Trump’s State Visit To UK Faces Delay Until 2019

From Britain’s Evening Standard:

Donald Trump’s State visit to Britain could be delayed until 2019, it emerged today. The trip, with full Royal pomp and circumstance, is almost certainly not going to take place this year. The Palace is understood to have plans for another visit in the first half of 2018, practically ruling out a visit from Mr Trump.

The Queen is not expected to lay on more than two State visits next year, according to one source, though dates for a Trump visit in 2018 are still believed to being explored. Given the potential delay until spring 2019, the US president may come to Britain earlier to meet Prime Minister Theresa May, but not on a full State visit.

NOTE: The Evening Standard and the Independent are both owned by Russian billionaire and former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev.

  • Todd20036

    In other words, Trump will be welcome when shit sticks on the moon, baby.

    • Joe in PA

      I don’t know what that means, but I agree. 🙂

  • jmax

    Rescheduled with the hope Trump won’t be around to accept the offer later.

    • liondon#iamnotatraitor

      Like trying to figure out how to invite the racist uncle over for Christmas hoping he dies… Uhh …we’re getting the kitchen redone….for 2 years.

  • Do Something Nice

    They’re hoping that he won’t be president by then.

    • Readen Reply


    • Karl Dubhe

      Every human being is.

      • SFBruce

        Maybe not every human being, but certainly those of us who remain sentient.

        • Karl Dubhe

          I don’t count tables as humans. 🙂

          (old Barney Frank reference.)

          • Galvestonian

            I don’t count Republicans as humans.

    • Frostbite

      yeah, so are we.

    • TrueWords

      We all are…Trump is an embarrassment as well as his “policies”…

    • Steverino

      Her Majesty likely is hoping she will have gone to heavenly reward by then.

      • David Walker

        …or, better yet, that 45 has taken the advice of so many and gone to hell.

    • Ranger One

      I’m sure the Queen said that she would appear with that pig when hell freezes.

    • 2patricius2

      And I am hoping that Mike Pence and Paul Ryan have been convicted of collusion with the Russians and are in jail by then, so neither of them will be there for a state visit.

  • Stogiebear
  • Do Something Nice

    I can just hear the excuses if Trump is still president in 2019: The queens say ‘oh dear, I can’t do this now, I left the bath water running.’

    • Tawreos

      I hear she is washing the royal hair for all of 2019

    • ChrisMorley

      The longer it is delayed, the more likely Mrs Elizabeth Windsor will have the biggliest excuse ever to say no: her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, is on his last legs and will leave us all sometime soon. He’s 92 and has had more than one health scare.

      • Gustav2

        Maybe HM will schedule a George V solution so she can be in mourning.

        • ChrisMorley

          Shhhhhhh. That solution is supposed to be a State Secret.

          • ChrisMorley

            Also the Queen can’t be prosecuted. All prosecutions are in her name.
            She doesn’t have to bother with any cheapskate Pardons sniffffff.

          • Gustav2

            As a pastor’s kid in the 1960’s, I knew the George V solution was not uncommon in US hospitals. It was used until the late 1970’s and the anti-choice folks meddled.

          • ChrisMorley
          • Ginger Snap

            Funny I just watch a documentary on the actual power the Queen has and I was shocked at how much power she has.

          • Robincho

            “… moving peacefully toward its close”?…

          • ChrisMorley

            Precisely. We just dial up the diamorphine drip.

          • Robincho

            And that DOCTOR! Lordy, whatta Moran!…

        • What is the George V solution?

          • Robert Pierce

            A lethal injection of cocaine/heroin.

          • Gustav2

            George V was going to die sometime in the next 6/12 hours so they gave him a lethal injection of cocaine and heroin so he would die in the evening, That way the morning “respectable” newspapers would be the first with the news.

      • Gregory B

        The Duke turned 96 on 10 June this year (the BBC article was written in 2014).

        • ChrisMorley

          Thanks for spotting my blooper. I thought he was older than 92.

    • Steve Smith

      “I’m washing my hair”. For a week.

      • Kruhn

        Or having Windsor Castle fumigated as an excuse.

    • Uncle Mark

      Couldn’t they just take him to the Bloody Tower of London and leave him there? Probably making him climb the stairs would be enough to kill him. If not, push him down the same stairs.

    • Ginger Snap

      What us that old excuse for getting out of a date? “I can’t tonight I have to wash my hair.”

  • “But I wanna ride in the golden carriage! I wanna ride in the golden carriage!”

  • Harveyrabbit
  • Mike Solo

    I’m actually hoping he visits, as I want to protest, and join what might be some of the largest scale protests against the “leader” of a major power ever seen.

    • Kruhn

      Please moon him for me.

  • geoffalnutt

    Yay!!!!!. Go to Moscow, instead…and stay there!!!

  • Surely there is some village in the UK looking for a new idiot? Please offer him a job.

    • Dave F.

      45 could replace all the village idiots – everywhere – in the known universe.

    • Dazzer

      Hey! Our villages still have standards doncha know!

  • Rebecca Gardner

    My guess is they’re hoping he’ll be in prison by 2019.

    • Harveyrabbit

      h̶o̶p̶i̶n̶g assuming

    • Christopher

      Then we share the same hope.

    • another_steve

      The British know that there’ll be massive protests if the sexual predator sets foot on their isle.

      Love to our friends across the pond for keeping this American Horror Story of ours from entering your golden lands.

  • FAEN

    This obsession he has with the golden carriage-is he secretly some twisted Disney princess?

