POLL: Trump Not Seen As Major Factor In Midterms

ABC News reports:

A majority of Americans prefer to see the next Congress controlled by the Democrats to counter President Donald Trump rather than the Republicans to support him — but without the level of anti-Trump motivation the opposition party may be banking on.

Despite Trump’s historically low approval rating, opposition to him is not producing appreciably more 2018 voting intention than is support for him, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. That’s a challenge for Democrats because their midterm turnout typically is low.

Moreover, 51 percent of registered voters say Trump won’t be a factor in their vote for Congress. The rest split closely between saying they’d vote to support Trump (20 percent) or to oppose him (24 percent), a non-significant gap.

  • Todd20036

    If Trump doesn’t help the democrats take one branch of the government, nothing will.

    That being said, kind of hard to take polls at this point too seriously.

    • another_steve

      It would be nice if the Democrats employed strategy and came up with a winning formula for mobilizing the base and getting the vote out next year.

      Robby Mook, last year, showed us that the Democrats have no experienced hard-knuckle strategists in play. Hillary lost in part because her campaign wasn’t run professionally.

      • Todd20036

        Actually, she lost because the Trump campaign ran theirs unprofessionally.

        • another_steve

          I don’t agree with that, Todd. Trump ran an extremely well thought-out campaign. Very strategic.

          They quickly identified their base (the deplorables) and campaigned heavily in areas that proved to be essential for an Electoral College win. They tapped and effectively utilized the resources of the Russians and the white supremacists and the theofascists (Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins et al).

          Trump knew exactly what he was doing, and he won.

          • Ninja0980

            Not only that, but they made sure again and again to let the voters know about all the court vacancies, while Democrats barely mentioned it.

          • another_steve

            Don’t get me started gurl.

            Remember those 12 or 13 women who stepped forward to describe the sexual predator’s unwanted advances toward them? That was powerful, riveting personal testimony concerning the moral decrepitude currently occupying the White House.

            Why didn’t Robby Mook make sure that those women were on cable news 24/7, telling their stories? Why didn’t he arrange for them to speak at each and every campaign stop of Hillary’s, to tell their stories?

            Mother of All Missed Opportunities to capture 85 percent of the woman vote.

            A complete and total fuck-up.

          • Ninja0980

            Sadly you had women like Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick countering that.
            I hate to call accusers liars but those too attacking Bill Clinton and Hillary for “attacking them” while saying nothing about Trump.
            IMO, they were both women scorned and nothing more.

          • prixator

            And, his outrageousness garnered him many millions (billions?) in free advertising.

    • TrueWords

      This is the sad reality for many Democratic voters…they do not have the passion and determination to vote (like the Republicans) as much as they are invested in marching and protesting…

      This is one aspect to how Republicans are winning…protests are good and great but voting is the essential and needed part of the Democratic Process…


      • Rambie

        Perhaps have a march & rally on election day at the polls.

        • TrueWords

          There does not need to be all this hoopla about registering to vote and then voting…just DO IT…again this is how democrats are losing everything has to have an incentive while Republicans have their internal incentive to vote and that is their disdain for Democrats and their agenda…

          • Rambie

            The GOP’ers have spent decades building up scapegoats and red herrings to rile up their base voters. Entire industries are now setup to support and propagate it now.

            I’d like to see Democrats find their own way to energize their base, with facts hopefully, and help get voters excited to vote for a progressive agenda.

        • The march to the polls is the only one that really matters. yes, protests and speeches and all that are good, but if you don’t show up to vote, you still don’t have any influence. There are only two ways to have political power in the US. You either donate a lot of money (and I mean in the six figures or above) or you consistently show up to vote so that elected officials don’t dare ignore you. Other than that, nada.

          • Rambie

            I was being mostly sarcastic in that suggestion.

      • I just don’t understand that. Republicans will show up and vote for a candidate they hate. None of my right wing relatives actually liked McCain or Romney that much but they’d never have even considered staying home or voting third party. I think some Democrats enjoy losing and whining about it. If that sounds harsh then offer me another explanation of why they would vote for Stein or stay home?

