Cardinal Timothy Dolan Endorses Ex-Gay Book Calling On Homosexuals To Live Loveless Lives Of Chastity

From a press release published today by Christian Newswire:

Daniel Mattson’s life was marked by constant turmoil between his faith in God and his sexual attractions toward other boys, beginning when he was 6 years old. Finding the conflict between his homosexual desires and the teachings of his church too great, he assumed he was gay, turned his back on God in anger and eventually began a relationship with another man.

Yet freedom and happiness remained elusive until he discovered his true identity. In his brutally honest and frank debut book, WHY I DON’T CALL MYSELF GAY: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Identity and Found Peace, Mattson chronicles his journey of discovery that led him to understand how he was created and what he was created for.

Mattson believes he shouldn’t be reduced to the “feelings” that identify sexual orientation, nor be labeled by a term contrary to God’s plan for his life. Mattson shows that chastity is, in fact, part of the good news of the Gospel, and that the Catholic Church does welcome those with same-sex attractions, despite myths perpetuated by the media and gay-rights advocates.

“Daniel Mattson has written an honest account of the genuine struggles faced by those with same-sex attraction,” says Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan, archbishop of New York. “Drawing upon a wealth of spiritual insights and wisdom from across our deep Catholic tradition, he shares with us how he has come to understand and accept God’s loving plan for his life, as well as the beauty and richness of the Church’s teaching on chastity. The tenderness and mercy of God is evident throughout and is a powerful reminder for all of us!”

RELATED: Last year Dolan spent $2 million lobbying against proposed changes to New York state law that would extend the statute of limitations for the victims of pedophile priests to pursue civil lawsuits. In 2013 it was revealed that Dolan sought and received Vatican permission to move $57 million in Catholic Church money into a cemetery fund so that it couldn’t be used to pay out settlements.

  • olandp

    Oh, a new work of fiction. That reminds me I need a new book, but it won’t be this one.

  • Tiger Quinn

    No thank you. In fact, historically speaking, subatomically the exact opposite.

  • SilasMarner

    Bull shit!

  • Boreal
    • Robincho

      Comsume Excrenent

      • Boreal

        Didn’t make the meme and without my coffee this am would not have noticed it if you hadn’t pointed it out.

        • Robincho

          I never suspected you to be the maker… 😉

      • Ernest Endevor

        Good spotting of spelling error! Grammar rulez!

  • Boy Elvis

    I’ll stick with my religionless life of debauchery, thanks.

  • Lakeview Bob

    Said it before and I will say it again. There is a fine line in having faith in god and mental illness.

    • doninkansas

      When I was 20 yo I was a candidate at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington DC. They have a huge church with replicas of the major shrines of the Holy Land, so it attracted lots of visitors, especially from St Elizabeth’s hospital, a large psychiatric treatment facility. One of the old friars once commented on that and remarked that the line between sanctity and sanity is a very thin one, so much so that even God has trouble deciding which is which.

      • Lakeview Bob

        Thanks for the validation.

        • doninkansas

          you are quite welcome!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    That’s nice.
    We want you to Stop molesting kids, to grow up, STFU and also please go away.

    • Lizard

      I don’t know how the entire hierarchy of the Vatican isn’t constantly charged with crimes against humanity. They’re a sovereign city state which constantly obstructs justice. CONSTANTLY.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Getting away with shit all those centuries. I bet they hate the internet.

        • Lizard

          Priest: “A few days ago I was on the World Wide Web. Everything you want to know is right there. So I was thinking, ‘Should I be worried about job security?’ I don’t think so. Knowledge is one thing, but faith…faith is another.”
          -Most telling line from Spotlight

      • CottonBlimp

        Because it’s an uphill battle trying to get religious liberals to think *any* negative thoughts about religion, and conservatives will happily defend any evil act imaginable.

  • Charlie

    poor Timmy bless his heart…guess he doesn’t wanna be alone in HIS loveless life of chastity so he wants us all to be miserable…like him…

    • liondon#iamnotatraitor

      like Trump and Pence….they want everyone miserable.

    • Uncle Mark

      I had a Bible-teacher tell me that “Saint Paul speaks of those blessed men, who do not burn for a woman, have a higher calling…that should not be perverted into desires for other men.” Sounds like something a self-hating homo or homo-hating heterosexual would say. Being a rather ideological rebel in my youth, I asked this teacher, “Wouldn’t it be a greater sacrifice…thus honoring god more…for men, who burn for women, to put aside that temptation for this chaste lifestyle of which you speak?” He agreed with me at first, and then dismissed it with some babble about “God’s plan.” Oy.

    • Dolan is NOT practicing chastity. Google him.

    • rickhfx

      Bless his heart.

  • Gustav2

    They not only eliminated his true self in the book, but his face on the cover.

  • Pollos Hermanos
    • liondon#iamnotatraitor

      smell her.. does she get communion standing up …or kneeling?

    • Uncle Mark

      OMG…Look at her trying clutch the pearls, only to be reminded that she’s not wearing them today

    • pj


  • Michael R
    • Lizard

      Tell him heterosexual couples have anal sex, too. Catholic ones, even. That’ll really blow his mind.

      • Stogiebear

        And sometimes it’s the woman on top with a strap-on pegging the man.

        • Lizard


          • rickhfx

            The vapours !

