MALAYSIA: Health Ministry Launches Video Contest On How Young People Can Best Prevent Homosexuality

The BBC reports:

The Malaysian government is encouraging young people to make videos about “preventing” homosexuality by offering cash prizes. A competition launched on the health ministry’s website offers up to $1,000 (£780) for the best videos tackling “gender confusion”.

The entries should explore prevention and control; issues and consequences; and how to get help, said the site. It is open for 13- to 24-year-olds, and has been condemned by LGBT groups.

The competition, which closes at the end of August, has three main categories: gender confusion, sex, and sex and the internet. The competition website cited gay and lesbian people, transgender people and tomboys as examples of people who suffered from “gender confusion”.

More from Reuters:

Malaysian deputy director-general of health Lokman Hakim Sulaiman said the contest, titled the National Creative Video Competition on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, was to gather views and enhance knowledge among teens on healthy lifestyle practices.

“This creative video competition is purely to tap knowledge and creativity of adolescents on sexual and reproductive health related matters and does not intend to create discrimination to any particular group,” he said in a statement.

The contest on the ministry’s website calls on participants to submit video clips for categories including one on “gender identity disorder”. Its guidelines added that the videos must include elements showing the “consequences” of being LGBT, as well as how to “prevent, control and seek help” for them.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia under British colonial era civil laws and also under Sharia law. Punishments can include up to 20 years in prison and public floggings.

Under the rules of Malaysia’s film board, gay characters are not permitted to appear in movies unless they “repent” or are murdered. Despite that edict, the board recently allowed Disney Beauty And The Beast to run uncensored after a worldwide flap about the film’s “gay moment.”

  • Ben in Oakland

    There is only one way to prevent homosexuality: stop having children.

    Fucking idiots. If only there were a way to stop homohatred and stupidity.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      You beat me to it.

    • another_steve

      Well there’s that, Ben, but there’s also this: Marry your same-sex partner.

      The end of sex in your life.

      The end of homosexuality.

      • Ben in Oakland

        Back in the marriage fight days, I would get the occasional idiot saying, “Well! If you could marry your homosexual lover, why can’t I marry my brother?”
        My usual response would be, “Well, feel free. I have to warn you, though. After marriage, the sex stops!”
        for some reason, I wouldn’t get an response.

        • JT

          They can’t for the same reason hetero marriage doesn’t permit a brother to marry his sister.

    • JT

      I prefer the Wildean style: The only way to get rid of the temptation is to yield to it.

    • Goodboy

      If only…The Malaysian government is encouraging young people to make videos about “preventing” religious insanity by offering cash prizes.

      • Ben in Oakland

        You can always tell when the political fascists are getting their hard ons for power, because religion is the first place they go.
        And “get the gays” is so much easier than anything else.

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  • 5moreminutes*imtired

    This should be a flying monkeys post. Go do your bidding!

  • Michael R
    • Rebecca Gardner
      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        I’m wondering why the director and people in charge of costumes didn’t notice.

        • Robincho

          I’m wondering why the director didn’t shoot the scene closer up, and at eye level…

          • Dejerrity Mycron


        • Ernest Endevor

          Colt? I think they did.

          • Oh, Freya’s tits! I AM that old – I had that on the original VHS! Honestly, the costuming was hotter than the sex.

          • Ernest Endevor

            Porn Rule #1: The costuming is always hotter than the sex. So I’m told.

          • Ben in Oakland

            That’s why they usually don’t wear costumes.
            So I’m told.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        Ahoy matie!

      • JT

        “If ye interfere with me hearties, me sword will cut you in two!”

      • Ben in Oakland

        Why does he need two swords?

        • RidingTheLine

          So where is other_Daniel and his sacred Czech boys?

          • Ben in Oakland

            That’s another Steve. Don’t tell him about the other Daniel. He’s insanely jealous. :0)

      • Uncle Mark

        I’m sorry…which plank was I supposed to walk again?

    • ByronK

      He looks like he could permanently damage someone with just his pinkie finger.

      • Robincho

        The tire tread is a nice touch too. Like what he’d leave behind when on maneuvers…

        • ByronK

          I think he farted and it left that pattern in the sand

    • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

      We play at being masculine though, while others walk the walk.