        • TrueWords

          I have to agree…Republicans will vote to make sure that a Democratic candidate does not get elected but Democrats LOVE to vacillate, wax and wane about their choices…

          JUST VOTE DEMOCRATIC…FUCK the Independent candidates because this country has NEVER had a successful three party system…

          • Lantor

            A third party is only going to come from the bottom up, not the top down. Furthermore, if they do hate the dems as much as they say they do, why not use your third party desire and get a seat at the table and change it from within?

            I was very much in favor of Sanders in 16 but once he lost, I threw all my support behind Clinton, knowing full well that she would at least listen to the policy positions that I liked in Sanders and maybe even get a few enacted during her presidency. It’s like Obama, it took him a while to publicly support gay marriage, but I promise you McCain NEVER would have.

          • TrueWords

            This is what happened and we are not dealing with it…so many people wasted their vote and now they want to bitch and complain or say I voted for Stein or did not vote at all…there was TOO much at stake but many humans are a prideful and sometimes vain bunch that will bite their own ass until it bleeds and complain about it with EACH bite


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        • joe ho

          Social scientists have the answer.

          Conservatives are very high on loyalty to their tribe. Liberals are very low. So conservatives will vote for anyone from their tribe, however much they dislike them, to keep the other tribe out of power. Liberals will sabotage their own tribe if the candidate doesn’t meet their own purity standards.

          Unfortunately, politics is a tribal affair. This is why the GOP wins even though liberal ideas are more popular. Liberals will vote against their own interests in order to punish someone from their tribe who has hurt their feelings or has not passed their purity test.

          Conservatives are more anxious and fear-prone than liberals. So they are more motivated to do what it takes to protect themselves–keep Dems out of power. That results in the kind of voting discipline that liberals lack.

          The dynamic was clear in the pouting, self-destructive behavior of the Green Partiers, Bernie-or-Busters, and Susan Slurandon crowd this time around. They were more interested in punishing Hillary (who would have actualized some of their agenda) rather than defeating Trump (who will erase past gains). It’s a very self-destructive mindset on the far-left.

        • Ninja0980

          Same with Trump, Handel etc.
          But at the end of the day, Republicans will vote for someone they hate versus letting a Democrat take the seat.

      • Octoberfurst

        That cartoon says it all. Conservatives will march like lemmings to the polls to vote for their candidate as soon as the polls open. Liberals on the other hand tend to be “too busy” to vote or they don’t vote because the Democratic candidate isn’t ideologically pure enough. Of course this mean that the wingnuts keep winning elections. >sigh<

        • TrueWords

          NOW THIS IS THE TRUTH…thank you!!!

          Liberals on the other hand tend to be “too busy” to vote or they don’t vote because the Democratic candidate isn’t ideologically pure enough. Of course this mean that the wingnuts keep winning elections. >sigh<

      • Ninja0980

        Sad to say but you’re right on that.

    • TrueWords
      • joe ho

        And the current gerrymandering problem exists because liberals stayed home in 2010 midterms to punish Obama for not being progressive enough. That was a census year giving the GOP redistricting rights in most states.

        Too bad the far-left prefers to punish its own if they’re not pure enough, rather than making common cause against the real threats.

      • TominDC

        IMO whoever created that really should have gone for five vertical columns in the middle.

        That would be more in theme with the whole proportional representation thing they’re presumably going for. Doing five horizontal partitions just makes it look as if it was gerrymandered to give blue undeserved dominance.

    • Agreed, but people who are going to show up to vote to oppose Trump are going to show up no matter what’s in the ads. I’d like Democrats to run on an agenda of popular proposals. You have to play offense to win. Just running against Trump isn’t going to be enough. It wasn’t last November and it won’t be in 2018 either.

  • Rebecca Gardner
    • Todd20036

      im at work, and that article is blocked by a fire wall. What is going on?

