Sessions Targets Affirmative Action At Universities

The New York Times reports:

The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the Justice Department’s civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants, according to a document obtained by The New York Times.

The document, an internal announcement to the civil rights division, seeks current lawyers interested in working for a new project on “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.”

The announcement suggests that the project will be run out of the division’s front office, where the Trump administration’s political appointees work, rather than its Educational Opportunities Section, which is run by career civil servants and normally handles work involving schools and universities.

The document does not explicitly identify whom the Justice Department considers at risk of discrimination because of affirmative action admissions policies. But the phrasing it uses, “intentional race-based discrimination,” cuts to the heart of programs designed to bring more minority students to university campuses.

  • Gustav2

    The White resentment of the late 1960’s and the 1970’s continues…

    • Michael White

      Hell, I suggest this goes back to 1850 when the south was crushed.

      • Derrick Johns

        Interesting comment, Michael White. I’ll have to do a little research. But I’m so damn lazy now. But thanks.

  • Ninja0980

    Both parties are the same though right?

    • JT

      That’s what they were saying. For so long. Just long enough. Now they’re saying it less, though. Interesting.

      • Rambie

        They’ll start up again as Nov 2018 approaches

        • clay

          So, in one month. 😉

          • Rambie

            Yes, Putin will spin up the election trolls soon enough.

        • Joseph Miceli

          The real question is: how will they blame the “Berniebots” (all 5 of them) for any losses in the mid term. It couldn’t be the Dems? Oh no! Just because you hand the Dems a beautiful strawberry cake with delicious buttercream frosting and they hand you back a shit sandwich that doesn’t have anything to do with it.
          Look at these idiots! They are running against Trump and the best they can do is….”A Better Deal.” Jesus! WTF??????

      • Joseph Miceli

        Well, my beloved Trolita is gone now, so no…not many annoying assholes who either lie or are so stupid they believe that both parties are the same are left on this site.

        • JT

          Except for the Perdouche, they sometimes resurface, only to reconfirm their stupidity. The Ish and others. Even some more common posters, when pushed, will say something like that if they cannot bear to admit how stupid they were before.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Something for Trump’s base to fap to and to gin up outrage from the left to distract from Russia.

    Its a floor wax AND a dessert topping!

    • Gustav2

      There has to be a reason my son didn’t get into college other than he just played sports and didn’t study in high school!

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        There is a reason. You didn’t donate 2.5 million like Kushner’s father did, to get him into Harvard.

        • Joseph Miceli

          Education and medical care: two areas where Capitalism (big “C”) fails.
          Free school, free medical care. Now!!

    • Gerry Fisher

      Shimmer! That product has *lasting* power!

  • Tawreos

    One of these days the GOP is going to have to find a way to be happy without hurting others.

    • Joe in PA

      Bwahahahaha…not. gonna. happen. 🙁

      • Tawreos

        We can always hope.

        • madknits

          “There is everything in life but hope.”

    • Gustav2

      Now, now, unless they are White, they are not really ‘people.’

    • clay

      . . . or die. They could die.

    • Stogiebear

      They’d rather kill everyone first.

    • Boy Elvis

      They could all just die…that would make me happy and nobody appreciably human would be hurt.

    • Hue-Man

      The GOP world is a zero-sum game; if you lose, I win.

    • boatboy_srq

      You might as well ask FundiEvangelists to accept non-Xtians as members of society sans conversion.

    • Joseph Miceli

      You’d take away their only pleasure! Monster!

    • CottonBlimp

      More importantly, they’d need to find a way to win elections without hurting others. But that’s basically all they stand for.

  • olandp

    I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine colleges and universities intentionally violate court rulings, and affirmative action has not been declared illegal.

    • clay

      There is a (lowercase c) conservatism in many educational institutions, that they are there to transmit (and, therefore, preserve) the knowledge (and practices) of the past. There is resistance to developing new admissions criteria since it takes a lot of thoughtful development to make sure that they are tied to the institution’s mission, the components are properly weighted, flexibility is appropriate, and it doesn’t violate the law or accreditation standards. (How do I develop admissions criteria for the Honors College to serve the western part of my area where high schools don’t have college-track courses (let alone Advanced Placement courses), don’t have an adequate number of counselors, have been exempted from state testing, and don’t even track class standing of gifted status?) And there are problems with interpreting case law.

      But to knowingly violate the law . . . when they’re publicly funded . . . and rely on relatively socially liberal faculty and staff . . . that would be idiocy.

