Tony Perkins Celebrates “Good News” That Federal Court Approved Mississippi’s License To Discriminate

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

It’s rare to get good news from the courts these days, but in Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant (R) got exactly that. Before the ink had even dried on his Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act, a group of liberal activists at the ACLU filed suit.

In one of the more ironic parts of the case, the group went to court — not over what had happened under the law but what might happen if Christians could opt out of ceremonies or jobs that violated their faith. That speculation was enough for a lower court judge, Carlton Reeves, to block the measure from taking effect.

Fortunately, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals doesn’t base their judgements on speculation, but on facts. And yesterday, a panel unanimously overturned Reeves, arguing that the plaintiffs didn’t even have the standing necessary to sue.

Governor Bryant, who was the picture of courage in passing the bill last year, felt vindicated. “As I have said all along, the legislation is not meant to discriminate against anyone, but simply prevents government interference with the constitutional right to exercise sincerely-held religious beliefs.”

Under H.B. 1523, no one is allowed to “discriminate” — not against same-sex couples and not against Christians. All the law does is ensure that the government can’t punish someone for their natural views on marriage or sexuality.

There’s no fine print giving people the right to deny services, despite the Left’s bogus propaganda. If coexistence is the goal, then this law provides the path. Alliance Defending Freedom’s Kevin Theriot agrees with us that Mississippians shouldn’t have to live in fear of losing their careers or businesses simply for believing in natural marriage.

Unlike other cases, which have been about the law’s merits, this was about the group’s standing. In order to sue, the ACLU needed to establish an injury, and all the activists could come up with was that they felt “stigmatized” and insulted because of the law.

Thanks to the Fifth Circuit, Mississippi’s law still stands. And, maybe just as importantly, liberals were held in check. Like the rest of America, these judges are probably tired of the Left trying to push agendas through the courts that they can’t pass legislatively!

As you can see and as always, Perkins is flat-out lying about the law. From the New York Times:

According to a legal analysis released last year by Columbia University, the Mississippi law would, among other things, allow government clerks to opt out of certifying same-sex marriages (though only if the marriage is not “impeded or delayed” by their decision) and allow businesses to deny wedding-related services to same-sex couples if their marriage contravened “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.”

It would allow religious organizations to engage in job and housing discrimination against L.G.B.T. people; allow public school counselors to refuse to work with L.G.B.T. students; and potentially force child-welfare agencies to place L.G.B.T. children with anti-gay foster or adoptive parents.

The law also contains provisions that could potentially affect single heterosexual people. “For example,” the authors of the analysis wrote, “it would allow a religious university to fire a single mother working in its cafeteria, who supports her children on her own, because the university has a religious opposition to sex outside marriage.”

  • PickyPecker
  • Treant

    It’s too bad that book of his doesn’t say anything about stepping on people lower down in terms of rights. We could call those people something creative, like the “least of these” or something.

    • Acronym Jim

      Or that it doesn’t have a term for those prideful people full of bread and idleness who refuse to help the poor and needy. I think “sodomite” would fit the bill pretty well.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Marriage is not “natural” you jackass. It’s a social construct and a legal contract. The fact that you celebrate discrimination makes you a disgusting human being.

    • David Walker

      Believing marriage is natural is a choice. Discriminating against one’s fellow human beings is a choice. Which religion fits one’s ideas of what god ought to be is a choice. What one thinks the bible says is a choice. Stealing money from the gullible is a choice. Being homosexual is not a choice.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        When you consider how many different forms of marriage there are and have been is a fact that marriage is a social contract, If marriage were “Natural” we’d have one type of marriage. Natural is something organic, like babies are born naked. So, while I disagree with this one point, I concede every other point, especially that being gay is NOT a choice. It just is. As far as I’m concerned it’s just another point on the scale of human sexuality and perfectly natural.

        How have you been, David? I’ve been so busy and have missed your comments and wry humor.

        • David Walker

          I’m approaching the first anniversary of Jack’s death. Between that and the governmental bullshit swirling around us, I’m kind of shaky. On the other hand, it’s summer, my time of year. Warm-to-hot temperatures, the wonderful sun that I can no longer risk getting a tan from (but have lots of memories of doing), lush green, watermelon, strawberries, lightning bugs…I’m loving it. How’s yourself?

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            I’m moving, which is a nightmare to put it mildly. I’m also coming up on the one year anniversary of my mother’s death, and it’s still hard. I dislike the summer, but we are moving near the beach, which I hope will be healing.

          • David Walker

            Near the beach? Jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            I love the ocean. I find it soothing.

      • zhera

        Don’t you just love how PerKKKins says ‘christians’ when he SHOULD’ve said ‘religious’?
        He can’t help himself: There’s only one religion that matters to him, and everyone outside of that religion must bow to the ‘masters’.

        • Uncle Mark

          I’m just going to refer to him and his kind as “religious profiteers” from now on. He doesn’t live what his sacred tome commands. He doesn’t go out to shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, feed the hungry. He claims to love hetero marriage, but like Schlafly and all the other televangelists, doesn’t have any marriage counseling programs, or even job-training (shocking…since most marriages end over financial issues.). He hates abortion, but has no orphanages nor offers programs to aid single mothers. He hates the LGBT, but offers no counseling for them or their families. All he, like the others…(yes, dead Phyllis, I’m talking about you too) care only about is his church and his lobbying organization…which are nothing more than tax-free, profit-making ventures. Where they invest their actions, money, and time speaks volumes about their bullshit faith.

          They are nothing more than religious profiteers.

          • Janermaguire

            my neighbor’s mother in law makes $65 per hour from home.. she has been out of a job for five months but last month her check was $17223 working on the laptop for a couple of hours every day… ➤go➤ to this link

          • Uncle Mark

            Yeah…we heard that you, your neighbor, and neighbor’s mother-in-law are making money working on the the top of strangers’ laps….not laptops. I’ve also heard that the CDC has labeled y’all as biohazards too.

      • -M-

        Yes. And more importantly being homosexual doesn’t harm anyone and therefore isn’t anyone else’s business.
        Even if it were a choice that people could make or change on a whim it would still be an inherently private choice like religion or your favorite song. If I don’t get to outlaw all the religions I consider evil then Perkins and Bryant don’t get to make arbitrary laws against opinions, sexual orientations, or marriages that they don’t approve of.

    • JT
      • Acronym Jim

        Somebody rescue PickyPecker from that conversion therapy program before it’s too late!!!!!!

        • prixator

          Judging by that picture, it already is too late!

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        LOL. Show me two whales or raccoons walking down the aisle of their own accord and I’ll believe in “natural” marriage.

    • TampaZeke

      Exactly. Nothing is more unnatural than a monogamous male mammal. Marriage is intended to force people, particularly men, to live in a manner that is completely unnatural to them.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        Studies have shown in birds that are supposedly lifelong mates, that the females are often found getting a little something something on the side.

      • Chris Baker

        Historically, unmarried women were a burden on families. It was in a parent’s best interest to marry off their daughters. Men needed women to cook and have children (I.e., helping hands on the farm). Marriage was not normally a romantic thing but a practical thing for both parties. If there happened to be more women in a society then that led men to have multiple wives. Thats just the way things worked. There’s not even a verse in the bible that commands only having one wife or condemns someone for having several wives. Most of the biblical patriarchs had more than one wife — with. It a single word of condemnation.

  • bkmn

    End the blanket tax exemption for religious orgs and Tony would be on welfare faster than you can say “fuck you Tony”.

  • Ninja0980

    May another flood hit your house Tony.

  • j.martindale

    The bad guys won a battle. Whoopie.

  • FAEN


    Go fuck yourself Tony. You will NOT win.

    • Todd20036

      Better yet, have Duggar fuck Tony.

      You know both of them want it.

      • FAEN

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s already happened.

