US Soccer Player Quits Rather Than Wear Pride Jersey

The Christian Post reports:

Two weeks after U.S. Soccer announced that both their men’s and women’s national teams will be wearing rainbow-colored jerseys in support of gay pride in June, Christian soccer player Jaelene Hinkle has withdrawn herself from the U.S. roster for two international friendlies this month, citing “personal reasons.”

A release from U.S. Soccer said Hinkle, 24, who is a defender for the North Carolina Courage, was called into the national camp to play international friendlies against Sweden and Norway this month. She was not replaced on the roster after her withdrawal. She proudly boasts Colossians 3:23 on Twitter which says: “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”

Hinkle also earned headlines on the day of the Obergefell ruling when she launched an anti-gay rant on her Instagram account.

  • safari

    As is her right, though I don’t suspect she’ll like how her branding is hurt.

    • RGG

      She’s attending Christian Martyr ™ Training Camp to deal with the fallout, I’m sure.

      • Jeffg166

        Looking for the gofundme payout.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Maybe she’s planning on transitioning to a spot on the 700 Club after her soccer days are over.

      • another_steve

        My fear is that today’s monstrous and theofascist Secretary of Education will give her a position in the department.

        Maybe something like “Deputy Secretary for School Athletics.”

        • Tor

          There will be A position for her and the new Ministry of Sports and Entertainreunionment.

      • perversatile

        ”Kicking Balls For Jesus”

        • cleos_mom

          Heartily. Don’t forget heartily.

        • Steven Jaeger

          Let me fix it. Kicking for jeebuses balls

    • kat

      Yep. Precious few brands wanna be associated with Christian ignorance and bigotry. Let the jeebus players stay in their Christian ghettos.

    • Christopher Smith

      Pity. Bigotry and hate just don’t pay off like they used to, do they?

  • Todd20036

    If I were one of her sponsors, I’d seriously question my future partnership with her

    • FAEN

      Meh-If I were one of her sponsors I’d just get rid of her contract based on the ‘my company doesn’t do business with bigots’ clause.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Good for her. I’m sure Jesus will now ensure a place in heaven just for her. Bless her heart.

    • northern_neighbour

      Mighty magnanimous of you Lars!

      • Harley

        You missed the meaning of “bless your heart”. That’s southern for ” go fûćk yourself.”

        • northern_neighbour

          But that’s why I think it IS magnanimous, … ‘southern gentility’ , while burying you in a shallow unmarked grave!

          Magnanimous doesn’t always mean what it means, either, … “he said in all deliberate irony”. Cheers, Harley, and I do mean sincerely in your case!

    • Marco

      I really don’t think so.

      • DannyEastVillage

        i do. But that’s because I believe in a god who has a much bigger heart than any bigoted christian sh**-a&&.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Thoughts and Prayers.

    • carrolmcc

      Yeah, but he needs to cover her lost pay at the very least.

    • Gest2016

      I think she doesn’t want to wear a Pride shirt because she has something to hide. Just an educated guess based on her picture. Its called shame, and its the biggest source of anti-gay hysteria. Hopefully she’ll take up more feminine hobbies like knitting and find herself a good man to subjugate herself to in the name of Jesus.

  • AJayne

    So she stands behind what she believes. Dare we hope she gets the same treatment Colin Kaepernick did?

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      What’s ironic to me is that pro football took back a man who got busted for dog fighting.

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        • Franceswwhitley

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      • cleos_mom

        Maybe ironic, but not surprising.

        My expectations of decency from anyone involved in professional football are…. rather short. Those for professional football fans are even shorter.

      • It’s all about “values.”

      • DN

        Was never really a football fan, but I lost all respect for the NFL over Michael Vick.

    • Ninja0980

      Of course she won’t.
      She’ll likely become the darling of the FRC circuit before long.

      • bambinoitaliano

        But she does not look white enough to join the Fucking Related Children.

    • zhera


      • AJayne

        Yeah, I know…

        So I’m an eternal optimist…

  • Natty Enquirer
  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    She’s not expecting to get paid, is she?

