American Family Association: HGTV Is Tricking America By “Cleaning Up” Perverted Homosexuals [AUDIO]

Safiyah Riddle reports at Right Wing Watch:

Anti-LGBT activist Sandy Rios of the American Family Association responded to LGBTQ Pride celebrations across the country on Monday by calling the lives of gay men the “most sordid business” and castigating church leaders who have accepted homosexuality because gay people are “really losing their opportunity to shake loose of it.”

Rios claimed that the true nature of LGBTQ relationships is “so misunderstood” due to the “cleaned-up,” positive representations of LGBTQ couples on “HGTV, as though they’re a married couple, the same as a heterosexual couple, and that is just not true.”

“This whole business of the rainbow, and gay, and pride, is just a ruse for something that is so horrendous for the people involved. I have to communicate,” Rios said, “my heart goes out to men and women who are caught in the throes of this, who are really losing their opportunity to shake loose of it.”

  • Max_1
  • Pollos Hermanos

    Quick! Somebody call Vern Yip and tell him the jig is up!

  • No More GOP.

    I could really dislike her with very little effort.

  • Butch

    You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that you keep trying to fuck with us, I wouldn’t spend 2 seconds of my life thinking about Christians. Why do we consume so much of your attention?

    • Jonathan Smith


      • Butch

        That’s a possibility. Just seems like they could find a better hobby.

    • Dave F.

      We’re happy in our relationships. That and the fact that Botox Bitch’s husband nearly lost his dick from frostbite after their last tryst and won’t go near her again.

    • It’s all about the money beg. Create an “other” they can demonize and then use that other to collect the cash. Used to be the Communists (USSR) but since that fell apart they needed something to be the focus of fear and voila…the gays.

  • CanuckDon

    “This whole business of the rainbow, and gay, and pride, is just a ruse for something that is so horrendous for the people involved. I have to communicate,” Rios said, “my heart goes out to men and women who are caught in the throes of this, who are really losing their opportunity to shake loose of it.”

  • Tiger Quinn

    So she thinks it’s all fisting and glitter shorts. Sorry Sandy. Today we washed shit out of the dog’s fur from where she rolled in it in our neighbor’s hard. That was so fucking glamorous we hardly had time to put our ball gags back in.

  • Boreal

    “as though they’re a married couple, the same as a heterosexual couple, and that is just not true.”

    Sucks to be you, Botox hag. I’m considered married by the secular authorities, you know, the only ones that matter. What are you going to do about it?

    • Jonathan Smith

      cry, whine, bitch and moan. same as allways

      • Rambie

        Don’t forget “money beg”

    • james1200

      If only one could pray the restylane away! Why do these Christian hags always overdo it?

    • GayOldLady

      She’s going to piss and moan about it until the day she dies then she’s going to be reincarnated as a LGBT.

      • Todd20036

        I suspect she already is LBGT, she’s just too closeted and guilt-ridden to enjoy it.

        • GayOldLady

          I think you’re right. People who are so obsessed with us are more often than not closet cases. The more freedom we gain the more agitated they become, likely from their own sexual and personal frustration. We’re FREE to be ourselves, they envious of our freedom.

    • Robincho

      Sandy just wants to get in on the Facial Disfiguration Cage Match with Donatella Versace and Jocelyn Wildenstein. And she just may win!…

    • Ninja0980

      Same here.

  • clay

    Because . . .
    loose bowels!
    breast cancer!
    pro-lapsed uterus (oh, wait, that’s heterosexual hysteria)

    • Boreal

      Sandy is a pro-lapsed anus.

      • Rex

        Flattery will get you nowhere.

      • Judas Peckerwood

        On a good day.

      • swimboy

        Now that you mention it, she does look just like one of Amerifist’s tricks with a blond wig on his back. God! Those cheekbones and lips look like they’re just begging to be slimed with J-lube.

  • Jonathan Smith
    • johncAtl

      Dad has an interesting imagination.

      • Todd20036

        I’m liking “dad”.

      • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

        He’s jealous.

      • Christopher Smith

        Doesn’t he? growl

    • David Milley

      Looks like my calendar for last week.

      • Todd20036

        My calendar in pictograph form would make AFA members scream like little girls as they ran out of the room.
        Actually, it would make a lot of people on this forum do the same thing.
        I’m not normal.

        • Normal is SO overrated.

          • Sean Taylor

            Depends on which normal

          • Harley

            Better to be a closet gay joining the priesthood to molest under the cloak of religion.

