25 FOR THE 25TH: More House Dems Sign Onto Bill To Create Commission On Trump Being “Incapacitated”

Yahoo News reports:

For months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have privately counseled their more militant members to forswear talk of impeaching President Trump, telling them the political support for such a step simply doesn’t exist in the GOP-controlled Congress.

But 25 House Democrats, including the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, are now pushing an equally radical alternative: They are backing a bill that would create a congressional “oversight” commission that could declare the president incapacitated, leading to his removal from office under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

At 12:56 p.m. Thursday, barely four hours after Trump tweeted attacks against MSNBC cable host Mika Brzezinski in crude, personal terms, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the chief sponsor of the bill, sent out an email to his colleagues, urging them to get behind the measure, writing it was of “enduring importance to the security of our nation.”

“In case of emergency, break glass,” Raskin told Yahoo News in an interview. “If you look at the record of things that have happened since January, it is truly a bizarre litany of events and outbursts.”

  • Rambie

    The entire leadership of the GOP, including the House and Senate, need to be implicated in Trump’s downfall. Don’t let them weasel out of their culpability!

  • Mrs. Councillor Nugent
    • Helen Damnation 🍑™


      • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

        It’s been making the rounds for months, sorry, don’t have an origin.

      • Bad Tom

        http://www.tineye.com shows this image to have been first crawled on March 7, 2014 on http://celticgold.tumblr.com/. However it has also been published by the NYT and HGTV.

        An anonymous commercial artist, probably employed by the NYT.

  • Is he manifestly, blatantly, obviously unfit to be President and unable to properly exercise the duties and powers of his office? Absolutely.

    Is there actual political will to remove him anytime soon? I wish it were so, but sadly must conclude there isn’t. GOPers won’t move and only a fraction of the Dems are onboard to even discuss the urgent need to impeach or remove him.

    Not yet anyway.

    • David L. Caster

      I believe congressional Democrats, at least their leaders, want to allow 45 and the GOP to self destruct so the the Midterms will set up a Democratic takeover of at least one house of congress. The Senate may not in fact be in play but the House may very well be.

      Honestly, I expect Trump to make it through his first term. Clearly, the Democrats completely missed the critical opportunity of 2016. Getting the Senate back in 2018 is going to be hard but that body is more critical in the near term than the House.

      This whole thing is a mess and Democrats just can’t seem to win elections these days. I find this disheartening and progressives really need to drop the purity tests and pie in the sky ideals, and start thinking strategically. And yes, so do Democrats at every level in that party.

      • Uncle Mark

        The Democrats may also be waiting for the results of the Russian collusion investigation to better determine which avenue to best choose in removing Drumpf. Drumpf does seem to be shooting himself in the foot every day, as well. Let’s see what turns up. If it’s shocking enough, Republicans will risk being further tarnished by this regime, if they don’t dump his orange ass soon enough.

        • David L. Caster

          Democrats must still relearn how to win elections. Trump is a symptom of a larger problem, and it is that problem that must be understood and solved.

    • -M-

      Every journey begins with one step. At least they’re starting to take those first steps.

  • safari

    I’m not sure this would do much of anything… but it will provoke Donald to misbehave.

    • Bob Conti

      Sometimes you just need to drop the banana peel in front of the door and then wait…

      • perversatile

        In my family, we say, “grease the top step”.

      • bambinoitaliano

        Unfortunately the shit gibbon is the dog shit in a brown bag on fire. Everyone is staying back and let the flame burn the rest of the building down.

    • PickyPecker
      • Amanda B. Rekendwith

        You mean like ReaganBook?

        • PickyPecker


  • bkmn

    Democrats need to find ways to get in front of television cameras and state plainly and simply that Blimpo is not fit for office and the GOP is propping him up. Say it loud and say it often.


    • Snarkaholic

      …and escalate.

    • Boreal

      “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
      ―Frederick Douglass

      • PickyPecker

        People are telling me he’s doing good things.

      • David Walker
        • another_steve

          That’s a spectacular song.

          It’s become a staple of many gay and lesbian choruses.

        • Robincho

          LURVS me a whole lotta Stokes, oh yeah now…

          • BuckyB12

            Brian Stokes Mitchell = walking sex

        • TampaDink

          Seems like ever since I turned 50 music always causes a strong emotional reaction. This song is so powerful.

          • David Walker

            Congratulations on the growing emotional reaction. I’m constantly amazed at and by the power of music. We did this several times when I directed our gay men’s chorus…the effect it had on the audience was electric. Even some of the singers had to lip-sync toward the end.

          • TampaDink

            I’ve always been sensitive and some music has occasionally hit me hard but the last 4 years have been heavy flow times.

    • TampaDink

      Say it loud. Say it clear.
      You can listen as well as you hear.
      Its too late, when we die
      To admit we don’t see eye to eye.

  • Treant

    True, of course, but until you start getting Republicans…futile.

    Nor do we really want Pence, although Mueller is likely to take care of that for us.

    • thatotherjean

      Oh, Mr. Mueller, please, please, please. If you can get Ryan too, that would be great.

  • Ninja0980

    About time Democrats started showing a backbone.
    Keep it up!

    • safari

      We will only get one chance to remove him. It is best to wait for everything to come to a head.

      • The_Wretched

        I think a steady tide of pushing is what’s needed. Make it a one of hail mary and it’ll lose.

        • David L. Caster

          The strategy should be all about setting up for the midterms. The drumbeat against Republicans should be subtle but persistent—not against individual candidates but the GOP as a whole.

  • Boreal
    • Darrel Cj

      Orange is the new orange.

      • bzrd

        I think anita braindead was the one who said, “a day without the orange dump in jail is a day without sunshine.”

  • Lazycrockett

    Something like this would just drive him further insane.

    • But only if he sees it being covered on Fox News or CNN.

    • Ranger One

      He is insane. He suffers from chronic narcissism. He has to have constant praise and approval. He can’t have it.

    • bkmn

      That may well be what it will take for the GOP and his base to finally realize that he should not be in the White House.

  • TheSeer

    I support everything that will piss off the Reprobate-in-Chief.

  • safari
    • Treant

      When you’ve pissed off Mississippi…well, that’s actually easy, but when Republicans manage it…

    • Gustav2

      This is fricking stupid. The whole reason some shenanigans went on in voter rolls is because the individual states’ officials, especially the R’s, were not going to give up their control of the process.

      Then the dumbass R’s think they will give it up now?

    • Jay Silversmith

      The only thing don the cons’ minions really want is your name and social security number. They could care less about your voting record. They are forming their revenge list to go after people that disparaged the great orange one. It’s his reason for living.

  • AndyinChicago

    This may be the wrong space, but after posting about the NRA video, I wanted to bring up this video from Move On. It’s a bit heavy handed, but it’s pretty amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDsbRDHU7qg

  • PickyPecker
  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • boobert

    You ain’t gonna impeach yet ! He’ll have to do something that leaves no doubt of treason. Be patient, it’s coming. But it sure is fun to watch him go crazy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKcHMJlE7OM

  • JWC

    Shaddipated be damned he is NUCKIN FUTZ

  • TK

    They are going to rush this and it will explode in our faces. Build the case. Start by actually getting on news shows and making the case. State the facts. Give speeches every day to anyone who will listen. Become LOUDER THAN TRUMP! Use Twitter to your advantage. Give people things to retweet that are worth talking about.

    • safari

      I don’t know about becoming louder, but it shouldn’t be too hard to be smarter.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • The_Wretched

    Even if they pass something, it’s upto Pence and the Cabinet to take action. Good on them for trying though.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Not true. The amendment specifies “a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide.” This bill is an attempt to establish just such an “other body” with the power to declare the President incapacitated.

      • Given the fact Donald would have to sign such a thing into law or be overridden by Congress, the chances of it passing are beyond nil right now. Not with the current lot of GOP jackals and ass-weasels.

        However, much as it pains me to say this, the existence of such efforts does increase the national narrative to question Donald’s unfitness for the job.

        • Natty Enquirer

          I wonder if the Republicans won’t eventually support this proposal as a safety valve — a way to get Trump quickly off the stage should he deteriorate more rapidly than anticipated.

      • The_Wretched

        thank you, I had forgotten that part.

