White House: Children Shouldn’t Look To Trump As A Role Model, They Should Look To God [VIDEO]

Reporter: “You talk about being personally affected by all of this as well – and that there’s nothing wrong with the president fighting fire with fire – is the argument that you’re making. You have stood here and talked about your family at this podium. Are you going to tell your kids this behavior is OK?”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “Look, I’ve been asked before when it come to role models as a person of faith. I think we all have one perfect role model and when I’m asked that question, I point to God, I point to my faith. And that’s where I would tell my kids to look. None of us are perfect and certainly there’s only one that is.”

  • safari

    This administration keeps finding new levels of ridiculousness to take us to each day.

    • Jonathan Smith

      it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

      • Todd20036

        I’ve done lots of dirty things. I have fun doing them.
        I’m not going near anything Trumpanese, and I’m a civil servant.

    • Whee!!!

    • Uncle Mark

      So in other words, Sarah Huckabeast, herself, is saying that she would not want her children to look to President Man-Baby as a role model. Clearly, Sarah doesn’t look to god as a role model, as I suspect that her god would not want her to prostitute herself so readily, easily bearing false witness, hurting so many people for a modicum of fame or fortune. Such a shame, as once upon a time, some of us were able to look up to the President as being the best, brightest, wisest of us all.

      • northern_neighbour

        You are referring of course to Barack Obama.

        • Uncle Mark

          I’m not just referring to Obama, but it does grieve me to think of what that man could have accomplished, if this country wasn’t such a divided, partisan, bigoted mess.

        • Bonobo

          But Obama is not the black skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You’re thinking of the mythical character Jebus.

      • kaydenpat

        And I assume her god wouldn’t be okay with all the lying she has to do to defend this regime.

        • northern_neighbour

          Her only true God is the almighty Greenback God.

          • scottrose

            Not only that, but sooner or later Toxic Donald will do something to undermine her, publicly insult her, throw her under the bus and fire her.

            If she doesn’t have the decency to resign now, she won’t deserve any sympathy when he eventually does that to her.

          • sammy

            You hate so much you are as blind as a bat. Trump has had female workers working him for decades. You are a ignoramus!!.

          • Acronym Jim

            Yep. You notice she neither supported or denounced Trump’s tweet. All she cares about is Mammon.

          • sammy

            How would you know.? You designated yourself as mindreader.

          • northern_neighbour

            You are either terminally naive or a troll from the TrumpDescendency Pell Mell Full Speed back into the Dark Ages. Follow the $$$$ Sammy, there is only one reason why this spokeswhore is defending the massive shitload of lies issuing from the White House Arsehole-in-Chief.

        • Uncle Mark

          Or her God is a pimp. It seems that this Republican god is all about bending to the will of whoever has the most cash.

        • sammy

          I’m sure you deceive yourself everyday just in your own little bubble. You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you.

          • kaydenpat

            Bye Troll. Blocked.

          • sammy

            you no one I want to talk to.

      • perversatile
      • Chicago joe

        Clearly you don’t know her tribal God – jealous, petty, vindictive, oh and male and white.

        • sammy

          sad pathetic comment with no understanding.

      • sammy

        Since when? Clinton? Obama? Bush/? maybe Reagan? All these men had flaws that any of us could point to. You are delusional!!

        • Uncle Mark

          ‘Tis the very nature of man to be flawed, but most good men try to move beyond them, and those who struggle are the ones to look up to. Drumpf doesn’t even acknowledge that he has to apologize for anything…which means he refuses to acknowledge any mistakes or failings. Furthermore, some of us have been following him since the 80s…and he was a lying douchebag even back then.

          That being said, it is obvious from your many brief and insulting comments, that you have not come here for intelligent discussion, so let me tell you a story…https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/43dcf8c389f11f5836bf702a7c610159d130d8013e5819751f31aaea3a4b7c19.jpg

    • kaydenpat

      I found myself shocked at Trump’s “bloody facelift” tweet this morning. There is no bottom for this President.

      • David Walker

        Au contraire. I’d say he has a bottom and it’s pretty fucking yuge.

        • Uncle Mark

          And he’s adding to it every day

          • David Walker

            Mmmmmmm. Chocolate cake. Big Macs. Barrels of KFC.