        • Dagoril

          Monday – be a whore.
          Tuesday – be a whore.
          Wednesday – be a whore.
          Looks normal to me!

          • Todd20036

            I’m a slut (I don’t charge)

        • Acronym Jim

          True story. Many years ago I had two neighbors next to my double-studio apartment with thin walls. One of the neighbors was naturally masculine, but the other one obviously overcompensated by trying to pump up his own masculinity to an absurd level. You guess which one was more likable.

          Anyhoo, one day my roommate was working on his computer in his room and I was reading in my room (which was next to the neighbor’s room), and the tell-tale sound of squeaking bed springs started up. I was about to go get some earplugs when my roommate popped his head around the corner and mouthed the words “are they having SEX?”. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head yes and he quietly skittered into my room.

          At this point the sound of moaning started leaking into the room. At first it was normal, but slowly, one of the participant’s voices started to rise in pitch (guess which one?). As his voice got higher and higher and louder and louder, my roommate and I found it more and more difficult to stifle our giggles. Finally at the crescendo, with tears streaming down our faces, we couldn’t hold back anymore and started braying with laughter. The sound on the other side of the wall abruptly ceased, sending us into more gales of hilarity.

          Later, one of the neighbors sheepishly laughed it off with us, but the other one never met either one of our eyes again for the duration of their time there (guess which one?).

          So my point is, making someone scream like a little girl isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

          • Todd20036

            Been there. Done that.
            I was the screamer.
            The neighbors were laughing.
            But given the fact that I have no filter, and no issues, I strutted afterwards like I was cock of the walk…

          • Acronym Jim

            Yes, but the one guy’s obvious issues was what was so hilarious about the situation.

          • DaveRob

            Ya’r Blanche. Ya are!

          • Tiger Quinn

            You know, if a guy can get me to the point where I can’t stop making noises then I say god bless you sir and let the world hear.

        • swimboy

          Come sit next to me!

        • JCF

          I’ve no doubt. But I’ve learned the value of the “hide comment” widget (from KillFile), for things from people I generally like, that I’d rather not see. Que sera’/YMMV/Different strokes/Live and let live: it’s all good.

    • Rambie

      Pretty much

    • Jamie_Johnson

      OMG! The Gay Agenda™ in pictograph form!

    • Todd20036

      If my dad only knew….

    • GayOldLady
    • Chris

      Holy crap I love this – totally swiping it. Thanks!!

    • Robincho

      Someone published my dance card for Fridays, between 3 and 10 p.m.

    • EdmondWherever

      Oh please. Hubby never gives me the remote.

  • Tomcat

    The same could be said of organized religion.

  • Rex

    Well, thank goodness she’s trying to save us.
    She might start by not calling our lives “horrendous”.

    • Dagoril

      What she’s done to her face is horrendous.

  • dcurlee

    Sandy are you just upset cause you ain’t gettin any

  • AtticusP

    Sandy Rios is tricking America by pretending that she’s a human being.

    • Todd20036

      Medusa would put a bag over her head before fucking her.

      • Yeah, cause that face would cause poor Medusa to turn to stone. x_x

  • bambinoitaliano

    Is there full moon today? Seems like all the cray cray are coming out to howl at the gays.

    • MB
    • Gustav2

      Their Pride Parade constipation broke.

    • clay

      Just past new moon, but coming up on solar minimum, so expect an increase in effects from increased solar wind and decreased upper-atmosphere heating for the next couple of years.

      • bambinoitaliano

        Hoping and praying for a rapture.

    • Dagoril

      Well it IS Humpday. And god knows these hags aint doing no humping.

    • Frank McCormick

      I think they were late noticing it was Pride Month and had to get their last digs in before June ends.

  • Rex

    I see Pride Month has really resonated with her.

  • shrumpi

    A grifter’s gotta grift…

  • Lumpy Gaga

    “Tricking America”, eh? SOMEBODY’S got quite the full dance card.

    [Rassin-frassin, barely get time to rape the rainbows, now THIS…]

  • bambinoitaliano
    • KarenAtFOH

      Dang onions too.

      • Yeah, gotta find those ninjas, chopping up onions in my den…

  • FAEN

    Dear Demented Sandy-

    Eventually you and your shitty way of viewing the world will die. And the world will be a better place without your hate and martyrdom.

    For all our sakes get a life already! GLBT’s have been here since the dawn of time and we aren’t going ANYWHERE! We’re in every county of every state in the this country. We’re in every country on this earth and we won’t stop until we have full equality.

