Texas Gov Trolled With Photo Op: “How Will The Potty Police Know I’m Transgender If The Governor Doesn’t?”

The Associated Press reports:

A transgender Texan has posted an all-smiles photo with Gov. Greg Abbott to protest a “bathroom bill” that state lawmakers will again consider during a special legislative session beginning Tuesday.

Ashley Smith posed with Abbott after he announced his re-election campaign Friday in San Antonio. She later identified herself in the photo as “trans-woman” and posted it on Facebook with #BATHROOM BUDDY.

Smith, who has been active with groups opposing the bathroom bill, also posted: “How will the Potty Police know I’m transgender if the Governor doesn’t?” and received thousands of likes.

  • S1AMER

    Well played!

    • Hanwi

      very, very well played 😀

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    • Seattle Ed Murray


      Who knew!


      Reminds me of “Worst Sex Ever”

  • Jerry Kott


  • Paula

    He’ll probably sic the Texas Rangers on her for fraud or something stupid.
    Good for her!

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      She shouldve handcuffed him to that wheelchair with those plastic cinches they used on disable protesters at the capital.
      Disgusting theocratic pig

  • JWC

    Good for you

  • nocadrummer

    Trump would know, after he attempted to grab her ….

    • Christopher


    • Bj Lincoln

      You don’t know if she had surgery or not. She could have a pussy.

      • djcoastermark

        Exactly, and why would it be any ones’ business to know?

      • Adam King

        She could also have a tire iron.

        • -M-

          She should have one with her if she’s going to hang around people like Abbott.

        • Friday

          Good answer, good answer. Survey says….. 🙂

        • Chicago joe

          And a gun….

    • m_lp_ql_m

      … in the men’s room.

  • Sam_Handwich

    this is how you do it — ridicule the assholes.

    • Christopher

      We need a musical interlude…


    • Stogiebear

      Not much of a gentleman there either. He didn’t even stand up to greet her.

      • StuckNtexas

        Uh, I can’t stand my state’s governor, either, but you do realize he’s in a wheelchair, right?

        • zhera

          I believe Stogiebear is a texan himself, and knows of the governor’s wheelchair. He snarked.

        • Stogiebear

          He just must not have enough faith. To paraphrase Jesus, “Take up thy wheelchair and walk.”

  • Bj Lincoln

    This young lady could be forced to go to your mens room Greg. Is that what you really want? Forcing women to go in your restroom is kind of sick on your part.

    • Furface

      And Buck Angel would be forced to share a toidy with Mrs. Abbott.
      Oh the horror!

      • Todd20036

        I wouldn’t mind sharing a bathroom with Buck Angel.

        • John30013

          Nor would I. Unfortunately, I believe he identifies as straight (although he has done porn scenes with cis males—but that’s no different than gay-for-pay boys doing the same).

        • DonnaLee

          I would like to meet Buck anywhere, fascinating man.

  • Christopher
    • Sporkfighter

      Who cares? She looks happy.

      • Christopher

        It was just an observation.

        • Sporkfighter

          Hey, if a trans man or woman can find a reason to smile these days, that’s remarkable.

    • EdmondWherever

      I was thinking the same thing, “Whoa, it’s Dexter’s sister!”

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    Faux45 has a lot of pussies to grab. Hypocritical republican females. Would you leave your daughter alone with Faux45?


    • Bj Lincoln

      I would definitely would not. I always found him creepy and would have never left my daughter alone with him.

    • Christine

      Given the way he grabbed and kissed her in public, I wouldn’t leave Madame Macron alone with him!

    • Sporkfighter

      My older daughter? Yeah. She climbs mountains in New Mexico to capture, band and release birds to track their migrations. She would kick his ass.

  • Ninja0980

    Good for her!

  • Boreal

    I hope this woman is not subjected to threats and intimidation by the teabilly/trumpanzee horde.

    • Nick in Pasadena

      No doubt she will be or already is. Looks like she can handle it though.

  • Nic Peterson

    The governor isn’t going to stand for that sort tomfoolery.


    • Adam King

      What a terrible thing to say. Wish I’d thought of it.

      • Nic Peterson

        You can be the mean girl next time. I’m quite versatile.

    • netxtown

      He also have to forgo any intention of pelvic thrust…

  • that’s fucking awesome.
    Oh, and still, Fuck you, gov.

  • Ninja0980

    For those on the right and left that say Democrats need to drop stuff like this if they want to win, will someone point out that Republicans are the ones who keep pushing this stuff?

  • djcoastermark

    Way to go Ashley ! Can I buy you a beverage?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    This is just sooooo perfect.

  • and that’s exactly the crux of this issue. who really would know if it’s not advertised or brought to anyone’s attention.
    We did not start this fight. you did.
    but we will finish it.
    and we *will* win.

    • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

      Unless you have someone who really does not conform to what we see as traditional gender boundaries. Those people become vulnerable to attack, be it legal issues or physical attacks.

      • Friday

        In fact, most of the people who have been targeted and harrassed under these bathroom bills have ended up being *ciswomen* harrassed for dressing or being ‘too butch’ for a Christianist or Muslim. (However not-havng-hair cause you donated it to cancer patients is supposed to somehow make you a cis guy in drag like the propaganda claims.)

        • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

          Yes, that’s essentially what I said above. Whether it’s a cis or trans person, those who are not perceived to be within the boundaries will be – and are – most vulnerable.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    clearly the governor doesn’t realize that in order to identify someone transgender you need to wait for them to unfurl their black capes and to extend their hidden fangs. Oh, silly me I’m confusing transgender women with vampires, that other fictional threat.

  • Mike in Texas

    Thank you, Ashley!

  • June Gordon

    My only surprise: He didn’t grab her in the pussy and get a surprise himself.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Believe me he would if the camera wasn’t there. The fact that bigotted governor so willingly to take a picture with a beautiful woman says it all.

    • Friday

      By the way, there’s no reason to assume she’s pre-operative, and if she were, she wouldn’t want to be talked abotu that way. This is how transwomen who can’t get surgery get *killed* by people ‘trans panicking’ over what genitalia they thought they were entitled to grab.

    • Sam_Handwich

      and leave the damn seat up!

      • i prefer it down, but that’s only because in a lot of places one is forced to pee, the bathroom owners are lax about cleaning the underparts of the area beneath the seat. if you want to stand and pee, use a urinal. i really don’t see why all “women’s bathrooms” can have those too. “men’s rooms” have baby changers and even sanitary napkin dispensers in some places now. the point is: flush. wash your hands with hot water and soap. if you make a mess, and don’t own the toilet, tell the person who has to clean up after you. be kind if a hand of any identity reaches under the stall next you and asks you for some TP cause the one in theirs is out. it’s not a way someone hits on you, it’s a simple courtesy. like when people share a quarter at Aldi for a cart, or let a differently abled person to the front of the line in a busy public toilet so they can use the appropriate stall.

        • Tiger Quinn

          Counterpoint: we’re men, and can’t.

        • Homo Erectus

          And if you can’t use the urinal, use the sink fer chrissake!

          • Snarkaholic

            And if you can’t use either of those, use the Governor’s coffee mug!

        • romanhans

          “be kind if a hand of any identity reaches under the stall next you and asks you for some TP cause the one in theirs is out.”

          I thought that sentence was going to have a much different ending.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      Give anonymously – put the lid down.

  • dcurlee

    Love it You go girl

  • 3-Star
  • April

    Because it comes down to whether you are pretty enough to meet their fascist beauty standards.

    • Friday

      Eh, when trans people are ‘pretty,’ then the haters play the angle ‘Trans people are just about deceiving people into gayness.’ (As if meeting a politician from your state or daily life would have anything to do with that.) Of course the point of these ‘bathroom bills’ is to try and create fear and repression in *anyone* not conforming to their ‘religious definitions’ of who should look like what.

      They of course ignore that a very substantial percentage of transwomen couldn’t ‘pass’ as their *assigned* gender if they *tried* most of their lives, at least when it comes to the standards of these Christianists, but even on appearance.

      They’re just outraged that medicine and society aren’t putting quite all trans kids through the very puberty and post-puberty development they like to use to target and mock trans people wherever they can. Ignoring that even then sometimes, what makes people trans isn’t *just* about how the brain develops alone.

  • Sporkfighter

    Trans trolls the troglodyte!

  • Blake Mason
  • Hank

    The Texas Democrats, should take out Full Page Ads of this pic and plaster it all over Texas!!!

  • KarenAtFOH

    Worried for her safety now. Lots of stupid gun owners in Texas.

    • KnownDonorDad

      Ugh, I’m naive enough not to have thought of that. 🙁

  • leastyebejudged

    She’s awesome, this is how it’s done, Katelyn should pay attention.

  • bkmn

    How many trans folks have assaulted women or children in bathrooms? Almost none, while lots of str8 identifying men have, by the thousands.

    • Stev84

      Those stupid bathroom laws already caused several assaults by self-proclaimed potty cops. Including on a straight man taking his daughter to one.

    • Zero. There have been zero.

      Meanwhile at least three Republican lawmakers have been documented doing so, to say nothing of hundreds of republican voters.

    • Helen Damnation™

      Meanwhile, the last time I checked, there are seventy reports every week of children (and others) sexually assaulted at church, usually by a church leader of some sort.

  • Mark McGovern

    Awesome. That’s excellent political work.

  • Chris Baker

    If Republicans really cared about the safety of children, they would have passed a law banning priests from being alone with a child.

  • andrew

    How sweet it is. Outstanding work Ashley Smith.

  • Chicago joe

    he’s a stand up guy.

  • There’s a good chance Texas’ bigotry won’t matter – a couple of their good ol boys and their buddies introduced a bill into Congress late last week (HB 2796) that is far worse for trans people. It’s so nasty and so regressive it could even be used to undo Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins and everything since that prohibits discrimination on anything other than genital configuration. It came out of the gate with seven sponsors & is already in committee.

    • RobynWatts

      Thanks for the heads up. If this passes with the courts currently heading toward a hard right, then we can kiss what few rights we had on the federal level goodbye.

      • Given the wording I’m pretty sure their intent is to wipe out any state rights as well. 🙁

        It’s been a while since our government wrote laws to take rights away from a specific group of citizens so overtly.

  • JCF
  • wmforr

    In future the governor should not pose with a woman without first examining her for a vagina.

    • Tori Browning