Rock Hall Of Fame Rapper Charged With Murdering Homeless Man He Claims Was “Hitting On Him” [VIDEO]

The Associated Press reports:

A founding member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five stabbed a homeless man to death after a passing remark made him think the man was hitting on him, a law enforcement official said Thursday.

Kidd Creole, whose real name is Nathaniel Glover, was walking in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday near where he worked security and maintenance when he passed by 55-year-old John Jolly, police said.

Jolly said something that offended Glover, and they argued, said the official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. The fight escalated until Glover stabbed Jolly and then walked off, authorities said.

Glover’s group was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2007, the first rap group so honored.
NOTE: Kidd Creole should not be confused with August Darnell, who under the stage name Kid Creole was the creator and vocalist for numerous disco-era acts including Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, Machine, and Kid Creole & The Coconuts.

  • Boy Elvis

    As Joe points out, that guy is not the same as this guy:

  • HZ81

    Horrible. Just horrible.

    And Whew, this was not Kid Creole of Kid Creole & the Coconuts fame! I still listen to Endicott.

    • MichaelJ

      I too was glad when I confirmed the murderer was different. My husband is not familiar with Kid Creole & the Coconuts, so I had to sing “Stool Pigeon” to him last night.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Gay panic is not a defence in NY is it?

    • clay

      It’s not been proven to be an effective defense anywhere in the US.

      • Boy Elvis

        Dumb motherfuckers keep trying it, though.

      • jixter

        The ‘panic’ defense was used effectively in a murder case from Provincetown, MA in the 1960’s. It involved a serviceman who met and went home with a gay man. The serviceman murdered the gay man by beating him and then forcing beach-sand down his throat – and he was acquitted. It was argued that any normal man would have cause to react the same way.

        I wish I could remember the actual case, but I was a teenager at the time who spent most of his time lost inside rock’n’roll records. I didn’t really pay attention to the news. Back then, all the coverage available of the case was what you’d find on local radio and whatever may have been printed in the ‘Cape Cod Standard Times’, which is now called ‘Cape Cod Times’. Back then, I doubt that a murder like that would’ve been covered nationally – or even on the Boston stations.

        I don’t remember that either of the men were locals. The man who was murdered may have been from the Boston area and staying in Truro, where he was murdered. Truro is the next town down from P’town.

        EDIT: And because of the ‘nature’ of the case, it was even less likely to be covered much. Keep in mind that homosexuality was still a subject that few people talked about openly.

    • Boreal


    • customartist

      No. Straight parents must stop teaching their kids TO panic in the first place.

      • customartist

        I have been rather successful in avoiding Hetero Panic any number of times in my lifetime. I simply said “No, I’m gay” and that was the end of that.

        • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

          Why didn’t you just beat the living hell out of her? If some woman came on to me she’d be pushin’ daisies! (Just in case…) /s

          • customartist

            Actually they frequently responded “Are you SURE? Maybe you just never had any ‘good’?”.

            “I said maybe YOU never had any ‘good’?”

          • Todd20036

            I like your attitude!

    • DaveMiller135

      I think only CA and IL have actually legislated against it.

  • dcurlee

    My gaydar is going off. Trust me I’m no ten but I don’t see anyone wanting to hit on that

  • bkmn

    Maybe he can get a cell next to Don the Con.

  • IDavid

    Sounds like the the most furious of the furious five. Not good.

  • Derrick Johns

    wow…so you stab a homeless guy to death because you think he’s coming on to you sexually. You kill him. I hope you spend the rest of your life in prison, Kidd Creole. WHat you did was incredibly cruel and violently mentally ill.

    • customartist

      …in prison…where there is certainly NO homosexuality going on

      • Derrick Johns

        Well, it’s been a bad day for news, hasn’t it. We find out that Haiti is going to jail LGT people, and now we find out that a Disco artist murdered a homeless man for “coming on to him ” Yes, it’s been a rough news day.

        • customartist

          On the upside a few days ago, Sen. Orin Hatch rejected discrimination of Trans Service Members, at least in word if not in deed

          • Derrick Johns

            THanks, customartist. Some good news . It helps…yes,

      • Todd20036

        Not around him, there won’t be.

  • LeeCMH

    So now Cleveland has the Museum of Rock and Murder.

  • customartist

    Straight Society teaches their kids that violence is the appropriate and acceptable answer to a gay person making even a verbal sexual advance,…as opposed to just saying “no”.

    • clay

      [male] kids

      • customartist


      • Todd20036

        Not quite. There’s a certain daughter of a sheriff in Philadelphia, (Knox?) who had no trouble helping to beat up a gay couple.