      • Treant

        Treason, collusion, Dana Rohrabacher.

        The first sentence sums it up pretty well: “Members of the team of Russians who secured a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner also attempted to stage a show trial of anti-Putin campaigner Bill Browder on Capitol Hill.”

      • Rebecca Gardner

        You must have an ultra-right-wing asshole setting firewall policy. The story is titled, “GOP Lawmaker Got Direction From Moscow, Took It Back to D.C.”


    • HZ81

      That’s our Dana Rohrabacher! Did you know that before he was a whore for Russia, he was pro-Taliban, until after 9/11 when he began pretending the words of support and pictures of him and his Talibuds never existed.

      • FAEN

        Whenever he’s on Maher I end up wanting to punch him 2 minutes into the show.

    • The_Wretched

      Russians flipped Rohrbacher a long time ago.

    • bzrd

      more and more reading about the russki connection, the question is, which republikvnt in congress is not one of putin’s dupes? and who in the dump’s cabinet isn’t either?

  • Gustav2

    That poll flies in the face of every freaking off year election. Of course a R in the presidency effects the vote for D’s.

  • netxtown

    I read this somewhere early this morning….and wondered if the Dems will get off their collective asses and play ball, or bunt again. The pugs got nothing but a plate of dog shit – so you can bet they will twist hate and fear in BIGLY ways.

    • Hanwi

      We’ll bunt into a double play.

      • netxtown

        You’re probably right. It’s almost too much to hope for any home runs.

  • Sam_Handwich

    maybe everyone is assuming he’ll be gone by then

    • Todd20036

      At the least, he isn’t a positive influence. And no republican ever considered that scenario.

    • Gustav2

      Yes, if he is gone by then it would bring out a sympathy vote for the R’s

      • PickyPecker


        • Hank


        • Todd20036

          Ok. That is funny

    • another_steve

      I can envision a scenario whereby Trump grows tired of the “hard presidency stuff” and resigns next year prior to the midterms. He’ll declare victory and go back to the private sector where he can bilk the millions without those pesky “ethics” overseers.

      Pence is this Republican Party’s dream President. A hardcore dyed-in-the-wool theofascist with experience in governing. Were Trump to resign and hand over the keys to him, Republican World would sigh a massive sigh of relief.

  • Hanwi

    Democrats don’t vote, especially during the mid-terms. It will just be more bad news for us.

    • matrem

      Once we lose mid terms, it’s over.

      • FAEN

        We haven’t as yet and I don’t think we will.

        • matrem

          Dems won’t turn out. They never do.

          • FAEN

            Except when they do.

    • FAEN

      Not always. We voted in 2006 and took back part of Congress. Had 9/11 not happened we would have taken one House back in 2004 as well.

    • The_Wretched

      Voter suppression works better against Dems.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Not my problem is a common mentality. Who are our elected representatives reflets that attitude. Of course voter suppression and Gerrymandering skew that impression too.

  • Sam_Handwich

    matt’s getting antsy over polls


    • Treant

      I heard Drudge likes rolling heads in his mouth.

      Hey, why not? I do.

      • Todd20036

        My guess is the only way he gets it is if he’s on one side of a glory hole.

      • Adam King

        But ew.

    • Todd20036

      Notice how rarely Trump was ever more approved than disapproved.

    • Adam King

      And this is the right-skewed Rasmussen.

  • HZ81

    Considering we can’t even break 60% turnout when one candidate is an obviously dangerous fucking idiot, I am not surprised.

    Also, God forbid some voters don’t have their dream candidate on the ticket. They’ll stay home because they want to vote for somebody, damn it—not against somebody. How deep and brave of them.

    And those two groups of folks don’t mind the GOP selling out their country to a foreign power to steal an election.

    Yeah, I would not be surprised if America grants Trump more power and 2 more SC seats—because freedumb!

    • FAEN

      I agree BUT there is a lot of rage on the left now. That just might push the numbers.

