Solar Eclipse Of The Heart [VIDEO] reports:

A whimsical parody of the Bonnie Tyler song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” highlights the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse that will be visible from the contiguous United States. Created by the Warby Parker eyeglass company, a music video for the fake song includes dancers dressed as the sun and the moon, dramatically prancing around an empty school building. The company also will give away solar viewing glasses its locations, starting Aug. 1.

The Aug. 21 eclipse, also called the Great American Solar Eclipse, will sweep across the contiguous U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. This is the first such eclipse to travel the width of the U.S. in 99 years, and not until 2024 will another total solar eclipse cross the U.S. from coast to coast.

As the moon passes in front of the sun, it will temporarily block out the sun’s disk and much of the light radiated from the body of the star. It is safe to observe this period of totally (when the solar disk is completely covered by the moon) with the naked eye. However, eclipse glasses or solar viewing glasses are required to safely view the solar eclipse whenever any part of the solar disk is visible.

More from AOL News:

Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler’s classic 1983 tune “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is popular again after 34 years due mostly to an upcoming solar eclipse. Ahead of the August 21 event in the sky, the song is experiencing a spike in popularity. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” tore up the charts 34 years ago, becoming No.1 in nine countries, including America, Ireland and South Africa. Tyler, who won a Grammy for the song, says she can’t believe how many people are seeking out her old hit.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • shellback

    It’s a sign of the end times. It’s witchcraft/magic/sorcery. jeezis is coming. The four horse’s asses. Did I leave anything out?

    • Jonathan Smith


    • Tawreos

      Wow, I didn’t know it was a sign of all of those things. I thought it was just a sign that science works. I guess I better head over to Jim Bakker’s website and buy some Buckets O’ Slop.

      • shellback

        Well, dah! Here in the new and improved JeezisLand, you’ll probably hear a lot more craziness than that.

    • clay

      After 99 years! The next one is in only seven years! Seven!

      • grendel38

        It’s the first one in 99 years where the path of totality crosses the entire US from coast to coast. But yeah, solar eclipses themselves happen all the time.

    • Adam Schmidt

      Those Democrats are stopping everything Donald does. They’re even making plans to take away the Sun! But if we just get rid of the filibuster then Donald will be able to bring it back and Make America Great Again!

      Now I’m going to go throw up.

  • PickyPecker
    • TuuxKabin

      Ha! You would!

      • Wendyrjenkins


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  • Rex

    Total Eclipse of the Heart takes me right back to college, working at the YMCA, hitting the neighborhood gay bar in my early coming out days, and it also reminds me how sick I got of hearing it played every 10 minutes.

  • JoeMyGod

    If you haven’t seen Kiki & Herb’s immortal take – do yourself a favor.

  • kcken

    Trump: This eclipse proves libtards are devil worshipers
    Fox News: Did Hillary rig the sun to make Donald look bad ?
    Nat Enquirer: The world Ends August 21st!
    Jim Baker: Buy slop buckets NOW!

  • kcken
  • Joe

    Don’t forget the Literal Eclipse of the Heart:

  • kelven

    Speaking of parody. The literal interpretation of “Total Eclipse…”

    • kelven

      “The gayest man on earth would call this over the top…”

    • TuuxKabin

      Thanks Kelven. i figured it’d be here already. Sigh. I should have checked.


    • Treant

      We can even do this…literally…

      • DrRobY

        Never saw that one. Love it! It’s up there like the literal version of “Love Is a Battlefield.”

  • worstcultever

    That was cute. I really liked the dancing sun & moon!

  • Hue-Man

    Published on Mar 9, 2016
    The shadow of the moon during yesterday’s solar eclipse was captured in detail by the Himawari-8 Spacecraft in Geostationary orbit.

  • TuuxKabin
  • JWC

    Maybe, since Donny and group rebuke science, they will take it at a bad omen

  • coram nobis

    I suppose this song was inevitable, although I always found her music video — the one set in a boys’ school — to be slightly creepy.

    Oh, well. At least the song du jour isn’t “Seasons in the Sun.”

    • prixator

      What, you have something against joy and fun?

      • coram nobis

        Only when it was all over the AM dial, and also because of the nasal adolescent voice, it was all just seasons out of time.

  • Bj Lincoln

    That was cute. I was stupid and clicked on one of the Flat Earth videos that explained why we are in some dome and that god controls everything. That might have been a good explanation before science and space travel but it has been proven wrong repeatedly since.

  • Ted.OR

    pour les francophones – (pas moi)