        • licuado de platano

          I recall a Steely Dan song: “Peg… it will come back to you”

        • Priya Lynn

          A very anti-gay bigot I knew would go on and on about how he couldn’t stand gays. I was very surprised one day when he told me he was okay with a woman with a strap-on fucking a man – he said it wasn’t gay because it was a man and a woman.

    • kaydenpat

      I have a feeling that “celibate” priests are having as much sex as the rest of us sinners.

      • Karl Dubhe

        One of my ex’es cheated on me with a Catholic Priest…

        Bastard; didn’t invite me for a threesome.

        • kaydenpat


        • Galvestonian

          Provincetown – more priests and seminarians spending weeks there boning up during the season.

        • Reality.Bites

          Well they kind of did… you were the holy ghost in their trinity.

      • Uncle Mark

        Of that , I’m certain. I remember a Catholic priest from my old bar days, who used to hang out at a certain gay bar every few nights…looking for some ass. Frankly, he seemed sleazy as hell.

        One of my friends was a Catholic priest, until he found he disagreed too much with the Church, and felt he was a hypocrite…so he left. He used to tell me all kinds of sexual tales in the seminary.

        I had gone out on a couple dates with men, who turned out to be priests. They could get rather passionate, but very much guilt-ridden & conflicted afterwards. One even told me he had a regular boyfriend back home, when he would go back home overseas regularly. Oy…what a mess.

        • kaydenpat

          Why they persist with this celibacy charade is puzzling. They’re not fooling anyone. Your priest shouldn’t have to pretend.

          • Librarykid

            He’s pretending about everything else.

          • rickhfx

            But can they beat their own meat?

        • I didn’t come out until after college. As I spent undergrad in an Evangelical-affiliated college that was for the best. I heard stories of people hooking up and then pulling out a Bible and preaching at the person they just had sex with about how sinful they were. No orgasm is worth that.

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            Wear earplugs!

    • Jonathan Smith
  • james1200

    Right, ’cause we’re gonna take lessons in morality from one of the leaders of the Church of Pedophilia.

    • kaydenpat

      What a reveal.

  • Tiger Quinn

    Can’t you just go hang out in your God Boxes and do all of that there?

  • I would say given the Cardinal’s history… the correct response would be “Sure thing Cardinal… You first!” As i often say.. I find moral posturing from an international cabal of Child Rapists to lack credibility….

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    “…he shares with us how he has come to understand and accept God’s loving plan for his life…”

    The bullshit’s strong on this one. So god gave him a loving plan for life, but god didn’t give him the same-sex attraction he experienced as a youngster?

    Also, what the fuck color is Cardinal Looney Tune’s chapeau? He couldn’t be much more gay if he farted glitter. [I will leave it up to other to post pics of him in some of his regal lace and silk finery, with cathedral lace train]

  • WitlessProtection

    If I wanted to live a “life of chastity” I would become a nun. Lard knows that priests aren’t chaste – at all. Just ask their altar boys.

    • Vista-Cruiser

      For their sake, I hope that nuns aren’t chaste either.

  • HoneyBoySmith

    I don’t care about your superstitions, Cardinal.

    I like dick and I suspect I’m going to continue to like it. regardless of what’s in your “holy” book.

    • Lizard

      Mattson is miserable and lonely now. I assume he wants ALL gay people to be miserable and lonely, too.

      • stuckinthewoods

        Mattson’s ex-partner must be one gay person that’s less miserable now.

  • Gigi

    Loveless lives of chastity? That’s rich coming from a man who probably services men for free at the bus station glory hole that he drilled himself.

    • Andymac3

      Cork screws aren’t just good for opening wine bottles. The more you know.

      • Gigi

        Too much work, especially for a delicate little flower like Dolan. On topic: I once caught a guy making a g-hole with a high torque cordless drill in the university library. He’d neglected to lock the stall door so we both got a surprise when I opened it. What do you say in that case? “Oh, pardon me. Sorry to bother you” apparently. (We Canadians are notoriously polite.)

      • Reality.Bites

        This is the tale of Screwy Dick,

        The man who was born with a corkscrew prick.

        He spent his life in a futile hunt

        In search of a girl with a corkscrew c—.

        Well the day he found her was the day he dropped dead,

        The girl had a left-handed thread.

    • ted-

      You’re assuming he’s being “honorable” in that respect. He’s more likely to molest a child.

    • Shy Guy

      He’s a cardinal. He gets a confessional box with a really fancily carved glory hole.

    • violamateo

      Chastity no longer exists. She became Chaz.

      • Harley

        HE became Chaz. There. Fixed it for ya.

    • PickyPecker
  • Boreal
    • HoneyBoySmith

      You’re terrible.

      Be my friend?

    • Like Michael Glatze (check out my other comment on this thread)

  • Butch

    I was brought up Catholic and I think I’m still trying to undo the damage.

    • Karl Dubhe

      I went to a Catholic School, same.

  • JDH

    Who expects to find “freedom and happiness” from their very first relationship. That’s some arrested development right there.

  • dcurlee

    Well I see Timmy has come out of the wood work again to stir the pot

  • JoyZeeBoy

    Because it’s ALL part of God’s loving plan to ruin your fucking lives.

  • JoeMyGod
    • Boreal

      Two bitter old sexless trolls.

    • Reality.Bites

      He doesn’t exactly look like the photo on the cover.