    • j.martindale

      And the reason he won’t win is because none of these issues have any significant bearing on anyone’s lives except ours. We will not let these issues lie dormant with the status quo being discrimination because we feel the injustice every day. The larger community will lose interest in Toni’s golden goose over time because whether we marry or have children or hold jobs is really none of their business. We will wear down the bigots, and they will, one day, largely die out. We WILL win the war.

  • FOAD, toni. i hope you get hit by an asteroid. and this isn’t over. your head is even more full of shit than i thought, if you think this is the last your side will see us in court.

  • FAEN

    Remember the time you had to canoe out of your house? Yeah god just isn’t into you either.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen
  • Boreal

    I hope to be celebrating good news someday when I get to read Toni PerKKKins obituary.

    • medaka

      And you and I can go lay “flowers” on his grave.

  • Ninja0980

    Long rant on this ruling.
    it should be noted two of the judges who ruled against us were confirmed after Democrats took control of the Senate, in the spirit of cooperation with Republicans.
    Not only that but the two judges (Jennifer Elrod and Catherina Hayes) aren’t moderates but far right Federalist Society hacks determined to show everyone that females can be just as regressive as males can be.
    One final thing.. these seats these two were confirmed to fill had only been open for less then a year before Democrats played nice and confirmed Republican judges to them.
    Contrast that with Obama and Clinton where Republicans kept seats on the 5th (and other circuits) open for years to ensure that only conservative judges could fill vacancies and you have why the 5th and other circuits are on their ways to becoming right wing hell holes.
    Unlike some other issues, this area IS a valid source of anger at the Democrats, who don’t the judicial branch seriously enough and let Republicans walk all over them when it comes to judges.
    And we will all suffer for that.

    • juanjo54

      While I strongly disagree with the law passed and think it is unconstitutional, the legal ruling is correct. They did not rule on the substance of the law but rather on the issue of standing. They need a plaintiff who has suffered harm based on the law. That hasn’t happened as yet

  • AtticusP
    • FAEN

      Shady Pines Ma….Shady Pines 😉

  • one sperm with a sense of direction and this is what we wnd up with. perhaps his mother should’ve swallowed instead.

    • Chanel5

      Well, he is a turd, so she probably did.

    • David Walker

      Wasn’t it Dr. Pyramids-R-Silos Stabby who said that’s what happens?

  • TheManicMechanic

    He’s lying like a Trump in this bunch of hot air. If no one can “discriminate,” there would be no point to this disgusting law. It is a xtianist license to practice bigotry and discrimination.

    • -M-

      Yep. All these ‘religious freedom’ bills of theirs are attempts to repeal other people’s first amendment protected rights to freedom of religion, free speech, peaceful assembly and petitioning their government.

  • The Professor

    See ya in court.

  • Joe in PA

    In one of the more ironic parts of the case, the group went to court — not over what had happened under the law but what might happen if Christians could opt out of ceremonies

    Asswipe makes is sound like they were being forced into a gay marriage. Good grief, the lies that come out of this asshole.

    • FAEN

      In Jeebus’ name of course.

  • JT

    Mississippians shouldn’t have to live in fear of losing their careers or businesses simply for believing in natural marriage.

    It’s as natural as what’s in the bahbel.

  • Joe in PA
  • Boreal
    • Ninja0980

      Used this same argument against my Fox News aunt.
      Shut her right up.

  • shellback

    Toni, here’s some more good news. I’m sending a personalized imprecatory prayer just for you. Enjoy!

  • billbear1961
  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Just another reason to never visit let alone live in Mississippi. There will be discrimination and even then the 5th will side with the cousin-fucking bigots.

  • anne marie in philly

    I wish he and his minions would experience discrimination on a daily basis; but he has white boy privilege.

    • FAEN

      Ironically he and his minions DO think by not being able to discriminate against us they’re being discriminated against 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

  • bambinoitaliano

    How ironic for someone who claimed to be a believer in god yet consistently undermined the lord position by assuming and pretending to be the all mighty. Tony Perkin will be strike by lightning and burn in hell if the existence of sky fairy is true.

  • Michael R

    He needs to be exposed on a national level ,
    this ” we win ” bullshit only flies within hate groups .

  • TimJ

    This was no doubt the most pressing problem in Mississippi. The bigots get their validation today and will get to cry persecution when the law is eventually struck down. Win-win.

  • Jonathan Smith
    • kanehau

      Twinkle twinkle little star,
      Fuzzy you appear so far.
      Adaptive optics we use today,
      Takes the twinkle all away.

    • David Walker

      Jesus hates you, this I know
      ’cause my preacher tells me so.
      He tells us what god commands.
      We don’t read; what he says stands.
      Yes, Jesus hates you.
      Yes, Jesus hates you.
      Yes, Jesus hates you.
      My preachers tells me so.

  • TheSeer

    This vile enemy of human decency does not realize that this decision means that it is also ok to deny goods and services to enemies of human decency if our conscience dictates so to us. Good luck Tony with your miserable life under this decision. Soon you won’t have a place to eat outside your destroyed by flood home.

  • Michael R

    Meanwhile :

    Anthony Kennedy retirement watch at a fever pitch

    • FAEN

      We are so so fucked on multiple levels if that happens.

      • Boreal

        Roe V Wade, Obergefell, etc gone.

        • FAEN

          I don’t know what the standing on either of those cases would be though. As far as everything else-the RW SCOTUS would side with corporations IMHO.

          • Boreal

            With enough justices on their side, they can interpret standing any way they want.

          • Ninja0980

            Thomas and Alito have already made it clear they’ll overturn marriage equality in a heartbeat.
            Pretty sure Gorsuch and whatever other horrible nominees Trump picks on there will do the same.

        • bambinoitaliano

          Those already granted legal status cannot be withdraw. You are looking at multi lawsuits. They cannot make it illegal again. They can prevent future abortion but with gay marriage they cant have it both way because those already married still exist unlike the aborted fetuses or future fetuses. Sorry to sound so graphic but I think technically its very different issue.

          • zhera

            I don’t think that will stop them from trying, and possibly succeeding, in overturning both Obergefell and Roe v Wade.

          • bambinoitaliano

            They have never stop overturning any legislation that benefit the minorities at every turn since Reagan era and will not be stopping anytime soon.

        • JT

          Thanks to Jill Stein and Susan Sarandon and their like.

  • Ken M

    Mississippi is #7 in the nation for divorces. Y’all protect marriage!

  • Jonathan Smith

    the good news is, he has about, what? 4-5 followers?

  • David Walker

    “All the law does is ensure that the government can’t punish someone for their natural views on marriage or sexuality.” Natural views? My natural views differ, but I’m not in charge.
    “…Mississippians shouldn’t have to live in fear of losing their careers or businesses simply for believing in natural marriage.” Gay people, on the other hand…
    “If coexistence is the goal, then this law provides the path.” All we have to do is look down, shuffle along, and drink from the Fags Only water fountains.
    Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of Obergefell. I’m grateful for that, but far from appeased. I won’t bring myself to say, “Yassir, mastah,” which is what they want. They think we’re their new colored folk. I don’t agree.
    Our Pride marches ARE important.

    • Jonathan Smith

      “…Mississippians shouldn’t have to live in fear of losing their careers or businesses simply for believing in natural marriage.”….Yes, they should
      “If coexistence is the goal, then this law provides the path.” I’ll accept the fact that you believe in a Sky god, You accept the fact that I don’t. besides that, Yeah. fuck off

  • FAEN

    You would think in a state like Mississippi where poverty, obesity, education etc are much bigger issues they would focus on that rather than on Rick and Steve getting married.

    ‘Family Values Party’ my ass!

    • Uncle Mark

      It speak volumes about these bigoted dumb-fucks. They know they’re fat, poor, and uneducated…that’s why they need to have a group of people even they can look down on. The Republicans and religious profiteers, like Perkins have been able to tap into that and feed it. They resent the educated; they’re “elitists.” When the gov’t tries to help the obese, it’s a “nanny-state” and gov’t interference. When they are not allowed to exercise their bigotry in the marketplace, it’s an attack on their religion because their god apparently made children for them to hate. (Throw that last one at one of these fuckers, and watch them explode about a liberal daring to tell them anything about their god.)

      Fixing education and poverty are expensive. Attacking gays and other “undesirables/sinners” is easy, and you can ask the poor to contribute money for that cause, as it makes them feel better about themselves. It’s been argued that the American Civil War was as much about a population fighting & dying for the right to look down on a whole race of people as being less than human, as it was about insuring the 1% had a virtually free workforce

      • When did being uneducated become a mark of honor? In the 30’s the WPA started a pack horse library that visited hamlets and isolated cabins in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, bringing the joys of books. These women who were in charge of the routes rode them in all weathers, and one lady after her mule died, walked her 18 mile trip all winter long. Why? Because these people thirsted for books, even when the illiteracy rate in the area was 30%!

  • Dejerrity

    Hey Tony! Is your house still underwater after Jesus flooded it?

    Recipe for re-starting the Dark Ages:

    Take one shit-hole state, add a dash of pseudo-Christianity and a pinch of fake piety, 2 cups of bitterness, a quart of single-digit IQ’s, and 10 gallons of illegal opiates. Pour into a flat-Earth pan of unemployment and burn in hell for 30 minutes.

    Serves millions, but only in the south and mid-west.

    – The Pissed-Off Chef

  • -M-

    Devil-worshipping “Christians” like Perkins or Pence are no better than devil-worshipping “Muslims” like al qaeda and the “Islamic State”.

  • olandp

    Tony is looking a little rough in that pic. Popper hangover?

    • Jonathan Smith

      like it’s EASY sucking Dick all night at the truck stop and telling everyone why they are going to hell Saturday morning

  • kelven

    Remember when Tony was going to sue Dan Savage for liable or slander or some such nonsense. I wonder why such an opportunistic grifter such as Mr. Perkins has never followed through with such a potentially lucrative endeavor…

    • Jonathan Smith

      couldn’t afford a shyster?

    • I fell in love with Terry Miller the evening he tossed Brian Brownshirt out of his house.

  • Hanwi

    yet again proving why not to visit Mississippi, the home of high religiosity, high poverty and low education, coincidence? Why are the states highest in religiosity the lowest in income? Perhaps they sit at home and pray for their god to take care of them rather than doing something for themselves……

  • -M-

    Laws or policies against discrimination in housing, employment, & public accommodations are not “…government interference with the constitutional right to exercise sincerely-held religious beliefs.” People are still free to have and appropriately express their opinions, they’re just not allowed to punish others for disagreeing with them.

    He screams persecution if anyone so much as publicly doubts his personal opinions, but claims it’s not discrimination if mob rule denies people he doesn’t approve of equal service by the government or in the marketplace.

  • joe ho

    Just think what it’s going to be like as Trump fills the entire federal judiciary with more far-right zealots. A generation of anti-gay rulings.

    And any progressive legislation will be struck down as unconstitutional–including future attempts at single payer health care.

    Again, we must congratulate the Green Partiers and Bernie-or-Busters for a job well done! Well played! You certainly showed that war-mongering, corporate whore Hillary a thing or two!

    The consequences this time of the far-left sabotage of the centrist democrat are going to be far worse and more long lasting than 2000 when they sabotaged Gore.

    • Ninja0980

      Not only do they have to be called out but so do folks like Patrick Leahy, who let the blue slip practice Republicans are about to do away with stand during Obama’s first six years in office as a show of good will.
      As a result of that, 24 seats that could have been filled during Obama’s term while Democrats were in charge weren’t filled, and now will be by far right hacks.
      Republicans should have been told to take their blue slips and shove them while we filled the courts with Thurgood Marshalls and Ruth Bader Ginsburgs.
      As always though, Democrats were stupid, and the rest of us will suffer for that.

      • While I’m usually not a conspiracy type of human, at times I do wonder. Is all the infighting, political warring, and the whipping up of froth against differing races, religions and LGBTQ folks nothing more than modern “bread and circus”, to keep us occupied, while the true shadow government gets on with things?

  • UrsusArctos

    OK. Go with facts.
    1. HB1523 is an asswipe move and makes a nasty statement.
    2. 65% of americans are in the same position as Mississippians.
    People in 27 other states live in EXACTLY the same circumstance, their states haven’t formalized the lack of protections. Those 27 are less in your face, but people there have exactly 0 protections from this kind of discrimination.
    3. Focusing on MS alone doesn’t do anyone much good, as there are places that might enable ENDA laws long before MS/AL/NB/TX, etc.
    4. This was ruling was actually the MIDDLE option. The best was to uphold Justice Carlton’s decision. The worst was to strike it down on the basis of law, period – which the 5th is capable of. This ruling struck Justice Carlton’s decision on standing, effectively punting the decision. Lifting the injunction was awful. A RULING on the laws merits would have been much be worse.
    I’m hoping an Appeals Court in another circuit BESIDES the fifth issues a favorable ruling on a similar case that gets appealed to SCOTUS, bypassing the 5th.

  • JWC
    • Yep, and the founder was Saul of Tarsus, the one Jeshua said would come after him, who would be his opposite number. (The new religion changed Christ’s name to the jebus one, the original sounded too “Jewy” for their tastes.)

  • K.a. Hibbard

    So….is there a way for us god-forsaken progressives to use this to ‘not discriminate’ against innately ignorant hateful people according to our natural views?
    “Under H.B. 1523, no one is allowed to “discriminate” — not against same-sex couples and not against Christians. All the law does is ensure that the government can’t punish someone for their natural views on marriage or sexuality.”

  • Chucktech

    “it would allow a religious university to fire a single mother working in its cafeteria, who supports her children on her own, because the university has a religious opposition to sex outside marriage.”

    That will never happen. This law is about discriminating against gay people. Period.

    • Fully agree with you. However, if the university truly wants to keep their campus ‘pure’ of sin, they could use this law to do so. They could also use it to remove pregnant students from campus and classes. This law could ultimately be used to harm many people that run afoul of religious bigots.

  • “Tony Perkins Celebrates…”

    Unless the rest of the headline is “… His Surprising Resurrection and Looks Forward to Making More Movies!” you know what follows will be something heinous. Is Lambda Legal on vacation? They’re so good at giving us those “Tony Perkins Has The Sadz…” headlines we like so much.

  • MikeBx2

    As I’ve said before, if a state legalizes discrimination then it shouldn’t be able to take place secretly or quietly. If it’s an employer, then it should be in writing and made public and if it’s a consumer business, they should have to put a sign in their window; “We only serve people who strictly adhere to our religious beliefs”.

  • Homo Erectus
  • TampaZeke

    Leave it to Tony to lie. The court most certainly did NOT “approve” the Mississippi law. It simply ruled that the plaintiffs didn’t have standing to sue since they couldn’t show that they had been harmed by the law, YET. They dismissed the case without prejudice and stated that a future injured party could pursue a case against the law.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Facts…always with the facts. You know how they feel about those things. Seriously, stop being so damned right with your facts. /s


    • Steve Teeter

      I guess what we do, if this law does come into effect, is wait for somebody to be hurt by it and then sue.

  • Silver Badger

    Bless his heart. Tony Perkins should know there is a place in hell for him as a liar at the very least. Do you suppose he is a secret atheist?

  • Gregory B

    What a sad excise of a man he is.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    Honey, celebrate all you want. You are all about celebrating the small stuff. we’ll see you ate the Supreme court.