        • clay

          but not for hitting on her.

  • Cuberly

    OT: Today’s hits just keep hitting….

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Dumpf: What!? I’m not to blame for anything! Obama’s fault!!

      • greenmanTN
        • Nowhereman

          Thanks, greenman. I needed that!

        • Danadthomas


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    • another_steve

      McCain is obviously concerned about his legacy.

      He wants to be remembered as a man who spoke the truth about Trump.

      • shellback

        A fucking shame it took so long and brain cancer for him to see the importance of country first, party second.

        • customartist

          McCain said it was “Not a good time” for gays to serve in the military,…

          and he also said on TV the day that the Bush Tax Cuts legislation passed very boldly that “This is BAAAD legislation!”,… but then he flipped and supported the cuts when later running for President.

          I evaluate others by their entire conduct, not just what has come lately.

        • another_steve

          So many terrible utterances came out of the mouth of the sexual predator during the campaign, but the one that got to me the most was what he said about McCain not being a war hero. That was incredibly vile.

          I’ve heard TV commentators say that that comment alone should have disqualified Trump from becoming President, and I agree.

          • When followed up by the way Donald treated the Khans? Yeah. Vile and ought to have ended the candidacy right there and then.

            But all that happened was a few GOPers tut-tutted and issued statements of mild condemnation…then re-embraced their merkin-tufted demented hellbeast.

            Then again when the Access Hollywood shit came out.

          • another_steve

            The Democrats dropped the ball when it came to Trump’s sexually predatory behavior. Completely.

            Those 12 or 13 women who stepped forward with their stories should have been front and center on stage at every campaign rally. Instead, you hardly heard from or about them. Robby Mook was so confident that Hillary was a shoe-in that he felt it unnecessary to go there.

            In retrospect, a colossal strategic blunder.

          • MichaelJ

            And yet polls before and after the election and voting results in certain communities indicate that Trump did very well in getting votes from military personnel and veterans. After the comments about McCain, the treatment of the Khans, and Trump asserting that he knows more about the conflicts in the world than the generals in the Pentagon, I would think anyone in the military or any veteran with some degree of self-respect would loath Trump. Either I am wrong in thinking that or these voters (like so many others who voted for Trump) have so little self-respect. It’s very upsetting of the latter is true.

          • Nowhereman

            He should have been hooked off the stage when he first rode that silly escalator down and then took the stage and started trashing Mexicans.

          • whollyfool

            I had a similar response and it had more to do with Trump than McCain.

          • Todd20036

            Personally, I think raping a kid should have done that.

          • That_Looks_Delicious

            Really? Cuz I thought his very first speech announcing his candidacy was the immediate disqualifier. Trump made it obvious right then that he was an appalling, hateful, racist, xenophobic, lying sack of stinking putrid shit.

            Just about everything he did after that was revolting, but nothing –not McCain, not the disabled reporter, not the Khan family, not Megyn Kelly, nothing– was more revolting than that first speech.

    • The GOPers are definitely turning on Trumptydoo. Not all of ’em, but to see any is a change.

      • Cuberly

        The daily drama, maybe it’s wearing them down, but it is good to see.

        But still, they need to turn that outrage up.

        • Yeah, right now my greatest fear is Mueller will come up with multiple indictments. Donald will issue a number of pardons. And the Republicans will be like, “Well, yeah, so he obstructed justice, tampered with witnesses, colluded directly with the Russians to commit cybercrimes, and laundered money for decades…we all knew that, what’s the big deal, everybody does stuff.”

          We saw a hint of that when we all saw Trump CONFESS on TV to an intent to obstruct justice in firing Comey and the Congressional Republicans really didn’t care.

          • The_Wretched

            It’s our WhiteHouse and we own it, so nah. Screw you guys. You just want our stuff.


          • Cuberly

            I’m less inclined to think that only because his poll numbers keep plummeting. But I hear what you’re saying. If anything, the hypocrite evangelicals would just roll over and forgive him and continue their support.

      • Todd20036

        It won’t take too many of them flipping for Trump to be in real trouble. Remember, the democrats already think Trump should be impeached.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Yes. Today is the day the tide turned, with the Senate introducing that law to protect the Mueller investigation in bi-partisan fashion. The GOP (at least in the Senate) is finally fed up with Trump. The House might be another story, but some recent comments from Ryan make me think that they’ve decided to cut their losses with Trump too.

      • Robincho


    • Nowhereman

      McCain: “I like presidents who DON’T fail in conducting a war.”

  • bambinoitaliano

    If at age of 55 he still can’t get over his sexual insecurity, perhaps he should consider medication.

