OTTAWA: Trudeau Raises Pride Flag Over Parliament, Vows To Expunge Records For Anti-Gay Convictions

The Toronto Star reports:

The Liberal government will introduce legislation later this year to erase past convictions for sexual activity with a same-sex partner, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday as multi-coloured flags were raised on Parliament’s west lawn.

The legislation would add to reforms already in the works to atone for the damage caused to thousands of Canadians convicted of gross indecency for committing homosexual acts.

Egale, a national organization that advocates for the rights of sexual minorities, handed the government a report last June that recommended those convictions be expunged, pardoned or somehow stricken from the records of those convicted. Before 1969, same-sex acts between consensual adults were considered unlawful.

“Our government will be moving forward with a process for the expungement of criminal convictions for Canadians who were unjustly convicted of a crime simply for who they were and who they loved,” Trudeau said as dozens of people gathered for the announcement cheered.

The flag raising ceremony is at the start of the clip. As you’ll see, also raised is the transgender flag.

  • Lazycrockett

    Trudeau needs to expunge all that clothing.

    • m_lp_ql_m

      I volunteer to administer the exsponge bath.

      • FAEN

        Get in line BETCH 😉

    • another_steve

      Lusting after a head of government is kinda weird.

      Sometimes I feel vaguely dirty doing it.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        I don’t!

        • another_steve



          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            Nafka or zoyne?

          • another_steve


            I was thinking more ‘koorvah.’

          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            Guilty as charged! Hey, I’ve been waiting to ask you – my long distance mishpucha, was at a party and an older (Jewish) woman talked about that she was named for a living relative. She said that Sephardic do and Ashkenazi don’t (or the other way around, don’t remember). But I thought all flavors of Jewdom only named to honor the dead. Have you ever heard of this?

          • another_steve

            “Conventions in the naming of children differ greatly between Sephardim and Ashkenazim and these have significance to the genealogist. The first that comes to mind is that Sephardim name children after persons who may be living or dead whereas Ashkenazim name their children after relatives that have died. Among Sephardim, the convention is to name the eldest son after the paternal grandfather and the eldest daughter frequently after the paternal grandmother.”


            I’m a Litvak. My maternal grandparents met as teenagers in Vilnius and married there. They got out just in time, right before Hitler’s ascent to power.

          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            Thank you so much for this. In my entire life, I have never heard of naming for the living. We’re Latvian, Romanian & Russian, my family fled from the Russians around 1900 ish. (They tried to kill us, we survived, lets eat).

          • another_steve

            My paternal grandmother was from Odessa. Even prior to the Holocaust, there weren’t all that many Jews in the world. Odds are you and I are distantly related, Larry.

            My paternal grandfather was from Poland. He died while my mother was in her seventh month of pregnancy with me. His name was Solomon.

            I am named after him.

          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            What a tremendous honor your name carries. No doubt we are distantly related, if nothing else, then by our love of brunch and Trudeau’s backside.

            Actually at a family wedding in the 1950’s, relatives on the my mother’s and father’s families (unrelated of course) realized they had both come from the Riga, Lativia and knew each other from the old country.

          • another_steve

            With regard to brunch and backsides, we Jew queers have exquisite taste.

          • B Snow

            I’d never heard of naming for the living, either.

            Both sides of my family fled Lithuania in the late 1800s. Draft dodgers, because apparently when Jewish boys went into the Tsar’s army, they never came out.

          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            That’s why I was so fascinated when she told me this and had to turn to Another Steve to get the real lowdown on if this was a thing. Family lore has it that a great grandfather was stabbed by Cossack on horseback. He survived and did emigrate to America.

          • B Snow

            Holy crap! A great example of why we should be grateful to our relatives for getting the eff out of there and coming to America when they still could.

  • DisqusD37

    …and THAT’s how it’s done.

  • bkmn
  • Boreal

    Porno Pete’s Canadian buddy will be ever so upset.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Whatcott is an irrelevancy in Canada now. He’s been clapped by the courts so much, he pretty much keeps to himself now.

  • netxtown

    Even if cheeto were to do the same – I can’t help but feel he would have ulterior motive….got to be a profit somewhere….

    donnie lives strictly by the wiifm principle….

  • I want to move to Canada so bad…

    • Gigi

      You’d love it here!

      • There’s actually been a chance of a project happening in Calgary for my company going on six months now, but our funding keeps being held up.

        Why? The international banksters are freaking out about the U.S. situation and it’s mucking with even routine, 100% legit transfers. I personally have other clients, but other members of our company are on the verge of losing their homes due to the delays. It’s maddening.