    There will also come a time in the not too distant future when younger generations you are related to will be disgusted by you for all the hate you’ve been throwing our way. We’re still in the middle of the fight but as you can clearly see the side that promotes love, acceptance, equality and fabulousness is winning.

    I honestly pity you-it must be awful to live with such hatred eating away at you like acid.

    Bye for now Sandy and yeah-go fuck yourself!

    • Boreal

      She is the only one who would fuck herself. Like Linda Harvey, no human wants that.

  • bkmn

    End the blanket tax exemption for religious orgs and people like Sandy and Linda would be history.

    • DumbHairyApe

      I up vote any Nick Offerman post just because of his mustache.

      • Robincho

        It can comfortably seat one or two…

  • Lazycrockett

    Granted I only watch HGTV on the weekend after MSNBC has gone into its Lockdown mode, and I don’t see that many same sex couples. Then maybe they know better than to buy a tiny house.

    • FAEN

      Oddly I saw three episodes in a row with LGBT families. Then again it is Pride month.

    • Ugh, the tiny house thing. I’ve seen so much of that crap and all I can think is “Wow, first world problems much?”

      Who pays $95,000 for a house smaller than a damned apartment? I could understand if it was in LA but in the middle of friggin’ Wisconsin?! How about no? Does no work?

  • Secure

    These Christers are really fucking losing it.

  • April

    Sandy Rios needs to shake loose of her bigotry.

    • KarenAtFOH

      Oh shit, wait ’till I get my biohazard suit out.

  • Adam Stevens

    Looks like someone saw ‘Cruising’ in 1980 and believed it, huh, Sandy?

    • Lazycrockett

      Or some “Pizza Delivery” gay porn.

  • Gustav2

    If you only knew how comfortably middle class boring our lives really are.

    • Jonathan Smith

      what you are not living a life of constant sex, sodomy sin and drugs?
      oh, thank god, thought I was the only one doing it wrong

    • bambinoitaliano

      Hand in your gay card now!!! Collecting them is the most exciting thing occur to me this week.

  • Boreal
  • Ernest Endevor

    A I posted at SBF but seems apposite here:

    Reading crap like this, given my life circumstances, could cause me some annoyance but I choose not to react. Because really it’s too sad and pathetic for me to care. All I would like to point out is that after 47 years of our life together I am becoming a more or less full-time caretaker. Though it causes me much grief, knowing what’s to come and how diminished our lives have become, I wouldn’t dream of turning my back on a responsibility I gladly bear. Because this is part of our long and extraordinary time together so I embrace it just as I embraced times of public success and shared accomplishment. Because ours is a marriage. Though we couldn’t formalize our relationship till 2003 we always treated each other with the respect of a spouse. So I don’t really care what this poor sad little woman thinks or writes because none of it has any bearing on the truth of our life. Or the truth of any other lives.

    In happier thoughts: 40 years ago yesterday we sailed from London on a soviet luxury liner bound for NYC. I don’t think the true nature of our relationships is so misunderstood because we’re pretty much like everyone else.

  • DumbHairyApe

    “Shake loose”? I prefer “Footloose”.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • geoffalnutt

    “….shake loose of it”! Sounds like it’s an ornery, old bear! Wait, come to think of it…

  • Dave F.
    • Jonathan Smith

      he wore it better

  • Rex

    No, HGTV is tricking people into thinking that a home re-do is cheap and simple.

    • Lazycrockett

      I’ve noticed a lot of flipped houses not selling.

    • Boreal

      and that a garden is made in a day.

      • And it only takes a couple of days to fix up a backyard. =/

    • Reality.Bites

      Isn’t the worst thing they do showing a lot of Canadians in Canadian homes, perverting American values? Most of the homes don’t even have a gun locker.

  • SpiderPIG

    Funny my name keeps comin’ outcho mouth…
    Swish, swish, bish!

  • Luther Kreiger

    The real horror is THAT FACE. AAAAUGHHHHH!

    • Leo Tallant

      Time and again these people just prove that years of ugly on the inside eventually make for ugly on the outside.

  • Beth Sanders

    Sandy sounds like a deer.

    In Christ,

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      “Sandy sounds like a deer.”

      A deer caught in the headlights? Is that what you meant dear?

    • Paula

      You know, Beth, outside of the buybull there is no real evidence that xist ever existed.

  • Jonathan Smith

    what do the trolls just bop around google looking for stories on these fucks so they know what websight to annoy next?