        • Schnackenpfefferhausen

          It’s a bigly bottom.

      • Ham
        • mom

          Atrocious behavior- Left: 1… Right: Too many to count

      • sammy

        You obviously have no context as to what was said over the last several days with these pathetic MSnbc commentators.

    • scottrose
    • David Walker

      And none of them ever takes us up. It’s just down, then farther down, then further down, then downest, then most downest, and just when you think that’s it, we discover that the cellar has a basement.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • kanehau

    Yes… she’s doing such a spot-on job of emulating her ‘god’. All that bearing false witness and such.

    But… it makes sense – as her god also loved a lot of blood everywhere.

  • M Jackson
  • Lazycrockett

    Well imaginary sky fairy is probably a better RM than an asshole in the WH.

    • shellback

      OMG I can’t believe how similar our posts are. You were first, but I hadn’t seen it.

      • Lazycrockett

        Don’t be nice to me you will be flooded with down votes. 😉

        • TimCA

          I’ve noticed that too. I have down vote counter installed and have noticed you seem to have attracted quite a following (or perhaps one determined detractor with several accounts). Most of those comments with the most down votes are fairly innocuous too.

  • Karl Dubhe

    That was a very painful thing to have watched.

    There are words, but I’m not calm enough…

  • Archipelagos

    Car crash history in the making, folks.

  • HZ81

    Fuck you, cultist kunt.

  • shellback

    hmmm – A real, orange asshole or an imaginary, sky-daddy. Tough choice.

  • June Gordon

    Sanctimonious fucking lying fake Christian spawn of a fucking lying fake Christian — and brother to a real dog killer: STFU!

    • Bonobo

      But how do you really feel? LOL

  • skyweaver

    Republicans got nothin’

    • Tomcat

      They only care if they can come up with most of the money.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    What Jesus already likes me, you skinny elitist wench. WWJD? He’d tweet the same.

  • Blake Mason

    So she basically admits 45 is not someone to emulate. I bet that will go over well in the oval office.

    • Tomcat

      Once again they will have to go around the table and suck up to the DON to sooth his ego.

    • Carl

      Basically the white house spent the day telling us we’re all bad people for having standards of decency.

    • Chucktech

      “Ms. Huckabee-Sanders, the president would like a word with you…”

  • safari
    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Wasn’t this in Cruel Intentions, aka Ryan Phillipe’s ass.

      Was there something else in that movie?

      • fkevin


      • bambinoitaliano
        • Oscarlating Wildely

          “And let my cry come on to thee.”

        • Todd20036


          • Oscarlating Wildely

            (Am I the only one that noted the pronounced lighting on the phallic like objects on either side?)

          • Todd20036

            Probably, but I was looking at the bubble butt.

          • Oscarlating Wildely

            Accent pieces! Mood lighting.

          • Joe in PA

            ain’t no lighting needed get me in the mood with that one. Just saying.

          • Todd20036

            Right? It could be harsh overhead halogen bulbs, and I’d have zero problem tapping him.

          • Adam King

            There are other things in that picture?

          • Tawreos

            There are other things in that shot besides a beautiful ass?

          • Todd20036

            Pair of rather sexy legs, too. And that back has a nice V shape.

      • KCMC
        • Lazycrockett

          With his looks alone and as well as they have held up dude should be way more popular in tv.

      • Joshua Jackson played a sexually active wee little gayling too.

        • Oscarlating Wildely

          “Guy has a mouth like a hoover.”

          • shall we say…the stroke of midnight?

          • Todd20036

            My idol!

    • Lazycrockett

      Geller looks so different with her natural color.

  • Lazycrockett
    • The Sentinel

      Thank you.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      wow, all of a few months ago.. wow… so damned fast….

      • Acronym Jim

        Time flies when you’re dumbstruck several times a day.

    • kaydenpat


    • David Walker

      That’s such a wonderful photograph. I always have to stop and gaze at it whenever I see it. It’s not just a picture = 1000 words. I think that picture speaks volumes on so many human levels. Nearly universally loved except here. I’m glad we had him as president…it gives us a clear, inspired point of reference of what President is.