    • Hue-Man

      As the New York Times reported, the enhanced pay announced this week is not necessarily on par with that of players on the men’s squad, though it means that some players could see their incomes double and earn between $200,000 and $300,000 in a year.
      April 5, 2017
      I hope her (in)action was worth it.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      No, but if a paycheck showed up in her mailbox I doubt she’d return it.

  • JWC

    If she doesn’t want to for religious reason Fine respect her wishes They will get along without her Bye Bye snowflake don’t let the door smack you ass They just do this for A0 our reaction and B) their moment of fame

  • Dubito et cogitare

    Repressed lesbian doth protest too much.

    • Jeffg166

      It’s a hard journey for some people to make. Some will never admit it.

      • Adam Stevens

        One ‘admits’ to a wrongdoing, not to who they are.

        Don’t mean to be petty, but words matter.

        • Mary Kaye

          Many times, who they are IS wrongdoing.Yes, words do matter.

  • Dan M

    Just let her weR her Klan robe over the top of her team jersey. Problem solves – unless she wear some the matching hoodie.

    • pablo

      I don’t think they let black women in the Klan.

  • northern_neighbour

    ‘Jes kkkunt comprehend all this so called Xian irrational hatred posing as some kinda of ‘truth to love’ garbage. Sheesh!

    These Christers really ARE ‘broken’ with their massive me=me=me=me=me insecurity complexes.

    Small minds and microscopic hearts. Let the bitch sulk and recuse herself and have her little attention-whore tantrum. No one of good will gives a fuck for this kind of person in the first place. #SoPersecutedNot

    • bambinoitaliano

      God has become an excuse for those who resume little or no responsibilities for their own lives. The judging and shifting of blames disguising by projecting their own fear and insecurity onto others. Selective moral judgement holding a one way mirror that they refuse to stand in front of is their favorite act.

      • northern_neighbour

        Bingo! Nail on the head diagnosis!

        But now dear christians, we need the wood and the nails for other projects, please.

        (Also rumour has it that a new shipment of Lions are pending!)

  • JWC

    when sports figure cake bakers whatever choose tonot participate in Gay things for religious reason they are the ones with bad press and loss iof income Bust your asses snowflakes

  • Michael R
  • Treant

    Door, ass, not striking of on your way out.

    For Pride, here’s a red zinnia, just because. For her, nothing. You lose. Good day, madam.

    • Joe in PA

      bitch…mine about an inch tall. 🙂

      • Treant

        Nine inches* tall on the zinnia with the first bloom just finishing; I deadheaded yesterday. One of the dahlia is already reaching knee-height. If you saw the marigold photo yesterday, those are in full throated blossom already.

        Do you feed? I concoct my own feeding at home, but really, any good garden food will do just fine.

        * Not Internet inches, either

        • Joe in PA

          I plant zinnias from seed (direct sow) and with this cool spring they didn’t go in all that long ago. I’m not complaining, I’ve loved this spring. And I plant in the vegetable garden for cut flowers. For all of my gardening life I’ve wanted the luxury of a ‘cutting garden’, some place where I can cut with impunity! And my ‘feeding’ is compost. Also a benefit of space, I truly can have as much compost as I want…and I have a tractor with a bucket to turn it! I feed (commercial fertilizer) anything in pots though.

          • Treant

            That would do it. I started mine under lights and on the heater in March, so I get a good jump on Last Frost!

  • RJ Bone

    I’d say it’s a shame, but it’s not. If you want to fuck up your sports career because of bigotry, by all means go ahead 🙂

    Pity there isn’t a christian football league or anything *eyeroll*

    Then again, she’ll probably get a speaking circuit out of it making up shit about how god redirected a ball into the goal for her because obviously her team is WAY more important than the other and deserves special deity assistance 😛 Just like every other godperson in sports who goes on about their god preferring their team 😛

    • Oh’behr in Minnesota

      I look forward to the day when the Christians or Martyrs or Victims play any team named the Lions or Romans or Gladiators. Hee Hee.

      • RJ Bone

        I look forward to the day when they play against ACTUAL lions, romans or gladiators 😛 😉

    • Christopher Smith

      Actually, she’s the wrong color for that, praise JAHAYZUSS. The bigot Christofascists don’t like them none of them darkies. *snorts with laughter*

      • RJ Bone

        Definitely higher up on their “*I* don’t hate you – gawd hates you” bullshitolist.