      Therefore, Jefferson (Davis, General) Beauregard, Secessions.

      • At least half the colleges and universities in the US aren’t all that competitive. If you have some combination of decent SAT/ACT scores and a decent GPA, you can get in. The exceptions are a few dozen very competitive programs, but for the most part this is something that even if real would only be affecting a handful of people. The reality is that a lot of white people see every minority person as unworthy of being there without bothering to find out what their SAT score was or their GPA. No, they are black so it must be affirmative action. Note: I only hear this crap from entitled slacker white people.

        • David Walker

          A professor friend and I were talking about college admission the other night. He said that for the second straight year admission has been down enough that the overall budget has had to be tightened, several dorm floors have been closed, and so on. He also said that it’s due largely to a shrinking number of kids applying, whether finding another way toward their life goal, believing that college education is bad, or they and/or their parents are not willing to take on the debt. They are affirmative action, but because of the drop in applicants, that hasn’t entered the picture lately.

          • Joseph Miceli

            I am a waiter. I like to think that if it weren’t for the ADHD I might have been a biochemist. I say this because although I MIGHT be intelligent enough to have made it through, college wasn’t the best answer for me. I love what I do and although it is only about 50,000 a year it pays my bills and I’m happy.
            College is NOT for everyone. We all dream of getting a kid through it, but not everyone benefits from it. I work with a LOT of waiters with a History degree or some Business thingy. I think college as the be-all end-all needs to stop. Trade schools need to make a big come back…if you can find trades for people that is. They seem to all be overseas now.

          • David Walker

            Your observations regarding trade schools and other alternatives to college are what our former Kenyan-born, socialist commie, etc. etc. etc. favored and which (surprise) always got shot down. As for those with degrees, you probably already know what English majors are most prone to ask:
            Would you like fries with that? (Ease up, people. English major here.)

          • I have a lot of thoughts.

            The second-tier state schools are doing okay and the community colleges are seeing record enrollment. I think a lot of people are reluctant to take on the debt of a four year liberal arts college. Those in many ways are probably the best schools in the country (depending on your major) but starting life with $200k in debt is probably not a great idea.

            Also, not everyone should be going to college. We’ve been selling this “college for everyone” idea for a couple of decades now and the result for a lot of people is tens of thousands of dollars in debt and nothing to show for it but a few freshman and sophomore credits with mediocre at best grades. I would like to make college possible for everyone who wants it, but not everyone should be there. And it’s a costly mistake if it turns out that it wasn’t right for you.

            Where are numbers are down is international applications and because of that there are hiring freezes all over the school. We’ll see at the end of the month if that equates to an equal drop in enrollment. If it does that’s very very bad because international students pay the highest tuition rates and that’s a huge source of revenue for the schools. I can’t blame them for not wanting to come here. Who knows what will happen next with immigration. Will they be harassed on campus? (That’s been happening.) Will their I-20 visas be pulled before they finish their degree? (I can’t promise that they won’t be.) That’s a big problem.

          • prixator

            Interestingly, international enrollment is way up this year at Canadian universities.

            What could be the main reason for that, I wonder?

          • I knew they were going somewhere.

        • clay

          Yes, but because of school segregation at the district/state level, many otherwise qualified students who are racial minorities did not prepare, take, or excel on college placement tests. Some outstanding minds from under-resourced schools don’t produce even decent GPAs out of boredom. There need to be Affirmative Action policies even at public state universities.

          As far as the highly competitive schools/program, yes, that’s where most of the lawsuits have come from. Most of those cases never approach the appellate stage because the white student in demonstrably NOT a better fit or more qualified. I also hear this crap from African-Americans like Dr. Carson and Justice Thomas.

          • There are so many bad schools. Starting with K and going through 12. I don’t know why Americans don’t want to invest in education but they don’t. And states seem to think that spending at the state administration level fixes things. It doesn’t. We need better teachers and that means paying them enough.

          • clay

            (and we need to correct for historic disadvantages, as well. I often wish that reparations were focused on slavery, but on more immediate and easily documented under-financed education.)

          • I agree. I don’t think reparations is a thing that’s ever going to happen. (Although I said that about gay marriage so don’t go by ME!) But I think that the best thing that could happen to poor people (all ethnic groups) would be an investment and commitment to K-12 education. It doesn’t happen because a lot of people don’t want to pay for it (although it would be an investment with a huge payoff) but mostly because half the country resent anyone with more education than they have and don’t want the schools to be any better.