  • That_Looks_Delicious
    • Todd20036

      So THAT’S how street potholes are fixed!

  • Joe in PA

    I’ve told this story before…but this creature always reminds me. I was on the steps of SC when the Prop8/Edie Windsor hearings were going on…she and a bunch of her cronies (with all the empty boxes of “petitions”) were speaking their trash. The guy next to me yelled at her LIAR. She looked straight at us (and I saw pure evil first hand) and said that she didn’t lie. But that look we got has stuck with me. EVIL.

    • BostonBud

      She was up in Mass too the weekend Marriage Equality became legal by the Mass SJC. She and Alan Keyes were doing an event for the ever pathetic MassResistance who were called the Article 8 Alliance back then. If you click on the link you can get a gander of what she looked like back in 2004.

      • ETownCanuck

        Someone was clearly unhappy with what God’s plan was for her in regards to her appearance, isn’t that a sin too? 😉

  • BostonBud

    Says the divorced Rios…Sandy, Jesus spoke about divorce but not about homosexuality. I’ve never made the connection but wonder if Sandy’s ex- was a closet case who saw the light? Would explain a lot.

    • DumbHairyApe

      Reason doesn’t work with these people, even if you use their own book and their own Lord’s words.

    • pj

      hit her in the face with a pie. it worked before

      • GeoffreyPS

        Looks like she’s already been hit in the face with a shovel.

  • BobSF_94117

    “Cleaning Up” Perverted Homosexuals

    That reminds me, I’m due for a loofah-ing.

    • Karl Dubhe

      Shower time!

      (sung to the tune of Hammer Time, in the shower. My neighbours are now petitioning that I be evicted.)

    • lattebud

      Just don’t be around Bill O’Reilly and a loofah

      • Beagle

        You only need the first six words.

  • Cackalaquiano

    Serious question: how many AFA folks has Trump appointed to various positions in his administration?

  • acde

    Liar. You have no heart. Just like you have no working brain.

  • Frostbite

    Kinda funny. I think people are tricked by religion. By not thinking for themselves they lose out on the opportunity to shake loose of it.

  • KarenAtFOH

  • David Raymore

    Hey Sandy, Gays will never want “to have the opportunity to shake loose of it.” Gays want to be out and proud who they are as human beings. Maybe you should “shake loose” of being so stupid with your bigoted rhetoric. You and your ilk are the ones who need help to get rid of your hate and close mindedness instead you wanting gays to change to be like you. It’s you that has the problem not the gays. Why don’t you shut up with your stupid bullshit and leave us intelligent people alone who want to enjoy life.

  • HomerTh

    She would kill us if she could get away with it.

  • Ken M

    Normality…like her face? How many injections can a body take?

  • Acronym Jim

    So Chip and Joanna Gaines are fixing up houses for gay couples now? No?

  • Steven B

    She should demand her money back for that plastic surgery.

  • Cuberly

    To this day, the most joyless and damaging marriage I’ve seen was btwn two high school friends. It was tragic from go and ended very very badly. The sort of relationship where the police get called, each partner cheats on the other, they neglected all three of their children, much to their detriment and future development.

    They divorced after 7 years, and, the husband ended up with a total of 3 marriages under his belt, along with 3 divorces. He’s currently shacking up with a very young woman barely out of high school. And, he’s miserable. The wife ended up with 4 marriages, 3 divorces. Somehow she’s been the one to come around, at least to a certain degree. She seems to be happy with her current husband.

    Rios is an ignorant moron catering to ignorant morons that most likely have multiple marriages under their own belts. Hell, even Rios was divorced.

  • Ninja0980

    “as though they’re a married couple, the same as a heterosexual couple, and that is just not true.”
    The law says otherwise you botox hag.

  • penpal

    That is a deeply unhappy woman. She wants to lecture us about some ruse conspiracy while she’s jacked up her natural face so bad it looks like she’s wearing a mask. No thanks, Joker.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Another benighted heterosexist. Yawn.

  • Dagoril

    Man, these dessicated old hags really have their vaginas in a wad about the whole rainbow thing, don’t they. I think that bothers them more than the buttsex.

  • Karl Dubhe

    Someone hasn’t had any sex this century, and doesn’t want anyone else to have it either.

    Ha ha.

  • Silver Badger

    This skank is just as nasty as Linda Harvey. Fortunately she will soon be burning in her christian hell next to skank Harvey.