      • HZ81

        I hope so, but I am not hoping for much. 🙂

        • FAEN

          The Dems should be on constant attack in various forms. We have no way to go but up.

        • FAEN

          Let’s also remember the special elections we lost were in firm R country. Was I disappointed? Absolutely. But we also flipped 2 R seats in the OK legislature. It’s a small victory but it’s one to build on.

          • HZ81

            Dems also had a win in NH, too. Small victories are good ones.

          • It would have been a miracle to win any of those.

      • fuow

        Don’t hold your breath.

        • FAEN

          I understood the frustration but being negative doesn’t do much.

          • fuow

            And the happy-clappy approach you and the rest of my party have taken has helped, how?
            We’ve focused far too strongly on the ‘be upbeat’ ‘don’t say problem, say issue’ mentality and it has failed us. Totally.
            I work in our party as a volunteer right on through every single month – election year or no. I polish doorknobs, I phonebank, I wanted Bernie (who is to my right) but knew Hillary was our only chance so supported her 100% (not 120%, another example of failed happy-clappy thinking).
            Instead of snapping at me for being ‘negative’ why don’t you accept the simple truth: When you’re digging yourself into a hole, first stop digging. We’re really, really in bad trouble and pretending things are just fine is not helping. I’m not being negative, I’m making statements which are backed up by the most recent polls.
            We are either going to have to work together, however appalling the idea or see this insanity spread until our Constitutional Republic really is dead.

          • FAEN

            I don’t have a happy-crappy approach. I just think a good median would be more productive.

          • fuow

            Disagree. Firmly. We got into this mess by not working through the really difficult problems (not ‘issues’ not ‘challenges’) facing our party. It’s not the right time for striking a balance, it’s past time to sit down and take the bull by the horns: Who are we and why don’t we want to win elections?

    • Librarykid

      A lot of the voters are dangerous fucking idiots, too.

      • HZ81


      • I honestly believe that there are people on the left who would rather have Turmp than a Democrat who can only achieve part of their agenda. They’d rather rail against horrible things happening than accept that they can’t get everything they want instantly.

        • Ninja0980

          Sad to say but my Bernie or Bust cousin is one of those people.

    • Octoberfurst

      But I must say that Republicans have purity tests for their candidates too. Granted they will vote GOP come hell or high water but once the Republican candidate is in office they will turn on him/her in a heart beat if they don’t tow the right-wing line. Then they will come up with a candidate that is even MORE right-wing and march to the polls to elect him/her. They do that every time. We do not. We need to vote for whoever is on the Democratic ticket and if they are not progressive enough find someone to challenge them in the primaries and vote them out. We can’t afford to sit at home and not vote!

      • HZ81

        I agree 100%. The GOP will vote against their own interests if it means fucking over a liberal. They don’t care about your conscience or your pathos. They will vote to kill a puppy if it pisses you off.

        The left doesn’t get this, or too many don’t. And people (especially non-voters) need to start taking some responsibility for shit candidates. So fucking sick of whining that leads to “I didn’t vote” in the end.

  • Gustav2

    From the same freaking poll.

    A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Democrats lead Republicans in the generic congressional ballot by 14 points, 52% to 36%.


  • Oh, Parker

    The election is almost a year and a half away. I would imagine an impeachment would change those numbers a bit, especially if (when) a lot of high level Republicans are implicated in money laundering with Russia.

    • The Republicans are not going to impeach Trump. Not gonna happen. No facts are going to sway them. The only thing that could change that would be if Trump’s base turned on him and I don’t see how that could happen since they live in a far right media bubble. We need to stop counting on Republicans acting responsible. That’s a delusional fantasy. We need to plan on another 18 months of this and MAYBE blocking him with a Democratic House. (The senate is not going to flip. We’ll be lucky if we don’t lose a seat or two in the midterms. Look at the map if you don’t believe me. It’s a worst-case scenario for Democrats next year.)