          • Dom Saunders

            Well, when you’re talking about Coon 1 and Hypocritical, Lousy Date Raping Coon 2, there’s your answer. They’re the first to fake it as if they just “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps” when they were the first people to take advantage of the things they want to keep other people from having, whether it be welfare (Carson) or affirmative action (Thomas). Got to keep up that narrative if they want to keep greasing the palm of their low-key racist, white peers in the Republican party.

        • Dom Saunders

          And it’s not just black people. My Vietnamese friend was telling me one time she got into it with a white student who claimed that Asian students like her were easily getting into school because of affirmative action, completely ignoring how she and the students in question were IB kids and had been working their asses off to get into college since well before they entered high school. But he couldn’t deal with that and so he got on her case but she shut that shit down real quick. Privileged white guys like that (not all white guys, for the sensitive people in the comments) can’t deal with the possibility of someone having something over them. Because they’re entitled, certainly other groups of people must be too.

          It doesn’t work that way.

          • White men grow up almost always being in the front of every line and then later on when someone who isn’t a white male is in front of them, they assume they cut in that line. How else would they get there? They either get it or they don’t and it (to me at least) seems pointless to try to explain it if they don’t want to see that.

            Yes, there have been a few times when being white worked against me in a competitive situation (like applying for a job) but that’s a few times vs hundreds of times when it was an advantage. Of course now I’m over 40 so when looking for a job I’m now part of a group that is discriminated against regularly and it sucks. I have even more sympathy now that I’m on that end of the stick.

  • Michael White

    1st Latinos/HIspanics are under attack, then it was the Transgendered and now an all out assault towards POC who desire to go to school. Who is next?

    • Bluto

      Don’t forget the constant assault on women. Abortion rights, access to health & reproductive care, equal pay, rape culture…

    • clay

      Just so you’re prepared, Secessions will use the Trump-appointed DoJ lawyers to argue that they are protecting the rights of Asian-Americans.

    • Dagoril

      I think women are up next. But who knows, maybe they just shake the Racist Magic 8 Ball every morning to find a target.

    • David Walker

      They’ve already announced that they will not defend us. I find that unsurprising but disconcerting.

    • CJAS

      Who’s left? And you forgot Muslims.

  • Rex

    Still wondering what Trump’s real agenda is?

  • joe ho

    Both parties are the same.

    Right, Green Party shitstains and Bernie or Buster dickweeds?

  • AJ Drew

    “Education is the civil rights issue of our time,” Trump said in his February speech to Congress. Ohhh, he meant something completely different than how any sane person would interpret. Of course. Grrr.

  • JT


    What a scum sucking douchebag.

    • Todd20036

      And yet we were rooting for this little Nazi against Trump, including me.
      How messed up is that?

      • clay

        Let’s be clear: I am not rooting for him; I’m rooting for his office. I’m sure you can appreciate the difference. Oddly, rooting for the office of the President requires that I root for the office of Attorney General, and against the current resident. I can see no way to preserve the office of the President WITHOUT the removal of the current resident.

      • JT

        The “enemy of my enemy” adage operates in degrees.

  • Harveyrabbit

    Mortar board graduation caps are going to be replaced by new headwear that Beauregard Sessions feels more appropriately represents American identity .

    • Bluto

      The hood tassel is a nice flourish.

      • Lindoro Almaviva

        too short. needs to ne longer so they can be switched from one side to the other

  • Jonathan Smith
  • GayOldLady
    • Todd20036

      What a bunch of ugly women, inside and out.

  • GayOldLady
  • netxtown

    Why does he always look like someone just popped a pickle up his ass?

  • clay

    This announcement should be tied to Trump/DeVos’ push to de-fund Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

  • rextrek

    Sessions needs his Lilly white ass beat – man Id love to see that sniveling little asshole have his ass handed to him….

  • Dagoril

    Just in case you were feeling sorry for Sessions last week…here you go!

  • Derrick McCoy

    What is the point of this exactly? Doesn’t AA generally help white women a great deal so if they remove it you’ll just get more asian students if you look only at test scores and academic success.

    • That’s what happened when they removed race as a factor in the California state schools. The number of white people stayed the same when racial preferences were removed.

  • Jerry Kott

    Wasn’t the Electoral College the first version of White Affirmative action? Those opposing affirmative action , see it as putting your finger on the scale. The Electoral College was a fix at giving bigots in the hinterlands an advantage on the playing field. Fix that fix first before you start looking under rocks before you start to try to level the White Playing Field.

