GERMANY: President Signs Marriage Bill, Weddings To Start October 1st Unless Bavaria State Challenges

Bloomberg reports:

Germany’s president has signed legislation legalizing gay marriage, his office said Friday, paving the way for the bill to take effect this fall. Lawmakers approved the bill on June 30 in parliament’s last session before Germany’s September election. The move became possible after Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose conservative party had long been reluctant to budge on the issue, said she would allow its lawmakers to vote according to their conscience. The presidential office said President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed the legislation on Thursday. That means it will come into force Oct. 1 at the earliest.

More from Germany’s The Local:

Leading members of the conservative CSU/CDU parties (also known as the Union) still remain displeased with the vote and have called for the law to be challenged before Germany’s Constitutional Court. Bavaria itself – whose Minister President is Horst Seehofer, the head of the CSU – has said that it is considering filing a legal challenge and is consulting with legal experts. Volker Kauder, leader of Merkel’s CDU in the Bundestag, told Tagesspiegel earlier this month that his party is going to depend on Bavaria’s assessment of whether to file a complaint.

  • Woo-hoo! Sehr gut! ^_^

  • Boreal
  • Bluto

    See world, it’s just this simple. Way to go Germany!

    Thought of the day:

    • DaddyRay

      So romantic

    • Acronym Jim

      “Deep” thoughts by Jack Handy.

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    • Tawreos

      I get the feeling I am going to have to explain the laughter next time I kiss someone.

    • The_Wretched

      it’s like pen-pineapple-apple-pen, only different.

    • BudClark

      Which accomplishes WHAT, exactly? (chuckle)

  • KCMC
    • Strepsi

      Trae! 😍

  • DaddyRay

    Meine Glückwünsche

  • bkmn

    Come on Bavaria, do the right thing and let it become reality.

    • Reality.Bites

      They will do the “right” thing and file a pointless doomed lawsuit just like the right does everywhere marriage is legalized

    • Lazycrockett

      Specially since they gave us King Ludwig II.

      • William

        and the Nazi party.

        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          King Ludwig looks like most of my relatives

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Wikipedia :
        Ludwig spent all his royal revenues (although not state funds) on these projects, borrowed extensively, and defied all attempts by his ministers to restrain him. This extravagance was used against him to declare him insane,

        History repeats!

      • coram nobis

        And beer and Oktoberfest. Ein, zwei, g’suffa.

        • Tor

          Ha!! They taught us that drinking song in high school German. Doubt they could get away with that now.

          • Tor

            It was educational. They were teaching the difference between trinken and saufen.

          • coram nobis

            “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus …” Should be their national anthem.

        • My last apartment in Munich overlooked the Theresienwiese…it was easier to just give in and go to Oktoberfest instead of sitting home and complaining about the noise
          btw it is “oans, zwoa, g’suffa”
          Mixing Hochdeutsch and Bairisch…how very dare you!

    • BudClark

      Bavaria is the Deep South of Germany, except for the poisonous ULTRA-conservative Catholicism.

  • Jonathan Smith

    I LIVED there for 10 years years.
    Called it “Vatican North”
    i see an appeal

    • UrsusArctos

      My German 101 teacher explained that Bavaria is Germany’s TX, complete with thinking they are special enough to secede. Spending time there confirmed most of that as far as I could see.

      • Jonathan Smith

        don’t get me wrong, loved EVERY gay min of it. just VERY Xstain

        • UrsusArctos

          Oh yeah, and LOTS of TX is great. I number a ton of Texans among my friends (and a couple of Bayern). The TX attitude can get a bit tiresome, but so can other pride of place attitudes.

      • William

        Bavaria was roped into joining Germany after they lost a war.

        • UrsusArctos

          TX similarly joined the US when it became apparent white people wouldn’t be able to live under the rules Mexico had. They leave that bit about the TX Republic out. TX was made American by mass white migration Mexico wasn’t in a position to prevent since the US was pushing it because of slavery among other issues..

          • William

            My direct ancestors arrived in Texas in 1838. They followed cousins who emigrated when this was still Mexico.

          • UrsusArctos

            I have one of those too. He settled near Waco (China Spring). People were after land and you had to keep moving west then.

          • William

            A cousin still owns and lives on a portion of the original land grant from 1839.

    • William

      Bavarians started all that nazi shit. When it was all over and the surrender was signed, Prussia got blamed.

  • DaddyRay

    This is good news now that Germany is the leader of the Free World

    • Craig Collins

      and for all the bitter Hillary supporters still bashing Bernie: HEY! We got a woman as leader of the free world!

      • joe ho

        lol. still delusional about the far-left’s role in this catastrophe.

        how putin played the far-left into voting against its own interests.

        how the far-right baited the far-left into voting against its own interests.

        you fucktards need to take responsibility for your narcissistic, self-destructive voting behavior in third term elections. 2000. 2016.

        you useless pieces of shit need to be rounded up on an island and nuked.

      • Blake J Butler

        Never a democrat, always a self-entitled, lazy socialist.

