NYC Considers Comprehensive Ex-Gay Torture Ban

The New York Daily News reports:

Conversion therapy that aims to turn gay people straight would be banned in New York under a new bill in the City Council. The proposal — sponsored by Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and being fast-tracked to a hearing Monday — would make it illegal for anyone to charge a fee to perform therapy to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It goes beyond legislation to ban the practice for minors that has passed elsewhere in the country by prohibiting it for adults as well.

“The idea that you can change a person’s sexual identity though some kind of conversion therapy is just barbaric, just ridiculous,” Mark-Viverito told the Daily News. In New York, Gov. Cuomo has signed an order prohibiting health insurance companies from covering gay conversion therapy. State legislation to outlaw the practice for minors has passed the state Assembly several times, most recently in April, but it’s never made it through the Republican-controlled Senate.

Under the proposed law, ex-torture practitioners would be fined $1000 for every instance of charging their victims.

  • bkmn

    Once again, the people that make money off this bullshit have had decades to produce a peer-reviewed article in a respected scientific journal showing safety and/or efficacy. They have done NONE. It is neither safe nor effective.

    • ted-

      So, it just sounds like torture.

      • vorpal 😼

        They are not only the disease, but pretend to be the cure.

        • ted-

          I guess anything is legal if they hide it behind religion.

    • vorpal 😼

      Same reason you seldom, seldom hear of the same “Jesus cured my gay!” people being touted on stage by the heterosexual right wing Christian nutjobs who are apparently experts on homosexuality: the recidivism rate is so close to 100% that they need a new, constant fresh batch of self-hating gay people pretending not to be gay to keep up their charade and the cash flowing.

      • safari

        FYI, you were thought of last night because of apparent flooding in Chile.

        • vorpal 😼


          Nice to hear I was being thought of! Thanks, safari!
          That’s quite a bit further south of where I am, but not that far from Santiago, where I’m going this weekend for medical issues.

          Where I live, it seldom rains, and the sky is almost always blue. This year, we had two intense days of rain and apparently, it was the most that this area has received in about 100 years. The entire city shuts down because they don’t have the infrastructure to deal with rain.

          • fuzzybits

            Thought of you also about something else. This big boy I’m sure was dropped off at our house quite awhile back. We’ve been feeding him and made him a shelter. I have a feeling he’ll join the brood. Thought you would dig him.

          • vorpal 😼

            What a handsome guy!
            Is he fairly feral or can you approach him?
            Did you give him a name?

          • fuzzybits

            He was somewhat at first but now we can pet him and he follows us all around the yard.

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      • MB
    • Gigi

      Did you see Stephen Fry’s interview of “ex-gay” nutjob Jospeh Nicolosi? He allegedly had all of these “success stories,” but was never able to show any who’d been cured of “the gay.”

      • Boreal

        He’s also dead. Seems like his god is a failure.

        • Gigi

          Heaven needed another angel.

          • GayOldLady

            More like heaven needs another angle.

  • Boreal

    GO NYC!

    • ted-

      Rare moments where I’m proud I’m from NYC.

      • Blake J Butler

        Oh yeah I forget SCROTUS is from New York.

        • Boreal

          Yes but he is hated there.

          • Blake J Butler

            I would guess from the daily protests outside his eyesore of a building, no he isn’t. I forget where he’s from because i refuse to acknowledge him as a legitimate president. I see a screaming fat pumpkin getting fatter, claiming how awesome he is, and criticizing everyone that despises him as haters or losers.

    • TuuxKabin


  • Jonathan Smith
  • Gigi

    What’s the holdup? There’s nothing to debate. Torturing young kids should be illegal, even if their parents have “deeply held religious beliefs.”

    • Jonathan Smith

      and it only took ’till 2017 for them to conceder it.

  • Blake J Butler

    I just got back from brunch at my COO’s house, had breakfast tacos, Texas caviar, and mimosas with Stephanie Rice from The Voice.

  • xtal

    It definitely needs to be banned for adults as well. It really is torture.

    • ted-

      Not if it’s in the name of religion, apparently.

  • Ninja0980

    In the Middle East, Islamic extremists do throw LGBT people off rooftops.
    Here in the U.S., crap like this is allowed to appease Christian extremists so that LGBT youth simply throw themselves off the rooftops instead.
    Either way, the torture ends in death and has no place in our society.

    • xtal

      Well said and totally spot on !

  • Adam King

    They’ll just change what the “fee” is for. No cure will be promised in the paperwork, and the goal of “therapy” will be listed as something else. It’ll take a lot of individual, contestable lawsuits for such a law to have any effect. The “counsellor” will just claim the “patient” misunderstood the goal and it’ll be a one-on-one dispute.

    • Harveyrabbit

      Or call the “fee” a voluntary donation left up to the “donor”. This is only a half measure as far as I can see.

  • safari
    • Boreal
    • ByronK

      That’s like getting an invite to a chainsaw masacre.

    • Blake J Butler

      I thought mrs. conservative huge tits from Fox News was at the top of the list to replace Spicey.

    • Hank

      Do this Rethuglicans, NEVER learn, NOT to drink the Koolaid…. especially when it is being supplied by jim Jones… er Hair Drumpf!!!

  • Boreal


    198 million Americans hit by “largest ever” voter records leak

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    That a law such as this is required is itself a damning commentary on American society.

  • OT: Sounds like the Republican leadership is getting desperate doesn’t it? The next time anyone dumps on Pelosi or Schumer for not have control of their caucuses let’s remember this please.

    • safari

      Their agenda is deeply unpopular. I don’t think a delay is going to help it much — unless they want to leverage the debt ceiling increase that is needed by September that we’ll probably hold off on doing until the last minute.

    • Boreal

      They control everything yet can accomplish almost nothing. The consequences of being an opposition party that only knows how to oppose but not to govern.

  • fuzzybits

    $1000 isn’t enough.

    • AJ Drew

      Agreed! Just charge more and still walk with a profit. Grrr.

    • Reality.Bites

      True, but I would imagine the customer base for such a “service” in NYC isn’t so large that there’s one on every street corner. And anyone who offers the “service” is leaving themselves open to a big lawsuit. The fact that the victim came “willingly” won’t work with this law and the New Jersey fraud precedent to potentially guide the courts.

  • O/T: Jesus really does have the worst fan club ever.
    The cognitive dissonance is amazing. Like saying, “I love The Beatles because they were the best heavy metal thrash-rock band ever.”

    • safari

      In Trump’s America this makes sense.

  • M Jackson

    What I saw there to consider, NYC? Pedophile-protector Cardinal Dolan? His red-caped loons?
    Get this done.

  • Tawreos

    Christians, those towering paragons of morality, will find a way around this and continue to hurt people who agree to this torture in a moment of weakness. This needs to be banned everywhere.

  • Mike Knife

    Thank God somebody is going to stop these anti-gay Christian psychotherapist frauds who torture LGBTQ people to make them straight. They need to ban Ex Gay Therapy from the planet for good and thrown the nut jobs who try to do it in prison for a very long time.