with the yellow star already. The classics never go out of style.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    If you work for a Nazi-coddler, you’re also a Nazi-coddler.
    Cohn: But hey, there’s my paycheck to consider.

    • stanhope

      In trump world jews are all about money..cohn lends credence to that idea

  • Dan

    Now history will show I said something but conveniently forget I waited three weeks to say it.

  • Adam King

    How could he help the rich get richer by stealing more from the middle class and the poor if he were to quit working for the Nazis? He’s a patriotic Russian oligarch American!

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    If he’s worried about his reputation, it’s tooooooooooooooooooo late.

  • -M-

    Must, yes. Can, seems doubtful.

    While it’s not difficult for politicians to at least say the right thing whether they believe it or not, the imperious court doesn’t seem interested in trying to appear legitimate.

  • bambinoitaliano

    When you can’t even paid a crackwhore to hold the sign for you. Ann Coulter or Kellyanne must be busy that night.

    • DumbHairyApe

      Does the Trump camp just bus these people from event to event like some kind of scenery backdrop???
      When I watch them, they’re all smiling and staring at the cameras, like they’re looking for their minute of fame- they rarely seem invested in the discussion and seem, well, poorly educated and of questionable integrity.

      • Snarkaholic

        I think it’s different people each time…because he never pays the last group.

    • Snarkaholic

      The two women in front are blocking their crotches…they are well aware they’re within pussy-grabbing distance!

    • Ken Clark

      Or the right genitals…

  • JT

    Gary Cohn Blasts Trump Over Nazi Response

    How fucking stupid can you be, Mr. Cohn. Or are you made in the image of Roy?

  • Butch

    I’ll take “what is too little too late” for $400, Alex.

    • madscntst

      It’s the Daily Double!

  • margaretpoa

    Pretty meaningless if you keep working for a bigot, Gary.

    • grada3784

      I doubt he will be for very long. He wasn’t worshipping the Tramp.

  • DumbHairyApe

    <= waiting for the so-called president's rage tweet…

  • Hue-Man

    O/T Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff (= Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff) and “many of the military’s most senior leadership” to march for the first time in Ottawa Pride on Sunday (JT will be there too).
    “I’m doing this to speak to the Armed Forces. I want them to know their chief of defence staff supports them, that broad LGBTQ community, and those of you who are out there thinking about joining.”
    BTW, on trans in the military:

    While [CDS] Vance did not want to talk about Trump’s comments, he did say that accepting transgender personnel had no negative impact on the Canadian military’s ability to do its job.

    “Those people are valuable and they’ve got a job to do and we’re helping them do their job,” he said.

    “And I have never seen where the necessary adjustments to infrastructure or what have you have had an impact on operational capability.”

    • Gigi

      Canada has nutjobs too but for the most part, people are quite reasonable here.

  • Ninja0980

    And yet you chose to still work for him when you can (unlike so many in life) walk away.
    Shut the hell up.

  • bambinoitaliano

    If he needs to put up a facade as a stand up and moral person, he is none of that! What a whore!

    • Ken Clark

      Stop insulting whores.

  • Gigi

    While at a cocktail party a few nights ago a guest, who was talking in his outdoor voice, kept using the term “globalist.” When I asked if he knew it was code for “filthy Jew bankers” he said that he didn’t, turned bright red and quickly left the room. That was my good deed for the day. 😃

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Well done!

    • SoCalGal20

      Hear, hear!

    • stanhope

      Hon he thought globalist meant dark dick of which he wanted to partake.

    • BoyLovesDaddy

      I woulda punched him. Which explains why I don’t get invited to many cocktail parties.

      • William

        Keep a carpet cleaning service on call.

    • kaydenpat

      Good for you!!

  • TheManicMechanic

    What’s this guy’s name again? Roy?

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    Yeah a few industrialists stood up and criticized hitler. A few.
    Did it change the course of history?

    • Treant

      A little. Schindler wasn’t the only one who protected or smuggled Jews out.

      It didn’t impact the grand sweep much, if at all, but there are thousands of survivors and, these days, prolly tens of thousands of descendants who wouldn’t be here without them.

      It’s not something to sniff at.

  • Todd20036

    Jews have their share of quislings, too. Fun fact.

  • Dan M

    Sounds like someone’s rabbi told him to find a new synagogue

  • ohbear1957

    tRump will need to choose the head of the Judenrat for the U.S. Keep your eyes on the prize, Mr. Cohn. You seem eminently qualified for the job.

  • Renfield

    In other words, he’s a kapo.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Ivanka shows off fan mail from children and there is already twitter snark about the fan mail coming from her dad or asking what the kids are thanking her for.

    As a side note, man, why the fuck do evil people need to push the idea they’re not evil. Just be evil and go “trlalalalalala, evil, I’m evil” damn it!

  • stanhope

    Cohn is the Jewish equivalent of an uncle tom….they ought to put his foreskin back as he is a disgrace.

  • ohbear1957

    First we had Roy Cohn and now Gary Cohn, but not all Cohns are assholes.

  • Mike

    Better condemnations from the orange pig wouldn’t help much. He’s already revealed he is a nazi sympathizer. His supporters are nazis, white supremacists, klansmen, and the like. So Trump’s choosing just the right words to convincingly pretend not to be a white supremacist, they way old-time Republicans always have, wink-wink, would offer little comfort. It’s better that we know, and the more unabashed he is about it the better.

    The president of the United States is a nazi sympathizer. What does that make Gary Cohn? Nothing good.

  • David in Palm Springs

    If you were actually a patriotic American you wouldn’t be working for a treasonous racist piece of garbage. So, yeah, I’m not buying it.

  • Tom G

    Two weeks ago…. a barely recall what attump screwed up yesterday.

  • AndyinChicago
  • William

    Change will not come unless good people bail from this insane administration.

  • RealityBass

    It’s not like Trump is going to see this criticism in the Financial Times.

    • Tor

      It certainly will not be in his “feel good” package.

  • kaydenpat

    Weak sauce. A resignation would have sent a clear message that you don’t stand for coddling bigots.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I’m sorry Mr. Kapo, I couldn’t hear you over the deafening irony of you serving Trump.

  • ArchiLaw

    My first reaction to this was, well, another quisling. But then I read this again: “As a Jewish American, I will not allow neo-Nazis ranting ‘Jews will not replace us’ to cause this Jew to leave his job.” Well, no, Mr. Cohen, it would be Trumps reaction that would cause you to leave your job, not the underlying hate. So now, I think, well, another dishonest quisling.

  • James

    Hardly “blasting.”

  • JCF

    Wake me when he resigns…

  • Charles Rodgers

    You’re still a Kapo, asshole.

  • Ken Clark

    Too little too late Mr Cohn…