      He looks like he chose celibacy the same way I chose to shave my head. It puts a nicer face on the reality that I have a big bald spot and receding hairline.

    • Ernest Endevor

      So that’s why they covered his face! I’d assumed he was a young man who’d only just managed to tear himself off the next ferry to the Pines. But I think boyfriend’s days of wine and roses are behind him.

      Let me renounce something that costs me nothing so I can help make life hell for young people. It’s what makes the Vatican happy.

    • barrixines

      Daniel Mattson has written an honest account of the genuine struggles faced by a middle aged portly gentleman to find his genitals.

  • another_steve

    Molestation of altar boys, excluded.

    • Karl Dubhe

      They find justification for such behaviour in the story of the Centurion and his Slave Boy.

      Jesus blessed that kind of love.

  • TheManicMechanic

    He wants us to be as miserable as he is. Typical of all religionists. They just need to die in their own obscurity and leave the real living people alone.

    • Victor Torres

      “What’s good for the goose…” mentality.

    • CanuckDon

      Moreso at age 67, he’s still trying to come up with reasons to validate why he wasted his goddamn life denying his own sexuality and needs.

      • Jeffg166

        Who says he has?

    • Marty Pavelka

      I wouldn’t trust a priest as far as I could throw one.

      • TheManicMechanic

        I’ve seen your muscles. You’d get some respectable distance on a toss. 😉

        • Marty Pavelka

          But…still! lol

    • RidingTheLine

      Worse. The Cardinal can always give himself a hall pass on the rules.

  • Frank

    I wonder what priest raped him.

  • Bad Tom

    That Cardinal Hat is really, really fey.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • Karl Dubhe

    NAMBLA member says what?

    Fuck him, his church and his god with a 4X4.

  • Michael

    Gay male youth are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide and make up over half of the successes so, no offense Cardinal, burn in Hell you fat fugly closet case

  • j.martindale

    Nice to hear that your superstition is some comfort to you. I prefer the comfort of my husband in a loving human relationship, though. I also prefer the comfort of a mental equilibrium free of feelings of self-hate and sexual repression. I don’t feel the need to try to make sick people like Mattson and Dolan change and accept my life. But they need to keep their mental illness to themselves and refrain from trying to pass their mental health problems onto vulnerable young people.

  • kaydenpat

    Because Dolan is living a loveless life. Misery loves company.

  • Adam Stevens

    God damn that evil 6 year old boy to HELL!!!!!


  • Jay Silversmith
    • David Milley

      (grim chuckle) When I was six, I asked that question in first grade Sunday school when they were teaching us why it was important to support their missionary work. The teacher told me that the good heathens would go to hell anyway. She delivered that news while bending down to smile gleefully in my face.

      A week later, they’d pushed this little troublemaker up into the second grade group, where the teacher showed us how to grow lima beans in Dixie cups. The beans flourished; any religious proclivities I might have had, did not.

  • Tomcat

    You know,,, like the Catholic Priests do.

  • Uncle Mark
  • ChiTownGuy

    Or if you wish. Take a vow of chastity and become a priest and have sex with all the men and boys you wish and your fully protected by the heirarchy. Problem solved.

    • Jonathan Smith

      DAMN!!!!! i skipped the “vow of” part.
      still get lots of lovin:)

  • Will Parkinson

    Let me fix this headline: Bigot encourages self-hatred for homosexuals.

    • Michael

      Or “Self hating homosexual encourages self-hatred for other cowards.”

  • Rex

    What happened to knowing the truth and letting it set you free.
    No good comes from denying yourself – it’s the rare individual that is content to deny himself sexual pleasure and live a loveless life – writing a book and marketing it to the masses is telling people to live a lie – which is also a sin.

  • narutomania

    Why would gay men be held to a more restrictive life that priests? I mean, the evidence shows that priests aren’t celibate. So why should we be?

    Besides, he can shove his religion up his ample ass. I am not an adherent of his ridiculous superstition, so his rules don’t apply to me.

  • Church attendance is dropping, dropping – almost dead!

  • Boreal
    • TuuxKabin

      Another one for Bill at catlick league [email protected] . . . keep ’em coming.

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      This reminds me of the priest last week who said a Satanic veterans’ memorial would lure “Satanic pedophiles” to the area.

      The irony there is palpable, but you wouldn’t want to palpate it.

      • Thelmaswilson

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    • zhera

      Because his victims need to come from somewhere!

  • Andymac3

    I tried being celibate but the Priest that I visited insisted that I stick to what I was good at and continue to do him after confession.

    • TuuxKabin

      I gave it a go as well. Sell a bit here. Celibate there . . .

  • Frank

    No one really cares if this guy doesn’t have sex. That’s his business. Gays hate his guts because he’s whored himself out to an industry of propaganda that defames gays, destroys their families, and, not infrequently, drives young and vulnerable gays to end their lives.

    So, he and Cardinal Dolan can use a life-sized Crucifix as a double-headed dildo to fuck themselves. I’m sure Jesus would approve, since he’d hate a symbol of his torture being used as a motivation for torturing others.

    • pj

      dolan must have paid to print the book

  • it’s really hard not to sustain hateful contempt for active Catholics. sorry, but i really feel that way about yall. i try hard to be nice to the nice people i know who support and attend the church, but i think what they are doing is wrong. supporting guys like this lying, evil, greedy, hateful, nutjob is wrong, all the time.

    worship is not required to be in one kind or one specific church. if God is real, it won’t mind that you worship quietly in your own home with your family and friends. save your money for the other things i understand you’ve been told you should do: give it to the poor, the weak, those in need…

    the RCC is the big fish in the pond, and i suspect that’s why i hate their leadership more than say, the SBC folks, altho the latter is just as bad. but too many people still try to tell me “love the good people, hate the organization” and i’m sorry but that’s not good enough for me. truly good people have walked away from the RCC and never looked back, by now.

    • Frank

      The SBC is far worse. I grew up in with a Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher father. He had a personality disorder (puritanical OCPD) that made him sadistically self-righteous. When I was in high school, he managed to have every other member of the household suicidally depressed. My mother threatened suicide to me every week starting when I was 13. My brother tried to shoot himself in the head, but failed. The bulled penetrated the wall into the next room and missed my heart by six inches.

      I believe Southern Baptist culture fosters OCPD and have seen his pathology among many of the leadership.

      BTW, good people don’t just walk away from an evil institution. They denounce and attack it. I wrote a Yelp review for my Catholic high school that said that decent parents don’t send their children to Catholic high schools because if those children are gay, they’ll probably be found hanging from the tree in the back yard.

      • jmax

        I grew up in an Independent Baptist household (my father thought the Southern Baptists were too liberal) and I know what you mean. Combined with his military background, life was a living hell for me as a gay kid.

        • Frank

          My father shit on me for being gay up until a year before he died. I wrote him a letter telling him the reason I lived 1,000 miles away was because I couldn’t take his constant shaming which started when I was 13. He even gloated over the death of people from AIDS. I told him that he was the only man I ever wished was gay because he was so fucked up he had no business becoming a father.

          • jmax

            My father’s disapproval has pretty much been limited to denial and pretending that I will “straighten out” one of these days (I’m 59 years old, so I don’t think that’s gonna happen BTW). But the shaming and obvious disappointment in me hurt back then and still do.

        • I was always having to explain in NYC that Southern Baptists are considered moderate and mainstream in the South and that there are plenty of groups that consider them far too liberal. Sorry for what you grew up with. Mine (SBC) was bad enough.

          • Frank

            I grew up in southeastern Louisiana. We actually had an archbishop (Rummel) who led Catholics in opposition to segregation starting in the mid-50’s. He even excommunicated local segregationist politicians. The Southern Baptists unconditionally supported segregation. The contrast was stark. Now, I realize that this was a local phenomenon.

          • jmax

            The Baptist church in my home town was just a little left of Westboro Baptist. In fact, my father will say that a lot of what Fred Phelps said is true, they just go about it the “wrong way”.

            I found it funny when my father recently told me that members of the church I grew up attending are praying for me to return to the flock. I haven’t been in the building since 1991, and that was for my mother’s funeral.

          • Frank

            Your father sounds as delusional as mine was. I’m glad I didn’t go to his Southern Baptist church. He converted to Catholicism just in time for Ratzi the Nazi to become head of the Roman Inquisition and to make the RCC safe for Nazis and pedophiles.

      • It’s all fucked up. I grew up Southern Baptist so that’s the part I know and I realize I take some of the fuckedupedness for granted while other denominations’ versions of the same insanity strike me as odd. In fact I realize every time I go home for the holidays just how fucked up they are in their thinking about just about everything. As far as which of it is worse? Probably whatever kind is making you or someone you care about miserable at the time.

  • safari

    I suppose I’ll bump into the author in some dark back room somewhere.

    • Michael

      Thanks, I needed a chuckle just about now.

      At least you’re not in the closet about your back room activities.

  • AtticusP
  • Lazycrockett
  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    “WHY I DON’T CALL MYSELF GAY: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Identity and Found Peace”

    So much at peace with himself, he has to cover his face on the cover of his book.

    • Friday

      Well, it’d spoil sales when he gets spotted out at the the leather bars. 🙂

    • Reality.Bites

      It’s covered because it’s not him, it’s a model. He’s a middle-aged white-haired guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not exactly going to get kids on the road to suicide the Pope masturbates over.

  • Mark

    And I endorse a book calling for Cardinal Timothy Dolan to fuck off and die.

  • Hank

    Daniel Mattson should become a priest and stick to their rules of Celibacy! Case Closed!!!

  • Kelly Lape

    God is love. Ergo to live a life without love is to live a life without God.

    The Cardinal is proposing a very great sin.

    • Bluto

      My boyhood, non-rapey priest taught that god was love too. There were no caveats, funny that.

    • bambinoitaliano

      That’s what happen when you give a book of love to idiots. They turn it into hate porn.

  • The_Wretched

    Where did he find the time? I mean doesn’t he have more cemeteries to use to squirrel away funds that should goto rape victims?

  • Macbill

    Santa-God knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.

  • Jerry Kott

    Like the kind of life he and his cronies are living? His struggle with Homosexuality is his, not mine

  • Bluto

    I don’t give a shit if this self loathing gay man doesn’t want to identify as that. He can be a homo, queer, faggot, cock goblin, butt rangler or giggleberry juggler if he wants.

    • bambinoitaliano

      He and the LCR are the same species in different hate club.

  • Rex

    I don’t call myself gay.
    I call my self fabulous.

  • violamateo

    I find it very telling that the cover of this autobiography has a photo in which the author’s face is blocked.

  • Harveyrabbit

    “Calling On Homosexuals To Live Loveless Lives Of Chastity”

    Shorter Dolan: Priests pretend to do it so why not teh gays?

  • Boreal
  • David Walker

    OT If you watched Rachel last night, you saw a segment on the demonstrations in Russia…not just in Moscow and St. Petersburg but throughout the nation. And not only were there protests with (collectively) hundreds of thousands of people against the corruption in government, the wretched state of public education, and the massive wealth bestowed to the oligarchs (any of this sound familiar?), but unlike previous demonstrations, there was a huge number of young people at every site. Here’s a collection of pictures from the News Gazette:

  • Ben in Oakland

    “He assumed he was gay.” Not much of an assumption. Probably evidence based.

    He is not defined by his attractions. Like so much christian speak, this is the latest in their ways of defining themselves out of existence. I’m not defined by my attractions is a way of trivializing oneself, of defining oneself by by his struggle against his attractions.. That way. He can continue to struggle with same sex attraction”, winning his celestial brownie points.

    It’s nonsense– self deceiving nonsense. His issue is STILL his attractions. It’s like an alcoholic who goes to AA meetings 40 years after he last had a drink, and still calls himself an alcoholic. His life is STILL about alcohol.

    Nothing says it more clearly. His issue is his self hatred, not his “attractions.”

    • Ernest Endevor

      It’s like an alcoholic who goes to AA meetings 40 years after he last had a drink, and still calls himself an alcoholic. His life is STILL about alcohol.


      • Ben in Oakland

        That’s why I wrote it. I met a few people like that.

    • jmax

      As Stan Marsh on South Park told his alcoholic father, if you spend all your time avoiding something, that thing still controls your life.

    • Frank

      When you have a sexual mood right six inches below your navel, you have a pretty good idea.

      • I realize that issues of sexuality can be complicated for women but with men we either go “schwing” or we don’t.

  • Boreal
    • TuuxKabin

      Sent to Bill Donohue at the Catlick League. Wonder if he’s blocked my incoming messages by now?

      • Boreal


      • Jonathan Smith

        and his email is? what? he’s going to block all of us?

        • TuuxKabin
          • Jonathan Smith


          • TuuxKabin

            Welcome to the club. I send him everything from here that may offend his etoh abused whiny white titties.

          • TuuxKabin

            A suggestion from reality bites (hard):


          • Reality.Bites

            Shoulda sent it by fax.

          • TuuxKabin

            from now on.

  • Boreal
    • Jonathan Smith

      only if they didn’t move him to another parish……

  • Natty Enquirer

    “Mattson believes he shouldn’t be reduced to the “feelings” that identify sexual orientation…” This I can agree with. The rest is bullshit.

  • The absurdity of this, of course, is that Dolan is not chaste.*

    *Note: Celibate means unmarried, which he is. Chaste means not having sex with he allegedly does. Googling Cardinal Dolan gay lover gets you plenty of hits. How sad that we have a media culture that enables people to lie like this.

  • GayOldLady
  • Oh’behr in Minnesota

    No thank you. I’ll live a life full of love and do some charity work on the side.
    Phhhtttt (raspberry sound).

  • Ryan Hunter

    Totally moronic.

  • Hank
    • BobSF_94117

      If you’re “obsessed” with a subject, you delve, you investigate, you listen to many experts.

      If you listen to only one person, it’s not “obsession”, it’s delusion.

  • HomerTh

    lol, Cardinal Faggot says what?

  • Steverino

    Sounds like goddledegook to me.

  • TuuxKabin

    Chastity is it’s own punishment, live it your self, ass hole. As if any of you hypocrites do.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Where do you think his hatred come from? That bigot hasn’t has his sack empty for so long you think he has grown a papa smurf.

      • TuuxKabin

        I’m not thinking about that bigot’s sack, thank you.

  • shellback

    A need to love and be loved vs. Deep faith in the make believe.
    One is human, one is mental illness.
    I’ll let you decide which is which.

  • canoebum

    I’ll consider a life of chastity just as soon as timothy Dolan considers a life of sobriety.

  • Boreal
    • Jonathan Smith

      no, i’d say….it’s just worn out it’s old, tired hate…….er……um……msg

    • bambinoitaliano

      Here’s a suggestion. Replace all those old priests with younger and buffer ones who are only interested in adult men. I would walk back into the church even if it burn my skin.

  • Galvestonian

    Oh sure … easy to say, you pedophyle, buggering altar boys and wanking over gay porn … who’s the bigot you faux-sanctified twat.

  • Rob NYNY

    One of my friends was a virgin when he arrived at the seminary at Catholic University in Washington. That did not last long. Within a couple of weeks he was having sex two or three times a day, but as he puts it, “I could have had sex as often as I wanted.” Other seminarians, professors, undergraduates. He just thought that it would be bad form to have sex more than three times a day. That way he could be celibate 21 hours a day. He figures he had sex over 2000 times in four semesters. It also helped him quit smoking.

    • TuuxKabin

      Who had time to smoke?

    • Jonathan Smith

      yeah, his mouth was too busy? DAMN. KNEW i should have gone to seminary

      • bambinoitaliano

        Guzzling those seminary fluid must gave one the holy experience everyone was talking about.

        • coram nobis

          That’s why they call it semenary.

        • Rob NYNY

          It brought him to his knees. And it’s good practice for genuflecting.

  • Peter Johanssen

    Just look at the book jacket. The nametag that reads “Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay” completely obscures the young man’s face–erasing his individuality, humanity, and ability to express himself. The young man is metaphorically subjugated by anti-LGBT haters and rendered less than fully human. I’ve seen this type of book jacket on anti-LGBT screeds several times, e.g.,

  • Boreal
  • Boreal
    • Jonathan Smith

      true. VERY sad, but true.

  • Charlie

    Why is this nut job so interested in what other people are doing in their private lives? It’s amazing to me how he’s telling people how to live their lives while many priests are having a ball living theirs, totally opposite of how he’s telling us to live ours. I know for a fact that priests do not pay attention to nut jobs like this.We used to host a priest from Iowa each year from the 80’s to the mid 90’s who’d stay with us and literally go nuts screwing until it was time to go back. He even had boyfriends in Iowa who tried to blackmail him, but, of course he lied and denied their accusations. So, bottom line, clean up your own house before you spew your venom on others. I used to be catholic but gave that up after my first holy communion at age 6. Hypocrites and liars. BTW, watch netflix’ new series called The Keepers… you an insight into this corrupt cult.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Oh fuck off asshole! You do what ever you want with your body. You have no ownership of mine. By the way, how’s your brood of loveless and lifeless pedophiliac priests doing?

  • Boreal
  • I am not going to criticize those who, based on their personal religious beliefs, choose to live a celibate life, and can manage to adhere to the standard they set for themselves. It doesn’t matter what the individual’s sexual orientation is, though it is likely easier to accomplish for someone who is asexual or has a low libido.

    However, the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching in this area is pernicious and must be exposed as such. The RCC classifies as sinful “homosexual acts” in all cases, and sexual activity that involves a male ejaculating sperm in any place other than a female vagina, with the primary (but unlike some Christianists, not sole) purpose being reproductive.

    [The following is aimed at Catholics and other Christians who are trying to reconcile their religion with their sexual orientation.] According to St. Paul, ALL Christian are called to live a celibate life while they wait for Jesus to return (The Shakers took this literally, and pretty much have only left us their handmade furniture as a remembrance.)

    But Paul was clear in 1 Cor. 7:8-9 –

    But I say to the unmarried and to the widows, It is good for them that they remain even as I. But if they have not control over themselves, let them marry; for it is better to marry than to burn.

    The GOOD NEWS is that Christianity really is not against same-sex marriage, either. One can read some of the late John Boswell’s works on theology, or just understand one way of looking at the passages in the Old Testament from 1 Samuel 18 through 2 Samuel 1 that relate to the relationship between the then future King David and the son of the then-present King Saul.

    It begins with David and Jonathan getting married (1 Sam. 18:3) “And Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.

    Is this a marriage? Later in the chapter (at v. 21) “And Saul said, I will give him her, that she may be a snare to him, and that the hand of the Philistines may be upon him. And Saul said to David, Thou shalt this day be my son-in-law a second time.

    The traditional interpretation of this is based on Jerome’s mistranslated Vulgate, is to assume that David was once told that he could marry Saul’s daughter Merab, but she was given to someone else, so Saul offered his second daughter Michal as an alternative – but this obfuscates the reference back to the covenant with Jonathan. The KJV references this as “Thou shalt this day be my son in law in the one of the twain

    There are later passages, where David and Jonathan meet in a field and kiss, and Jonathan cries while David developed turgidity (i.e. “got hard” – but the translations usually come across as :cried harder/”

    Finally, in 2 Sam.1, David laments the death of Saul and Jonathan and says “the love of Jonathan was better than the love of a woman.” It’s pretty clear to me that David was bi. And David was the anointed of God.

    When you realize that *all* of the biblical passages traditionally used to condemn homosexuality are mistranslated or misinterpreted by generations of homophobes, it just knocks down the Roman Catholic Church’s insistence that gays are sinners unless they live chaste, celibate lives. NO ONE ELSE is held to that high a standard – and technically, no Christian should ever get married (whether it is same-sex or opposite-sex) unless their libido is such that marriage is the only way to avoid having sex outside of marriage.

    So – the bottom line – if you are gay and any kind of Christian, getting into a marriage where you “become one soul” with your same-sex spouse is JUST as effective a way to avoid sin as becoming celibate.

    And if they still teach that you can’t get married? Then God does not require people to do things that are impossible for them – and if one has the libido, celibacy is impossible to maintain permanently, particularly if one realizes that masturbation is also supposed to be sinful – but THAT is another story (and trust me, the answer is actually that masturbation is really not sinful, either).

    • madknits

      Before the last Shaker Eldresses in NH died, the remaining Shaker Eldresses in ME re-opened the Shaker Covenant, and allowed new members to join. About 7-10 people joined the community. Of course, the NH Eldresses stopped speaking to the ME Eldresses, since the Covenant was not supposed to be reopened again. Now all the Eldresses are dead, and I’m not sure if there are still people practicing the Covenant in ME.

    • OdieDenCO

      interesting read. but I almost lost my coffee when I read a the phrase “but the translations usually come across as :cried harder/” my mind instantly went to the gutter and porn dialog of harder, faster came and went.

    • ZRAinSWVA

      Great information, and the clarity you provide is wonderful. Personally, I think the greatest ‘sin’ one can commit is to lie. Speaking from experience where, as a closeted gay man, everything I said to others was a lie, what I told myself was a lie, and the way I lived was a lie. Lying is–to use your most excellent word choice–pernicious. It becomes easier to lie with each lie. Now, though, I am free! I am happy! I do not lie, to myself or others, and if they cannot accept the truth, they have no part in my life. Just as religion has no place in my life. And I am damn happy to celebrate my non-celibate life with my husband!

      • Thank you – and for an added bonus, I’s like to address something you write in the context of Romans 1 (which, aside from being one of those “clobber passages” is the only place in the whole bible where “traditional” homophobic Christianity finds something to interpret as condemning same-sex relationships among women):

        You wrote:

        Speaking from experience where, as a closeted gay man, everything I said to others was a lie, what I told myself was a lie, and the way I lived was a lie.

        [Reminder, this is aimed at gay folks who are trying to reconcile their homosexuality with Christianity] A snippet from the chapter, where Paul is discussing certain religious rituals of the chief competition to early Christianity in Rome – mystery religions that involved wine-drinking and sexual activity as their sacrament.

        24 Wherefore God gave them up [also] in the lusts of their hearts to uncleanness, to dishonour their bodies between themselves:
        25 who changed the truth of God into falsehood, and honoured and served the creature more than him who had created [it], who is blessed for ever. Amen.
        26 For this reason God gave them up to vile lusts; for both their females changed the natural use into that contrary to nature;
        27 and in like manner the males also, leaving the natural use of the female, were inflamed in their lust towards one another; males with males working shame, and receiving in themselves the recompense of their error which was fit.

        Let’s focus on the whole “nature” thing. Paul is actually writing about straight men and straight women – their “nature” is to have opposite-sex sex. The Catholic Church actually recognizes that homosexuality is not a choice but is innate, even though they erroneously classify same-sex attraction as being “disordered” (a pseudo-medical term in the context of the Catechism).

        If we recognize that the thing condemned here is first, a religious practice of a competitive religion (which probably, if they won out, would have referred to Christians Agape feasts as involving horrifying ritualistic cannibalism/theophagy); and second, that it isn’t “acting against nature” that is the harmful act, it is acting against one’s own God-given nature.

        Example. Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, suppressing his nature, married a woman, fatherd children, etc. Acting against his nature, though, he eventually couldn’t live the lie.

        The “sin” isn’t being gay, the “sin” for a gay person, is to suppress one’s nature and live a lie – and the “sin” involved is on the heads of religious leaders who misinterpret this chapter.

        I am a trans woman – and I lived a lie for much of my life, trying to assimilate in society as if I were a cis, straight, man – and I know how it feels to suppress my own nature in order to try to conform with societal expectations. Your post touched a chord here.

        I welcome the opportunity posed by Tim Dolan (and JMG) to try to help folks in this way – and thank you again for your response!

        • ZRAinSWVA

          No, thank you. Your insight is greatly appreciated, and your breadth of knowledge impressive, indeed!

    • William

      Thank you for the explanation .

      As far as masturbation, here is Nathan Lane reading a letter from Dalton Trumbo.

      Dalton Trumbo’s Masturbatory Epistle to His Son

  • Man Fully Alive is the Glory of God – Irenaeus
    Denying your sexuality makes ‘fully dead!”

  • madknits

    Fuck off and die, you pissing pedophile.

  • Clive Johnson

    “Daniel Mattson has written an honest account of the genuine struggles faced by those with same-sex attraction,”

    Almost by definition it can’t be an honest account if it’s based on Catholic theology.

  • leo77

    What’s with the design of that cover? The name tag slapped across the face? Nothing a bit self loathing about that? These people give themselves away without realizing it.

  • acde

    And all the other millions of accounts of struggles are not honest jif they do not embrace celibacy, loneliness, total rejection and some paper tiger in the sky?

  • BearEyes

    Little timmy is a very sad, sick excuse of a man.

  • FAEN

    Hey Dolan-Juat because YOU CHOOSE to be unhappy doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. Were unapologetically LGBT and we’re going to live our lives as openly and honestly as possible.

  • Tor

    I’m all right if this man is happy with his choice of a religious life style. It’s his personal choice.

    Just don’t ask me to follow suit.

    It’s such a non-event, it hardly deserves a book.

    • Priya Lynn

      He wrote the book because he’s not content with controlling his own life, he wants to control the lives of others too.

      • Tor

        I agree. And that’s the shitty part. Just shut up and live your private life.

  • Mike Dent

    Oh, Mr Mattson – if you absolutely must have a deity in your life, at least pick one that actually *likes* you…

    • William

      Some people enjoy being punished.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Oh, you know my husbotter?

        Sorry, could not resist. 😉

  • No More GOP.

    Ummm… no. Fuck off, TImmy.

  • JWC
    • Ben in Oakland

      ONward to the Pointy Hat store!

  • M Jackson

    Oh, fuck chastity.

    • Ben in Oakland

      I saw what you did

  • Hue-Man

    Q: Why can’t you get a meeting with the cardinal after 3:00 PM?
    A: School’s out.