  • Boreal
    • shellback

      That is the most heart-breaking photo I’ve seen in a very long time.

      • whollyfool

        Thank you for the warning! 🙂

    • Octavio

      That reminds me of Punk, a ferrel cat I inherited when I bought my cousin’s house many years ago. Punk was a grey/orange/brown calico, undersized, covered in skin problems and insisted upon living in an old damp building behind the house. She wouldn’t come inside the main house, but she loved being brushed in the sun on the front porch and would follow me around when I did yard work. She was like a faithful dog. She was riddled with health problems that our vet was at a loss to address. So,we just brushed her for hours every day to make her feel good until one day it was obvious she was miserable and dying in pain. Took her to the vet, Had her gently put to sleep. When she passed she actually looked like she was smiling. I bought a ton of fancy Feast and Blue Buffalo for that poor soul. She seemed to appreciate it. RIP, Punk.

      • whollyfool

        Thank you for doing that.

      • greenmanTN

        My cat Nemo (the cat in my avatar) was like that. When I was living in Houston I had an apartment fire, I was asleep and am told I stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated, one of my cats died, but Nemo lived. After that it was like we were joined at the hip. Several people told me they had never seen a cat so bonded with a human. If I was in the yard or working in the garden he was right there with me. Having him euthanized was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but it was a mercy because he was clearly sick and in pain. He was 17.

        This is Puck, my new best pal, less than a year old.

        • Octavio

          Patient dog. All the cats I’ve had in my life were abandoned and left with me by roommates. I’m deadly allergic to the critters, but I appreciate many things about them. One young cat left with me was named Arial Phenomenon. She had an odd need to climb to the top of doors, ledges, trees, telephone poles. And she could jump like a flying squirrel. Amazing and very crazed animal. When you looked in her eyes you could see that she was completely unhinged but in the nicest way. One day she flew off the third floor of the house never to be seen again. :-/

          • greenmanTN

            I got Nemo from a storefront “psychic” who had a sign in the window, “Free Kittens.” It entertained my somewhat offbeat sense of humor to get my black cat from a self-proclaimed Santeria Priestess and witch. I called him my familiar and that’s pretty much what he was because he was so dedicated to me.

            The dog, Scratch, was a street rescue. He came wandering into my yard one day and never left. You can’t see it in the video but he has substantial scars on his face, some of which look like burns. The first vet I took him to said she believed he was raised as a dogfight dog, hence the scars, but wasn’t aggressive enough so they turned him out on the street. That was her guess anyway.

            I’ve talked about it here before so I won’t go into details, but a feral cat keeps having her litters here. I tried to catch her to get her fixed and ended up with arms that look like I got in a fight with a weed-whacker! (Note to self, next time wear long industrial gloves, dipshit.) Puck is from her first litter.

            This is Etta, from her 2nd.

          • Oh’behr in Minnesota

            Aww. I love your stories. You’re good to cats and dogs. Sweet soul and good man. I’m glad you didn’t die from the smoke. Sorry you lost one cat yet I’m glad you still had Nemo. Thanks for the videos and pics and especially your stories. >>>This is why I LOVE coming to JMG.<<<

          • greenmanTN

            Awww, shucks. *rubbing foot back and forth shyly* Thanks.

            That might come off wrong but I really mean it. I too like hearing about the people here at JMG, their journey to where they are now. Our stories are what make us who we are, define us.

            I could go on but I’d just end up sounding goofy so I’ll leave it there. 😉

          • fuzzybits

            Do they have any organisations there that do TNR? We have a couple here and they’ve trapped quite a few neighborhood kitty’s.

          • greenmanTN

            TNR? Trap and release?

            I don’t know. I will have to look into it. The first litter I took them to the vet to be spayed/neutered and it was not cheap, $250 or more each. I was hoping to use a local cat charity to get the 2nd litter done. The primary goal was to get Mama fixed first but that ended in blood, sweat, and tears, all of them mine.

            Now that I tried it she’s more skittish of me than before, so a trap might be better. The little hussy has already been out getting screwed (she is not quiet during her assignations) and may already be pregnant. She can NOT have another litter!

            The 2nd litter. My sister named them. Etta, Loretta, Patsy, and Elvis. Don’t blame me.


          • fuzzybits

            Yep,trap and release. I’ve always felt sorry for the female cats outdoors. We have one who had five kittens last year. Luckily we found homes for them all and got mama fixed and now she’s indoors and loves it. These were her kittens.

          • greenmanTN

            They are all beautiful, but that little redhead? Cute as a button!


          • fuzzybits

            I know,it was hard not keeping that one.