    • Christopher

      “Cheetorella, Cheetorella, night and day it’s Cheetorella.”

      • FAEN


  • Smokey

    I imagine they’re having a difficult time finding enough gold paint to redo the guest quarters to make him feel at home.

  • Derrick Johns

    The British should put off the Trump visit until 2029. Invite Barron.

  • June Gordon

    Her Majesty: “We want you to put it off until he’s impeached. Or I’m dead. Don’t much care which.”

    • Karl Dubhe

      Reply from the PM; “You can advise all you like, but you don’t get to demand anything other than what you want for breakie and lunch.”

  • another_steve

    I like Queen Elizabeth II.

    Girl knows, and wants him to stay out.

    • Karl Dubhe

      She might know, but she’s met worse people than Trump. She’ll continue to do her duty.

      • another_steve

        Perhaps it’s because she’s met with so many tyrants over the course of her long reign that she knows the scent of them.

        You are merely the putrefaction that spreads after death – the outward and visible sign of its presence. You’re a lesson in history to me, Sejanus, proving that, above all, mankind needs its sense of smell.

        ~ Gallus to Sejanus, “I, Claudius”

    • Ranger One

      He is an anti-royal. Ordained by God to be as far away from the dignified as possible.

  • justme
    • ChrisMorley


      • Kruhn

        Technically lese majesté.

    • Derrick Johns

      LOL…lol Only J. Edgar Hoover could have fixed up better as queen.

    • Uncle Mark

      “We are NEVER amused !!”

      • justme

        American Royalty….?

  • Do Something Nice

    OT: In related news, Trump’s spokespeople have hinted that Trump would like to see both May and the queen of England fired.

  • Ranger One

    Yea fuck that. The Queen next to Trump! That is bullshit. He only deserves an audience with a pissing prostitute.

  • Michael R
  • Ranger One

    It harms the Crown to see him. She should never be seen in public with him

  • BobSF_94117

    One assumes that the already booked State Visit is for our lizard overlords.

  • Tread


  • another_steve

    When you visit the Royal Mews in Buckingham Palace, you get to see the royal collection of historic coaches and carriages.

    Very gay.

  • barrixines

    I think at this point they could sit the bewildered old fucker on the back of a milk float for a ride up and down the Purley Way, Croydon and he wouldn’t know the difference.

    • Reality.Bites

      But enough about Philip

    • Treant

      Actually, that kind of looks like fun. Plus, if you get thirsty, there’s tons of milk.

    • Ken M

      He would get all excited and want one for Christmas.

    • David Walker

      Or, since he clearly could use a little exercise, Angela could furnish one of these…

  • BostonBud

    They must be hoping he’s gone by then so they never have to do it.

    • Reality.Bites

      Either that or the Queen’s hoping she’s gone by then and she can stick Charles with it.

  • Alexander Stallwitz

    I bet Hillary Clinton wouldnt have trouble getting a state visit to the UK. I think they keep delayng it because Trump has the popularity of Syphilis in Europe and the UK myself

    • Treant


      I’d far rather have syphilis than put up with Trump!

      • Uncle Mark

        If only there were was a penicillin shot that would rid this country of Drumpf

  • djcoastermark

    Table for 2 ? I’m sorry Mr t rump, we are currently booked and not taking reservations at this time.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • clay

      Ship commissioning in VA.
      BSA Jamboree in VA.
      Rally in OH.
      Nearly two weeks in NJ.

      Hear that, GOP Senators? That’s your “partner” in the health care disruption debate.

    • Gustav2

      Take the BSA speech and repeat.

      • Treant

        I hope so. Edge case Republicans can’t be thinking this is sane or normal.

      • justme

        Would love to read on line tomorrow how his yuge crowd stood up and shouted bullshyt every time he starts on one of his lies….

    • Ken M

      What happened to his Vaca?

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Doctors orders, at least two ego rallies before Vaca…for stress…

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Still not banned…..sigh…..what will it take? Anyway….

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Unfortunately, he’s probably right. Ohio is one of the states where he’s still about breaking even on his approval ratings. Depending on where he goes (not Cleveland, I’m sure), they’ll probably turn up for him.

      As a native and former Ohioan, I’m ashamed.

  • Elsewhere1010

    If he’s still President by 2019. Opinions vary.

  • justme
  • boobert

    He’s too stupid to realize the royal family doesn’t want to see him!

  • Liz is hoping by then we’ll have impeached him. I wish I shared her optimism.

  • Ken M

    Let him go back to Poland. As for England…YOU GO GIRL!

  • JWC

    I do not believe Liz is amused by this idiot fool

  • Galvestonian

    let’s hope that he’s impeached by then … maybe it’ll give MI-6 time to dig up some juicy bits to take the orange out of Cheatolini – bleach his sorry ass.

  • Paul

    I am curious as to who the two countries are that are being given state visits in 2018?

    • Reality.Bites

      Phoneyland and WeMadeItUpistan. They’re both critically-important visits that must take place before Trump’s

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Honestly, 45 doesn’t deserve a state visit, at least not with full honours; that would be a travesty, one I suspect the British people would not approve of…especially Londoners.

  • Chris Gardner

    Mr. President, I think you’ll first need to ask your parole officer before you can leave the country.

  • Gianni

    Oh, Donnie wants to ride in a gilded carriage. So lady-like and let’s hope the glass slippers fit so you can go to the ball in style.

  • JT

    Trump’s State Visit To UK Faces Delay Until 2019

    With any luck, Drumpf will be in prison or on death row for treason long before then.