  • You assholes treat Trump like a god so what’s the difference?

  • Treant

    The lack of ability to apologize or admit wrongdoing is interacting very nicely with Trump’s inability to do anything right–or with any class.


    • Oscarlating Wildely


      It’s international, intercontinental, intergalactic embarrassment.

    • bambinoitaliano

      It should be down to hours now.

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        In a sane country, I would agree.

      • Shy Guy

        It’d still be zero.

    • Todd20036

      On the plus side, he’s so incompetent he isn’t getting anything done.

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        He’s putting dog-bothering judges on the courts.

        • Todd20036

          There is that, and that will be the worst of his legacies.
          I blame the Berned bros for that, too

      • Joe in PA

        Oh, but he’s making tons-o-money. And getting to play golf a LOT!

      • The_Wretched

        They are doing the stuff they can fiat like trashing regs and deleting governmental data and by handing out licenses and permits for pay offs. It’s limited in some ways but vast and bad in others.

    • kaydenpat

      Days? How about minutes?

    • sammy

      Liberals have had a embarrassing day –everyday from the beginning of this country!! you win!!.. loser!!

      • Treant

        You seem nice. Intelligent. Sensible. Logical. And blocked, of course, for not being any of the above…enjoy your killfile life.

        • sammy

          When I am confronted with nonsense I let those perpetuating nonsense know. You should acquire some sense before you write next time. Have a nice day.

  • Sashineb
    • Lazycrockett

      See how much we made him suffer.

    • Frostbite

      More like we embarrass him. Would you want to be the deity responsible for Trump? Palin?

      • sammy

        He is responsible for u !!

        • Frostbite

          sorry. complete atheist here. any no boogieman from the sky responsible for me.

          • sammy

            Too bad you are cold stone wrong!!

          • Frostbite

            Well, if that’s the case I expect your deity will come floating down out of the sky and tell me itself. Otherwise, it ain’t any more real than the Easter Bunny hunny.

          • sammy

            You do not seem to know too much about the attributes of God. The world lied to you and you think it is your own thinking. Sad!! God is more real than you!! He is eternal …you are a puff of air in a small space of time. You are sad parrot that repeats what some other guy that was lied to.

          • Frostbite

            “You are sad parrot that repeats what some other guy that was lied to.” funny. I could say the same to you. Parroting the dribble out of a two thousand year old book written by people who thought the earth was flat and that a magical zombie would save them. If your all-powerful deity could create a universe I’m sure it could keep some paltry humans in line, end hunger, disease, and evil, along with convincing me it actually existed. Come on, show me your burning bush!

    • Tomcat

      Kind of a hollow symbol if he was going to bring him back to life and take him home. FAKE TRICK.

      • Mikey

        Fake religion. Sad. Losers. Trump has a better god. His god is HUUGE.

    • narutomania


      Some of you have offended me, so now I am going to flood the earth and drown EVERY LIVING CREATURE ON THE PLANET except for one family and a few pairs of animals that are then going to have to commit incest for many hundreds of year to repopulate the earth.

    • sammy

      wow ..you really do not understand..What a mischaracterization!!!

  • bambinoitaliano

    Sure I will look to god if all those middle men like the shit gibbon and the pedophile priests stop intercepting my path towards the glory kingdom.

  • Todd20036

    They should look to Obama as a role model.

    Aside from encompassing so many good qualities, he also has the additional characteristic of EXISTING!!!

  • clay

    Uh, as you’re, like, a Christian and all, isn’t one, if not the biggest, problem y’all have with God is that God’s NOT a role model? You have to have Jesus, and even that’s not enough, you have to have saints, too, you know, human role models of the holy?

    Trump ain’t not saint, not even close to it, not even with the Protestant definition of all believers as saints.

  • KnownDonorDad

    So…wipe out nearly all of the human population with a worldwide catastrophe?

    • Todd20036

      Trump is emulating God. (potentially).
      Who knew?

    • Treant

      As long as Ivanka is around to ride Donald’s tired cock, the world will be repopulated in their image.

      And I’ll be very glad I’m dead and don’t have to see the offspring, nor the world that results.

  • j.martindale
  • Ninja0980

    How about they look up to actual living beings instead?

