Dems Encouraged About Midterm Prospects In House

The Hill reports:

Democrats are feeling encouraged about their prospects of winning back the House next year despite a string of special election losses. A turbulent White House has left President Trump’s approval rating at a dismal 40 percent, and Democrats ended the House session watching the ObamaCare repeal effort collapse in the Senate.

“There are a lot of reasons to think that the House will be in play next year,” said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, an election handicapper at the University of Virginia. Kondik said the single best gauge for predicting 2018 results may be the House generic ballot, which has the Democrats up between 6 and 14 points, according to recent surveys from various outlets.

Midterm elections for first-term presidents are historically ruinous for the party that controls the White House. By Sabato’s analysis, the president’s party has shed House seats in 36 of 39 midterms stretching back more than 150 years, with an average loss of 33 seats — well above the 24 pickups the Democrats need to take the chamber next year.

  • Tawreos

    They better have a strategy to take advantage of all the GOP is giving them right now or history won’t matter. Of course it would be better if most of the districts in the country weren’t gerrymandered in the GOP’s favor.

  • unsavedheathen

    Waiting for the Dems to race to the middle in 3, 2, 1…

  • crewman

    I know they’re hearing this a lot now, but Dems need to be sure they primarily focus on what they stand for. They don’t need to spend time saying they’re against Trump. We all know that. Others will be making that argument for them. They should be prepared with a plan to get BUSY as soon as they get into power, assuming they do get into power.

  • Dan Weagraff

    I will believe this when i see it….

    • Todd20036

      You’re adorable, and I’m shallow.
      Just saying.

    • AJ Drew

      It begins with each of us, though… if you make a determined self-promise to vote every time there’s an election (local, state, national,) and I do, and… yeah, blah blah blah, but it’s numbers that win, and numbers we need.

  • olandp

    But has Pelosi taken impeachment off the table yet?

  • kcken

    Got an email from my immigration lawyer saying I can apply for citizenship soon.

    I think I will, I would like to vote for the next midterms.

    Blue Tidal Wave – INCOMING.

    • Joe in PA

      We need you! Do it.

    • unsavedheathen

      Register in Florida, please!

    • TrueWords

      The Democrats’ current platform is Russia Russia Russia. As long as they continue to talk about every Putin connection and ignore the voters (both Democrats and Republicans if possible), they are doomed. Thus we are doomed

      Get a platform, THEN talk about taking back the House.

      • hi there, russian troll. just kidding, but really? you don’t think High Treason should be an issue right now, or that most people would be concerned by it if they knew all the details? the press is not helping with that, and that’s a given. but also, too: dems should be able to do more than one issue at a time. if you think they aren’t, i can mostly agree with you. but i’m not so sure they are “russia” like jan is on marsha.

        • I think Democrats can win by talking about issues that poll above 60% but that will never happen so long as Republicans are in charge. They should talk mostly about those. The Russian investigation is important and is happening already. That will need some support from Democrats but I don’t see that as something that will get people who wouldn’t already be showing up to vote for Democrats to the polls.

        • TrueWords

          I think and I am going to be HONEST here…must Americans are TIRED of the talk with NO prosecution or charges filed also MOST Americans DO NOT know what it means just being honest…

          I used the analogy before about a car alarm…when was the last time someone turned around and cared in 2017..they want to see a FIRE and the sirens coming…

          • it’s funny you should say that. partner and i were just talking about this. you know who cares, who “turns around and cares” about a stranger in need?

            Black people. to expand that, “Blah” people, meaning all racial minorities in this country.

            one thing i love about my ‘hood is that people take care of each other. we all know about each others’ problems. we all know about what we do well, and help each other when we don’t do something well. we keep our mouths shut at the right times about other peoples’ business (ie, when the cops are around).

            the story i like to share is about how my across the street neighbor saved my life once. literally. i had an episode, and almost cracked my skull in a fall. she didn’t hesitate. she called EMS, watched over me while i was passed out, and got my partner to come home and help take care of me. this is not the first time that kind of thing has happened, right here on my street. that “everybody” thinks is a crime-filled hellhole. well, it’s not.

            contrast this with my sisters’ ‘hoods (very, very rich). one of my sisters NEVER speaks to her neighbors, and the other barely knows any of hers. so much for the idea that having a lot of money makes for good communities.

