TEXAS: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Opens Special Session By Fast-Tracking Anti-Trans Bill To Committee Approval

The Texas Tribune reports:

On the opening day of the special session of the Texas Legislature on Tuesday, over the cries of Senate Democrats, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took a step to fast-track two bills reauthorizing the Texas Medical Board and four other state agencies jeopardized by inaction during the regular session.

The Senate must first pass those bills before moving on to other items eligible for consideration, including the legislation championed by Patrick regulating bathroom use for transgender people.

After overruling objections from Democrats, the Republican lieutenant governor referred the bills to committee, which promptly — and unanimously — approved them. The full Senate must still vote on the bills, which is expected to happen Wednesday.

The Texas House killed the anti-trans measure in the regular session and GOP House Speaker Joe Strauss continues to maintain that it will fail again in the special session.