    • Chucktech

      “When I grow up I wanna be just like god.”

  • There are a frightening number of Trumpanzees who will take exception to her suggestion that Trump is not God.

  • Adam King

    “When I grow up I want to be just like God.”

    • Jonathan Smith

      non existent?

    • Todd20036

      Priapus. I’m working hard at it.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    I’m so not even close to religious but if I was, wouldn’t that justification really offend the fuck out of me?

  • Christopher
  • Pollos Hermanos

    “Look to God”.

    Great, let’s totally screw with the Religious Right.


  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    So in other words you are admitting to be a horrible parent.
    You better not have any pets.

  • Frostbite

    Well she got the first part right.

  • grindstone

    “Governor, we have a real problem here.”
    “Well, trust in God, he will provide.”
    “Oh, we already talked to God. He told us to talk to the governor.”

  • Tomcat

    A vengeful god as a role model, don’t think so.

  • Carl

    We didn’t elect god president and you are not god’s press secretary.

    Also, I’m pretty sure god doesn’t exist.

  • xtal

    Only a living, breathing human being can be a role model. Nice to see massive amounts of stupid coming from the white house. Trump deserves to have someone spit in his face for what he has done to our country. Shame on all his voters.

  • Cuberly

    Meanwhile, the backroom deals to get 50 votes for the BHAC, or whatever the fuck it’s called, are at full tilt. The GOP is on the ropes and they know it and lord knows what’s going to happen.

    • The_Wretched

      The extra scary lining is that they thought the health care (tax cut) was the easy tax cut and the ‘tax cut -tax cut’ was going to be the hard one.

      • Todd20036

        In their little world, Obamacare = evil and Obama = devil.

        Problem is that for all of their rhetoric, and their convincing the idiots that Obamacare is a bad thing, it was only after the election that people realized that Obamacare was their health care, and that they needed to pay attention to it’s replacement.

        When people saw that the replacement to Obamacare meant millions would be without insurance, and millions more would see their premiums go up astronomically, suddenly Obamacare didn’t looks so bad.

        Moreover, politicians suddenly realized that town hall meetings were turning into I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO IMPROVE MY HEALTH CARE, NOT END IT!! diatribes, and the Nazi GOP couldn’t deal with that.

      • Cuberly

        They’re leaking this laundry list of amendments that are pet cause bs. They entice Portman on board by promising money for the opioid crisis. Yes it’s a crisis, but what about long term care, that isn’t a short little throw money at it sort of thing to just wish away.

    • Carl

      I’m afraid they’re going to realize they’re going to have to run on Trump no matter what so they might as well go hog wild and raid the the system while they’ve got it.

  • JustDucky
    • sammy

      A person who does nor understand their own sin!!

  • Rex

    Yes, kids, don’t look at mommy defending her vulgar, crass, disgusting boss. She’s a poor role model.

  • Just when you think the Crazy Train is about to pull into the station . . .

  • Professor Barnhardt

    [OT]: 5 of the best juror excuses in the Martin Shkreli case thus far


    4. “In this particular case, the only thing I’d be impartial about is what prison he goes to” — another gem from day three.

  • Rex

    Anyone with the most basic morals would not work for this man.

  • Gustav2

    Well…that certainly hasn’t helped anyone with their behavior in the Huckabee family.

  • Daithi in SF

    The Handmaidens Tale is slowly becoming a reality.

  • Kevin Perez

    Which God, Huckabelle? Is Radical Islamic God okay with you?

  • Blake Mason

    And where is Melania with her Anti-Bullying platform… http://discardedlies.com/images/thunderhorse/DSC00387.JPG

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Melania’s Anti-Cyberbullying obviously doesn’t apply to her husband.

      Another woman supports Trump’s cyberbullying… Melania Trump, who had vowed to fight cyberbullying.


      Washington (CNN): First lady Melania Trump is standing by President Donald Trump’s Thursday morning tweets criticizing MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski.

      “As the First Lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder,” the first lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham said in a statement to CNN when asked about the tweets.

      • kareemachan

        What the HELL are all these women doing defending drumpster?

        • ColdCountry

          I think they’re pod people. No women I know defend him. Of course, knowing me, perhaps they simply don’t voice their opinions.