  • margaretpoa

    Good for her team! I’m sure having fewer bigoted assholes on it will be good for them!

    • zhera

      Yes, a collective sigh of relief could be heard from both the US team and the Swedish and Norwegian teams. Plenty of lesbians in soccer.

      • rickhfx

        And she was not getting any,

    • bambinoitaliano

      If her hate take that much attention from playing soccer, it’s just as well leave and not become a dead weight for the team. There will be plenty of those who love the game without carrying that kind of baggage of needing to blame.

      • Harley

        Plus, she’s not even first string. They won’t miss her. They’ll just have to find someone else to pass the towels out after the showers.

  • JWC

    The only one to have gainned from religious bigotry is Kim Davis She became the poster babe for such bullshit

    • ByronK

      Not sure about ‘babe’…hehe

      • JWC

        babe couched in dripping sarcasm

      • MBear

        Poster cow

        • ByronK


  • Gigi

    Ephesians 6:4, “Servants, obey your boss. Respect him with all your heart and try to please him as you would Christ.”

    • TheManicMechanic

      Hesh yo mouf, foo! Xians don’t read those parts, just the part about the icky gays ‘n’ all.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        Imagine their howls of rage if the head of the church demanded they stop eating shrimp, shellfish, pork and cheeseburgers.

        • Men to stop shaving, and women to stop cutting their hair.

    • JustDucky

      Ephesians 6:4 is “fathers, do not exasperated your children.” You’re thinking of Ephesians 6:4. But that’s not what it actually says. It says

      • ohbear1957

        I believe it’s tRump 1:27::17. They are quotes from the loyalty pledge that tRump tried to coerce Comey into reciting on January 27, 2017.

      • Gigi

        Yes, I know. It’s pro-fetus killing too.
        “Give them, O LORD–what will You give? Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts.” (Hosea 9:14)

  • ByronK

    I thought for true Christifiers, body adornments were a no-no. She better rip that abomination out of her nose toute suite…because Jeebus. Harlot! I bet she even plays with her legs uncovered, mercilessly mocking and tempting the helpless Christian men in the crowd. Get the stones!

    • jefe5084

      And we can’t even imagine her clothing is made of mixed fibers. ABOMINATION!!!!!

      • rickhfx

        She has a demon spirit in her, really in her.

  • Dagoril

    Bye, Felicia!

  • TheManicMechanic

    Destroy her commercial sponsorships. Boycott boycott boycott. Works for them, it works for us.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    It’s got more lesbians than tennis, I tellz ya. What percentage of the audience for women’s soccer does she seriously think is made up of conservative homophobes? Doesn’t she know those people only watch football, WWE and NASCAR?

  • ByronK

    “I believe with every fiber in my body that what was written 2,000 years ago in the Bible is undoubtedly true,” she wrote in the Instagram caption alongside an image of a cross. “It’s not a fictional book. It’s not a pick and choose what you want to believe. You either believe it, or you don’t. This world may change, but Christ and His Word NEVER will.

    “My heart is that as Christians we don’t begin to throw a tantrum over what has been brought into law today, but we become that much more loving. That through our love, the lost, rejected, and abandoned find Christ. The rainbow was a convent made between God and all his creation that never again would the world be flooded as it was when He destroyed the world during Noah’s time.” – Take My Ball Home Girl after Obergefell.

    Yikes. So how’s that ‘much more loving’ thing working out for you there?

    • Christopher Smith

      As she lies, cherry-picks, and edits to her little cunty heart’s content. Only thing funnier than her ugliness is her stupidity. ‘My heart is…’????? That’s not English, sweetiepie.

  • safari

    O/T: Our state’s anti-sharia march had maybe two or three dozen protesters and counter protesters… and it seems to have been held in a field on the outskirts of town… by the expressway on/off ramps?

    • JWC

      I have a feeling that in the USA there uis a general shift from “Make America Great Again” to a quieter more practical and attainable mantra “Make America,Ameruca Again”

      • Treant

        I’m down to, “How About A Little Sanity, America, Is That Too Much To Ask?”