  • Jefe5084

    Did she have have a failed facelift to get that Glasgow smile, or was it on purpose?

  • glass

    I would totally not object if betsy devoss spent all her time licking electric fences. I’m just sayin’, it’s an option she should consider. Everyone needs a hobby.

  • AJayne

    Primary purpose of religion: control peoples’ behavior;
    Religions’ primary motivator: threat of punishment;
    Primary purpose of (religion and) “family” orgs: make sure people get punished for freely having sex, namely pregnancy/parenthood for hetero women (parenthood for hetero men who get caught in that “trap”).

    All of the above’s problem with gay people: no punishment, ever, for having great sex with whomever they want, whenever they want! (Which, of course, is why they gleefully latched onto HIV/AIDS, labelling it “the gay disease,” hoping their proclamations/prohibitions were being vindicated in the process.)

    Screw ’em all…!

  • TimJ

    Sandy was complaining on her show a couple of days ago that her words are sometimes garbled on account of her face planting off her bicycle a year ago.

  • TK

    There are virtually no gay people on HGTV/DIY any more. It’s all former sport/celeb ppl or rednecks slapping shiplap on every surface possible.


  • The Milkman

    This is why people don’t go to church anymore.

  • Steve Smith

    My husband and I lead a life of ceaseless debauchery growing vegetables. We like it. I’m naturally charitable so I’d be happy to give Ms. Rios a free cucumber, should she care to ask.

    • Christopher Smith

      There is coffee all over this room now. You are bad. 😀

  • -M-
  • Mark
  • Michael

    We can laugh at these guys now but once Pence obtains power they’re going to be his right hand.

  • TK

    Sandy should worry more about cleaning up all that botched plastic hack-work on her face. A little more make-up and she could pass for the next Joker. If it wasn’t for gay people, these losers would have nothing to get them in the press. So they NEED us!!

  • TK

    Honey… you are obviously and so simply horrified and grossed out at the thought of sucking cock – even straight cock… and getting fucked in the ass (like lots of straight people enjoy immensely), that you feel the need to condemn anyone who dares to venture into those pleasures. As a trans-friend of mine so wonderfully opined “All this religious and political anti-gay posturing is just pure bullshit and a smokescreen. It’s all about sex – who ya fuck and how ya fuck ’em. If it isn’t vanilla enough for your comfort zone, then it’s wrong.” Well Sandy – and others ad nauseum… go FUCK yourselves, your partners, whoever and however you want… and GO THE FUCK AWAY. Leave the rest of us alone!! You don’t get to dictate WHO I FUCK!!! And to add… who I LOVE!! Who I want to marry or be with!! Go stick your head back in the religious quicksand, pray and wait for the “rapture”. Which – if it happens – is gonna leave your sad, uptight sorry saggy ass behind.

  • Professor Barnhardt

    Dear Heloise: Did you know you can remove some food stains from items such as a silk tie and a wool jacket using Coleman fuel? Try it! You’ll see!

  • JustDucky
  • Pax Romano

    See You Next Tuesday, Sandy.

  • Blobby

    to be fair – the gay couples on ‘House Hunters’ are some of the most annoying.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Oh Sandy….


  • Jake GG
  • Maggie 4NoH8

    This whole business of Christianity… is simply a ruse… My heart does NOT go out to the men and women in the throes of religiousity because they’ve NEVER lost the opportunity to shake loose… ONE SINGLE, RATIONAL, CRITICAL thought is all it would take – and that’s pretty goddamned easy.

    • Gianni

      Religion has always been a ruse. The basic intention of guiding people to be better persons is good, but has been so perverted that it resembles nothing like the shining way it’s supposed to be. Quote……”“really losing their opportunity to shake loose of it”…….and become what? Something like you? I’d rather cut my throat than be filled with so much hatred and animosity toward people that I truly know absolutely nothing about.

  • octobercountry

    Sigh……. total asshole….

  • DaveRob

    This 67 year old obviously dyes her hair, covers her face with make-up, and has had plastic surgery. Isn’t that a form of lying?

  • Michael Sicard

    I reported them to Soundcloud. By spreading false reports and propaganda calling LGBT people “dangerous” she and her group are painting targets on the backs of every LGBT person out there. We are not a threat to them, they are a threat to us. Everyone who reads this should report them to Soundcloud, and everywhere else they post. We have to defend ourselves from attacks like these. If we tolerate any, we will find ourselves back in the Stonewall tavern again, checking to see who is coming down the sidewalk.