  • Tor

    WHY I DO CALL MYSELF GAY: How I Kicked Religion to the Curb and Found Peace,

  • Jeffg166

    Do as I say not as I do.

  • Jeffg166

    I was recruited, indoctrinated and brain washed into the catholic sect of the Christian cult as a child. I got over it.

  • “why i don’t call myself gay” – here’s the reason: “because i never learned to stand up to my shitty parents and i’m such a broken brainwashed wimp i literally fear that i’ll go to “Hell” if i suck another D”

    that’s it, that’s all.

  • Reality.Bites

    Given Mattson’s actual age, as opposed to the model on the book jacket (who probably actually IS straight), I’d be curious (not curious enough to read it though) exactly when Mattson managed to fully embrace a life of celibacy. It’s a bit easier to do it when fewer people are interested and your hormone levels are lowering.

    • Ben in Oakland

      Wow. So he is in his late fifties or early sixties?

      That really does change a great deal.

      • Reality.Bites

        He could also be as young as his early 40s. His face doesn’t have much sag to it, and lots of people are as grey and bald as he is by then.

  • Semi-OT: Former “ex-gay” pastor and Catholic convert Michael (Elliott) Glatze admitted never really changing orientation. Plus, he has mental issues:

    • Ben in Oakland

      He is now a Catholic, after going mor(m)on and fundelibangelist? And that after going gay, going straight, Going gay again?

      The boys clearly has some issues.

  • Pip

    How’s about they stop molesting children and raping the nuns and then they’ll have better moral high ground to stand on. Until then, he needs to stfu.

  • Jay Silversmith
  • Clive Johnson
    • John30013

      I’m going for the “good” cop 😀

      • Clive Johnson


      • Hank

        Give me the cigar smoking, horned up, Bad Cop EVERY time!!!

  • Disqusdmnj

    Or he could enter a loveless, celibate, straight marriage like the rest of us!

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week! 😜

  • coram nobis

    Meanwhile over at Religion News Service, coincidentally, signs of other Catholic books and articles that differ from His Eminem’s reading list. Not all we’d want but there are differing views, even clumsy progress.

    … A major bridge-builder is Father James Martin, S.J., whose new book Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity displays guarded hope for change, as did his October 30, 2016, article in the Jesuit biweekly America …

  • Kyle Deetz

    It ain’t god’s plan for his life, it’s his. Do what you like, bub.

  • JT
  • andrew

    Leading lives of chastity or attempting to hasn’t worked out so well for many/most Catholic priests. “The Lord God said: It is not good for the man to be alone.” Genesis 2,18.

  • Robert Adams

    “accept God’s loving plan for his life, as well as the beauty and richness of the Church’s teaching on chastity.”

    In other words, “Do as we say, not as we do.”

    Or maybe because young boys lack vaginas, technically, the priest remains “chaste”.

  • The New Yorker has a great article on the origin of the idea that sexual impulses, because they are not controlled by the intellect, are suspect. Spoiler alert: Augustine.

  • paganguy

    In other words, the same kind of life that he does: loveless.

  • Ogre Magi

    I don’t know why so many lgbt people act like the catholics are somehow not as bad as the evangelicals

  • fuow

    Shouldn’t the child-fuckers concentrate more on not raping little children than on gay men?
    Mother fuckers.

  • TheSeer

    Child-raping cult, enemies of human decency.

  • Aurvara

    In my experience the only ones who reduced me to my sexual orientation have been the homophobes.
    Realising Catholicism was a load of bollocks at an early age obviously saved me a lot of grief.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Where is there evidence of “god’s mercy” in this sotry?

  • Richard B

    It is cruel and malicious the Catholic Church still hasn’t recognized what most modern research scientists now accept that people that are LGBTQ are either genetically determined when we are conceived or its a combination of hormonal/genetically determination and is not a conscience choice.
    Crazy isn’t it that still half the Catholic clergy are gay?
    Yet, pond scum like Timothy Dolan are still out there demonizing our LGBTQ brothers and sisters and telling the world we are somehow unworthy to enjoy being intimate with those we love.

  • Kenster999

    So “the tenderness and mercy of God” wants me to deny my nature and never have love? Whatever happened to “it is not good for man to be alone?”

    (I’m preaching to the choir, I know)

  • xtal

    Because that’s what he did. No Dolan, you don’t get to tell other people to deny themselves love and sex because you hate yourself. What a freak actually

  • LarryChemEngr

    I read an interview with one of these “Ex-Gays” once. He actually said the following:

    Jesus has delivered me from homosexuality. I am totally not gay anymore. I never think about men. Except when I masturbate.

    Poor deluded soul.

  • SJWinCMH

    The irony is killing me.

  • AlbertCat

    Great! Advice from someone who dropped out of a normal life to join an ancient pederast club.

  • Franciscan

    You know, if there were a God, She’d get him for this.

  • RidingTheLine

    My advice to the “good” cardinal would be for him to worry about his own zipper and let everyone else worry about theirs on their own.

  • EyeJelly

    Wow, OK, so now I get the logic:
    1. If you can’t have sex with a woman, you can be celibate
    2. If you can be celibate, yay!, you can be a priest
    3. If you can be a priest, you can counsel people
    4. If you can counsel people, you can counsel boys
    5. If you can counsel boys, well… let’s just say some boys need a lot of counseling