        • JWC

          heheh no but I guess a notch ata a time

    • Oh’behr in Minnesota

      I wonder how many Christianists showed up in St. Paul. I’m sure they’d love to have Pence turn ‘Murica into sharia Christ land where it’s Christ first and Christians first. Yet the danger they see is Islam and Muslims.

    • Well for goodness sake, do you want Grand Rapids to become like Dearborn!!!
      I know for a fact if you are not wearing a skullcap or keffiyeh and carrying a prayer rug when you enter the city you are immediately thrown into sharia-jail…you would not want these two taking you into custody

      …wait, what?

  • crewman

    I hope for the sake of her heart that she one day grows to a point that she regrets this action.

  • another_steve

    May she drop dead and go to hell.

  • Matt

    Buh bye. Buh bye now. BUH BYE.

  • Adam Stevens

    Meh, she’s hardly fabulous enough to pull it off, anyway.

    But when you compare the types of people who support us with the types of people who do not, everything becomes crystal clear.

  • Mark McGovern

    Her call. When you bring religion to work you have to be prepared to pay the piper.

    And please, I have two lesbian sisters, so I consider myself somewhat educated in the matter. Lesbian joemygoders, doeth she not protest a tad too much perhaps?

    • Ross

      She doeth do, indeed.

    • KarenAtFOH


    • helenwheels74

      i know my gaydar is pinging, fer realz.

  • kevin vincent

    WEll nice she let her bigotry ruin what Could possibly be a once in a lifetime event for her

    • JWC

      ask Margaret Court how thats workin for her

      • kevin vincent

        Is she still making insane comments? HAVen’t heard about her in awhile

      • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

        That is exactly what I thought of too!

        Yanno, when your religion interferes with your real life, it’s time to get a different religion.

        • JWC

          Not a fan of organized religion But if you must its a private thing and as such should rest there I suppose much like masturbation

  • Ninja0980

    Goodbye and good riddance.

  • Macbill

    She is just following White Jesus commands, “If they are not like you, fuck them.”

  • David

    Good riddance.

  • JWC
  • Ben in Oakland

    So she is not a team player.

    Wait till she sues because of her sincere religious beliefs. That should end her career.

  • David

    If he’s such a Christian, then why isn’t she at home quietly being a subservient wife and mother???

    She’s 24. Shouldn’t she have at least 4 or 5 kids by now?

    • The New Paige Turner™

      I have the answer. Its because she is a c*nt.

  • Stubenville

    The comments over on FaceBorg are mostly supportive of her actions. They’re depressing to read; once again we’re “those people.”

  • Matt

    Sorry. Who?

    The ‘friendlies’ will certainly more so without her.

  • Sebastian

    She has the courage of her convictions, and the right to practice her religion as she sees fit. I don’t think she made a good choice, but it was a reasonable choice, given her religious position. It is a shame that it came to this. The team could have supported gay pride without forcing members who think differently to wear gay pride colors.

    I do have a couple of questions. Would we all agree that gay pride colors are a political statement? If so, then is an American team saying that you have to have a certain politics before being on the team? Where will this end, and would we defend this sort of thing if the politics were something we disliked? Also, are there any federal monies involved in supporting this team? If so, then requiring a particular religious or political viewpoint would be illegal, wouldn’t it?

    • Treant

      Where do I begin? Folding to her religious convictions would also have been illegal under the above argument, since they just endorsed her religion. That’s point one (the argument is warped, but I used the same warping you used above, so enjoy).

      Two, political stances are not illegal. Endorsement of a specific candidate or party is. Which is not happening here (although I can already foresee a really bad argument coming back our way about how one party is cool with the gays and one is not; by those lights, very few churches’ doors should be open and you should all be paying lots and lots of delicious taxes [I say you because you smell like a god-bother-in-chief]).

      Three, it’s a fucking jersey, not a loyalty pledge. No particular viewpoint is required; these are the June jerseys. Enjoy, and you’re allowed to state that you don’t agree with the sentiment. Three-point-five, the article is trim on whether she snowflaked out and quit or raised an objection. I’m sure we can all guess which she did and Who’s Gonna Sue Whom.

      Four, whether they receive Federal funds is public knowledge. Go do the research. I did…but see point two. It doesn’t really matter.

    • Priya Lynn

      Would we all agree that gay pride colors are a political statement?