      • That’s not masculine. That’s machismo.

        The first is pretty. The second gives you roids and makes your pee-pee shrink, wilt, then fall off altogether.

    • Oh’behr in Minnesota

      Okay, if there was someone to gay clone, it’s him. Just make mine cuddly.

      • Ben in Oakland

        He does not look cuddly. I suspect that snuggling up to him would be like snuggling up to a Volkswagen.

        • OdieDenCO

          I’ve had a lot of fun in a volkswagen.

          • Adam King

            But on top of one?

          • YES! It makes it more interesting, and more of a challenge to not slide off all those rounded curves.

            …and yes, I’m talking about the Volkswagon. The bulging thing that’s spending way too much time and money on steroids and a trainer does nothing for me.

        • Oh’behr in Minnesota

          Hey, it my party and I’ll cry … I mean, Hey … it’s my fantasy and I’ll get all cuddly if I want to … you would get cuddly if he happened to have sex six time with you too.

          • Ben in Oakland

            I know you were teasing.

            I was a cute muscle boy back in the day myself. I used to attract a lot of other cutemuscle boys, though not of that unusal size. They weren’t my favorites, but the ones that I attracted were just like I was– hard bodies. So I know whereof I speak.

          • Oh’behr in Minnesota

            Thanks. It’s just a fantasy. If they’re like rock. The fantasy goes. I’d rather have someone who’s a bit squishy than feeling I’m hugging a brick wall. So I totally get your hugging a Volkswagen comment.

            I had a bf years ago whom I said, being with him was similar to hugging rubber bands. That is what his musculature felt like … that’s when I found bears. I like men a bit more squishy (the give and bend) than rock-like (it’s like my G.I.Joe doll when I was a kid, they pose and flex, yet they’re inflexible in some ways). Yucko. Many bears are still solid under a veneer or patina that gives a bit. I’m not into muscle bears. Again it’s too pose and flex or rubber band men. Though I’m generalizing. Personality and attitude count for lots too. But I’m not fat-phobic. More a bit muscle phobic since the gay community can tend to be so age-ist and fat phobic.

          • FAEN

            HA-I played squash, tennis and swam when I was younger but no matter what I did my upper body never got overly muscular while my legs looked like tree trunks. I can attest, it looks a little weird but c’est la vie.

    • Hank
    • zhera

      Images like these are making me even more heterosexual than ever! so keep up the good work! 😀

    • No. I prefer it when my mens’ IQ is larger than there neck-size.

      • William

        What’s the fun in that? You won’t be debating existential philosophy with them.

        • I just never have found stupid to be sexy. Give me a lanky geek with long legs and a tight ass any. damn. day.

  • Steverino

    I’ve heard of “gay for pay,” but not “not gay for pay,” until now.

    Take the money and run.

    • Culturedropout

      I refer you to… well, pretty much anyone who has a TV show and screams loudly about the evils of hOmOsexualzzz…

  • bkmn

    Religion + poor education = this

    • JT

      Dumber and dumberer.

      • Ben in Oakland


    • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

      Religion = poor eduction + this.

  • BearEyes

    you prevent homosexuality the same way you prevent heterosexuality.

    • Trump U Professor

      On the 7th day, God created abstinence LOL

  • Chucktech

    Jesus, the world is so fucking full of religious cretins and barbarians.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Why don’t you worry about how to prevent hate & stupidity ?

    • Bluto

      Cuz hate & stupidity pays better.

  • goofy_joe

    Once again, religion at the heart of discrimination.

  • Boreal

    Best way is for them to remain celibate for the rest of their lives.

  • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

    What’s wrong with you, Malaysia? In Soviet Union, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia they torture and kill 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ people. Get with the times or you’ll never be any more vile than Indonesia! /s

  • Dejerrity Mycron

    These are the same people who tell women to jump up and down 10 times after sex to avoid getting pregnant.

    A real Algonquin Round Table.

  • Randy503

    let’s get Brian and NOM on the case!