  • Cipher

    Dear fellow people of color who couldn’t be bothered to stand in line and vote: EFF YOU! Especially each of you in Milwaukee and in Detroit.

    • Derrick McCoy

      Oh please, it was Bill Clinton who gave us the crime bill that’s been responsible for the incarceration rate of poor black and brown people. Republicans and Democrats don’t give a shit about us. Democrats just seem like a better evil because their donors are ‘liberals’ Your messiah Hillary wanted to bring us to heel. So keep on blaming apathetic minorities who have been failed by both parties and not the white conservatives that DID vote for Trump. Sick of this neoliberal bullshit.

      • Cipher

        Look at who was around Clinton – asking for the bill and supporting it. Was the CBC being racist? I think not.

        If you think a H. Clinton white house would attack affirmative action, stop the Census from asking if I am LGBT or fill the Supreme Court with a justice of Gorsuch’s ilk- who will attack our fundamental rights, support the destruction of voting rights and continue the judicial repeal of the Civil Rights Act, yes, I consider you to be lower than in ill-informed Trump voter.

        Hillary is not a messiah and neither is Obama. I am wise enough to realize there is no political messiah. That does not mean I should sit on the sidelines and allow the devil incarnate to take the reins of power.

        • CJAS

          Trump won white college educated voters 49-45. Perhaps at some point we’ll be willing to discuss those who actually wanted this and why.

          • Cipher

            Well discussed and worth continued discussion. I am focused on the members of my own particular community. My grandfather was a civil rights leader (pastor)- the FBI had a file on him. He and others fought, marched, etc. To see so many apathetic people of color decline to exercise the franchise– it hurts. When the explanation is – well they were the same, her emails, she took $ from Wall Street…I cannot stay silent.

          • CJAS

            Fair enough. But, I’m sure you can see how that argument seems out of context here and easily misread as absolving the white voters who wanted this. So does failure to include the various voter suppression activities that the DOJ, ACLU, NAACP, and multiple States AGs, spent 2014-2016 litigating; and those the DOJ found on Election Day itself.

          • Cipher

            I don’t absolve the Trump voters, believe me. But anyone faced with clear evidence of who this is and what he would mean for communities of color who sat back and didn’t try to stop him- especially if the inaction was because of some BS crap about Hillary and Wall Street, Bill and the Crime Bill (that black communities begged for!) or her “emails” – needs to take a long look at what is happening and appreciate that many Trump voters were trying to guard their own personal/familial/tribal interests. Too many of us (POC) were NOT.

            My initial comment was provoked by a chain of comments where people were blaming John McCain for not stopping Trump. I read a long article the NYT did where they interviewed African American voters in Milwaukee who chose not to vote! I have friends where I used to live in Michigan and Ohio who were all over FB with the same crap! And now many of them are posting memes that complain about Trump . I don’t know John McCain but I know plenty of POC who, sadly, bought into “they’re the same- let’s boycott an election.”

            I expect a Republican senator- “maverick” or not to enable Trump- but I will forever focus on my community – trying to mobilize action and calling people out for failing to recognize the gains that _have _only been made under the imperfect Democrats, as compared to the Republicans. They are not the same and anyone who cared about Sanders’s message would have done well to realize that money in politics was on the ballot with the decision impacting the next generation. Gorsuch insures 5-4 when Citizens United comes back for review. It’s over… but her emails, Wall Street (whose $ didn’t stop Obama from pushing Dodd-Frank)…. Umm, naw!

          • CJAS

            And voter suppression? (The black community begged for the 1994 Crime Bill?)

          • Cipher
          • CJAS

            Sorry, a divided CBC and bought religious leaders and not
            black people “begging for” that crime bill.

            And the voter suppression?

          • Cipher

            I was 18 when that bill was passed – my family’s church in a crime infested 99% black neighborhood wanted a solution and there were hopes that the bill would be it. Nobody had a crystal ball to see that it would be racistly applied and disproportionately impact African Americans. Hillary supported it and Bernie did too.

            On voter suppression: I’m not at all critical of vote that was “suppressed”. Find the NYT article that covered the African American vote in Milwaukee. Certain people _chose_ not to vote. After Blackwell and the fiasco that was the Bush election in Ohio, people got their asses in line and voted for Obama in my father’s neighborhood. Many of the same people chose to sit at home this time. Didn’t want a woman? Didn’t want her? Well, that chooses him. And allowed this:


            I understand that some will forever justify sitting on the sidelines in the last election because of some perceived flaw with Hillary. Hell, I’m no fan but I know the difference between an imperfect ally who will need to be pushed on every issue I care about and an outright enemy who will take every step to destroy my community.