      Would you agree that saying blacks are the equals of whites is a political statement?

      There is nothing wrong with asking people to affirm “all who harm no one” are equals.

  • popebuck1

    What’s the issue? Lesbians ARE doing what they do “heartily, and not unto men.”

    • Treant

      For that matter, I don’t lie with a man as I would lie with a woman. He’s usually flipped the other way, and even if not, the positioning is totally different.

      • MBear

        Except for Noah. He was really into anal

  • DisT

    Bigots don’t belong in these matches. It would make the “friendlies” in international friendlies meaningless.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Now if only all the deplorables who are employed and have the same view follow her footsteps and just walk away, we will in a much better place.

  • Rick

    Oh that’s weird. I thought she was there to play soccer.

  • Clive Johnson

    Funny how hard it can be to distinguish a ‘deeply held religious belief’ from malicious bigotry.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Bigots can’t face the truth when it comes to self hating.

  • seant426

    Bye, girl, you won’t be missed. Oh, and good luck living your life in the closet, too.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • DannyEastVillage

    girlfriend’s journey out of the closet is going to be long and tortuous.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Look at that cow from Australia. A former tennis player with half a foot in hell still struggling and denying being pussy lick by a same sex gender is going to destroy the planet.

      • DannyEastVillage

        Yup. She’s a princess alright.

  • Stogiebear

    Sounds like she’s not really a team player. She did right by removing herself from the team for the month of June. But she really ought to consider removing herself from the larger society altogether and cloistering with like minds away from icky things like equality.

  • chris james

    Okay…she quit….NEXT!

    • bambinoitaliano

      A progressive by the deplorables standard. You will have to drag Kim Davis out of her county the United Airline style.

    • Treant

      Only this month, she’ll be slinking back in July.

  • Dejerrity Mycron

    Well we all know there’s no lesbians in professional soccer, right?


    Thank God she wasn’t asked to play against Muslims. Or atheists.

  • Hue-Man

    Here’s what she’s objecting to.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Poor woman has very little pride in herself.

  • j.martindale

    I will be a devil’s advocate again. I believe this girl is brainwashed by her religion, and what she says demonstrates bigotry. That being said, she obviously does NOT endorse gay pride. I think to demand her wearing something that suggests she endorses gay pride is hypocritical.

    I imagine I will get castigated for this, but if, let’s say, a baseball team gets money from Faux News, and the manager decides the team should wear a Faux News jersey, liberal members of the team would be rightly upset because they don’t support the views of that station.

    I just don’t think it in our best interests to demand that people like her conform to this sort of display. We are not talking about gays being denied any rights–such as the right to public accommodation. I just think this is strong-arming someone, and don’t think it is a good idea.

    • Friday

      Sure, but it seems this is all on her, really, the team decided to show LGBT acceptance and she opted out. (And it sounds like she didn’t even raise a stink this time but maybe that’s coming given past behavior and predictable hate-group reactions.

    • OdieDenCO

      I concur. What I wonder is did she ask to be exempted or just stomp off in a huff. her past rants would indicate the latter.

  • narutomania

    It is, of course, her right to stand by her so-called principles and not play in those games. Of course, what she fails to recognize here is the very obvious fact that she is a woman going against everything that her precious religious and its ridiculous holy text ever spouted.

    Women are not supposed to wear tight short shorts or tight t-shirts.
    Women are not supposed to play sports.
    Women are not supposed to give public interviews. Or express their opinions publicly on any matter.

    So, where are her “sincerely held religious beliefs” now?

    • carrot festival

      Stone her!

      • Treant

        My stash is totally tapped, dude. You stone her, or call Jamie and have him stop by with a lid.

      • Andymac3

        Yeah, don’t ya hear the wind blowing
        Stoned love
        Oh yeah, I tell ya I ain’t got no other
        Stoned love
        Oh yeah

    • Hanwi

      Everyone knows hating on the gayz is the golden ticket into heaven, it’s the only one of those pesky sins that really matter.

  • David Wickham

    bless her heart

  • Pfft, Hinkle? What a joke. The US women’s team doesn’t even begin to need her and if she’s going to be this much of a bigot, she would have completely flamed out before long in the national camp seeing as how both the coach and some of the star players of that team are women who love women.