  • Oh’behr in Minnesota

    I know Malaysia is a very dictatorial (albeit corrupt) and censorship oriented country, so when I found this, I was delighted, a satire site:

  • bambinoitaliano

    The Zimbabwe of South East Asia government, particularly the PM and his wife have yet to pay back hundreds of billions they siphon out of the 1MBD deal. Worst he is selling the country properties left right and centre to China. Anytime a government and organization using the LBGTQ as the scapegoat just follow the trail of the money. It never fails to lead to scamming and grifting.

  • i hope they get a lot of entries that mock and berate the idiots who came up with this offensive contest. “control?” if that’s not discriminatory i don’t know what is. tell your leaders to fuck off, young Malaysia!

    • ByronK

      If your friend shows signs of being a homosexual, take them home, strip them, and give them a therapeutic bubble bath. Then put them to bed, get naked, crawl in, and try to leach the gay out of them through full body contact. It works every time.

      • Treant

        It worked for me. The gay spurted out in a massive burst and I felt so much better afterwards.

        • ByronK

          I know, it’s a miracle approach. It came out of them and then low and behold, me too. I must have a bit of gay in me too! We both felt soooo much better and bonded over the healing.

  • Ernest Endevor

    Have them play football. That worked for me.

    • another_steve

      Because all the other guys called you a sissy and said “get off the team, faggot”?

      Yes. That’s how it went for me too, at age 12.

      Turned me off to boys and homosexuality for…hmm…a whole three weeks, as I recall.

      • Liar. More like 3 seconds, and then somebody dropped their towel and… “Oh, MY!!”

        • another_steve

          (hate it when they know me so fuckin’ well on this blog…)

          • Oh’behr in Minnesota

            I loved when I intercepted a long pass and I ran like hell when I was 13. Only to find out I made a score for the other team as I ran like hell the wrong way. Damn. Hey, what can I say, I grew up in a baseball neighborhood. USA Football. You might as well have been talking to me in Martian. (Frankly I hated the game as it was boring as Duck to a younger … and still older … me).

            I could swim like a duck, er, no fish, meaning pretty good, run well, bike well, hit a baseball well, yet football. PFFFFT. Hated it. (Same with basketball). And volleyball. And dodgeball. And climbing ropes. Coaches were sadists in the 1970s. Rather than finding out what most kids were great at … it was trying to mold them into what fit their system. Mother’duckers. Took until later to figure out I was a decent long distance runner in cross country as I had stamina. Same with marathon dancing. I could go for hours. So much for some sissy gay kid.

          • another_steve

            Lol. Love that comment of yours, Oh’behr. 😉

            I was quite adept at handball as a young teenager. I apparently had the knack.

            The other boys wanted me on their team.

  • JohnJay
  • Bj Lincoln

    Sadly, they have most people brain washed into believing their BS. If some brave kid did enter and pro LGBT video, they could get themselves beaten, imprisoned and/or dead. How sad that in this day and age a country is so deep in denial of science over religion that they are this backwards.

  • j.martindale

    Gays in Malaysia should have a contest to see what it takes to turn a straight person gay.

    • Man_in_the_mists

      That easy. Tell the straight guy that you’ll do things their wife won’t.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Malaysia has unwittingly created a fantastic way for young gay people to find each other.

  • Mike C

    How about a video to prevent religion?

  • How about something useful.
    Like how to stamp-out religious extremism.

    • Natty Enquirer

      LOL. All that leaves is mainstream namby-pamby Protestantism.

      • Best image I could find on short notice.

    • Todd20036

      Would Hasidim be considered religious extremism?

      • I don’t know enough about that sect or it’s adherents to answer that.

      • yes.

  • Lazycrockett
    • Oh’behr in Minnesota

      I hope he lives somewhere right along the coast or on a river or in tornado or hurricane country … where an extreme weather event will happen and affect HIM personally and also in terms of his profitability (his stocks will go down, his insurance will go up, he won’t get flood insurance any longer, or crop insurance as easily). Since usually these con-republicans are into (pretend) no government or (pretend) smaller government yet also in (pretend) personal responsibility yet also believe in Jesus (pick and choose parts of the bible) and/or some false prophet on the TV. Yet don’t believe in science, yet will trust some syphilitic, demented (either dementia or early Alzheimer’s) narcissistic, pathological freak (is he a psychopath or sociopath or perhaps the first one who is both at once … teasing), scammer such as Trump. Yet he’ll call himself an independent again when things go into the crapper, such as they did after he voted for ‘W’ twice.