          • CJAS

            Was a crystal ball was needed to know that a federal crime bill was crafted, and would be applied, to maintain white supremacy? Had there ever been any other kind?

            Not to mention that’s exactly what members of the CBC who knew the bill, and its authors, argued; that’s exactly what black legal experts argued; that’s exactly what black newspaper editorials argued.

            Anyway, your narrative fails to include voter suppression
            thereby necessarily placing all blacks who didn’t vote in the category of those who chose not to. (A point I cannot stress enough.) And of course white newspapers are going to pathologically provide you fodder that blames blacks, that’s how supremacy works: blame the 1% decrease in black voters not the 4% increase in white voters who voted third party, or the 6% increase in Hispanic Republican/third party votes.

          • Cipher

            1. There were plenty of black editorials arguing the other side and complaining that the communities were being ignored and left to the plight of drugs and gang violence.

            2. Voter suppression- Again, talking past one another. If you went to vote and were turned away because of a purge, I love and support you. If you kept your behind at home/work when you could have voted because of some opinion that Hillary needed to be the “messiah” to vote for her, I express my disdain. I think that was the wrong choice. I think that was dangerous, misinformed and anathema to everything that the voting rights movement worked for.

            Yes, I blame people around me who made that error in judgment and point out that in critical states, one where I lived for three years, that the outcome could and would have been different (“my vote wouldn’t have made a difference” doesn’t fly). I don’t think that’s a white supremacy narrative, I think that’s a civic responsibility narrative and hope that people around me who made that decision will think differently in 2020.

            When I vote, I feel the weight of millions of disenfranchised brothers and sisters. It pisses me off that people were upset that a candidate didn’t share the stage with BLM, so several of them sat out an election where her opponent is someone who supports police brutality. Cut nose, spite face…

            No. I don’t excuse white and female voters who went for this turd in overwhelming numbers. I am not white. I am not female. I happen to have long given up on working on what those two communities/groups should do.

          • CJAS

            There were also plenty of black editorials, one noted white
            one a year later, arguing that the federal government (CIA, DEA) created the problem (allowed and directed cocaine into black communities), so how is it rational to trust them here? (Again, there had never been a crime bill wasn’t crafted, and applied, to maintain white supremacy.)

            And it is white supremacy for newspapers to ignore the math and blame this on the 1% decrease in black voters not the 4% increase in white voters who voted third party, or the 6% increase in Hispanic Republican/third party votes.

          • Cipher

            I don’t own a newspaper. I am one person with an opinion, which I have stated and am not likely to change.

            Where do you obtain a figure that there was a “1% decrease in black voters”? According to Pew, in 2016, “The black voter turnout rate declined for the first time in 20 years in a presidential election, falling to 59.6% in 2016 after reaching a record-high 66.6% in 2012.”


            Brookings cited the same census survey data, noting “Among minority groups, black Americans showed the sharpest decline in voter turnout– 7.1 percent since 2012. At 59.6 percent, it was the lowest black turnout rate since 2000.”


            I will continue to knock on doors and try my hardest not to deliver the patented side eye to people who come up with flimsy excuses to remain uninvolved. I assume white voters and women will vote against their interests; I cannot influence that. Black people telling me that the Democratic candidate is just as bad/ no different, etc., than the man who holds rallies where white supremacists practically are escorted onto the stage to stand with him? No…

          • CJAS

            The black percentage of total votes cast was 12% in 2012, and 11% in 2016, with a 4% increase in white third party and 6% increase Hispanic Republican/third party votes.

          • Cipher

            Aha. Okay. I’m concerned about voter suppression. Definitely. But it does not, alone, account for over a 7% drop. The lowest turnout since Bush v. Gore is scary- especially when KKK is on the ballot. Russian news pedaling a narrative that Clinton does not care about black voters is also a concern that I have.

          • CJAS

            It’s an assumption that voter suppression alone doesn’t account for the 1% drop. I assume that a candidate that those voters had previously rejected factors in. As I assume the DNC putting their fingers on the scale in favor of that candidate caused the increase in third party votes.

            And yes, voluntarily not voting when overt racists were on the ballot is unforgivable. But, when even PBS showed white supremacists and failed to tell viewers that what they were interviewing, I can see how less astute voters might have missed the bigger picture.