    Gosh, yes, we should all be worried to have lost a second-rate defender who wouldn’t have even seen the field outside a catastrophic run of injuries. I guess we’ll just have to keep the World Cup winning winger and the World Cup winning coach instead.

    Also Hinkle is in the damn wrong sport if she wants to avoid the cooties of queerness seeing as how the NWSL she plays in is one of the densest in terms of out players.

  • Frank

    Wearing a pride jersey should be optional. I’d hate it if I had to wear a Southern Baptist t-shirt. Fair is fair. Commence flaming me.

    • andrew

      I think that you make a valid point.

    • What?
      Who would force you to wear such a t-shirt?

  • Smith_90125

    The reichwingnuts called Altidore a “traitor” for not worshipping the flag with hand on heart – you know, practicing his religious freedom that the reichwingnuts claim to love so much.

    Dollars to doughnuts says the same reichwingnuts will hypochristianly defend Stinkle and whine “religious FREEDUMB!!!”

  • JDS
    • RJ Bone

      Curiously, nose and ears are okay under certain circumstances – not that the christians would know about that 😉 😛

  • JWC

    I suppose basically it comes down to this: worship whatever Diety you want Follow what teachings you choose What costume is required. Fine do it Privately , much as you would masterbation. First of all no one else cares, They all have there own bag os shit to deal with. Secondly , as most nations are a large mix of race ane religions , View it as a recipe .In a recipe, after all the ingredient are blended, the mix has no descernible color or taste, its a blended mix

  • KarenAtFOH

    You might leave, but you won’t be able to quit us.

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Bye, Felicia.

  • look at me! I’m the most pious!

  • Blake Jordan

    Even if she does not make a big deal out of this, I am PerKKKins, Stains, et. al. will…

  • Mark

    “Soon these Christians will ask why humanity has rejected Jesus and we will remind them of these days, and assure them that they have not rejected Jesus at all—they just found no evidence of him in the Church.”

  • Mike

    I think I read it in the bible, that babyjebus said if you want a speed pass to heaven, be uncaring and nasty toward people who are different from you. In the face of kindness, be cruel, and in the face of generosity, give nothing. Blessed are the vain and self-satisfied, for babyjebus will like them best. And when you get to heaven, we’ll dish about all those unworthy people who aren’t as good as you.

    Anyway, I think that’s what it said.

  • BearEyes


  • Rick James Brown

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out !!

  • Michael

    The classic thing is if you read the Gospel of John you realize if Christ was in a relationship it would have been with His Beloved John so these so called Christians are in for one literal hell of a shock.

  • abqdan

    Here’s an idea – withdraw her PERMANENTLY.

  • DoctorDJ
  • hdtex
  • Secure

    So if any Christian kid draws or wears a rainbow in the month of June, they are supporting “the gay agenda?” I thought the whole Noah story ended with a rainbow? Poor little snowflakes.

    • RJ Bone

      Last I heard the christians were trying to “reclaim the rainbow” or some such idiocy.

      • edrex

        well they can’t have it until they become nicer people.

        • RJ Bone

          That won’t happen anytime soon, so we’ll keep the rainbow and they can go sit in a boat 😉

  • JCF
  • TimJ

    You’d just think we were beyond this. Who cares anymore if teams wear rainbow

    jerseys, who cares if someone wants to play the martyr. The battle is over, the war is won.

    • Gregory In Seattle

      The war may be over, but they are incapable of getting over it. After all, these same Christian wanna-be martyrs are the very same ones who think the Confederacy will rise again.

  • Hank

    Hmmm…. What does she do when she comes up against the Lesbians, that play the sport and may be in her locker room???

    • RJ Bone

      If she’s like other bigots I’ve known they don’t share the locker room, they wait until everyone has left or they even demand early access because the horrible LGBT people are going to molest them or something 😛

      Don’t get me started about how those assholes skip rest stops… *eyeroll* My mom was the worst about it – she had mini panic attacks when I’d go off alone to use the bathroom in public. :/

  • it’s because her gawd told her if she glorifies the devil (LGBTQs) she shall be condemned to h3ll. Simpletons.

  • edrex

    as i recall, the colossians had a shitty womens’ soccer team.