  • Dagoril

    Jesus Christ. The country’s HEALTH MINISTER is responsible for this shit. Really makes you feel confident in your country’s disease control efforts, eh?

  • JT
  • meltedrubbersoul

    Terrorize them into submission on an individual level and pass lots of laws under the auspices of “protecting the family” on a legislative level.

    Do I win?

  • andrew

    The guaranteed winner will be the entrant who models his/her video after that “enlightened” film: “Reefer Madness.”

    • Friday

      I think that’s exactly what my friends and I in high school would have made in that situation, so over-the-top bad everyone but the bad guys would realize it. 🙂

  • William

    Put Sheriff Dullard on the case. He will eliminate ‘Places for Homos’. You know, flower shops, ballet schools, flight attendant lounges, restaurants for brunch, and antique shops.

    • licuado de platano

      The boxing gym, Home Depot, foundry,…

  • Cackalaquiano

    Put that statue of naked Trump in front of their bathhouses and that’ll take care of the gay sex drive.

    • MarkBuster

      You know there is some freak into that, lol

      • Cackalaquiano

        And you it’s not Melania!

  • teedofftaxpayer

    The best way to prevent Homosexuality is NOT TO HAVE ANY MORE KIDS. Of course the human race dies out, but what the heck, we’ll prevent gay people.

  • MarkBuster

    Don’t think this is random. The right wing-nuts from this country have made significant efforts to create these changes after loosing marriage discriminatio at home.

  • Mike Knife

    Read the book THE INHERITANCE OF SHAME by Peter Gajdics and see how psychiatrist are still treating LGBTQ people like they are mentally ill and killing them with their psych med drugs. Religion and psychiatry is a marrage made in heaven..

    • Hank

      The Doctors who go into Psychiatry, do so, because:
      1) they are crazier than their eventual patients and….
      2) they get FREE psychiatric care, while they are doing their Residency training!!!

      • Oh’behr in Minnesota

        Doesn’t that mean for #2, free drug treatment?

  • Uncle Mark

    Posting naked photos of Milo Yawnopoulos would pretty much end homosexuality for me. Hell, I would probably donate my organ to someone who could use it at that point

    • CatCope

      Unc, I can understand & I am an, OLD, hetero, broad!! I don’t get M.Y. or the “Homocons”. Anyway, “preventing”(?) homosexuality?? Seriously!! Was this caused by the “homo-fly” or homo-flea?? Ohhhh, it is 1442 A.D.. That ‘slains it. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!… THE IDIOTS keep on a comin’.
      Why not prevention of Trumpism or Trumpilitis? A REAL CONCERN!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Another useless backward nation in need of a Tsunami, much like Indonesia. Nope, don’t care if it’s “offensive”, I done being nice about this.

    • I’m working on it, but the currents are too cold down there at this time of year and my aim is off.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        I hear ya sweety. Keep up the good work.

    • Gianni

      Your remark might be offensive on some level, but perfectly understandable to any of us who read and hear this crap endlessly. Getting verbally and legally attacked on an almost daily basis from so many places is guaranteed to get under the skin. We’re human and sooner this steady stream of shit causes one to want to strike back. . Offensive or not, I’m with you. I don’t wish any harm, but if it happens, I won’t worry about it.

  • JCF

    End homosexuality in Malaysia? Universally-available, continuous and fully-funded EMIGRATION. Get out of your shithole!

  • Only way to end our existence is for the human species to become extinct for we’re created in the womb. To stop us, everyone must stop procreating.

  • Friday

    Seems more like that part of the world’s having an ignorance and willful stupidity contest.

  • Gianni

    Malaysia must be a really problem-free country. Their government appears to have so much free time on its hands that it can waste it dreaming up something it can call a problem. Incredible!

  • SDG

    And then… there is Islam… so forward thinking!