          • greenmanTN

            One year ago I had zero cats. Really. None. I wasn’t ready after Nemo, blah blah blah. Now I have a fucking kitten infestation!

          • fuzzybits

            Funny how that happens. 😛

          • greenmanTN

            The more creamy colored one and the ginger? I would have pretended a bathroom break and smuggled them out under my coat.

            I had two friends in Houston who had a cat. So of course I tried to pet it. That cat was possessed by Satan! I went to pour myself a glass of wine and that little bitch cornered me! Now ob
            viously I was way bigger than she was and could have punted the evil shit out the window,bbut then I would have to explain why kitty was mising.

            Because she’s an aggressive little bitch, that’s why!

            This was in the Montrose area of Houston and my friends were renting a large apartment in Victorian house.

            Then the house next door was rented or bought (I don’t know which ) which was set up to accommodate the BDSM lifestyle.

            I always called it the Sling and Breakfast.

      • Oh’behr in Minnesota

        You’re also a good man, Octavio. I don’t read everyday now. Yet I’m glad you’re on JMG again.

      • Jukesgrrl

        I don’t even like cats, but I sure liked that, Octavio. Thanks for sharing it.

  • edrex

    fuck that ugly, murdering son of a bitch. i want to hear about the life of the person he murdered. give this homeless man an identity and a story. the media should help us understand his life.

    • AJD

      He was a registered sex offender who’d been to prison for rape and apparently a repeat offender. Not saying he deserved to be murdered, but there you go.

      • edrex

        thanks. i was genuinely interested. and for the record, i wasn’t assuming he was without issues himself.

  • JT

    Rock Hall Of Fame Rapper Charged With Murdering Homeless Man He Claims Was “Hitting On Him”

    Maybe he’ll run for the Senate as a Rethug.

  • JCF
  • shellback

    I don’t know who either of the Creoles are, but couldn’t one of them come up with a different name?

  • Cuberly

    Holey moley! The anti-Lumpy tweets are heatin up.

  • Adam Stevens

    To be this dude’s age and you STILL haven’t dealt with your personal issues?????

    Well, I guess you’ll deal now with all the time on your hands and all…

    • Octavio

      I suspect Trump will be dead before this time next year. Stress does that.

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        So does his favorite menu of junk food at his age.

  • Cuberly

    OT: LawNewz has started a countdown clock for how many days it takes for Donnie to fire Mueller. Seems they’re convinced that’s what donnie’s gonna do. I gotta say, I agree.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Not like Glover would ever hang with those sort of guys…

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Good point

  • Frank Conway

    I am so happy this was not Kid Creole and the Coconuts. I love their music.

  • Dagoril

    I find it hard to be that even a down-on-his-luck homeless guy would be desperate enough to hit on That.

  • Halou

    At least sixteen other people in the United States have tried t use the “He was gay so I had to kill him” defense in court. Sadly some of them managed to get a murder charge downgraded to a mere manslaughter.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I’ve been hit on by a few women over the years. I didn’t know I was suppose to kill them. Talk about a faux pas.

    • Todd20036

      I actually have not. Maybe I give more of a gay vibe than I thought.

      Oh well.

      • Mike_in_the_Tundra

        I doubt that has much to do with it. I always thought I gave off a gay vibe.

  • DaveMiller135

    Thanks for the Note. I was indeed worried about the Coconuts.

    Gay Panic? Go with the Twinkie Defense; it’s less boring.

  • greenmanTN

    Thanks for the addendum, Joe. For about half a second I thought it was Kid Creole (August Darnell), truly one of my favorite acts. That didn’t seem right because Darnell seemed WAY too cool to pull some BS like this.

  • leo77

    Life long New Yorker here. Who the hell gets into arguments with homeless people?
    If someone is doing something very wrong you move quickly away and/or call a cop —you don’t engage them.

  • BlindBill

    Oh no, “he made a pass and I was fearful, the only reasonable response was to kill him”
    BAC and drug screen should have been the first thing the police did.

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    Kidd is gonna be Big Bubba’s little bitch in prison. He’s not gonna be happy. What’s he gonna do? Stab another dude?

  • TexasBoy

    But….he made a pass at me, said I looked hot. So, of course, I had no choice but to stab him.

  • AJD

    This happened right outside my office.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Yikes. Too bad.

  • andrew

    This is just shocking. A rapper charged with a violent crime.

  • Ninja0980

    Hope he rots in prison.

  • fuzzybits

    Glad to hear it wasn’t August Darnell. I love both groups and have a Dr. Buzzard album on vinyl.

  • Andymac3

    Don’t push me ‘cos I’m close to the edge,
    I’m tryin’ not to lose my head.

    Oh, the fucking irony!