        He has more in common with trump than he realizes with ego and what he thinks he is entitled to do.

        He has no idea what real persecution is like the one Hillary endured from republicans and the latte liberals that bitched and moaned about her and couldnt pull the lever for her. Most of them supported er but there were 15-20 percent of them that are the biggest wastes of sperm right up there with the poor white trash that voted for trump in droves.

    • Strepsi
      • coram nobis


      • gothambear

        Right how could Bavarian men who wear those cute little embroidered jackets (which are for sale everywhere in Munich) be opposed to gay marriage??

    • Randy503

      I like looking at Europe as a sort of puzzle. Germany now is one more piece of the puzzle towards marriage equality across the board. I see a little speck out in Northern Ireland holding out, and of course Italy. Then it will be mostly complete for western europe. Eastern europe will take longer, but we will get it eventually.

      • BudClark

        Eastern Europe will be slower because of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. The Russian Orthodox Church, in particular, is a sinkhole of depravity AND certifiably insane … think Rasputin … he wasn’t unique, just well-known because of his sinister hold over the Royal Family.

  • KCMC

    OT: this happened in TX this week. What inspired, bold young women!

    • The_Wretched

      NPR covered it too.

  • Bad Tom

    Love Wins!
    Congratulations, Germany!

  • LeeCMH

    Good for Germany.

  • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

    Ugh. Fucking Bavaria – the Alabama of Germany.

    • The New Paige Turner™

      Bavarians? – Bavarian Motor Works….BMW

      Fast cars? Yes.
      Marriage? Not so fast.

    • ospalh

      I think of it as the Texas of Germany:
      • in the south-east
      • more conservative than the rest
      • Sort-of a candidate for secession (not seriously in DE)

      • the local folk dress is sometimes incorrectly taken by foreign as typical for the rest of the country. Cowboy hats vs. Lederhosen.

    • I lived in Munich for a decade. While it is more conservative than other German states, Bavaria can hardly be compared to Alabama or Texas. It may have changed since I left in 1989 but I knew of no other large city in Germany where people sunbathed completely buck naked in the middle of the city park

  • AtticusP

    When it comes to Germany, I’m pretty clueless.

    Can somebody tell me whether Bavaria is to Germany what Alabama or Florida are to the US?

    • Jonathan Smith

      yes. southern state. in all ways

    • Christopher Smith

      Worse. Texass. They’d adore to ‘secede,’ lol

    • William

      Bavarians spit when they talk.

  • Gigi

    We’ve had The Gay Marriage in Canada for more than 12 years and despite all the protestations and “slippery slope” predictions made by the Talibangelists, we’re doing okay. We haven’t been attacked by locusts or destroyed by an earthquake, typhoon or meteorite sent by their anti-gay god and men still can’t marry children, dogs or blenders. The only thing that’s changed is there are more married, same-sex couples. We survived, and Germany will survive as well.

    • The_Wretched

      Plain and simple, having married same sex couple has next to zero impact on anyone who isn’t that couple. the thing that might annoy me the most about conservatives is their utter unwillingness to recognize simple empirical facts like that one.

    • William

      You did get an insane neighbor next door.

    • No More GOP.

      But you *do* have the US for a neighbor, so it’s not all sunshine and roses for you. 🙂

      • northern_neighbour

        Well that would depend on whether Trump decided to march the armies across our border as did Adolf did into Poland in 1939. I guess some alternative factoid could be drummed up as a pretext.

        Otherwise as a society up here, we’re pretty damn happy we are here and NOT down in the neighbour’s fiefdom, or at least so all my patients tell me in the office, and they do just LOVE our single payer health care system … it will be 50 years next year.

        But yeah, we are feel sorry for our American cousins and the terrible predicament US society has gotten itself into.

        Definitely a Precautionary Tale for us in the land of Igloos and melting Arctic ice.

        • No More GOP.

          The hubster and I are giving some non-trivial thought to leaving Los Estados Unidos for somewhere more sane. Part of me thinks it’s our duty to stay and contend with the crazies. Part of me thinks we should call it a day and find a new home.

          • northern_neighbour

            Depends on so many things … your ages, your work, your savings, … it is noble to fight the good fight for “liberty and justice for all” … but one can become exhausted eventually … leaving the fight to the younger generation and cheering from the sidelines.

            Many people in Los Estados Unidos cannot afford to retire in the US in any good situation and wind up going to Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand. Vietnam, Norway etc

            English speaking places like Canada, New Zealand Britain etc. tend to be more expensive.

            Canada has 4 seasons, clearly, you would need winter clothes up here but this society is almost as civilized as Scandinavia. We are extraordinarily lucky.

            BillBear1961 is up here in Québec .. in . bilingual Montreal, but that is because he met his hubby CJ up here. And of course he embraced the French language, something necessary to being happy in Québec, an amazing part of the Canadian ¨two solitudes.
            Sounds like you might enjoy a Spanish speaking place like Mexico, perhaps. Good climate and relatively less expensive.

