CINCINNATI: City Leaders Vote Unanimously To Rename Street For Jim Obergefell And His Late Husband

Cincinnati’s ABC affiliate reports:

The city honored the Cincinnati native who was the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that declared same-sex marriage legal across the U.S.  City council members voted unanimously Wednesday to give Mercer Street the honorary name “John Arthur & Jim Obergefell Way” after Obergefell, the plaintiff in the case, and Arthur, his deceased husband.

“John always wanted to leave a mark on Cincinnati,” Obergefell said Wednesday. “That was something he really wanted to do. He didn’t have that chance, but now he does. I’m incredibly grateful and I know John would be as well.” Obergefell and Arthur lived in Cincinnati for more than 20 years. They lived on Mercer Street — now named in their honor — at the time of Arthur’s death.

  • Tawreos

    It is good to hear about something good coming out of Cincinnati for a change.

    • Joe in PA

      Cincinnati? Hell, I’m glad for good news coming from anywhere. 🙁 But yea, great news!

      • Tawreos

        In Ohio it always seems like the real crazy religious laws originate in Cincy, so this is a nice change of pace.

        • Gustav2

          Seems? 😉

  • SDG


  • S1AMER

    Thank you, Cincinnati! I particularly needed some pleasant news today!

  • Reasonoverhate

    The company I work for is based in Cincinnati. They are very employee focused and accepting of me and my husband. Change is slow but it’s happening!!

  • Sam_Handwich

    who the hell is chopping onions in here???

    • Gustav2


      • John30013

        Well, at least Cincinnatians.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • The Milkman

    That’s very sweet, and much-deserved. But girl, I’mma get carpal tunnel writing all that on an envelope.

    • AmeriCanadian

      I suspect it will soon be commonly known as JAJO Way, perhaps with a Spanish pronunciation.

      • KCMC


        • DumbHairyApe

          No, like “hey ho”

      • KCMC

        JO Way is already tired/true life path.

        • Phillip in L.A.

          “tired” or “tried”? 🙂

          • KCMC


        • Elliemhernandez

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      • Phillip in L.A.

        Sort of like how Howard Johnson’s (if any still exist) are HoJos? I always wonder about this. In L.A., frequently only a portion of a longer street (e.g., Sunset Blvd) is re-named–sometimes only one block. How does this work with addresses and so forth?

        • AmeriCanadian

          And like SoHo for South Hollywood. Not sure how the addressing works. Personally, I’m all for honoring our heroes but with the rate that new roads are installed, wouldn’t it be easier to name a new road after someone instead of changing an existing road name?

          • That_Looks_Delicious

            That neighborhood in Cincinnati where they lived (Over-the-Rhine) is quite old and in the city center. I doubt they’ll put a brand new street in there anytime soon.

          • Phillip in L.A.

            I’ve not heard of “South Hollywood” before. What does that mean–south of the 134 freeway?! 🙂

            Agree about the naming. There is one long block of Sunset (including the freeway bridge over the 405 at Church Ln) that has been re-named for a police officer who was killed there (apparently). Sections of roads and freeways here are named in honor/memory of those killed there. (Sadao Munemori Freeway Overpass, anyone?)

            The Los Angeles City Council apparently has nothing more important to do (such as actually fixing the roads) than issue myriad “Proclamations” that are at least keeping a staff of calligraphers well-fed and booming.

          • AmeriCanadian

            I think South Hollywood is a bit “tongue in cheek” for those that live there. I don’t think it’s officially recognized. But there is this site:

            A better analogy would have been WeHo (instead of SoHo).

            In Detroit, The major north-south freeway is I-75. But parts of it are often referred to by name. It’s called the Fisher south of the downtown split and the Chrysler north of the split. To stay on I-75 at the split, you have to take what feels like an “exit”. If you miss it, you are in downtown Detroit (woo hoo!). Then there’s the Reuther (I-696), the Ford Freeway (I-94), and the Jeffries (I-96). I feel for out-of-towners because rarely are these names ever shown on signage or most online maps yet the traffic reporters only refer them by these names.

          • Phillip in L.A.

            ty for posting! Some of this stuff is getting out of hand! For example, the W Hotel in Westwood advertises itself as being in “West Beverly Hills”–a place that does not exist in the post office computers, any GPS database or atlas, or any other place (other than the heads of some PR folk at Starwood Resorts)

        • Reality.Bites

          Hotels, yes. Restaurants are down to one, in Lake George, NY

    • Jeffrey

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that.

    • BobSF_94117

      Well, if they had named it simply as Obergefell Way, people would be confused with all the other prominent Obergefells in local and American history…

    • John30013

      Since it’s an honorary designation, the official name of the street will remain “Mercer Street”. I’m sure the Post Office (and FedEx, UPS, etc.) will deliver to both addresses, though. But you can rest easy about the carpal tunnel.

  • Todd20036

    Love wins.

  • Phillip in L.A.

    Heart-warming! See, that didn’t hurt, did it Joe?!? ;~}

  • Ninja0980

    Nice gesture for a man who fought for all of us so other same sex couples wouldn’t have to go through what he did.

  • Rex

    It’s a tribute to enduring love.
    We owe a debt of gratitude to Jim and John for not giving up and paving the way for history to be changed and made.

  • FAEN

    Not ashamed to say it but that reduced me to a puddle.

  • BearEyes

    Bittersweet and onions

    • AmeriCanadian

      Good avatar!

      • BearEyes

        more important now than ever.

  • billbear1961
  • DumbHairyApe

    Very nice indeed!

  • No More GOP.


  • JWC

    good stuff

  • Hank
  • DuaneBidoux

    I wonder what it will actually be called. Maybe “JJ Lane?”

    You gotta admit that it’s a mouth full now.

  • Reality.Bites

    Les Nessman would not approve. And Mother Carlson would be apoplectic

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • JCF