      • Oh, Parker

        You know what I hate most about the Democrats’ response to him is that they lack the killer instinct the Republicans do. One thing that might sway his base is if he were connected to something that really registers with them in a way that nothing else does. In the case of money laundering, they need to understand what types of people launder money. I’m not just talking about gun runners and drug dealers. A lot of money is laundered by human traffickers, who sell kidnapped children to be used in sweatshops (think Ivanka) and worse, in illegal underground brothels all over the world. They might not care about anything else, but the image of a 12 year old girl being raped by rich sex tourists and Russian soldiers might even be too much for them.

        If anyone doubts that this goes on, they just need to Google money laundering and human trafficking. This is a growing industry. One of the ways they launder the money is through shell corporations, the kind that Ike Kaveladze, who was at that meeting with Jr., set up. They don’t even know where the money comes from.


        Even his loathsome base wouldn’t stand for this kind of child abuse. The Democrats should be all over this story. Fuck Pizzagate.

  • Sebastian

    It doesn’t matter that a majority of Americans want Democrats to take control of the next Congress in the 2018 elections. What matters is where those Americans live. Congressional districts have been gerrymandered, mostly by Republicans, so that the majority of districts will almost certainly vote Republican. In recent years, more people voted for Democrats for Congress than voted for Republicans. But it doesn’t matter as long as district lines are drawn to elect Republicans. Elections are stolen, not by casting false ballots, but in the every-10-year redistricting.

    • Gustav2

      No matter the vote. Ohio will have the same number of D’s and R’s in the House. It does matter with the reelect of Sen Sherrod Brown.

  • Webster

    If the Democrats don’t get their butts out to vote in 2018, then the disaster that is Trump will be their fault, not the fault of the “deplorables.”

    • FAEN

      Let’s also keep in mind we also have to deal with voter suppression and gerrymandering. Kobach is a Nazi and he will pull every under handed trick in the book to make sure Dems can’t vote.

      • The flip side of that is that those district lines are drawn based on the usual voting patterns. In many places they put as many Democrats (mostly minority people…that’s how they did it technically) into one district with smaller Republican areas in the surrounding areas. A big Democratic turnout could mean narrow wins in a lot of districts.

        Also, Clinton won in 20 House districts in which Democrats baredly ran a candidate or didn’t run one at all. Those 20 would be enough to flip the House. Democrats could win but they have to play ball. Lately they haven’t really bothered and this is the result.

  • Adam King

    It’s too early for polling to have much predictive value for the midterms.

  • Ken M

    The issue at the federal level is the Senate. Of the 34 seats up for reelection, 25 are Democrat. While losing at the state levels could have some consequences, the voting there is pretty much predetermined. The places that support Trump and the GOP aren’t likely to turn tail.

  • Mark McGovern

    “Trump Not Seen As Major Factor In Midterms”……. YET

  • Sam

    Tomorrow, we will hit six months since Trump was inaugurated (feels a lot longer) so a lot can change before November 2018. Plus, this is just one poll.

  • FAEN

    It’s distressing that after all Cheeto has done his deplorables are still behind him.

  • canoebum

    “51 percent of registered voters say Trump won’t be a factor in their vote for Congress”. The indictments have not come out yet. I suspect many eyes will be opened when the depth of the Trump Clan’s perfidy becomes common knowledge.

  • Sam_Handwich

    party affiliation has taken a nosedive for the GOP…


    • Adam King

      And a mob of “unaffiliated” racist ignoramuses votes Republican anyway.

      • Bad Tom

        Trump is himself a racist attractor.

        My bet would be that people leaving the Republican party over his leadership are less racist.

    • The_Wretched

      Keep trying to push the political left off a cliff Dems. Maybe, just maybe, they are better courted than endlessly going after the so-called swing righties.

      • joe ho

        Nah. The US isn’t going to turn into a brocialist workers’ paradise.

        The far-left sabotages third term elections, which are hard to win anyway. 2000. 2016. Not to be trusted when the going gets rough.

        After 4 years of Trump, far-lefties will end up kissing the butt of even the most conservative Democratic candidate.