        • The_Wretched

          I’m sure it’s happening across the international trade and business channels in big and small ways. I’m sorry it’s happening to you and the people you know.

          The US economy is being eroded in ways that show up after the harm happens.

        • AW

          Alberta, the Texas of Canada. Only better. Try to get them to bring you to BC!

      • FAEN

        The winters? How harsh are they?

        • The_Wretched

          I live in a part of the US that averages colder than Siberia. We had 1 total days last winter where I needed to use the snow blower. 15+ would have been normal. It wasn’t harsh at all.

        • Gigi

          Compared to what? Depends where you live really.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Honey, those winters are there so we can snuggle more…Mother Nature provides. 😉

        • Jeffg166

          Snow happens.

        • AmeriCanadian

          Come to “The Sun Parlour” region, Windsor/Essex. It’s often in the high 80’s and even low 90’s in the summer, big lakes on either side, and not a lot of snowfall in the winter. I think I shoveled my driveway last winter about five times total. And even though I have a snowblower, I used the shovel because there wasn’t that much snow. But if you really can’t stand snow and cold winters, try the Vancouver area, especially Vancouver island. Stunningly beautiful and moderate climate.

          • yes b’y

            and it doesn’t rain all summer like the local folk tell you on the east coast of Vancouver Island or the sunshine coast on the mainland in BC

        • ETownCanuck

          Awful depending upon which part of Canada you’re in. From the prairies to Ontario you get ridiculously cold temps, further east from there is better temperatures but ridiculous amounts of snow.

    • Todd20036


  • Gustav2

    It would have sounded better in the original French.

  • Gigi
  • Treant

    (Waves hand) We’re ripe for invasion down here. Just sayin’. We could make it look like an accident that you annexed the entire Northeast…

    • JustDucky

      Can we self-annex? Like, I dunno, start paying Canadian taxes and stop paying US taxes? Maybe change which flags we fly on state buildings? Switch to metric? Learn French?

      • Bj Lincoln

        I’m in!


    And something else to be proud of : ‘Serbia president names Ana Brnabic as the first openly gay and first female prime minister.’

    • FAEN

      WOW! I didn’t expect that.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Holy crap! That is amazing! Thanks for posting, IAMBOWLINGGREEN

  • FAEN

    How an actual leader behaves. Love you and thank you for being a sane voice in all this madness.

  • james1200
  • The_Wretched

    Hey trump – Trudeau is looking great by doing good things. It improves his approval rating bigly.

  • another_steve

    We have Donald Trump and they have that.


  • Tawreos

    Dammit Trudeau stop reminding us what competent compassionate leadership looks like, it just makes reality that much more painful.

  • Tomcat

    Just wondering, do right wingers in Canada hate Trudeau as much as right wingers in America hated Obama? Just wondering. We never hear from the hateful in Canada.

    • Darrel Cj

      Can’t speak for alt-right Canadians (they exist): my family is the equivalent of “Jeb Bush” conservative, though I’m not. They object to Trudeau as preening, self-taking, in love with his own self image, and not particularly deep.

      • Natty Enquirer

        He’s Gandhi next to Trump.

        • Tomcat

          Obama was Gandhi compared to trump.

      • Tomcat

        But they don’t go on shows and claim ridiculous things like here in the USA.

        • OdieDenCO

          doesn’t Canada have a law about making false statements to the public?

          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            Correct. Under Canadian Law, it is illegal to disseminate or state a falsehood in public. It’s a federal crime and has, dependent on the falsehood, severe penalties. It’s one of the reasons I trust Canadian News over other sources, precisely because our laws are so strict when it comes to lying.

          • OdieDenCO

            that is the problem with our 1st amendment, it is based on honor and we and we are up to our armpit in dishonorable deplorables.

          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            Well, you did have the Fairness Doctrine, but alas, it too was a casualty of the war on truth.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Sadly yes. We do indeed have our haters and they are just as malevolent and dripping with bile. That said, they are not a majority, far from it and, as such, they are kept pretty much to the periphery of our politics.

      • Tomcat

        Ours are NOT the majority either, they just sound like they are.
        They actually make up less than 25 to 30% of us and like the crybabies they are demand attention all the time.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Agreed, but because the media, like FOX, is allowed to lie without any concern for consequence, it creates the polarization you are now stuck with. When the Fairness Doctrine was abandoned, the last nail in the coffin carrying legitimate political discourse was struck.

      • JWC

        That, Jean Marc, and I don’t believe , unlike Donny , that we have provided any quarter for it to grow

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Indeed. Canadians can tolerate a lot of things, even being ridiculed for being too polite, but when it comes to hating others for their differences, it rubs us the wrong way and we don’t, as you say, allow it to grow.

    • northern_neighbour

      They absolutely do exist … the haters in Canada … but for them it has been “so much losing … time after time after time …. ”

      And bigly so, they continue to keep on losing … because

      1) We have an independent non-ideological Supreme Court.
      2) We are a diverse multicultural nation which is strengthened immeasurably by:
      3) a strong public education system that teaches respect for diversity and the value of all cultural traditions within a society of tolerance and co-operation.

      So it is hard for the haters to stop losing bigly up here, because
      people see the shining success of a tolerant and compassionate society and governance. Plus single payer. We ALL have health care in Canada when we need it the most, and we do NOT lose our house or personal assets when we hit that big health crisis.

      But we are not complacent or smug. We truly do want America USA to become like Canada. Just not by us invading you guys, that is not the way to go! Winning hearts and minds is the way to go, and the GOP does not see things that way, not at all. Nor does the NRC.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Nice ! and here is some more GOOD news :

  • Natty Enquirer

    Canada leads the way. Are you listening, Britain? Pardons are not good enough.

  • AtticusP

    Dear citizens of Canada,

    I hope that you appreciate your head of state. He seems like a good and decent man, well worthy of the responsibility with which he is being charged.

    I wish that we could still say the same.

    Fondly (and jealously),

    The sane Americans

    • billbear1961

      He’s head of government, Atticus.

      The Queen is our head of state!


      • AtticusP

        Thanks, BB. I stand corrected.

        Both your head of state and head of government are honorable people that do your nation proud.

        I long to have those days back here in the USA.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I don’t really recall………

      • Boreal
        • Natty Enquirer

          Lots of Morissettian yodeling in that track.

      • Gustav2

        I keep telling everyone they are still in the 1970’s….

        oh wait, that was my 1970’s line

      • Hue-Man

        I don’t remember if I recall or not….

    • Treant
    • Bj Lincoln

      Sessions is a LIAR! Just like every damn one of those liars Drumpf sold our country to.

    • safari

      Don’t rush him. It makes him nervous.

    • Treant

      Oh, I hated hearing from the mouth of cotton,
      Russian meetings…best forgotten!
      Look away! Let me stay! Look away! DC Land!

      • Natty Enquirer

        Jeff is a Putin pixie,
        Bad elf, himself.
        He takes the stand,
        Lies on demand.
        He’s ever, oh, so tricksy.

      • edrex

        but i suspect there’s a history of men who have loved the “cottonmouth.”

    • KCMC
    • Not kidding, this may end Sessions as AG.

      • John30013

        I’m sure Sessions will claim he didn’t know Mr Burt was a lobbyist for Russia…

        • The_Wretched

          And they had an encounter, not a secret meeting in a room to collude where they ate crabpuffs on a thursday.

        • Sessions was advising Donald on foreign policy and basically running that part of the campaign.

          Richard Burt helped provide the “let’s make nice with Russia and let ’em do whatever they want with the Ukraine & Crimea” language which made it into official campaign speeches.

          Burt’s made it clear he was working directly with the campaign, helping to craft the pro-Russia positions & language.

          • John30013

            Appreciate the background. I’m kind of surprised he’s coming forward with these details, since they’re so damaging to Sessions.

      • The_Wretched

        the value in that farce of a hearing was in getting him to make his denials and pin him to a position. Stories like this one are why that’s valuable.

      • billbear1961

        It BETTER–it’s getting RIDICULOUS, just letting things slide, again and again and again! One lame, transparent EXCUSE after ANOTHER!!

        If the shoe were on the other foot, neither the GOP nor the press would let this slide!

        They’d all CRUCIFY a Democrat!

        I’m sick to DEATH of the DOUBLE STANDARDS!!

        We’ve GOT to make an ISSUE of this–he’s not FIT to be the chief lawyer of the federal government!!

    • OdieDenCO

      oh dear! you mean to say jefferson beauregard “I don’t recall” sessions lied! whatever is the world coming to when you can’t trust a southern racist bigot to tell the truth?

    • Silver Badger

      Sounds like Putin is getting ready to cut the pissant loose.

      • Chaos in America was the real goal. The covert mission’s been a complete success. To maximize the chaos, cutting Trumpy loose eventually would need to be part of the plan, along with the trail of dead Russians which already happened.

    • djcoastermark

      Let’s hope this gets some REAL traction. So much is just swept under the rug and never heard from again.