          • TrueWords

            I lived in Chicago and your story rings TRUE…there were some REAL people there…not caught up in things but had your back in the most SOLID and beautiful ways…

            Seattle, is a little bit distant but we are getting better because well my husband and I call things our and help our neighbors…recently, she needed some branches cut down and we were there…another neighbor, little one ran into the street and I was right there to scoop her up and deliver her back…oh my favorite, a dog went missing and it was all over the email group when I went outside there it was just sitting and waiting…

        • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

          I heard a very sobering interview on ABC This Week, where they interviewed a talk show host from southern Ohio who reported as long as gas was $1.99/gallon and unemployment was low, in his neck of the woods Trump is considered the Second Coming. The Dems need to focus on healthcare, prescription drug and visions of an economy that works for everyone and toss in infrastructure for good measure. To paraphrase some guy in Rome, “we know the Dems are for equal rights, and the right to choose, but they don’t have to talk about it all the time.”

        • Gerry Fisher

          I think Dems need to do both.

        • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

          My take is that he’s arguing that it isn’t enough, and I happen to agree. It’s low-hanging fruit at this point. The people need a solid platform to focus on. The also want to be sure that their needs, such as a women’s Right to Choose, won’t be thrown under the bus to get a couple of votes here and there. It’s my belief that this won’t actually pan out and will actually disenfranchise, disempower, even alienate more voters from the Democratic Party. And rather than vote for something they believe is simple pandering, they’ll not vote at all. Which is exactly what has happened in prior midterms.

          You can’t keep offering the same thing and expect different results.

    • TrueWords

      Take a friend with you to vote…it is just that important…seriously, make it happen…

    • TrueWords

      SO TRUE…sadly, most Democrats need and want a gimmick to VOTE and well that is not enough these days…there needs to be passion…speak about taking back the House and Senate as so to ensure a better future for all Americans…

      I recently had a conversation with a VERY conservative co-worker who is a Republican and against gay marriage, women’s rights…oh the list…I asked him:

      HOW has your life been hurt?

      Did your pay go down?

      Were your children any less safe?

      Did you feel less safe?

      He regrettable said NO and I then told him, you were fed lies that were about POWER and CONTROL and OPPRESSION…not about those Christian values that you hold dear…we speak more and more lately, not saying that he is going to vote Democrat (thou he thinks Trump should die, his words)…but there it is…

    • cheakamus

      LOL. Good luck. I applied for mine in February. Still nothing. At the time, they were processing applications from July 2016. Who knows if there’s even anybody working in the federal government these days?

    • Vista-Cruiser

      Thanks for your contribution. But I really don’t understand why people want to immigrate to the U.S. when there are so many others that are better run and more welcoming.

  • shellback

    It’s not about who votes, it’s about who counts the votes. We’re dealing with extremely corrupt opponents – in this country and Russia.

    • Todd20036

      That too

  • Ninja0980

    Will our base show up to vote if the candidates in some races aren’t 100% perfect?

    • Todd20036

      That’s why I still call out the Bernie bros.
      THey haven’t learned a damned thing

      • justme

        Maybe if they lose enough between now and 2018..

        • Todd20036

          I’d say a lot of them totally lost it already

      • Ninja0980

        The VA governor’s race is proof of that.

      • danolgb

        There is a concerted effort to attack anyone who will be a potential 2020 candidate. They’re currently working on Kamala Harris. They don’t seem to care how their actions will hurt us in 2018.

    • Boreal


    • AJ Drew

      I will! I was registered as Independent (honestly mostly to avoid the partisan junk mail,) but I’m over it. Recently changed my voter reg to DEM and have made a self-promise to go vote at every election, local/county/state/national, because at this point ground-up DEM wins are the only peaceful way to effect change and “send a message.”

      • Ninja0980

        Good for you!

    • Do Something Nice

      I did and will do so again. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to pretend that a less than perfect candidate is anything great.

      • it’s just so hard for some people to look at the numbers. the states that voted for someone other than HRC in the primaries had the highest turn out for her in the general. in almost no cases did third party voting “hand it” to the traitor. the real problem is not the tiny percentage of “purists” who stayed home and didn’t vote for her, the real problem is the huge number of people who were totally disinterested in the policies and campaign she offered. but that’s like, math n shit, and a lot of people would rather just blame mythical super powerful far lefties who ruined it for everyone. you know, like the unicorns who killed jeebus.

        • Do Something Nice

          The other thing that is irritating to me is that people continue to harp on Sanders and his supporters. There was a high percentage of Sanders supporters in San Francisco. And in the November election, 85% of those who voted voted for Clinton. And our voter turnout was over 81%.

          It is middle America that is the issue here. Not San Francisco.

    • Will Democrats even run candidates so we have someone to vote for? Half the time where I live there’s no Democrat running for a seat so my choices are a teabagger, a libertarian loon and another kind of loon or just leaving that one blank.

      • danolgb

        You do know that the DNC doesn’t manufacture people. People have to actually stand up and run. The DNC isn’t sitting there deciding that they’re not going to run in a district and stopping people from doing so. People need to stop putting all the responsibility on the DNC and take some for themselves.

        • Duh. yes, someone has to run. But it’s expensive and a first time candidate would need a lot of support to do well. My district is hopeless anyway. But the party can recruit candidates. They often do. Again there were 20 districts where Clinton won where Democrats weren’t running a candidate. That’s incompetence. Howard Dean talked about this and they kicked him out on his ass. Look at what’s happened since then.

          • danolgb

            I’m just tired of “the dems aren’t doing this, the dems aren’t doing that.” If you’re interested in the Dems winning, get the fuck off your ass and do something about it. (That’s a general “you”.) The DNC isn’t this great and powerful group that has the ability to micromanage each district. Believe it or not the RNC isn’t either. Republicans just fall in line. If people want the Dems to be the party of the people, they need to be the people of the party. Stop sitting here whining about what the party is or isn’t doing if you’re not being an active participant.

          • Yes but the right figured out 25 years ago that elections are won precinct by precinct. They organized clubs and groups everywhere and figured out how to turn out the vote. Democrats think they can do everything top down and they can’t. I’m not asking for micromanaging. That really wouldn’t go over and in fact that kind of thing has seriously backfired. (For example, during the Houston anti-everything but especially trans ballot initiative last year HRC flew in Sally Field. Now I love Sally but bringing in someone with no connection to the city from Hollywood was the exact opposite of what was needed in that situation. It was a set-up for the right to say, “Look, those Hollywood elites are swooping in to tell us what to do.” Any idiot should have seen that reaction coming.

            This isn’t a new complaint. Urveshai Vaid laid out this issue in the Advocate back in the 90s. Still no movement.

            I do belong to my local group here and it’s just a bunch of infighting. No one can say anything without offending someone else. This has long been a problem on the left. We’re all so busy with our own pet agenda that nothing ever gets done. The right, for all their faults, got their ducks in a row long ago. They show up to vote and therefore can’t be ignored. (Again, an issue discussed in the farse Bullworth back in the 90s.) None of this is new. Democrats rely too much on winning because Republicans screwed up too badly to be electable. That’s only going to work for 1-2 election cycles at most.

            We have got to get our shit together. And that might mean putting some of my favorite issues on the back burner while we do things that can be done now. I might have to wait. Guess what. If we lose, I have to wait even longer. I know people still butthurt because Hillary only proposed a $12 minimum wage instead of a $15 one. As if we had the votes in Congress to raise the minimum wage at all! This kind of nonsense is killing us. Sometimes you have to move things along incrementally. If you insist on the whole pie now, you aren’t even going to get the leftover crumbs. Why this is so hard for so many on the left to understand I don’t know but until we all get on board we are going to be stuck in this position. And if we lose any more governorships and state legislatures we could be getting the constitutional convention the Koch brothers have been salivating over. The far right is loving this idea because they could rewrite everything and get rid of all those pesky civil rights laws and make it impossible for the courts to rule in favor of people over corporations. As bad as it is, it could get worse and will if we don’t show up next November.

          • danolgb

            You contradict yourself. You claim “Democrats think they can do everything top down and they can’t” but you were just complaining that the DNC wasn’t doing enough. Which is it?

          • No, I didn’t contradict myself. Democrats are too focused on the presidential election and don’t pay enough attention to state and local elections. And yes, they try to do everything from inside the beltway rather than at the local level. The organization sucks at the local level. There’s no contradiction there. They suck in multiple ways.

          • danolgb

            They are? The only people seemingly focused on 2020 are the Bernie fans trying to attack anybody who might possibly be a challenger to Bernie in 2020 and in the process fucking up 2018. As far as I can tell, the DNC is working towards 2018 but it seems whatever do angry Berners get their pants in a bunch even if it’s following Bernie’s example.
            If you’re talking about the last few replacement elections we did come close, but unless we truly had a shot at flipping them, then we shouldn’t be wasting money or effort on them. In fact, the Dems are starved for money right now because so many people are expecting them to be perfect before they donate. It’s a catch 22.

          • Is this in real life or just online, because I suspect at least half of the Bernie or Busters online are/were Russian (or other) bots.

            Also, I haven’t a clue who I will support in 2020. I don’t even know where I’ll be living then much less who is running. Unless I’m in Iowa or New Hampshire I see little point in picking a candidate who might not even be running by the time I get to vote in a primary.

          • danolgb

            This is Bernie-leaning media. Just search news for “Kamala Harris” and you will see what I mean. Head Bernie Bro Michael Sainato has published no less than three articles attacking her for simply meeting with donors, dutifully published by The Observer and handed around by Bernie-loving Facebook Groups. He’s not the only one. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this as trolls. Even if it were, it actually affects people’s opinions. Anyone they think is going to be a possible contender to the Presidency is going to get attacked to our detriment in 2018.

    • JustDucky

      The Bernie or Bust and Stein voters are not our base.

    • JCF

      Time, again, for this one (as applied to Congress—and in the STATES!—in 2018):

  • justme

    Wonder if Vlad’s having 2nd thoughts about Democrats..After all, this didn’t workout too well for him

  • PickyPecker
  • AJ Drew

    I am hoping that my own disgust turning into a determination to vote at every and all election, local or state or national, is shared by my neighbors everywhere.

    • Joe in PA

      I’m dragging my neighbors with me!

      I went to a “” neighborhood meeting (concerning gerrymandering) the other day, sort of a get-the-word-out gathering…I was AMAZED at the level of ignorance of civics and government in general. Hopefully our educational outreach is gonna do some good.

  • Cackalaquiano

    Oh shit. Dems should never feel encouraged about election prospects because there’s never been an organization more adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Boreal

    Only if our side votes.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • netxtown

    I’m glad they are so certain…..I’m not.

  • Boreal

    If you are not part of a group go to
    and join a group to organize. We need to be the ones holding the party accountable and also getting people out to vote.

    • Joe in PA

      KeystoneProgress…already there! Yay.

  • thom

    Ehhh. I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before

  • Rex

    All I can say is the Dems better not fuck it up this time. As far as I’m concerned we are country in crisis. They need to point out the GOP’s failures, lies, deception, collusion, corruption and greed. But, enough about Trump.

    • excuse my need to shout, if i may beg your indulgence.


      again, thank you for your considerate indulgence wrt this comment of mine. i sort of start to shake and spasm with anger every time i read about the dems confidence in the coming elections.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    whats the message Pelosi? we’re not Donnie is not gonna cut it.

  • Ken M

    I’m so over this, “we don’t need to do anything, they’re going to lose anyway,” mentality when we comes to the elections. If you want the job, earn it.

    • j.martindale

      One good thing is that with the prospects of pickups being good, it is helping in the recruiting of better equipped candidates. The winning of these elections depends on self financing in large part. Name recognition is also important. The national party can’t win local elections. Sure, they can help, but less than people often assume.

    • canoebum

      The number of Democratic House challengers has risen dramatically over previous years. This means many, many new people are running. The upcoming mid-terms will see many so-called “safe seats” for the GOP contested strongly.

      • The_Wretched

        It’s all grassroots; not leadership. Satellite groups have sprung up to push Dems to run for everything.

        • canoebum

          Fine with me. Isn’t this how real change always begins?

          • The_Wretched

            I certainly hope so.

            The point is a subtle one, if the dems want me to vote for them they need to lead.

          • canoebum

            Who the fuck else would you vote for? The Republicans? Please don’t tell me any of that Bernie Bro or Jill Stein crap. Staying at home is just the same as voting for the GOP.

          • The_Wretched

            That’s exactly the point. A choice of 1 you aren’t voting for isn’t a choice. It’s treading water and looking for an out. Been voting against republicans for a very long time.

            It’s easy to vote for choice #10 over choice #100. That doesn’t mean 10 is a always a good choice or a happy one. Still looking for something better than 10.

            The problem with national level Dem current messaging is that it’s equally applicable for choices 11-99. Absent a positive message, you don’t know where they fall in the range. Historically it’s closer to 10/11 but why hide the fvcking ball if you’re one end of the range? My best guess is that they want to go soft on abortion and a host of other issues. They already gave up gun control and only picked up LGBTQ rights (again national party level) when it was pretty clearly safe to do so (and special thanks to Biden for kicking them in the pants).

          • canoebum

            We don’t have a parliamentary system here, so issue groups have to work within the larger party. That’s just the way it is; I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. Purity voters always benefit the opposite party from the one with which they actually more closely identify. That dynamic played an important role in why we now have an insane person in the Oval Office. I have little patience with those who are willing to kill the good in search of the perfect. If you are unhappy with the way issues are dealt with in the Democratic Party, join your local chapter and advocate for the changes you would like to see. If you can’t join for lack of time or resources, communicate with chapter leaders to express your concerns. Most of the meetings are open to the public, if not, you can get an invitation fairly easily.

          • The_Wretched

            And I’ve had it with Dem apologists who insist we have zero standards for Dems at the National level. “Purity voters” is a talking point and it’s tools who recite talking points.

            Wanting the Dems to support a woman’s right to choose is not fvcking “purity”.

          • canoebum

            Please name any significant Democratic Party leader who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose.

          • The_Wretched

            It’s in trial balloon phase. It shouldn’t even be there. I’m aware that the DCCC isn’t the DNC but he who pays the piper picks the tune.


  • thom

    Right, because the American public can be trusted not to vote against their own interests…

  • Acronym Jim

    To mix a couple of metaphors, something, something chickens, something something eggs, something something basket, something something math.

    Let’s hope the DNC does quite a bit more than just prognosticating.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Honestly the Dems need to harp on crazy bullshit the GOP and the Nazis in our country do. And unlike Alex Jones, we don’t have to make shit up.

    “Defend Europe, an anti-immigrant group that attempts to disrupt humanitarian search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea, recently chartered a boat that was stopped in a Cyprus port, where several members were arrested for forging documents and engaging in potential human trafficking. Since then, pro-Trump media trolls associated with the campaign have been conspicuously silent.

    The members were stopped in and deported from a sea port in the self-declared Turkish state of Northern Cyprus Thursday after spending two days in detention for document forgery and potential human trafficking of 20 Sri Lankan nationals who were aboard the C-Star, the campaign’s ship. Turkish Cypriot authorities deported nine crew members, including the ship’s captain and a German “second captain” believed to be neo-Nazi Alexander Schleyer. The authorities also transferred the director of the company that owns the ship, Sven Tomas Egerstrom, to Greek-controlled Cyprus for further questioning.”

    • joe ho

      Dems lack the political killer instinct to go all out against the GOP. The GOP has no problem demonizing liberals. They’ve made it a dirty word. Dem pols refuse to go there, saying “they’re our colleagues after all.” Which is one reason why Dems lose. They could easily make conservative a dirty word.

  • i’m so sick and tired of these soft fluff lines about his popularity. he’s BELOW 40% in any real poll i’ve seen recently. the lowest ever at this period of a presidency. 36% is not 40%, and makes quite a different impression on the reader as she views that number.

  • Silver Badger

    If nothing else, Trump has been successful keeping in the spotlight. No matter what your news source, it seems that it’s all Trump all of the time. I’ve just about stopped reading the news.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    I will never understand why they didn’t keep the Howard Dean 50 state plan and just concentrated on the Presidency. That was dumber than dirt.

    • Ninja0980

      One of the biggest blunders our side made, along with not caring about the judicial branch.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        Yes, it’s a mistake but I don’t know WHY they chose to do so since it actually worked.

        • Ninja0980

          Beats the hell out of me.

      • obama gets to take a lot of heaping blame for that. i know the “we didn’t have a majority in congress” excuse that a lot of his fans use all the time. but that man could command any amount of media attention he wanted to, when he was in office. he could’ve spent every fucking day talking about the need to fill the bench, and republican obstructionism. he didn’t. and now we all will pay the price. yet another reason why i am not a person who automatically loves him, even as i’m sorry he’s not still the president.