        • KarenAtFOH

          They are not in their right mind. Brainwashing and abuse are two ways that can happen.

        • Tawreos

          He is rich and old, she is not going to endanger her and he son’s share of the inheritance by telling the truth about him now.

  • bkmn
    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      These insane people are in power, and therefore not funny.

  • architect_tim
    • sammy

      Nice misrepresentation of God. I’m sure he knows your plight well!!

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Ignore the tiny hand vulgarian that actually exists and turn your attention to one of the more than 330,000,000 God mythologies created by man.

    I’m going get my advice from Hecate from now one. I’ll be standing at the cross roads at each full moon and get my life advice that way going forward.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen
  • LeeCMH

    Look to God as role model? A hateful Christian God I assume.

    • Gustav2

      Or the God of the New Covenant (Testament)

      • LeeCMH

        Or any other fictional conjured “supreme” being.

      • Adam King

        The one who demands the blood-sacrifice of his son/self, and the ritual cannibalism of his followers? Yeah, the kids should grow up to be just like that.

        • Gustav2

          Saul of Tarsus ruined everything! lol

          • LeeCMH

            Sarah surely was not referring to the God of Islam, the Cherokee gods, any eastern deity, etc. None of these could possibly be role models according to Sarah.

  • Bad Tom

    I know! I know!
    The God of the Book of Job. Perfect role model for a sadistic psychopath.
    Trump keeps it next to his book of the speeches of Hitler.

  • geoffalnutt

    Wait! I haz a confuse. God/Trump same thing. Yes? It certainly ‘splains much things. God has betterer hair, though.

  • unclemike

    Bitch, if God existed, he’d spit in your face for working for this orange shit gibbon.

  • ChrisMorley

    Rupert Murdoch’s company 21st Century Fox will be blocked in Britain from taking over the major satellite broadcaster Sky TV for £11.7bn, at least for the next six months, while the deal is scrutinised in detail.
    The culture secretary accepted there were serious concerns over handing him and his family “increased influence over the UK news agenda and the political process”.

    Fox’s takeover bid will now be examined by the Competition and Markets Authority who will conduct a six-month examination of the deal because of the “material influence” that the Murdoch family would have as a result.

    She said a warning by Ofcom that media plurality would be reduced was “persuasive”. She added: “The proposed entity would have the third largest total reach of any news provider – lower only than the BBC and ITN – and would, uniquely, span news coverage on television, radio, in newspapers and online.
    “Ofcom’s report states that the proposed transaction would give the Murdoch Family Trust material influence over news providers with a significant presence across all key platforms.”


    • Ernest Endevor

      Good news. Let’s hope it becomes permanent.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        All anybody should have to say is “Look at America. Look at what it elected. The Murdoch family is not only banned from any properties here but considered an existential threat, never to be allowed to set foot here.”

        • Ernest Endevor

          David Hare and Howard Brenton predicted most of this back in the 80s with their hilarious play Pravda.

  • fuzzybits
  • Raising_Rlyeh

    so, teach kids it’s ok to kill those that won’t worship you. Genocide is aok?

  • bambinoitaliano
  • DisqusD37

    My jaw is on the floor. Anyone got a pair of hand gloves with which to slap this b1tch?

  • bambinoitaliano
  • Joe in PA

    So she just admitted that Trump is not a suitable role model. Good to know. I wonder if Breitbart commenters have any thoughts.

  • romanhans

    I’ll bet that works with Ms. Huckabee’s hubby:

    MS. H: Honey, did you text naked photos of yourself to our babysitter?

    HH: You know who doesn’t text photos of his dick to teenagers? JESUS!

  • Tawreos

    Shouldn’t the man that was put forth by her god to be president be a role model her kids should look up to? Christians have no idea how bad he makes them look. He keeps acting like someone they should absolutely hate and they just keep on ignoring his behavior and support everything he does.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • BuckeyeFan1961


  • Sam_Handwich
    • Fake News!!!111!!!!!11!!!

    • Todd20036

      This is why I think he SHOULD keep tweeting.
      If he is eventually impeached and kicked out, a big reason will be because he blabbed so much in his tweets.