  • KnownDonorDad

    She’s so persecuted.

  • Christopher Smith

    Sorry, little bitch–you just ain’t WHITE enough to rake in the big GoFundMe hatebucks, and you have now fucked up any brand name and any marketing value FOR GOOD. 🙂

  • Andymac3

    Seems like this little bible quoter needs to grow up a whole lot and should be allowed to do that by herself while she is never again invited to play for the national team or any other team that isn’t expecting to have only christian supporters.

  • jpinphx

    Well, I guess that’s fine. If you believe that the man upstairs would want you to end your career like this….fine.

  • No More GOP.

    Well, she’s allowed to be a bigot. Toodles.

  • Henry Auvil

    If a snowflake melts on a soccer field, should anyone give a shit?

  • fuzzybits
  • EDinMCO

    I disagree with her (strongly) but I respect her decision. No trash talking or evangelizing, just “no thanks.”

  • countervail

    The loudest bigots are the farthest in the closet.

  • fahvel

    some defenders will always let the ball go through because of another bibble verse that suggests a rolling football gathers no moss or integrity. sticking to hate and ignorance is not what the collosal collasians were suggesting.

  • Grumpy Old Man
  • SnowFlake

    good riddance bitch!

  • So, just another garden variety bigot.

    At least she’s not claiming martyrdom — yet.

    • kareemachan

      Question is: does she have a Gofundme yet?

      • Wait until Liberty Counsel finds her.



  • Elizabeth Bates

    There must be Lesbian teammates. Why does she protest her team for having Lesbian on the team? Forcing her to associate and even hug lesbians teammate, she should sue for violating her religions beliefs? Why not stop there? Some of her teammate are non-Christian too, eat shellfish, etc.

  • Etranger

    I can see her point a bit – she just wants to play and do her job. I can’t imagine having to wear things that promoted various causes to my job. Especially when it has nothing to do with my job.

    • -M-

      I wonder if she asked about playing in her regular uniform for those games?

      • Etranger

        That is a good point. She should have.

    • kareemachan

      Well, aren’t you sweet.

      You know what? People do this ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME.

      You have a problem with the Nike or whatever label on football players’ jerseys? Athletes wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness? Those have nothing to do with their jobs, right?

      • Etranger

        The Nike and such are paying for it. I didn’t see if they were receiving money from LGbT groups. If so, then yeah, sorry, she has to wear the pride advertisement. Random things like pink for breast cancer, etc., have nothing to do with the job. Unfortunately, advertisers and sponsors have a lot to do with the job these days.

        I actually am quite sweet. nothing in my comment indicates otherwise. You seem like a right bitch in your reply.

  • tomfromthenews

    I wonder if she knows that half the women on her soccer team are lesbians?

  • kareemachan

    Her choice. If she wants to bite off her nose to spite her face, far be it for me to naysay her.

  • doninkansas

    Cue the claims of persecution 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  • Joseph Miceli

    So she got to make a totally voluntary choice based on her moral compass. How nice for her. 10 or 20 years ago, I bet some people had no choice but to stay in the closet or get kicked off the team because of people like her, so it really is nice that SHE has a choice. It says that we are much more ethical than they are because …when we have the upper hand…we don’t treat them like they treated us. Enjoy your time off, bitch!

  • SFHarry

    This is fine. She should be able to say what is on her mind and quit the team if she wants. The key here is that we get to counter what she is saying by being vocal ourselves and continuing to show the world just who LGBT people really are. As these situations continue but become fewer and fewer over time we win the battles and the wars.

  • RLK2

    F-you to her too! Time to take these bigots down. No mercy for them. God does not belong to her alone!

  • She’ll make money touring – a book out next about how she chose Jesus over soccer- a coaching position at some “Christian University.’

  • Texpat

    Wait? Is that a nose piercing? I wonder if she knows what the Bible says about that. It states pretty clearly that mutilation of one’s own body is a sin that’s called something wait….. oh yeah abomination. Just another Christian hypocrite.

  • JNK

    Umm..she is a female soccer player. For someone so antigay she sure picked the wrong sport…only women’s basketball and golf are gayer.

  • Alice Nelson

    So sad. May God have mercy on her soul.