        • The_Wretched


  • The Milkman

    Not buying it. You’d better have some good ideas, Nancy. Identity politics plus we’re-not-Trump isn’t going to be enough.

    Also, 40%? Really? I’m saddened by that. The fact that almost half of the country still supports this terrible, incompetent, malicious person is a dangerously depressing statistic. The ruin of our country won’t come from a despot, it’ll come from our own uneducated, uninformed, prejudiced, short-sighted population. Democracy only works when the voters are engaged, interested, and informed.

    • joe ho

      You don’t understand politics.

      The GOP has very strong tribal loyalty. They will eat their own vomit to keep the opposing tribe, the Dems, out of power.

      Dems are weak in tribal loyalty. That’s why instead of closing ranks liberals will sabotage their own tribe if their feelings have been hurt or if the candidate doesn’t meet their purity standards. Green Partiers. Bernie or Busters, 2000. 2016. They would rather see the other tribe win if they can’t have their own way. They end up voting against their own interests.

      That’s the sad truth. Liberals lack tribal loyalty and are undiscipined voters. Until that changes, GOP will continue to have the advantage.

      • The Milkman

        I can’t say I disagree with anything you just said.

        • but i notice the complete silence at my earlier comment, which is about facts and numbers and reality. you know, as in, looking at the actual results and seeing just how many indie voters where really were, in each state, in the general. yeah. nobody here seems to want to talk about that.

          • The Milkman

            That’s true too. Hell, Hillary didn’t even win over white women… that’s largely due to the influence of white women who didn’t go to college (they only turned out for her at 34%), but even among college-educated white women, she only got 51%. Yes, the Greens and Bernie folks had some cantankerous holdouts, and that didn’t help. But it wasn’t the only issue, so we can’t just hold them solely responsible for her loss. She was a candidate with lots of experience in government but was otherwise a terrible candidate. Her message was a combination of identity politics and center-right economic policies. Compared to the democrats prior to her husband’s administration, she sounded like a moderate Republican. So yeah, she just didn’t have a message that was inspiring enough to overcome her pre-existing negative numbers. And the Democratic party knew that, but still they tried to make fetch happen.

            You just can’t make fetch happen, Gretchen.

  • Do Something Nice

    Democrats need to have an aggressive agenda to motivate voters. In a perfect world, people would flow to the polls in record numbers to vote against the shitshow Trump and the complicit Republicans.

    But what often happens is that people are turned-off by politics and they stay home.

    Democrats have to motivate people to vote. They also need a new communications director and to forget about ‘playing it safe.’

    • fuow

      Yes! This!
      I am so sick and tired of the purity tests of the millennials and the refusal of the baby boomers to take responsibility. We’re in real trouble here.

      • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

        I don’t see them as purity tests. I see them as wanting to be a part of the future they, and their children, are inheriting. I absolutely agree with you though that we boomers do need to start taking responsibility for this mess, and for getting us out of it. Personally, I think we can all have a slice of the cake and eat it too but, we have to work together before it’s too late.

    • Todd20036

      I’m one of the few people who has a valid excuse to not vote in congressional elections next year (I live in DC), but lots of democrats come up with far more lamer ones.

    • Vista-Cruiser

      An elected official is simply an appliance who brings about one set of policies or another. It’s like a game of checkers, and the pieces are fungible. We clearly need more blue pieces on the board and a lot fewer red ones.

      Unfortunately, Democrats vote only when they feel sufficiently motivated. And that isn’t very often, because not all candidates are entertaining or inspiring. They don’t realize that boring candidates often make the most effective elected officials.

      Every election year, the Democratic Party tries to motivate people to vote, but it rarely works. Instead, the party needs to teach people to stop holding out for inspiring candidates, and to instead vote in every single election for the candidates who will bring about the policies that they want.

  • fuow

    No. Sadly, no.
    1) The trumpanzies – about 1/3 of people who actually VOTE will be voting.
    2) Democrats are horrid at mid-term turnout.
    3) We still don’t have any program in place to increase voter turnout. Meanwhile the rethugs are purging voter roles actively and passively at a horrendous pace – and guess who isn’t getting purged….

    • Jmdintpa

      i think the only way back is force. a revolution of some sorts. i think they win more seats, trump wins again in 2020 and soon after the 1st amendment gets suspended. the free press is suspended. we going the way of christianism.