          • Cipher

            First of all, let’s reconcile our facts: this was a 7.1% drop in AA turnout- the lowest participation rate in the community since 2000- which, combined with increases in voting from other groups, resulted in the AA proportion of the electorate being 1% less AA. Yes, I am assuming that voter suppression does not account for the majority of that 7.1%.drop.

            Again, I know many people who chose not to vote. Plenty of people just were not excited because they were not in love with Clinton the way they loved Obama. That’s deadly. See

            I will never excuse anyone from missing the bigger picture here. You couldn’t turn on the news for most of the second half of 2016 running up to November without seeing a Trump rally. Most of the images involved confederate flags, supporters beating up black and brown protesters, the candidate quipping, “There’s my African American”. His first and staunchest supporter in the Senate was Sessions, who Mrs. King was clear about.

            This is 2000 all over again- only worse. Sadly, some people have to experience hell to realize that heaven may not be on the ballot but when there is a choice between hell and something above ground, you do your part by getting your ass to the polling place. This is especially true when disenfranchisement laws, voter suppression, gerrymandering and so many other forces are barriers for so many of us.

          • CJAS

            The black percentage of total votes cast was 12 in 2012, and 11 2016.

            When minority populations have candidates from its group to support it results in a temporary spike in turnout. When that opportunity ends, turnout returns to previous levels–basic Political Science. Is there anyone at Brookings or NYT who wasn’t taught that?

            White institutions need to define normal black behavior as cultural defect and they need to avoid discussing their own. The political question of that election is why white women with a uniquely qualified candidate to support chose an unqualified white man?

            Good luck with your interest and your work.

          • Cipher

            Thanks. And to you.

            Yeah- the narrative will be heavily spun. “Unless one of their own is on the ballot…”

            More than a few (white) women I know professionally hated Hillary. Women with daughters. Better a pussy grabbing, serial adulterer, creepy talker about his daughter who brags about invading the dressing room at teen beauty pageants- which he owns and promotes. Who knew…

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    yes, poor white oppressed people, who have never known what is it to live in a society free of persecution just for the color of your skin, brought by force from Europe to live in this country and never afforded the equality and opportunities they deserve… my heart weeps for you.

  • narutomania

    Rrrrright. Because (1) there are so few white students at universities and (2) the Justice Department does not have more pressing civil rights issues to address.

    Is it 2018 yet?!

  • Robert Adams

    Considering white folks will soon be the minority in this country, Jeffy might want to consider holding on to that advantage for his soon-to-be-minority brethren.

    But then again, the GOP doesn’t need educated people,

  • boatboy_srq

    Today’s GOTea: Making Ahmurrrrca Safe For White Folks Again.

  • jerry

    Maybe they’ll investigate the race-based affirmative action plans at the ivy league schools for inferior students, such as legacy and donation-based admissions (i.e. affirmative action for white students). See J. Kushner at Harvard and all the Bushes at Yale.

    • CJAS

      Not to mention legacy and donation-based admissions at flagship state universities.

  • Hank

    Jeff “The Elf” Sessions…. the NEW Jesse Helms!!!!

  • JWC

    This little homophobic worm is doing as much damage as he can while he can He is Helms incarnate

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Who could have predicted that a white Southern bigot would do such a thing?

  • Li’l Jeffie is so proud of his racist policies at the InJustice Department, that he is now getting ready to wear his clean new white sheet outfit and hood to the office, and will likely start requiring all InJustice Department employees to wear the sheets and hoods to project a uniform appearance at the next cross-burning cookout..

  • JCF
    • JCF

      Speaking of Sessions, personally, and the way Drumpf has treated him: I’m reminded that Nazis even sacrificed their own TROOP TRAINS (to the Eastern Front), in order to prioritize the GENOCIDE trains to the death camps. First things first, huh, Jefferson?

  • Rocco

    He’s been waiting since his Klan days for this moment…I bet he’s got a sweaty upper lip, trembling hands, and a little woodie (sorry) about where to start. This administration is a horrifying embarrassment in many ways, but stoking the fires of racial animus is beyond pathetic. We don’t need any more difficulties in this area, ugh.

  • Vista-Cruiser

    Yes this is horrible. But it’s also a direct and foreseeable result of Democrats not bothering to vote in elections.

  • Dom Saunders

    So to all the people who were rooting Sessions on because he was standing up against Trump…how do you feel about the Racist Keebler Elf now?


    White Supremacy running amok!