            Good luck to the both of you, as you continue to weigh the options.

            Hope against hope, we dream that maybe the US will have a (peaceful) 2nd revolution and a counter movement against the current outrageousness that is going on and which is tearing your country down, as Trump & Co. thumb their collective noses at the Constitution itself.

            I think it would take millions in the streets day after day, and spelling each other off in shifts to keep massive numbers out there. So far that is not in the cards very much. Could change if the GOP manages to break the health care system though …. ???
            I don’t know what to think or to expect, nor the potential role of the military, FBI, and the judiciary … In theory Trump won … under the rigged rules of gerrymandered vote suppression and the archaic and undemocratic Electoral College.

            But most people are somewhat apathetic and apolitical, and know little of what has happened. Nonetheless, TAKE COURAGE, as much as possible …. A hug from the Vast North to you guys!

          • No More GOP.

            I have dual citizenship, so it’s (glossing heavily over a lot of stuff here) generally about me finding a job in Canada (BC is my first pick) in order for us to move. Still, I’ve lived most of my life in the US. Decisions, decisions. Adulting is hard.

          • northern_neighbour

            So nice to hear you have such options. I was born in B.C. (long ago) and couldn’t afford very much (housing wise) anywhere near Vancouver or Victoria. The Gulf Islands are wonderful between the two cities, however, and a couple of hours on the Ferry away from the delights of the big city.

            There are lots of ex-Americans living up in the Kootenays around Nelson B.C. who dodged the draft during the Vietnam conflict. Apparently the US Government offered them pardon afterwards and invited them to come back, but practically all of them politely declined to reclaim their birthright in the sense of returning to US soil. The good thing they can now visit family down below the border. British Columbia is indeed a beautiful land of ‘Splendour’, but culturally and economically, Portugal & Spain are far more appealing.

            I can understand basic Spanish, but as you say very difficult to decipher what the Portuguese are saying although they understand every word of Spanish.

            Good luck to you both … you’d be able to be your hubby’s voice abroad, if he were able to accept his Man also being interpreter.

            Maybe you could get a humble little home-base cabin on one of the less pricey islands or rural areas, and spend a chunk of the year overseas doing ‘adventure’ and then bring him back ‘home’ for quiet affection and tranquility in between. Plus a chance to sneak home to the states to visit friends and family. All the best whether you decide to stay and fight for the next (cathartic) Star spangled Revolution or to pass that torch to others.

    • boatboy_srq

      Yes, but in that time US conservatistism has gone full-blown bvgfvck. Are you sure the two aren’t related?

      • William

        There’s a thought, Canada’s punishment rained down on the wrong side of the border.

        • Steve Teeter

          That’s one of God’s characteristics. He misses the target again and again.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Yup, in fact, Canada’s gotten better since SSM, so what does tell you? To paraphrase “Marriage Wars”: Gays don’t destroy, we renovate.

  • fuck the RCC, fuck all religious people who think their imaginary friends in the sky approve of inequality. if Bavarian pols tank this, i will add that region to my list of place who will never see my tourist dollars.

    • Tor

      Off topic… I’ve thought that when it was time to create a Jewish homeland after WWII, it should have been carved out of Bavaria.

      • William

        Bavaria should have been placed under Soviet occupation.

        There is a Jewish homeland in Russia.

        • Tor

          What a convenient location!

          • William

            Who wouldn’t want to live in a mosquito infested swamp on the Chinese border?

    • prixator

      Since I don’t travel, I’ll give up sausages and sauerkraut! (and, I do actually love to occasionally eat s&s.)

  • David Walker

    I hope that picture of the Brandenberg becomes as iconic for German gays as the rainbow lighting on Obama’s White House.

    • Westcoast88

      Just came from the Brandenberg Gates where they are getting ready for tomorrow’s Pride parade (Christopher Street Day parade).
      There are banners up everywhere as people get ready to celebrate.

  • Ken M

    Can refugees get married?

  • No More GOP.

    This makes me very, very happy. I needed an upper like this today. I mean, having Spicer resign is an upper, too, but I needed an upper than was about a really good thing happening, not just about a bad thing happening to a bad man. 🙂

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I’m thrilled, though I fear Bavaria might just decide to be a dick about it.

    • JWC

      there are always DICKS look at TEXAS

  • JWC

    Applaud and and applaud to Merkle as well. Yes she opposed it and probably still does, but she had the good sense not to stand in the way and let it pass

  • Oh those wacky Bavarians that brought us Nazism! Hope they don’t throw our marriage licenses into the ovens as they did with our very bodies at Dachau just before I was born 70 years ago.

  • ospalh

    A little bit of rain on the parade:
    It looks like this law was done a bit too quickly after all.
    The German civil code still says that when a married woman bears a child, her *husband* is the (legal) *father*.
    They did not change it to say her *partner* is the other parent.
    Lesbians will still have to adopt their partner’s children.

  • Adonisus

    Frederick The Great would be proud.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok


  • sword

    Bavaria needs more time to remove all of the hidden swastikas.