        After 8 years of Democratic rule, the far left gets greedy and forgets how bad it can get under GOP rule. Hence they overreach. A few years of GOP sobers them up.

        How Putin played the far-left into voting against their own interests.

      • -M-

        No one’s trying to push ‘the left’ out. It’s people who want to give everyone else orders instead of work with anyone with different views or priorities who are naturally being rejected by people who want to promote progress not join a cult.

        • The_Wretched

          that’d depend on where you’re sitting

          Why was $15 min wage immediately cut to $12? What was up with picking lieberman VP? What was with the red arrow to the right in Hillary’s logo? DWS loved the pay-day lenders? DNC funds for ‘moderates’ but never ‘liberals’? These questions are rhetorical, I’m not interested in a minutia debate.

          Dismiss it as confirmation bias but over the last 30 years I’ve seen the Dems slide to the right and their control of politics decline commensurately. It’s like CNN trying to be Faux-lite.

          We even see it here in a parroted DNC talking point that the left needs to shut up and the left is to blame for the harms of the Trump Regime more than Trump and his buddies are.

          • Because there was no way we were going to get a $15 OR as $12 minimum wage through Congress so why promise either. As it is we’ll probably be fighting to keep the minimum wage law at all if we don’t take back the House next year.

            I will give you DWS though. She was horrible at her job, and I don’t mean the Bernie business. She sucked at promoting the Democratic Party on tv shows. She couldn’t even do a good job on msnbc. WTF. Democrats need to get their shit together and that means running on achievable and popular proposals, not getting bogged down arguing over impossible goals like free college for everyone. Sorry, but that might be something we can discuss after moving the entire political culture well to the left but that kind of thing isn’t even going to get out of committee right now.

          • -M-

            I do see it as confirmation bias. You’re conflating rightward drift with forcing leftists out, and coughing up a laundry list of minutiae as reasons not to work with anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with you already.

            I don’t want the left to go away or shut up. I want them to stop acting like Trump.

          • The_Wretched

            The question is “where are the Dems losing support?” I suggest the loss of support is on the left and that’s from a perceived lack of interest in the left by the ‘moderate / corporatist’ Dems who control the national party.

            Being left out vs forced out…it’s a matter of methodology vs outcome. The Republicans have done multiple rounds of purges and hence we see (saw? it’s pretty complete) a huge right ward jump in their party. The dems are doing the same but more softly via who they let in. It’s not purges but it is selection against new entrants to the party. 6 of one, half dozen of the other. It’s ‘nicer’ of the Dems but again, outcome matters.

      • danolgb

        translation.. “The far left will vote against their own best interests in order to hold the nation hostage because they didn’t learn their lesson the first time around.”

        • The_Wretched

          Nope, and /dev/null for not showing you understood what I even said. I don’t agree with -M- but at least I can tell they understood my point.

    • Bad Tom

      While Democratic affiliation is flat. All those are new Independants.

    • Yeah, but, I come across a number of people who don’t want to say they are republican but they NEVER vote for Democrats, only Republicans, so what difference does the label make. The brand is unpopular but the votes are still there, which is what counts.

  • Sam_Handwich

    this is on now….Dems slamming Trump’s fake voter fraud commission


    • The_Wretched

      Good, it’s a farce…also a couple of weeks late but I’ll take it.

  • marshlc

    The focus must come away from “Ha, ha, orange shitgibbon is a loser!” and focus on policy. Policies that actually make a difference to how people’s lives work.

    There has been real public involvement in health care because people can understand how changes to healthcare affect their lives. Other changes that are happening, to various regulatory bodies, for instance, are as impactful, and as understandable. Those are what need to be hammered.

    Everybody already knows what Trump is, and for the most part they know what they think about him. There is no need for the campaign to focus on him – the day to day news cycle will take care of that without any help. The focus needs to be on the things that are happening in the background that people really care about.

