TEXAS: Dallas Eagle Owner To Challenge Greg Abbott

The Dallas Voice reports:

Dallas businessman Jeffery Payne on Friday, July 14, announced that he is running for governor of Texas, challenging Republican incumbent Greg Abbott, who he characterizes as a “disaster for Texans” and a governor who “offers nothing in the way of new ideas.”

“Texas needs a governor who believes in real Texas values, like integrity, honesty, freedom and independence,” Payne said in a statement announcing his candidacy. “It’s time we stopped wasting our time and money on silly legislation and start investing our time finding ways to help Texans, their families and businesses prosper.”

Payne pointed to his history of success as a businessman — from his respected court reporting firm, to his real estate dealings and his thriving nightclub, The Dallas Eagle. The candidate said he makes no secret of his active involvement in the Dallas LGBT community or his history as a former International Mr. Leather, a title that gave him a platform to promote many charity events.

(Via Towleroad)

  • Elagabalus

    Texas has gone off the deep end. All sane Texans should just secede to another state.

  • Do Something Nice

    Seems highly unlikely that he’d win.

    • FAEN

      Unlikely but I’m glad someone is challenging that horror of a human being.

      • Do Something Nice

        How about someone who actually could win? This is a waste of time and money, in a state where horrific shit in the halls of government is happening every day.

        • FAEN

          Hey I’d love that but I’d rather have him challenged than not.

        • bambinoitaliano

          You gotta be a colossal douchebag to win in that state.

          • Do Something Nice

            Ann Richards managed to win. But the Bible Belt divides the state and there is no way that those folks are going to vote for the former International Mr. Leather.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Just tell them jesus was into leather. They will buy anything.

          • Riley James

            Texan here. They fucking dubbed Wendy Davis as “Abortion Barbie.” I can’t imagine what this guy will get.

            I don’t think the Democratic Party is behind this guy, monetarily wise. I wish one of the Castro brothers would run.

          • Prost Seattle

            Governor on a Stick?

          • Yeah, this guy has several dings against him, hes a democrat and he’s gay. You know the right is going to pull out all the stops to sully him. They will make him out to be a monster who is ruled by satan.

    • Ken M

      Seemed unlikely Trump would win too.

    • Larry Sabato rates Texas as “safe Republican” but many Republican Governorships are vulnerable next year. http://www.centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/2018-governor/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/80a1c24f6457f5814d7e39b38b9299868565ae5c4dd2dc32e2d3f9031f318475.png

  • Boreal

    Is he a homocon?

    • GWM4Sanity

      I’ve known Jeffery for about 10 years, and I have served on a charity board with him. He’s definitely no homocon. I wish him all the luck in the world.

    • bambinoitaliano

      The wording is so safe I suspect he is not openly friendly with the friends of Dorothy.

      • Chris

        He owns a gay bar and was Mr. Leather….both of which are in the text of the article. How do you define “openly friendly?”

        • bambinoitaliano

          In politics there are ways of pandering for voters. Perhaps he does not want to alienate the majority base in a state that is still hostile to the LBGTQ community by choosing his words that seems neutral without ‘offending the others’ at the start of the gate?

  • bambinoitaliano

    Did the bathroom governor rub one out after posting this pic with a beautiful woman?

    • If he has any feeling below the waist do you need anymore proof there is no god?

  • Boreal
    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Pretty Sarah Sander Huckalot says it’s all the Dem’s fault.

      • Boreal
        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          Gah!! I’d say she was better suited to work in a barn, but would spook the cows.

          • Boreal

            She has a face made for radio, Closed Captioned Radio.

          • Snarkaholic

            At least we know she’s not two-faced…because if she had TWO faces, she certainly wouldn’t be wearing the one she has on now!

        • TCinBerkeley

          Shorter Lil’ Porkchop Huckster Sandtrap: Lying is EXHAUSTING! I’m off to Cinnabon as soon as this is over.

          • Paul Douglas

            She’ll join her daddy there for a treat.

    • This is now what is frightening. Trump can now do what he can to blow up the individual market by refusing to fund or support individual subsidies, and shorten the lives of the marketplace exchanges. This, of course, could backfire on Republican congressman and Senators up for reelection, but Trump can simply be petulant and do what he wants. He has threatened as much. If he does not get his way, everyone loses. McConnell and Ryan might be forced to come up with 2/3 votes to override Trump on this in both houses —- to simply keep 23 million people ensured if he does not play ball.

      • Boreal

        I dare him to.

        • Well, I pay good money for a marketplace plan in Florida — but probably fall under the “pre existing condition” problem because of my ethnic background/ family history. So you and me both. I am not going to worry about it.

          • Boreal

            I’m definitely under pre-existing conditions. I’ve had cancer twice. If he fucks with the ACA he owns it and so do the repigs.

          • Well I hope you are OK! The Republicans own health care now — and they better just leave things be — or they will pay at the polls! Remember, Trump has made some big promises as late as this year with the Prime Minister of Australia about single payer –but he is not getting repeal and replace!

          • Boreal

            I am thank you, but regular testing is expensive. I went without insurance for almost 15 years after the first time with cancer because the insurance companies wanted to charge me a fortune for premiums. However if having medical debt collectors call me is the way to get repigs out of office and single payer, I can deal with that.

          • What I find confusing is how the GOP and cheetolini keep saying the blame is on the DNC for the failure of ACA. I guess they are just feeding their base?

          • Paul Douglas

            That would be their modus operandi.

      • Reality.Bites

        Why would they do that since they want them to be uninsured?

  • hoover2001

    An oil rich state run by religious fanatics. I wonder how much longer Texas is going to be America’s Saudi Arabia.

  • Adam King

    “Success as a businessman” is a lousy qualification for political office.

    • bambinoitaliano

      It use to be a sought after quality. Someone who knows the math and able to balance a budget and investing skills. But now it means crooked CEO raiding the company’s cookie jar.

      • Bonniejbatchelor

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      • Adam King

        Where’s your picture of Joe Biden? Because yes, some white male career politicians can be a thousand times better.

        • Actually, I used to be an intern for him in college when he was Senator from Delaware. Yes he is a great guy! He would make a lowly 18 year old (me) feel important — and is an extremely bright person. So I was being snarky :).

          • Adam King

            Okay *envy* then 🙂

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        aw look a little ryan. so sad his ayn rand dildo didnt show up yet

      • Andymac3

        Really enjoying this Walking Dead Season 8, the make up is terrifying, you can sense in every move that they have no soul, it’s terrifying!


        Let’s not start with the racial and gender smearing ..I don’t give a shit what color, race you are as long as they represents what TEXANS WANT!

    • Stev84

      The absolute worst

  • Macbill

    Well, he’s rich enough and White enough: anything is possible.

  • Ninja0980

    Greg Abbott has been able to live off the millions he got from suing a tree company that caused his accident.
    He then did tort reform so others couldn’t do the same.
    He’s a vile human being and I wish this guy all the best.

    • Very common with repugnant politicians. They get ahead by using something intended for many, get power, and delete the thing used to get ahead.

  • William

    Payne will be ignored, like any challenger to an incumbent rethuglican Texas governor. The Abbott campaign will not even acknowledge his existence.

    • Boreal

      At some point Abbot will have to stand up and acknowledge him.

      • John Ruff


      • netxtown

        It could happen – but so far his jeebus has said ‘fuck you’.

      • nocadrummer

        That might be a little difficult. He’s in a wheelchair, you know. :O

        • Boreal

          Do I really need to add /s?

  • JWC

    Abott is probably still chocking

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    You would think anyone with decency could walk right into the Governorship.

  • TK

    The only news here is that the gay men of Texas who frequent the Eagle are supporting a homocon.


    • Boreal

      Is he a homocon? I asked below because the article doesn’t say and another poster claims no. His link shows this guy is dem


      • TK

        Then it’s even worse. Just more political sideshow because there is no way a gay Democratic candidate is going to win for Gov in TX. PERIOD. This is just headline grabbing advertising for Payne. The same way the Kid Rock news the other day was everywhere and it turns out it was a marketing campaign put out by Warner Bros.

        Enough with the circus bullshit.

        • Boreal

          Well someone needs to run. We aren’t going to win by sitting out elections. We don’t know if he is serious. I really know nothing about him.

          • TK

            Yes, are there are much better candidates for us to put up there as a challenger. We don’t need side show candidates. We need serious candidates with solid chances of winning. Every dollar matters and ever vote must be cast for a winner. From dog catcher to President, no more joke candidates.

          • Boreal

            Well who will run for Texas governor then? It is a red state with a slim chance of electing a non-Republican.

    • nocadrummer

      I’d disagree. I’ve known Jeffrey (and his husband) for quite a few years. I don’t know where you get YOUR information, but perhaps you’re just a troll.

  • Lazycrockett
    • agcons

      If only you’d been paying attention, Donnie.

      • I guess his beloved Faux Newz never carried any coverage on the Afghan war…..

    • Hank

      NOW he is curious about a War????

  • TK in GBC TX

    I think he has a snowball’s chance in south Texas. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Reality.Bites

      More like an iron-clad fact

    • Circ09

      Anywhere in Texas outside the major cities.

    • William

      South Texas, east Texas, west Texas, not gonna happen.

  • rednekokie

    Good luck dearie — there’s not been someone like you since Ann Richards —

    • Hank

      Yes, but can he do it in high heals and backwards????

      • rednekokie

        Possibly – after all, he was Mr. Leather — and those guys can do a lot of things backwards — high heels or not.

  • twb6yz

    Inspirational guy. I saw him speak at MAL in 2010 and was pretty inspirational. Grew up mostly in an orphanage. Has an illness that caused or is causing him to go mostly deaf.

  • Michael White

    I miss the SF leather bars of the 70’s. anyone remember the Book Camp and their Sunday night chicken, I don’t mean twink, dinners?

  • Richard B

    Jeffery Payne is head and shoulders a superior choice over the bigot Greg Abbott and the asinine festering boil Dan Patrick…


    That’s all we need is another liberal lgbtq.wtf backer in the Texas Gov. Seat. Let’s force everyone in Texas to embrace this stupid shit. Can we not find a honest REAL Conservative person that will set TEXAS free ???
    TEXANS are easy , we want low taxes, we want our guns, we want to earn a living and keep our family’s safe ….everything else is secondary.