      • coram nobis

        Is there a “by law” somewhere in the U.S. Code that would explain this further? I don’t have Westlaw handy.

        • Natty Enquirer

          It’s in the plain text of the amendment.

          • coram nobis

            No, “by law” suggests something additional or supplemental, I would think. A statute somewhere.

          • Natty Enquirer

            Yes, precisely. Congress has the option to pass a law to create or designate this other body. That’s what the instant bill is all about.

          • Scout


  • Boreal
    • …thoughts and prayers…

    • safari

      A doctor shooting doctors.

    • OldBaldGuy

      oh jesus fucking christ…

  • coram nobis

    They’re being clueless, or maybe never read the 25th Amendment. §§ 3 and 4 provide a process for declaring the Prez unfit, but the initiators are the VP and Cabinet. If it comes to a dispute, 2/3s of both Houses have to declare the Prez unfit.

    Even then, the VP only becomes an acting President, while the Prez sticks around like a crazy aunt in the attic. The Dems doing this are engaging in political masturbation; they could “declare” the President to be a cuckoo-eyed loony, it might be true, and it might even get a majority — but that’s not how it works. They’re making up stuff.


    • safari

      Gotta give the base momentum somehow.

      • safari

        (Though I quite agree.)

        • coram nobis

          Trouble is, Trump and Congress are now talking about Obamacare repeal only, repeal and no replace. Shouldn’t the Dems be digging trenches on that front?

          • safari

            I can’t see repeal only going anywhere. It’d be a nuclear option.

          • kareemachan

            Why not both? Really, people can do more than one thing at a time.

            Well, most of us can, anyway.

      • coram nobis

        The 25th Am. does provide for “such other body” but doesn’t specify it, “by law”, which I’m not sure is provided for.

      • bambinoitaliano

        I had too much to drink. I read “Gotta give the base mountaindew somehow”. Lol!

        • kareemachan

          Don’t drink MD. Really. It’s scary.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Section 4 provides that Congress may designate another body with the power to declare the President unfit with concurrence of the Vice President.

      • coram nobis

        Yes, but the “as provided by law” seems to be a complication.

        • Natty Enquirer

          The complication is that Congress has to create a law, which is why 25 members are backing this bill.

          • coram nobis

            Maybe that’ll do for starters. If they can ever get it through committee, let alone to the floor. Good luck with that.

          • Natty Enquirer

            It’s a sno-cone in hell, for sure.

          • Friday

            The idea there is it forces the GOP to be on record actively defending this lunatic rather than just using him for cover in the eyes of most.

    • Gianni

      Agreed My first thought was how do these legislators figure this could be legal to try to skirt the constitutionally mandated methods for accomplishing what they’re trying to do? Seems this attempt is just to bring something about his mental state to the forefront.

    • -M-

      They getting the option and arguments talked about.

    • kareemachan

      Political masturbation has more to do with rethugs.

      You might be right, but you’re being baka. Don’t straddle the fence. It’s disgusting.

  • Treant

    No, seriously, which one of you idiots stepped on the butterfly and gave us Trump?


    • -M-

      Was a good short story.

    • Bryan

      I thought Russia took over because Stan Smith ruined Taxi Driver.

  • Lazycrockett



    This takes guts for working actors.

    • Treant

      I went to high school with Dan Kim.

      And that’s all I’m going to say about him.

      • Adam King

        Do tell.

        • Treant

          If you know me at all, you’ll realize I just said absolute volumes.

          • xzargo

            I have never watched any show he’s in and I don’t know anything about him or know anyone he knows – so you can tell me.

      • Robincho

        Did he by chance excel in anatomical biology? That there’s my idea of one great dae in the mornin’… 😉

      • kareemachan

        Well, then honestly you don’t have a fart to put in the fire, do you?

        Either SAY SOMETHING of content or tais-toi.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      This shouldn’t be happening to begin with. How fucked up is that? Not being paid the same because you’re not white? Oh wait, Trump’s America, my bad.

    • NowAnAgnostic

      The two actors I like best.

  • safari

    By the way, this closing week was “energy week” according to the white house.

    • William

      Rick Perry sure did a bang up job promoting it.

      • stevenj

        The noted scientist Rick Perry?

  • Homo Erectus

    Well, there’s this:


  • another_steve

    It won’t happen. It’s worth pursuing, but it won’t happen.

    I predict he’ll voluntarily resign sometime next year. The novelty of the job will be over for him and he’ll reach the conclusion that he could be making lots more money as a private citizen.

    In his demented ego-maniacal state, he’ll declare victory and leave.

    • Jeffg166

      Brain aneurysms happen.

      • coram nobis

        So do major wars, as the former Austro-Hungarian empire found out.

      • -M-

        Maybe he’ll try that hand shake thing on Vlad.

      • Reality.Bites

        Can you prove he has a brain?

    • Natty Enquirer

      He’ll do it “for the good of the country” à la Nixon. Either that or he will self-immolate, which I find equally likely.

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        That thing on his head could be prone to spontaneous combustion.

    • Snarky

      Just give the family a couple more months to make sure they maximize their grifting in their current positions, then once they’ve gotten all they can they’ll run back to their cushy private lives, and live out their days WITH TAXPAYER-FINANCED HEALTHCARE AND SECRET SERVICE. Motherfuckers turn my stomach.

    • JCF

      “he’ll reach the conclusion that he could be making lots more money as a private citizen”

      But can he? He may come to the conclusion that the only way he can he can stay ahead of prosecution for his Grift-o-Mania crimes, is to be The Boss of the prosecutors!

  • Can someone figure out a way of getting rid of Trump legally? Please? I can’t take it anymore. But do it fast. This is a complete and goddamned disaster. It’s like you’re looking at this pressure cooker and its ready to blow up the entire neighborhood and no one is doing anything but staring at it with their mouths open.

    • Tmaximus

      25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is being activated as we speak.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        The 2nd Amendment would be faster.

        NOTE to NSA, relax asshats, I’m kidding. But hey, if one of you wants to do it, I don’t think anyone would mind.

  • billbear1961

    Sure–the GOP Congress won’t hear talk of impeachment, but they WILL listen to this! Sure!

    DEMAND his TAX RETURNS, every DAY, in front of the cameras!

    Keep after him for his pathological LYING, his vicious, bullying tweets, and the unparalleled GRAFT!

    Call perjury perjury and obstruction obstruction!

    Denounce the “healthcare” bill as premeditated MURDER, for THAT is what it IS!!

    How can a SANE, DECENT nation accept as its leader someone who proves, DAILY, that he is GROSSLY unfit, morally and intellectually, for the office he STOLE?!

    Tell him off to his ugly, lying FACE whenever he utters an inanity!

    He is DISGRACING the presidency and the country before the eyes of the WORLD, damaging our reputation!! Soon WE, for our apathy and COWARDICE, will be held in the same contempt the world feels for HIM!! He is dragging us DOWN!! This is a CRISIS!!

    He’s plotting a TRADE WAR for the amusement–the AMUSEMENT!!–of his goddamned deplorables:


    Into the streets to DEMAND his removal before it’s TOO LATE: “His tax returns, now! Remove the Obstructor of Justice, the THIEF- and PREDATOR-in-chief! NO to MURDER!! MEDICARE FOR ALL!!”

    • Gianni

      I second that demand for the tax returns. Make it loud and clear that he promised while campaigning that when he became Prez he would release them. Make the very sharp point to everyone in his loyal base that he is reneging on a major campaign promise. Make good on your promise, Mr. Prez, release those tax returns.

      • billbear1961

        To see a nation on its knees, trembling before a THING rising up out of the SEWER to destroy it, just ASTOUNDS!

        Not one SINGLE strong voice in a position of power–not ONE elected voice of stature–raised up against a CRIME–a litany of OBVIOUS crimes–undermining and DESTROYING this democratic republic, her institutions compromised and failing!

        The old expression “it is a judgment on you” comes to mind, like the “handwriting on the wall.”

        This nation is allowing itself to be DISGRACED–its reputation DESTROYED–before the astonished eyes of a disgusted WORLD!!

        Soon this degenerate gangster and his party of neo-fascists will control the COURTS–their coup complete, their power consolidated–a one-party state effectively ABOVE THE LAW will be ENTRENCHED–and the civil rights of MILLIONS will be TRODDEN UNDER, and NO ONE will do a FUCKING thing about ANY OF IT, nothing but prattle on USELESSLY, IMPOTENTLY, about the next FAKE elections, which will be STOLEN just as they were in 2016!!

        This country is a bitter JOKE–and ugly FARCE.

        How it looks at itself in the mirror is BEYOND ME!

        How can anyone feel anything but the most searing CONTEMPT for it?

  • j.martindale

    If Mueller can present impeachable offenses to the congress, that will be our best hope of eliminating this unqualified, neurotic shitgibbon from office. Everything else is unfortunately posturing.

    • -M-

      We can add the 25th to the long list of safeguards that need to be overhauled when this is over.

  • OdieDenCO

    if you look at the record of things that happened before the election it is truly a bazaar litany of events and outburst. nothing has changed.

    • (((GC)))

      “A bazaar litany”… how appropriate for a lying conman!

  • kareemachan

    About effing time.

    And I’m saying this as a person who had a parent with Alzheimers….

  • houstonray
  • Steverino

    25 45 or fight.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme
  • AJ Drew

    All this DT nonsense needs a soundtrack.

    O Fortuna! comes to mind…

    “now through the game
    I bring my bare back
    to your villainy.”


  • billbear1961
  • Orly

    Without GOP support, it’s never going to happen.

    • TheSeer

      It will if Degenerate Party loses its majority.

  • Grumpy Old Man
  • RichRob

    Republican Congresspersons need to take charge of this ridiculous and crude presidency and take DT to the back of the barn and knock some sense into him. Of course he will learn nothing from the experience but then the next step is the 25th amendment. The “men” in the Republican party are useless and less than virile in the face of Trump the man-boy. It’s up to Collins, Murkowski and other females to send this mad man packing.

  • TampaDink

    Just knowing that the eventual exposure to this story/tactic will soon reach Hair Furor, Adolf Twitler I am encouraged….knowing that he will lash out & continue to do his best to prove how mentally unfit he is to serve as our leader…or anyone allowed to walk freely without his handlers.

  • Librarykid


    Donald Trump is going down for Russian money laundering,

    and now there’s nothing he can do to stop it
    By Bill Palmer
    Updated: 3:11 am EDT Wed Jun 28, 2017

    A funny thing happened last night: the United States Treasury
    Department gave in. For months it had been trying to fend off the Senate
    Intelligence Committee’s attempts at getting its hands on the records
    pertaining to a 2015 money laundering bust of Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal
    casino. But now the Treasury has finally caved, giving up the documents
    that will lead to Donald Trump’s demise, both as a president and as a
    free man.

    How can I be so sure of it? Because the Treasury fought so hard not
    to turn over these documents. Was Trump’s newly appointed Treasury
    Secretary trying to run interference on his behalf? Has the Treasury
    simply been trying to cover for the fact that, aside from an obscure
    press release buried on its own website, it never bothered to tell
    anyone that it busted Donald Trump for money laundering just as he was
    gearing up to enter the presidential race? I bet they’d like to have
    that decision back. Surely the American people would.

    But regardless of why they caved, they did in fact cave. Senator Mark
    Warner revealed last night on-air during the Rachel Maddow show on
    MSNBC that the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement
    Network has indeed just forked over thousands of pages of evidence (link).
    This is the motherlode that we’ve all been waiting for. These documents
    will identify which Russians were laundering their money through
    Trump’s casino, which in turn is going to point to who’s been loaning
    him money, who’s been floating his bankrupt businesses for the past
    decade, and whom in Russia he answers to.

    These documents from the Treasury Department are going to give the
    Senate Intel Committee everything it needs to make the case to the
    American people that Donald Trump is in fact a Russian patsy. It’ll
    degrade his already-eroding approval rating even further. And it’ll
    create an environment in which the public will accept nothing less than
    justice. Trump will be impeached, either by nervous Republicans now, or
    by ferocious Democrats after the midterms. And with the financial crimes
    that are about to be uncovered, he won’t escape prison when it’s all said and done.