  • downtownla

    The Republicans will not simply roll over and lose. The Democrats have to go out and win. Until they come up with a better slogan that, “I mean, have you seen the other guys,” then they will continue to lose. It’s why they lost in 2016. No strong message to drive out voters. Clean house now and start from scratch. Don’t wait until 2020.

    • Bad Tom

      2018. 2018 is key.

  • Bad Tom

    Special Counsel Muller isn’t done yet. Do a poll after all that, and we’ll see what’s up.

    • Hank

      The problem is, that the way Nixon’s special counsel worked, it was VERY slow and Methodical. There may not be any results visible from Mueller to have the influence, that we need!!! Sadly ☹️

      • Bad Tom

        Stupid Watergate is unfolding at about a 5x rate versus the Original Watergate.

        I think there will be a lot of something before the midterms. That is the next crucial moment for us.

  • OliveK

    If women don’t come out in DROVES in 2018, to put Democrats in charge of the House, I’m going to gather up all the “pussy hats” I can find, and BURN them in a giant bonfire, with a giant FU finger on top.

    • danolgb

      My pessimistic side has looked at the marches as slacktivism with fitbit steps. I’m not seeing any long term plans coming out of them.

      • I think it’s good to get people involved and organized and feeling like they aren’t isolated and alone. Despair is a bad thing in electoral politics. “What difference does it make?” is a losing attitude. But you are right that if it doesn’t translate into people showing up on election day it is all for nothing.

      • SoCalGal20

        The marches themselves are a visible motivator and organizing tool. And call it slactivism if you want but women marched 18 miles from the NRA HQ to the DOJ just last week. And that was a march also organized by the Women’s March.

        Marches ARE NOT slactivism imo.

        Also, Indivisible, TWW, ADAPT, etc have participated in these marches and are at the front lines at town halls, in Congressional offices, going to Washington, DC, etc.

        What more do you want from these folks? They’re registering voters, campaigning, encouraging people to run for offices, and on and on.

    • I thought that would happen last November and I was wrong. 53% of white women voted for Trump. The reason I thought that was that back in 1990 we had a governor’s race in Texas between Anne Richards and Clayton Williams (a crass businessman who made a comment comparing camping in bad weather to rape…”If it’s inevitable you just have to lay back and enjoy it.” I knew Richards was going to win when I saw the last polling numbers before the election and the largest block of undecided voters were suburban women. They weren’t voting for the rape-jokester. But times have changed in those 26 years and now those same women have no problem with that sort of thing obviously.

  • Texndoc

    The Democrats biggest hope is that by 2018 Ann Coulter is still screaming that not one brick has gone up on “the wall”. The Dems won’t be as big a factor as extreme right disgust with “Republicans”.

  • MichaelJ

    This poll demonstrates how lame the DNC’s proposed slogan, “Have you seen the other guys?”, is. Democratic Party candidates are going to have to offer something more positive, especially to voters have not done so well in recent years.

    • danolgb

      Your post demonstrates how click-bait headlines can shape opinions in a way that aren’t helpful. The “slogan” was for a single sticker and was a vote out of many. Again, for a sticker. It wasn’t a platform statement nor was it proposed as the DNC’s slogan.

      • MichaelJ

        I agree that click-bait headlines are often (usually) misleading. And while I was aware that it was not incorporated into something as formal as a party platform, I was guilty of forgetting that what was proposed was intended for a sticker.

        It doesn’t matter whether or not what is on the sticker can be termed a “slogan.” My point is that the words on the sticker strike me as words that are not going to inspire or motivate many people to vote for Democratic candidates, and in that sense they are lame.

      • SoCalGal20

        It wan’t even the DNC. It was the DCCC.

        However, Dems need to think about EVERY aspect of their social media and fundraising communications because what probably just seemed like a “fun” activity – vote on a sicker! – to somebody, with those lame options it was open to mocking and ridicule and people thinking this is some official slogan or whatever. That is what gets so frustrating about Dem messaging.