    • AJ Drew

      At this point I truly believe we have to go ground-up. Vote DEM at every and all elections: local, county, state, national. Fook the current DEM “leaders,” we can deal with them later, but we have to toss this current GOP shit show first.

  • joe ho

    Don’t worry. Green Partiers and Bernie or Busters will sabotage again with purity codes. They’re easy targets for Russia generated fake news.

    • fuow

      Yup. Sadly, yup.

    • Jmdintpa

      democrats and republicans are the same dont ya know………I would like to knock the shit out of everyone of them that stated that and i mean knock the holy hell out of them so that they never ever make such statements again

      • joe ho

        GOP and Russian propaganda forces deliberately targeted far-lefters with those messages. They are easy prey.

    • Michael

      Give me a f*cking break here. THIS is why the DNC is a joke. Anyone who dared support Sanders can f*ck off in your book. And then you have to wonder why they don’t show up to support your BS.

      • joe ho


        Anyone who didn’t vote for Clinton in the general election can fuck off.

        Green Partiers and other far-left fucktards are the joke. If they can’t have their way or their feelings have been hurt, they storm off like petulant children and sabotage their own tribe.

        By contrast GOP voters swallow their pride and join forces to keep the other tribe out of power.

        Now find a very tall building a throw yourself off it. Take Stein, Bernie or Busters, Susan Slurandon and all the other self-destructive Che Guevara wannebeswith you.

      • joe ho


        There you have it. The far-left gets its feelings hurt for pointing out its self-defeating behavior and it pouts and storms off–allowing the greater evil to get elected.

        Childish, narcissistic far-left fucktards like you are the problem.

        No. America is not going to turn into a Brocialist workers’ paradise.

        Yes. Voting for the lesser of two evils really is less evil.

        Even far-left icon Chomsky who dislikes Clinton says you on the far-left made a very bad mistake in not supporting Clinton in the general. You’ve set back progressive causes for a generation.

        Until you get a grip on reality, you are a danger to yourselves and your country.

    • And the in-fighting continues. We are so fucked.

      • joe ho

        Not in-fighting. Simply pointing out what to expect. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. 2000. 2010. 2016. Thinking the far-left will become any more reasonable or politically responsible is not realistic.

      • joe ho

        Not in-fighting. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. 2000. 2010, 2016.
        Thinking that the far-left will behave in a politically responsible way is not realistic.

        How PUtin played the far-left into voting against its own interests.

      • some people just won’t look forward instead of backwards. some people are paid russian trolls. some people just don’t understand math.

    • JCF

      Can we please avoid this sort of fatalism now?

  • Jmdintpa

    Oh well. Between all the democratic bases showing less turnout across the board in the last election ( since obama wasnt on the ticket) and being that its a mid term the democrats always lose. now couple that with the fact that we know damn well democrats will run unexciting, out of ideas, quite and mouse like candidates and its a sure bet that republicans win more seats in 2018. then they will really think the have a mandate to take back america. in case no one told ya yet… we have lost this republic. the only way back now is the second amendment. the found fathers gave us that amendment just for times like this in our history. elections will never be honest again. fascist do not let laws and elections drive them from power. large multi million people marches and uprising against the feds is the only way back after 2018…….

  • Michael

    Wow, who knew this thread would turn into a Sander’s bash event?


    You guys need to get the chip off your shoulder. Your beloved queen was NEVER going to win and stop trying blame everyone else for it. You guys need to drop the pissy and bitter attitude towards anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe. It’s unreal you guys can’t fathom your attitude is why Trump is in power.

  • Hillary Clinton beat Trump in Congressional districts where Democrats didn’t even run a candidate. Yes, Democrats could take back the House. They could have done so in 2016 if they’d actually bothered to try. Democrats rely too much on Republicans fucking up. The only period Dems have had the House since 1995 was 2006-2009. The moment Republicans regroup they lose again. Democrats need a 50 state strategy. Not that they can win all 50 states but because there are important races in all 50 states that could be won and all those school boards and county officials and suburban city councils matter, not just the White House.

  • aagold76 .

    I respect and admire Pelosi- but she will used as a lightening rod by Repubs in a number of districts and will cost the party between 10 and 20 seats. Dems can’t afford her leadership any longer!

    • BobSF_94117

      Paul Ryan thanks you for your service.