      • billbear1961

        If the Democrats let this fade away, they are WORSE than USELESS!!

    • Ninja0980

      Pass the popcorn, this is going to be fun!

    • ericxdc
  • Bj Lincoln

    I have always liked our friends to the North but right now I am green with jealousy. They voted for the kind of leader we should have had. I am happy for them but their win only makes our lose look worse.

    • billbear1961

      Well, we voted for his party, and the majority of seats they won MADE him PM!


  • yes b’y

    I always got a kick out of this attack ad by Stephen Harper, especially after the US election.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Oh noes, not dee maree-wannah!

    • In truth, I could understand the concerns. He seemed untried, very young…it turned out he’s been fantastic.

  • Phillip in L.A.

    Hurrah, Canada! A voice of sanity in the New World

  • billbear1961
  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • No More GOP.

    Cool. This’ll have the more conservative Canadians screaming… they already do, though.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Well, they don’t scream that loudly to begin with, but yeah, they’ll have a fit and then go “oh well” and quietly move on.

      • lenvus

        That’s been my experience with some of the more conservative Canadian friends I know. (Although, I don’t know *how* conservative* they are relative to the liberal-to-conservative spectrum of Canadian political identification, I just know they liked Harper when he was in office.)

        They could give two shits about any social issues, but were supportive of conservative economic policies. They love and support the Canadian health care model, mocked the US health “care” system (rightfully so), respected President Obama, and were curious about — but were skeptical of — the idea of a presidency under Trump. They just weren’t fond of Trudeau. I never sensed a hatred of him even approaching a dislike or contempt similar to what is expressed in this country toward our opposition party.

        They just kind of have a “live and let live” attitude when it comes to politics and to each other. Life goes on, as they say, and there are more important things to focus on. (This is for these particular people, not expressive of an entire country, obviously.)

        In summary: Canada rocks! You guys are awesome!

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Quite right, our ‘mainstream’ conservative are actually left of the US. Democrats. But we do have our Trumpanzee equivalents and, like I said, they’ll have a fit then move on.

    • Hue-Man

      The Alberta right-wing parties are trying to merge. This headline from a former Conservative MP now pundit.
      Pride and prejudice: The PC/Wildrose gay rights fault line opens wide

    • bambinoitaliano

      I’m wary of Patrick Brown the Conservative provincial opposition. He is another politician who can’t move pass social progressive issues and is taking advantage of the lowly rated premiere by fanning more divisive “moral” issues on the burb and religious immigrant voters outside of the city.

  • Dan M

    meanwhile – south of the Canadian border…. never mind.

    • Silver Badger

      Yeah. Us south of the boarder are all drug dealers and rapists.

  • billbear1961

    The Canadian Confederation is 150 years old this year!

    Vive le Canada!

  • Karl Dubhe

    Doing this will also mean that we’ll be striking down convictions for pot possession, eventually.

  • Rex

    Will they expunge my Trudeau lusting charges?
    (Although not convicted, I’m sure my thoughts are criminal.)

  • ArchiLaw

    We’ve all noticed he’s attractive, but damn that’s a nice photo!

  • Ben in Oakland

    Marry me, Justin.

    Just don’t tell my husband or your wife.

    • Natty Enquirer


      • Ben in Oakland

        I know what the words mean, but not what YOU mean.

        Besides it’s really hard to run on my knees, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

  • JT

    This is what a head of state is like. Last year, America had one to act the same way.

  • Dejerrity

    God he is so hot. Not just his body but his mind as well.

    Take me. Take me now.

  • 604brian

    He may not end up being our best PM for fiscal responsibility. But in the global world of politics, he is who we absolutely needed at this time. I remember being timid of being born Canadian growing up, now the pride runs between the Maple Leaf flag and the Rainbow with equal strength. And have seen him in our Vancouver Pride parades before he was PM and ya he is as hot, and generous.

    • Dorothy Rothchild

      I think almost every day about how lucky you Canadians are to have such a smart and thoughtful leader. Makes me miss President Obama that much more.

  • That’s nice but he still allowed the pipeline to move forward. He’s another neoliberal – the real interesting politician lately is Corbyn and he’s hardly covered here.

  • Ninja0980

    Certainly makes moving to Canada more appealing.

    • Reality.Bites

      And you like his policies too

  • Hue-Man

    Approval rating (polling June 5th to June 12, 2017)

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau had a 54 percent approval rating, whereas 42 percent expressed disapproval. It’s his highest disapproval rating since August 2015.

  • SDG

    That is what a real PM does.