  • joe ho

    It’s a pipe dream. Liberals are too lazy and undisciplined to bother voting unless they have a candidate they consider nearly perfect who makes them feel tingly all over. Childish and narcissistic attitude toward politics. Why GOP wins. They are willing to eat their own vomit to keep Dems out of power. Dem voters need to wise up, grow up and stop waiting for a messiah to rise up. The lesser of two evils really is less evil. The GOP understands that. And they win.

    • KnownDonorDad

      They are willing to eat their own vomit to keep Dems out of power.

      Case in point: evangelicals voting for a crass reality show star, justifying him as a latter-day Jehu, because they don’t want a Democratic SCOTUS nominee(s).

    • -M-

      The GOP prefers the greater evil, but they’ll work with whatever evil they can get.

  • YakHerder

    Proof once again that Americans want to know what the Democrats stand *for*, not what they’re against. Dems need to push for Medicare For All, legalizing the undocumented (not tearing families apart), sensible gun control, decriminalizing pot…issues that solid majorities of Americans want!

    • KnownDonorDad

      Hear hear, well said.

    • Ish

      Democrats don’t really support those things though. YOu’re dreaming if you think they do.

  • KnownDonorDad

    If we don’t see the historically typical shift in power in Congress, we as a nation sort of deserve what we get. The cold comfort is that Trump is having problems with his signature promises even with complete GOP control of government.

    • joe ho

      Gerrymandering after 2010 is going to make it very hard to win back the House.

      Foolish liberals stayed home at the 2010 midterms to punish Obama for not being progressive enough. It was a census year. Hence GOP got to draw the redistricting maps in most states, making state and congressional seats safe for the GOP.

      Liberals must change their childish attitude towards voting. The lesser of two evils is less evil. The GOP understands that–and wins.

  • BobSF_94117

    they’d vote to support Trump (20 percent) or to oppose him (24 percent), a non-significant gap

    The question isn’t whether it’s a significant gap. The question is whether it’s typical for 24% of the potential electorate to cast votes for Congress based on opposition to the president.

    I’d say it’s pretty damned unusual.

  • SFBruce

    A lot can happen between now and November 2018, but one thing against us is the fact that 23 Dems, plus 2 Independents are up for reelection in the Senate, while only 8 Republicans will face voters then. I have no doubt that Donnie will continue to do stupid stuff, although his 25-30% support seems to hold. I’m not giving up yet, but I fear for too many who don’t necessarily like Donnie will simply accept this nightmare as some kind of new normal.

    • Randolph Finder

      And what’s worse, 6 of the 8 Republicans represent Deep Red States: Mississippi, Tennessee, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Texas. The ones were it is possible are Nevada (Heller) and Arizona (Flake).

  • Galvestonian

    Well he’s a major factor in selling America to the Russians and practically destroying anything the U.S. stands for.

  • JWC

    ITs time for the DNC to quit sitting on their hand and saying “Ya the polls are right we ARE woosies” You are what you wanna be MOBILIZE

  • Mike

    Democratic candidates who paper over Republican evil and “go high” with their cheerful positive message even as they stand in the flames are doomed to lose again. They will win if they are truthful and convincing, helping the morons realize that progressive policy is a life preserver and Republican policy is an anchor. But if Democrats once again pretend were all the same, just different, then good people will once again tune them out and stay home on election day, and the dumb people will vote as Fox News instructs them to all day and all night long. Remember, the second choice of these imbeciles was Ted freaking Cruz.

  • CJAS

    Sorry, not buying it. On its face this is unbelievable. And these
    polls, by their very “likely voter” design, never accurately represent nonwhite and
    younger voters.

    • Mike

      I think people tell pollsters what they think they ought to say (“the most important thing is that the right and left get along”) instead of what they really think (“I’m afraid of anyone who doesn’t look like me and think like me so I tend to vote for nazis like Trump.”)

  • Gerry Fisher

    Meaningless poll at this time. How will they feel after another 15 months of this shit show and Mueller starting to issue reports, subpoenas.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada