Tony Perkins On Trans Military Ban: Trump Is Keeping His Promise To End Obama’s Social Experimentation

Just in from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

“I applaud President Trump for keeping his promise to return to military priorities – and not continue the social experimentation of the Obama era that has crippled our nation’s military. The military can now focus its efforts on preparing to fight and win wars rather than being used to advance the Obama social agenda.

“President Trump recognizes what the nation’s military leadership and the American people realize, this Obama policy makes no sense.

“The last thing we should be doing is diverting billions of dollars from mission-critical training to something as controversial as gender reassignment surgery. However, the cost to readiness, recruitment, retention, morale and cohesion would have been even greater under the Obama policy. As our nation faces serious national security threats, our troops shouldn’t be forced to endure hours of transgender ‘sensitivity’ classes and politically-correct distractions like this one.

“Now that we are assured that the Defense Department has its fiscal priorities in order, Family Research Council withdraws our opposition to increasing the budget of the Department of Defense through the ‘Make America Secure Appropriations Act’ and looks forward to seeing that legislation pass.”

  • netxtown

    oh look. it’s perkkky. trump farted again.

  • The_Wretched

    One person’s “Social Experimentation” is some one else’s feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. It’s like Mr.Perkins has never read the words of his Lord and Savior.

    • TexasBoy

      Only as a means to an end….collecting tax-free donations.

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      “Social experimentation” was a term used against desegregation and interracial marriage…….

      • The_Wretched

        True, I missed the dog whistle.

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips

          Its ok. Perkkkins’ deplorables know what hes talking about

  • Boreal
  • TexasBoy

    Aww yes…CBN…real news.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I’m sick and tired of this “crippled military” bullshit. We have the largest, most powerful, best equipped and best trained military in the entire known history of this planet.

    • jerry

      They used the same crap in the 2000 election, that somehow, under Clinton, the military was now “weak and crippled”, and that GWB would restore it. And they weren’t even talking about gay or trans service members at the time.

    • prixator

      And most well-funded. By far.

  • kanehau

    Shut up you fucking piece of shit.

  • AtticusP

    Our nation’s military is not crippled, you lying piece of shit.

    • CanuckDon

      These fucking rightwing asswipes know exactly what they’re doing and how to manipulate the public mindset their way with continual lies and exaggerations.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Shocking how easy it is for them to get away with it.

        • David Walker

          And sadly it’s not new. Not by a long shot.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Never did see that flick 🙁

          • David Walker

            It may or may not be on one of the “on demand” schemes.
            If you aren’t on one, check out your local public library. If they don’t have it, they can do an interlibrary search for you. That’s also what you pay taxes for.

    • Schlukitz

      Not only crippled but on crutches according to this dumb fuck asswipe.

  • Butch

    Does Tony have any kids? Aside from offering them my deepest sympathy, wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of them came out as gay or trans?

    • TexasBoy

      If Tony ever had such a child, it would either disappear under mysterious circumstances or be miraculously cured of the inner demon (hallelujah, praise, praise, send me tax free money to continue this important work of God)

  • Butch

    FWIW, I know everyone will be shocked to learn that Tony’s claim about the “billions” it will cost the military is total BS:

  • FAEN


    Shut the fuck up.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    “The last thing we should be doing is diverting billions of dollars from mission-critical training to something as controversial as gender reassignment surgery.”

    Are we reassigning the gender of EVERYONE in the military?

    You know what would actually save billions? Removing tax-exempt status for religious groups.

    P.S. God floods the homes of liars and blasphemers. True Story!

    • SilasMarner

      Hallelujah, and can I get a good God Damn?!

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Coal-fired steam launchers are expensive.

    • Schlukitz

      “The future belongs to us.”

  • Joe in PA

    And of course NOM weighs in, and BTW, they still have that nasty kids-getting-married photo on their twitter feed:

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    That’s all Tony and Trump want: “The military can now focus its efforts on preparing to fight and win wars.” We need to have a stately, calm gentleman who can calm the world…you know, like President Obama.

    • Schlukitz

      Brian Brown must be wet all over.

  • JT

    Screaming psychopath bigot says what?

  • Bluto
  • Make no mistake this was done to keep the wingnuts happy for spell, but that will wear off, and as the GOP stares a mid-term loss of their majority in the face you will hear renewed talk of overturning lawrence, or obergefell, or windor and look for the zombie idea of the Constitutional marriage amendment to be floated , not that has a hope in hell of passing but as a way to get the talibangelicals motivated to give money and vote

    • kcken

      I believe this! Trump is trying to shore up that 37% of the population while the Russian meltdown takes over everything else.

