Coming In 2018: Cher, The Broadway Musical

Billboard reports:

The musical version of Cher’s life is coming to Broadway in 2018, the singer herself announced Tuesday. Jason Moore, who previously directed the stage musical Avenue Q as well as the popular a cappella film Pitch Perfect, is directing the show, which is based on the singer’s life and career, according to reports from the New York Post. It features a book by Rick Elice (Jersey Boys), with songs being from Cher’s greatest hits. Following an ultra-secretive reading of the show in January, Cher tweeted her apparent approval of the musical, saying in part, “I sobbed & laughed, & I was prepared not 2like it. Audience clapped after songs, & gave it standing ovation.” The show is being produced by Hamilton‘s Jeffrey Seller and Flody Suarez.

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  • OMG, fabulous!

  • kaydenpat

    I’d watch the hell out of that. Love me some Cher!!

  • Rex

    “Dark Lady” was playing in the car when I nearly crashed during driver’s training in high school. Other than that song, I love all things Cher.

    • Gerry Fisher

      I LUV that song. More accurately, I love to reproduce the hand claps as I’m listening to it. Maybe *that’s* why you nearly crashed. You raised your hands off the wheel to clap along! /s

      • Rex

        We nearly crashed because our instructor had a habit of falling asleep as we were driving. I came up to a railroad crossing and the lights and stop bars weren’t working, I slammed on the brakes, waking the instructor who slammed on his brakes. Yes, a train was coming. I swear during every driving session the radio station would play “Dark Lady”. If I hear it, I’m right back in high school.

  • David Walker

    Don’t forget…capping The March this weekend will be the Tony Awards, with numbers from this year’s nominated musicals, Sunday night at 9 on CBS.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    And the beat goes on and on and on and on and on….

    • JCF

      As do the royalties!

  • Texndoc

    On the tails of the Carole King musical. I wonder if the trend will continue. Babs? Ethel?

    • JoeMyGod

      Gloria Estefan’s musical is a big hit too.

      • M Jackson

        It was very good — red hot dancing and appreciation for Gloria’s music.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Don’t encourage this, Joe. Next thing you know, we’ll have Avril Lavigne musicals.

      • Texndoc

        Well I’ve always said a must one day is Leontyne Price, from Laurel, Mississippi who became the first black to ever have a leading role at LaScala, Covent Garden, and endured segregation even at the Met. A Broadway musical would be very expensive but a movie would be fascinating.

    • David Walker

      Several years ago, an actress (I don’t recall her name) did a one-person show on Ethel. It was all right…she had the voice and attitude down…but one song didn’t get the applause she thought it merited and she tossed out a line that insulted pretty much the entire audience. Ethel might have done that, but that would have been Ethel and she would have got away with it. For that moment, however, the illusion was broken, the actress didn’t get away with it, and the applause diminished as the show went on…and on…and on.

    • Ummmm….I think Abba started the trend. Although it wasn’t about their lives it was a musical based on their music.

    • JCF

      Has there been one for Josephine Baker?

      [In French Army uniform—I’ll spare you guys the {drool!} nude ones!]

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    I keep nominating Cher for a Kennedy Center Honors award, but they never listen to me.

    • JDS

      Speaking of the Kennedy Center Honors, I cannot imagine it with the orange one. I hope the recipients give him serious stink eye.

      • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

        They better not even invite such an anti-arts president to attend!

    • JCF

      Dang, it’s hard to believe she doesn’t have one already! [Babs does, right?]

  • M Jackson

    Have I died and gone to heaven? Just please don’t wake me.

  • Jonathan Smith
    • David Milley

      Dinnertime with Thumper!

  • Lars Littlefield

    Why wait until 2018 to see a musical about her life when you can buy tickets right now to see her divaness at the Monte Carlo Resort Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas for August 2 and several nights afterwards where you can sit so close you can enjoy close ups of her cho cho. No one does camel toe quite like HRH Cher. She’s appearing in the same venue in September and October, too. She’s much better live than in second person.

    • barrixines

      It’s kind of awe inspiring that that toe belongs to a camel that was around when the Pyramids were being built.

      • David Walker

        …for grain storage.

      • Lars Littlefield


    • Natty Enquirer

      I thought they were supposed to wait until you were dead to make a musical of your life.

    • Vinnie NYC

      Cho cho, haven’t heard that in years, made me laugh πŸ˜‚ out loud.

  • KCMC
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  • olandp

    All they have to do is put her costumes on stage and I’m there. Songs would be a bonus.

  • Elsewhere1010

    Starring Kristen Chenoweth as Young Cher and Glenn Close as Today’s Cher, and Tommy Tune as Sonny.

  • TuuxKabin

    Can’t wait to see who’ll do the lip-syncs.

    Don’t bother, gay card went up in smoke ages ago.

  • Kruhn

    A Cher musical? They may have to reinforce the theater to hold on to the avalanche of rainbows and glitter.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Ya know, I just don’t think that Cher has lived a flamboyant and theatrical enough life to make her life story entertaining. /s (Seriously, it sounds like it has YUGE potential.)

    • Reality.Bites

      Not only that, her fan base just isn’t the Broadway demographic. I went to one of her farewell concerts 15 years ago and the audience was nothing but gay men and middle-aged women. Try getting THEM out to a night of theatre on Broadway!

  • I have hope again! The world can’t end before Cher! On Broadway! Can you imagine if she were to portray herself every now and then?

    I saw her at The Jones Beach Theater in 1989 and Prime Time Live broadcast her live performance of “If I Could Turn Back Time” It was my first (but not last!) Cher performance. There was one number where we all (those of us who didn’t know better then) thought she was singing and performing until she walked in from the side – we had been watching a drag queen! The audience howled!

    Hey I didn’t say they were good seats. 😜