Israeli Social Services Minister Walks Back Opposition To Gay Adoption: Our Brief Was Incorrectly Worded

That was quick. Haaretz reports:

Minister of Welfare and Social Services Haim Katz responded on Monday to the report, first reported in Haaretz Sunday, that Israel opposes the adoption of children by LGBT couples. Katz’s office issued a statement reading: “Unfortunately, the wording submitted to the High Court was wrong and it would have been better if it was never said. The minister has no intention of restricting or withholding the right to adopt from any group including LGBT persons.”

On Sunday, the state informed the High Court of Justice that it will not lift the discriminatory procedures for same-sex couples who want to adopt children in Israel. The Social Affairs and Justice Ministries told the High Court of its position ahead of the hearing that will be held later this week on a petition asking the court to end the present adoption policy, which discriminates against single-sex and common-law marriage families.

The petition to the High Court was filed by the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers, together with the Israel Religious Action Center of the Reform movement, against the Social Affairs Ministry and the attorney general. β€œConcerning same-sex couples,” the state brief reads, “it has been decided by the professional bodies in the Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Ministry not to act at the present time to change the existing law.”

  • Stev84


  • clay

    And you’ve already fired the person who submitted it to the High Court. falsely?

    • Karl Dubhe

      If so, that person can be re-hired in a week with no loss of benefits. I’m sure.

  • olandp

    So, they aren’t opposed to same-sex couples adopting, but they don’t want to change the law that bans it. Got it.

    • prixator

      So, that mean they’re for illegal adoptions by same-sex couples?

  • Bj Lincoln

    So the current law DOES discriminate?

    • Natty Enquirer


    • leastyebejudged

      Of course, it’s a zionist based nation, a religion based nation, not unlike the kingdom of saudi arabia.

  • Gigi

    Usually the reversal is against us. We wonthis time!

    • Dagoril

      Re-read the article. We didn’t win. Nothing is changing.

      • Gigi

        Don’t spoil it for me!

  • Natty Enquirer

    Cowardly double-talk. Don’t get too excited.

  • KarenAtFOH

    “We’re still going to be bigoted assholes about this, but we aren’t going to talk about it or admit it.”

    • metrored

      It’s not ‘fuck off.’ It’s ‘don’t hold your breath.’

  • TrueWords
    • Jonathan Smith
    • Hanwi

      what a perfect response!

      • prixator

        Not quite. My best friend is totally gay and he fathered a son when he was 18. (But, the graphic does qualify the statement with “I’ve never met…” – which would include the vast majority of gay people.)

        I’d change it to “gay couple”.

        • Hanwi

          good point, I’m trans and I have a biological son with a lesbian, even though he was not planned we kept and love him very much πŸ˜€

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  • thom

    I know this isn’t perfect. But we should welcome the back track.
    Kinda like the time the Obama administration defended DOMA in court filings, using right wing talking points. Then reversed course.
    The most important part if winning is accepting when you won.

    • John30013

      If “we” win this one, then I will accept it graciously (and gratefully, although it doesn’t directly impact me). We don’t know what arguments–if any–the government will make to the court. But according to the Haaretz article, the government has not revised its written statement to the court opposing any change in the current policy, so at this point it doesn’t seem to me that the government is “tacitly” supporting “our” position.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci
    • Treant

      Oh, lord. I love that they’re finally embarrassed to some slight extent, but also completely unable to accept criticism of any type or intensity. It definitely shows that, once again, conservatives aren’t able to take responsibility for anything.

      Now mind, half are using “liberal criticism” as a reason to stick by their decision to support Trump–no matter what happens–and don’t really mean it, nor do they care about being criticized. But they do need somebody to blame when it all goes to shit, so that can be the liberals again.

    • jerry

      And wondering why she’s now not getting booked at clubs…

      • Nic Peterson

        Bad for business! She’s fired!

  • Todd20036

    More likely, they don’t like the backlash of a civilized country acting like an ISIS-run one.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Uh huh. Was there a threat of withholding money or support in there somewhere?

  • JCF