  • TrueWords

    This cartoon is always true and appropriate…

    The reality is this had Obama’s name on it so it had to GO…this is the mantra…

    Trump has told senior officials to bring him anything with Obama’s name on it so he can undo it.

    This is LAZY governing by Trump and it makes his supporters HAPPY…

    • Friday

      More like he needed some easy malice he could do so he could hurt some American troops for a distraction and diversion for his Christianist ‘base.’

  • Scout
    • Friday

      Frankly, Republicans should be roasted for trying to hurt American troops and citizens just so they can run negative political ads stoking and exploiting bigotry.

      • prixator

        They have no scruples. Nor shame.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    The motherfuckers are playing politics with people’s lives. None of us are safe.

  • Friday

    Err, Christianists, you’re the only ones who have been ‘distracted’ by your crusade to persecute trans people in the miliary, just like you were the ones making a big stink about LGB people in the military, when in both cases there’s no ‘social experiment’ about it because of the very fact you’ve made us one of the last developed nations not to have had open service for all for years.

    And it’s cheaper to treat trans people properly than to prosecute them or investigate their suicides or them being murdered, cheaper than to treat them for the trauma and other negativities you want to enforce on them, and it’s cheaper than straight people’s pregnancy and birth related health care, and you’re the only one saying this actually adds up to billions in the first place.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Enjoy your little hate-boner Tone, we will persevere.

    • Karl Dubhe

      I’m also sure his house will be flooded again.

  • Ginger Snap

    Never for one second think that these Bigots think that our community or anyone who isn’t white is considered subhuman to them and our rights can be revoked at anytime they want. We all know they would like to torture and kill us to satisfy their sick desires.

    • Friday

      (Bit of a grammar thing there, but you’re right.)

      • Ginger Snap

        Yeah I know I just fired it off.

  • Stubenville

    “…the social experimentation of the Obama era that has crippled our nation’s military”

    Citation required, or you’re just another fucking liar.


  • Karl Dubhe

    I’d comment, but the TOS…

    And it’s been said before, and will be again, so why say it again only to be banned? 🙂

    • Stubenville

      Many of us are thinking the same thing.

  • Dan Weagraff

    im really sick of hearing about this guy……Why, Why Why Joe do we still have hear about this guy?

    • GayOldLady

      Because until the day he stops stalking us, or trying to take a knife to our throats, or dies we NEED to know what he’s doing.

      • Leo Tallant

        Yes, we need to keep an eye on what they are doing. We can’t hope to protect ourselves if we don’t know how they are trying to harm us.

    • Schlukitz

      Tony and his ilk would like nothing better than being ignored and having a blind eye cast in his direction. As we all know, cockroaches, rats and vermin do their best work (and destruction) under the cover of darkness.

      Shining a bright into their nests exposes them as the horrible human beings that they are and helps to disrupt and curtail their heinous activities.

  • Karl Dubhe

    O/T The book I’m reading this week is by a guy named Aron Ra, “The Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism” It’s based on his youtube video series.

    A good thing to read after reading stories like this one.

    • GayOldLady

      Can you link me to the youtube series.

      • Karl Dubhe

        With pleasure. It’s one of the better channels on youtube. (he’s also running for a seat in the Texas Leg.)

        • GayOldLady

          Thank you Karl!

  • GayOldLady

    These are countries that allow Transgender Service Members:
    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

    Everyone with any sense knows this is just exactly like the “Muslim ban” that was disguised as a “travel ban”. Trump is an idiot. He’s running scared so he’s trying to get his christian/evangelical base back on board and this is an appeasement, not a well thought out policy decision because if it was he’d let the existing law stand.

    And I just read that there are 15k Transgender Service Members. So, what’s going to happen to them? Will they be separated from the Armed Forces immediately? You know full well that many of these service members are highly skilled, highly trained individuals and they’ll be separated because of the President’s ignorance and because Jesus and the hand wringing christianites said so? It’s just heartbreaking.

  • JWC

    Shut the fuck up Tony America should stop this social experiment xcalled Trump…failure

  • Secure

    I thought Tony wanted gays kicked out of the military. Trump is denying your ultimate wish.

    • Kruhn

      “Baby steps”. “Baby steps”.

  • The Milkman

    This horrible person has dedicated his life to making other people’s lives more miserable. It’s time we stopped with the assumption that religious conviction is an acceptable justification for cruelty. It’s not. And it never was. It’s a cheap cop out… an easy excuse for the simple minded to treat others with contempt.

  • Lee Grupsmith-Pedersen

    I shudder to think what other “social experimentation” he would like to see discontinued. Desegregation? Franchise for women?

  • JCF