TEXAS: GOP Gov. Greg Abbott Calls Special Session, Republicans To Try Again With Anti-Transgender Bill

The Texas Tribune reports:

Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday called a special session of the Texas Legislature starting July 18. Abbott asked lawmakers to first pass key legislation that would keep some state agencies from shuttering. That “will be the only legislation on the special session [call] until they pass out of the Senate in full,” Abbott said.

Abbott laid out 19 items that he will then ask legislators to take up. Among those 19 items: a so-called “bathroom bill” that would regulate which restrooms transgender Texans can use.

“We need a law that protects the privacy of our children in public schools,” Abbott said, reiterating his support for a proposal that did not make it to his desk during the regular session, House Bill 2899.

UPDATE: GLAAD reacts via press release.

This special session announcement follows what was a “discrimination session” against marginalized communities across the state, including LGBTQ Texans. From shoving through HB 3859 – which allows adoption agencies to use religion as a weapon to deny LGBTQ families the ability to adopt a child – to signing a ban on “sanctuary cities” into law, policy that could potentially harm LGBTQ immigrants, the Texas Capitol has promoted an out-of-touch agenda at the expense of the state’s most vulnerable.

“Governor Greg Abbott is proving everything is bigger in Texas including prioritizing discrimination. If the governor moves forward with this harmful legislation against trans students, LGBTQ people, businesses, and fair-minded Texans will respond in Texas style – Big,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. “Trans Texans have experienced harassment and threats because of this last session and if any anti-trans bills get signed into law, then Governor Abbott’s legacy will be turning Texas into a state known for harming some its most marginalized people.”

  • Jonathan Smith
    • ted-

      My! I don’t even know how to feel about that. I hope they read it though…

  • Christ: what an asshole.

  • jimbo65

    Any other trees this douchy prick can sit under? Just saying.

  • my aunt and uncle live in Wichita Fall. They’re also quite religious (after I came out, they actually tempered some of their extreme views….but I digress). I should contact them and ask if they’ve been assaulted/harmed/maligned/disrupted by this whole trans issue.
    my guess is no.

  • Karl Dubhe

    Boycott Texas? Or should we wait for a law to be passed before calling for that?

  • April

    How about a law to protect people from your unhealthy obsession with Trans folks.

    It’s unseemly and downright creepy.

    P.S. Dude, get some professional help.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      He will not stand for such comments!

      • Riley James


  • Jonathan Smith
    • JWC

      Still think a wall on Texas’s northern border is a better idea

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        I’m worried Canada may put one to the south.

        • Canadian Observer

          Nah, we will just turn the blizzard making machine on – normally it is undergoing maintenance this time of year… but during the reign of 45 I think there are contingency plans to get it up and running quickly.

        • JWC

          Nah we aren’t built that way

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Oh god, if only.

      I may often joke that the South should just secede and get it done right this time. Texas? It would have to be its own planet. It’s beyond anything awful from anywhere else.

    • Danieruw

      They should take Oklahoma with them! Just as bad

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Then this should make you happy Greg Abbutt

    • Clive Johnson

      Fear, fear, fear everywhere, and little reason in sight.

    • I can’t believe they wouldn’t believe her. And for cripes sake, there is little physical difference between girls and boys at that age. Hormones haven’t begun to flood their muscles, giving boys a better physical advantage.

  • “Privacy” = What Republicans never believe a pregnant woman should have or be entitled to. Or an African American or citizen of Hispanic or Latino descent. Or a LGBT person. Or an immigrant. Or a Muslim. Or any U.S. citizen earning less than $1m/year.

    • Jonathan Smith

      well, yeah. fuck them.

  • Clive Johnson

    How about a special session to institute comprehensive sex ed?
    A special session to end childhood poverty by 2030?
    A special session to address all threats to public health created by the fossil fuel industry?


    You’re savage imbeciles.

    • Jonathan Smith

      but they have priorities!
      all the wrong one’s, but they ARE republithugs.

    • How about a special session to assure all children have enough to eat, clean water to drink and a safe place to call home. Oh right! We are talking the Texass GOP’ers.

    • J Ascher

      Republicans never, ever, have the public’s interest in mind when crafting legislation or policy!

  • Clive Johnson

    Off topic, but for Joe’s attention:
    Conservative Christians Panic Over McDonald’s Rainbow Fries

  • Robincho

    Now that we know how Abbott rolls, could someone please roll him off a cliff?…

  • The_Wretched

    Of all the issues that they could work on or are important to the State, a bathroom bill wins? Isn’t this an admission that they cannot get the level of hate and discrimination they want if they have to follow regular procedure like public hearings?

    There has to be republicans with some decency who will go to their leadership and demand the regular hallmarks of democracy. Committee hearings, bill readings, public comments, legislative amendments, procedural votes and then finally a floor vote. All that process is how you make defensible laws. This fly by night crap is what the dictatorships and failed States do.