  • Christopher
  • ErikDC

    Is this the same God that allows thousands of people daily to die all manners of cruel deaths, from burning up in an apartment inferno to starving to death from drought and feminine?

    What a role model!

  • EdA

    You mean the god who drowned all the people on earth except for a half-dozen people? And the unicorns and the dinosaurs and the sharks?

    The one who invented appendices for no apparent reason other than to cause appendicitis?

    Or maybe the god of greed, the only god that 100% of Republiscum in Congress, representatives of the Party of the Anti-Christ, actually worship? (In Matthew 25:42, the person they claim to hold as their lord and savior, explicitly condemns them all to burn in hell until the end of time and beyond.)

    That/those gods?

  • coram nobis

    She also makes a point that Donald is not a role model or a person of faith.

  • Ninja0980

    The God this *(# would have me look up to thinks I should burn in hell so nope, I’ll look up to my parents thank you very much.

  • Jerry Kott

    I get the impression that at one of these Press conferences she is going to come out handling several rattle snakes and claim that her god will strike her dead if she is lying. She has no spark of love in those soul less eyes and she doesn’t believe a word she is saying. She looks like she is under a spell or in a trance.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I just keep my mind on the fact that there is a day ahead of us when the Feds get their last piece of evidence and decide it’s time to act. It’s not if but when, but man is it taking a long time to get here.

  • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

    Sally, you’re not perfect, and your brother even less so. . .

  • bambinoitaliano

    Who is third in line after this shill?

  • Tiger Quinn

    If looks and appearance are on the table now then I’d say we have much to discuss about one S. Huckabee.

  • nocadrummer

    Yeah… model ourselves after God, who, when he gets pissed (which happens at the least provocation) kills thousands of people, tries to wipe out everything on the earth, etc.
    Great role model, Sky Daddy!

  • Tiger Quinn

    God was never mortal, never struggled with emotions, temptations, death, grief, or sexual desire. Although we were in theory made in His image, we haven’t heard much from the asshole aside from that, other than the pissy floods and plagues. I already have a distant father that I am working to never be like, thanks.

  • Funbud

    That face. Do we have to keep looking at that face?

    It’s so clear she’s her father’s daughter. And not in a good way.

  • Dale082

    I wonder how long this bitch will last.

    • Halou

      As long as she remains loyal to Dear Leader. Competence and ability are not qualities he looks for in his employees.

  • Halou

    Your real life friends are garbage, Ms. Sanders.

    But my imaginary friends aren’t. Beat that fake news!

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Let’s forego the God stuff. Devils are SO much hotter.

  • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

    So kids remember, a contradictory, imaginary, genocidal, vapor is the best role model!

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      a contradictory, imaginary, genocidal, vapor walked into a bar, and …

  • agcons

    “Sarah Huckleberry Sandbag” ~ Randy Rainbow

  • Jefe5084

    But your god is vengeful, sexist, hateful, and violent. Why is that an option?

  • LeeCMH

    It is difficult think a man-made invention – God –as a role model. Especially if it is the hateful Christian God.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Remember children, do not look up to the president: he is not a role-model.

    Another basic thing about US life changed forever.

  • -M-

    That wasn’t the question.

  • Matt

    If we’re looking to a “god” as a role model, I certainly would NOT choose to emmulate the god of anyone from the Huckabee family. It’s an even bigger fraud than trump. No wonder she loves it so much.

  • FelineMama

    Nothing like an invisible, non-existent, cruel entity to be a role model. Hey, ‘Sorry’ sanders, who is drumph’s role model: Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy???

  • kaydenpat

    President Obama and his wife were wonderful role models. The fact that Trump is such a disgrace shows how quickly our politics have degenerated. Even Republicans can’t claim that children can look up to this horrible POTUS.

  • Macbill

    None of us are perfect. Jack here rips the throats of prostitutes, but he is a swell family man, and goes to church at least twice a month.

  • Uncle Mark

    Sarah Huckabeast is right !! I’m going to model myself after god. I’m going to make up my 10+ commandments for everyone else to follow, going to create a world in 7 days, and then I’m going to cast a third of the population into the bowels of hell for following their false god, Trump. I will smite Republicans for they offend me.

    Lastly, I will demand worship from EVERYONE. (Still sound like a plan for raising well-adjusted kids, Sarah?)

  • Henry Auvil

    These people continue to blur the line between comedy and tragedy.

    • David Walker

      They need to leave that to the professionals. The late night guys, Samantha Bee…the current regime has no clue.

  • billbear1961

    Is THIS what you’d say if a Democrat were spewing this kind of offensive crap, look to GOD, you HYPOCRITE?!

    You’d DAMN a Democrat for anything remotely like this! You wouldn’t look the other way and direct our attention heavenward!

    You’ll excuse ANYTHING, no matter how VILE, if it comes from one of your own!!

    “Do as we say, not as we do”–that’s YOU and every goddamned Christer in this country!!

    • coram nobis

      Obama was religious (UCC) but you’d think he was Ba’al himself, the way they went on.

  • Mike C

    It’s been a tough week for Sarah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xYW6j7zy3Q

  • Hornbori

    “God” ~ as in that petulant bully who carried out the Old Testament?

    • coram nobis

      God, as Mark Twain describes him in “Letters From The Earth”:

      I will tell you a pleasant tale which has in it a touch of pathos. A man got religion, and asked the priest what he must do to be worthy of his new estate. The priest said, “Imitate our Father in Heaven, learn to be like him.” The man studied his Bible diligently and thoroughly and understandingly, and then with prayers for heavenly guidance instituted his imitations. He tricked his wife into falling downstairs, and she broke her back and became a paralytic for life; he betrayed his brother into the hands of a sharper, who robbed him of his all and landed him in the almshouse; he inoculated one son with hookworms, another with the sleeping sickness, another with gonorrhea; he furnished one daughter with scarlet fever and ushered her into her teens deaf, dumb, and blind for life; and after helping a rascal seduce the remaining one, he closed his doors against her and she died in a brothel cursing him. Then he reported to the priest, who said that that was no way to imitate his Father in Heaven. The convert asked wherein he had failed, but the priest changed the subject and inquired what kind of weather he was having, up his way.


      Now that’s a role model?

  • KarenAtFOH

    So that’s a no then? Boy, that’s going to leave a mark when trump punches her back 10 times harder at the next staff meeting.

    • coram nobis

      Well, she did say, in effect, he’s no believer and no role model. Her replacement will probably have worked for Kim Jong Un and know better how to praise His Leaderness.

  • Gigi

    If Huckleberry is a “person of faith,” I’m a lamp.

    • CB

      Well, your comments are a source of light. /s

  • netxtown

    Well, show us a picture of this supposed gawd – then we’ll talk a bit more about the looking up. Kids kinda find it hard to look up to something they can’t see, hear, or touch.

  • dcurlee

    They will say anything to hoe themselves for $$$$.

  • Vinnie NYC

    I only look up when I’m on my knees and this Jesus is standing in front of me.

    • Todd20036

      Hunky Jesus competition?
      Fucking gorgeous body!

    • Silver Badger

      Do you have a link to the whole picture?

    • FelineMama

      Me too!!

  • TimJ

    Let’s keep it simple Sarah Sack O’Potatoes: For a role model, kids need look no further than the last President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. No God needed.

  • marshlc

    She doesn’t know what “role model” means.

    “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to create a universe, just like God”
    “Well, honey, if you always do your best, maybe some day you will”

    “Junior! Why did you put your sister in the oven!?”
    “I’m judging her for her sins, mom, just like God would. You told me to take God as my role model”

    But anyway, on this “fight fire with fire” thing – Trump is deliberately putting himself on the same power level as the hosts of a talk show. I shudder to think what he’d do if a little kid with a snowball knocked off his hat.

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    So with this paid liars logic it should be ok to have had a mooselamb, terrorist, born in kenya for president.
    Cause we shouldnt look to presidents as role models.

  • KQCA

    If “god” is her role model, then that pretty much shoots down the concept of “intelligent” design.

  • Jack


    It’s “none of us IS.”

  • Sporkfighter

    “I think we all have one perfect role model and when I’m asked that question, I point to God….”


    Leviticus 20:10 And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

    Leviticus 21:9 And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by paying the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.

    Genesis 7:21-23 And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man: All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died. And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark.

    2 Chronicles 13:15-18 Then the men of Judah gave a shout: and as the men of Judah shouted, it came to pass, that God smote Jeroboam and all Israel before Abijah and Judah. And the children of Israel fled before Judah: and God delivered them into their hand. And Abijah and his people slew them with a great slaughter: so there fell down slain of Israel five thousand chosen men. Thus the children of Israel were brought under at that time, and the children of Judah prevailed, because they relied upon the Lord God of their fathers.

    I challenge any believer with young children: Let me choose a selection from the Bible and read it to your children as a bedtime story.

  • Taylor

    Not an answer to the question that was asked. He didn’t ask her who her role models are. He asked if she’d tell her kids if Trump’s behavior is ok.

    A “Yes” or “No” would have sufficed.

  • acde

    Hark. Hmmmm. What’s that I hear? Well Hallelujah! I feel god sending a new tRump scam free business – selling 4 D glasses so all the kiddies can see this god they are supposed to have as a role model.

    Only $1999.99 for the gilded finish model – guaranteed to fit any high end, priveleged child in a home of the esteemed 1 %. Only $99.99 for guttersnipe pleb brats – basic wire frames like those used in the British National health Services

  • justme

    Children Shouldn’t Look To Trump As A Role Model,..
    and obviously we definitely should never think of him as any sort of leader..

  • lenvus

    Dear Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

    Which god?

    [Any polytheistic spiritual/religious person of faith; an agnostic; an atheist; etc.]

  • RealityBass

    Children already think they’re God. Most people who are not talking yams grow out of it.

  • Is anyone actually surprised that the hypocritical “religious” right is making excuses for Trump? They’ve been doing it for almost two years now. Nothing he does, NOTHING, is going to make them stop supporting him. He was right when he said that he could murder someone on tv on 5th avenue in broad daylight and they’d still support him. They would. This isn’t at all surprising. Not the tweet and not the defense. We should have figured this out by last March that he can get away with anything with that crowd.

  • Rick


  • Isn’t God only a role model if you are or hope to become a god?

  • Gerry Fisher

    Sooooooo…no human being can be a role model?! Damn, she’s a douche.

  • David in Palm Springs

    As if her God would approve of her being the mouthpiece for an amoral pile of excrement. What a fucking hypocrite.

  • Schnackenpfefferhausen

    I don’t know if there was a followup question to this but the reporter could have asked whether God was Trump’s role model. Ms. Sanders is speaking on her own behalf, but the question is of course about Trump’s behavior and so her answer is irrelevant.

  • Richard B

    Children certainly should never look at someone as selfish, narcissistic, and dishonest as Donald Trump nor to myths about a invisible sky fairy, but to noble good leaders with a clear sense of public empathy and morality as our children’s role models.

  • CM Harris

    “Don’t look up to this vengeful tyrant, look up to this other vengeful tyrant.”

  • Mikey

    Wait wait.. isn’t what she just said an infringement of the 1st amendment?

  • JIM W

    I am indeed surprised that *uckabee is declaring that T is not god. I’ll bet the resumglicans are all in a twitter….. or will be soon.

  • Bonobo

    How the hell do kids mold themselves after a mythical, fictional dude you name God. Ridiculous.

  • sword

    You know…the God that demanded that Abraham sacrifice his son to show that he would obey any command. Sort of like the Pope, Putin, and he hopes…our Glorious Leader.

  • StudioTodd

    Sarah, if he says this in public about a woman who looks like Mika, just imagine what he says behind your back about you.

  • fahvel

    this type of psychopathy is what people outside of your borders see. Lunatic fringe hired by lunatic to create psycho diversions – focus people! focus on the real thing in your white house – it’s is evil and dangerous and proves it self so with every slobbering breath it steals from the rest of you.


    Forgive me but she is one UGLY ASS WOMAN! 😩

  • Don Gwinn

    When somebody tells you that God is their role model, remember that means that either merciful charity or total genocide are very important to them, and then very carefully try to find out which one you’re dealing with.

  • Gerald Voigt

    Just when you think they can’t dumb it down any further this clownette opens her gop.