Michele Bachmann: Donald Trump Is Completely Normal

The Pioneer Press reports:

The first thing to understand about President Donald Trump, former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann said Wednesday, is that the billionaire president is a normal person. “He is quite honestly one of the most regular guys you would ever meet,” said Bachmann, an adviser to Trump on faith issues who prayed over the president in the Oval Office last week. “He just is who he is.”

The second thing Bachmann wanted Carver County Republican activists to understand about the president is that he’s doing the right thing about a vital threat to America: “migration from Islamic countries.”

“After all of this phony, fake, Russia-collusion nonstory, the number one thing that voters in America stand with Donald Trump on, it’s the idea that they want the pause button hit on immigration from Islamic countries because of the problems that are coming into this country,” Bachmann said at the American Legion post in Waconia, where she was the keynote speaker at a dinner hosted by the Carver County Conservative PAC and a forum for five Republican candidates for governor.

More from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Her words, at times pointed and inflammatory, often targeted the state’s changing demographics and its Muslim Somali population. “Minnesota is a state that now has a reputation for terrorism,” she said, mentioning, among other things, a 2016 stabbing attack in a mall in St. Cloud.

Bachmann said state leaders focus too much on “political correctness,” something she said often during her run for president. “That’s what I see in Minnesota — too many people who are afraid of being called ‘racist,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘Islamophobe,’ ” Bachmann said. “I’m not afraid of it.”

She also mentioned Justine Damond, the woman who was shot and killed late Saturday by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. She called Noor an “affirmative-action hire by the hijab-wearing mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges,” and insinuated that Noor may have shot Damond for “cultural” reasons.