    • Jonathan Smith

      “There has to be republicans with some decency”
      ….show me one.

      • Robincho

        There’ve been some, maybe even many. But no one matching that description is currently alive…

    • Smokey

      They must think they won’t “win” if they have to actually legislate.

      • The_Wretched

        I agree and that’s the point. At a minimum, the courts need to start invalidating special session ‘passed’ laws to see if they are emergency items or not. What the Republicans, in furtherance of their bigotry, are doing is abuse of the system. They shouldn’t gain by it.

    • dr tod

      If only Lyndon could come back.

    • Daveed_WOW

      I beg to differ. This issue is critical to arousing and satisfying the base of mouth-breathing jerks. It’s red meat. They will never see this the way we see it because they are the perpetrator and we are the victims. That’s the plan. That’s their clear path. No amount of reason or attempts to provide perspective will never change this.

  • No More GOP.

    Y’all need to focus on actual problems, Texas.

  • Ninja0980

    Fuck Texas, and their gerrymandered districts too.

  • djcoastermark

    O/T Justice delayed again. A mistrial. The case of the church accused of trying to beat the gay out of a young man has had a mistrial declared because one of the jurors did some investigating on his own and showed his info to other jurors. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/06/06/judge-declares-mistrial-in-case-of-minister-accused-of-beating-gay-church-member/

    • Ninja0980

      I hate stupid jurors, I truly do.

      • kanehau

        I was jury at a trial, and the guy sitting next to me was messaging his girlfriend constantly through the trial. I had to explain to him why that was bad and not allowed.

        • Why don’t they lock up the juror’s phones?

          • kanehau

            They gave us strict orders… cell phones to be turned off… not used, or it could throw the trial.

            The idiot was sooooo bored (and it was not a boring trial, it was an attempted murder/theft) — that he just HAD to text his girlfriend.

            Still didn’t totally get what I was trying to tell him – but he put it away and didn’t do it again.

          • sigh, what a tool, how can anyone be bored at a murder trial? Grossed out possibly, needing to wretch-most likely, but bored?

          • Jon Doh

            I’ve been known to fall asleep during Perry Mason.

    • The_Wretched


    • That’s not how things work! Stupid fools….

  • This was in Donald’s speech to NATO, but it was stripped out before he gave it. Therefore meaning the omission was entirely intentional.

    • The_Wretched

      I want to know if Bannon took it out of the final version. Bannon is a traitor to the U.S. He wants to destroy us. That’s treason.

      • John30013

        Technically that’s sedition, not treason. But your heart’s in the right place 🙂

  • FAEN

    ‘All hate all the time-we are the GOP’.

  • Jon Doh

    He really has a boner for the transgenders. I wonder what that’s about?

    • Riley James

      Pretty sure Hot Wheels hasn’t had a boner in a while.

  • I have said this as a promise in the past but now I’m serious. If this passes and I see a woman in the men’s room because the line is too long for the women’s restroom, I’m calling the cops. If they want to be this mean and petty then they can just wait in the goddamn line. No, not all women are for this but more than enough are that fucktards like Greg Abbott are running the show.

  • Daveed_WOW

    July 18 is a Tuesday. See you “next” Tuesday, governor.

  • Riley James
    • djcoastermark

      I would trust an Ex-Madam over any practicing Xstain any day.

      • Riley James

        It was just like a little cocaine.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        I’d trust a current madam over any practicing Christer. Hell, I’d trust a madam’s brassier any day over any practicing Christer.

      • Dejerrity Mycron

        She would have kicked Governor Gimpy’s ass into Kansas. Amazing woman.

        • Riley James

          I’m so sad I wasn’t old enough to understand what I was witnessing. There’s an amazing HBO documentary about her called “All About Ann.” I highly recommend it.

          • Jacqualinedmoore

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    • J Ascher

      I was proud to be downtown watching her inauguration!

  • safari

    Governor, it seems the legislature and its constituents don’t care about transgender bathroom issues you seem to have.

  • Moderate Democratic

    Can we give Texas back to Mexico?

    • Ross

      They may not want it.

  • margaretpoa

    Fuck you, you bigoted asshole.

  • JT

    Another brainless Texas politician.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Redundancy is important to Texans…you can’t just have one.

  • TexasBoy

    God is not happy with you Greg. Didn’t you get the hint when he dropped a tree on you?

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      Some people may require repeat hints.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • Bj Lincoln

      Thank you Jon.

  • Danieruw

    I’m so glad I don’t live in that awful state anymore! I wish my friends would leave too.

  • JCF
  • Tor

    I’ve ever met a Texan I did not like. But they are the ones who got away.