    • Beagle

      Who takes over for Pelosi? I don’t see a deep bench among the Ds in the House.
      I’d suggest that there’s a generational issue coming up. The current D leadership are all well into their 70s. They won’t be around forever. Which means now is the time to start preparing for a succession.

      • The_Wretched

        They’ll hire a few older republicans to lead them. I’m only half joking.

  • Ken M

    Positive predictions for their own parties victories, yea, like I believe that.

  • Clive Johnson

    It would help the Dems immensely is instead of ‘We’re not them’, which is the fundraising message I got on the phone last week and also in a fundraising letter for a Dem. candidate for governor (who I actually like) I received just a couple of days ago, they came out swinging with a strongly progressive platform.

    Fuck the Republicans and all their swinish degradations of democracy and everything else. Yes, I get it.

    What about the fact that people I know who make a middle class income have to go to the food pantry every week or so to pick up donated goods? What about all the people who want to get more education but dare not go into more student loan debt? What about climate change screaming down our necks and demanding stronger, much stronger, action? What about childhood poverty? What about a transaction tax on Wall Street to help pay for infrastructure repair, etc.?

    I’m just not hearing much of anything that inspires me other than ‘We’re not the Republicans’. I sure as hell won’t vote for anyone else in a Republican-Democrat matchup, but damn, show some vision and strategic leadership, Dems!

    • Beagle

      This. Develop an American Agenda that would actually make the country better, and have bills drafted and ready to introduce on Day 1. Be ready to hold hearings during Week 1, pass a few single-topic bills during the first couple months, and be ready to mark up more comprehensive bills during the spring.
      And in 2020, the Ds can run against a Senate run by do-nothing Rs — or run on what those bills have accomplished.

      • The_Wretched

        Pelosi ran up an impressive list of passed bills in the House when she ran it. It’s one place she really shone. However, I never saw the Dems make hay on the list.

  • JT

    Dems Encouraged About Midterm Prospects In House

    Encouraged? Get off your fucking, timid asses and take full advantage of the Drumpf debacle! Organize and get out in the districts!

  • Tor

    They’ll manage to fuck it up. Not to worry.

  • The_Wretched

    Pelosi this morning was defending sessions and say he’s not done anything that should remove him from office. That’s only half right and a lot of political calculus. Keeping the Mueller investigation protected is vital and Sessions is keeping him there as well as staying out of it. Changing out sessions changes that dynamic. However, let’s not over look sessions going whole hog on private prisons, mandatory minimums and a host of other effort to maximize the % PoC in our jails.

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    Okay…they’re “hopeful.”
    Even after saying the DNC would support pro-life candidates.
    Meet the new GOP, same as the old GOP.

  • JWC

    Not without a lot of hardwork

  • Gerry Fisher

    On the one hand, the “let the president implode with as little comment from us as possible” plan is working in terms of keeping all cameras trained on the dumpster fire. On the other hand, the Dems don’t seem to have made ANY progress in developing clear, concise counter proposals. They’re still managing “not to stand for anything,” and that often loses elections.

    Even if we take back the House next year, I’m not confident about the Dems long-term prospects until they grow a spine and “stand up” for something, and that something really needs to address income inequality in some mainstream, do-able way.

  • KQCA

    So, what’s the plan? Roll out the same candidates and platforms that have proved to fail in the past?

    We need a Joe Jervis in the ring.

  • JCF

    “President Trump’s approval rating at a dismal 40 percent”

    Quinnipiac today: down to 33%!

  • JCF

    I, for one, choose to be OPTIMISTIC about this. There is a WAVE of new Democratic candidates running: in 2010 and 2014, that same stat (for Rethugs) presaged their landslides. Get out there, support our candidates (or be one!), and WE CAN WIN THIS THING!!*

    * But keep the lawyers on speed dial—in case of Rethug chicanery.

  • Vista-Cruiser

    “Dems Encouraged About Midterm Prospects In House”

    Well, I’m a Democrat, and I’m not at all encouraged. The Democratic Party sits back and lets Republicans set the narrative, it woefully underestimates the level of hatred and bigotry among Americans, and Americans who lean Democratic no longer bother to vote.

  • ian

    I’m a Dem, and vote Dem, but I just feel like the party has a real talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. they just are not hitting the GOP hard enough. I must admit I agree with a lot of editorials that the Dem leadership is out of touch with America and think they’ll succeed with business as usual tactics.