CHILE: President Promises Marriage Equality Law

Reuters reports:

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced plans on Thursday for new infrastructure including an underground railway line and copper smelter, and said she would push forward on her promise to get a law passed that would allow for same-sex marriage.

Her wide-ranging annual state-of-the-union speech to Congress in the port city of Valparaiso, which lasted over two hours, largely emphasized what she saw as the achievements of her centre-left government in its first three years.

As her term enters its final stretch, fresh announcements included plans to begin work on a new underground railway line for fast-growing capital Santiago, which local media estimated would cost some US$2.9 billion, and to study the viability of a badly-needed new copper smelter.

The president also said her government would send a bill to Congress in the second half of 2017 to allow marriage between same-sex couples, and confirmed plans to submit a pension reform bill in July.

Chile’s constitution bans consecutive presidential terms. Elsewhere in South America, same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay.

  • Todd20036


  • netxtown

    Elsewhere in South America…Goldman Sachs stirs the pot….

    • TuuxKabin

      Third Circle of Hell, Gluttony, for them. Then they’ll rightly descend thru the Fourth, Greed, and Fifth, Anger. And for all who were ever involved in their nefarious exploitations.

    • canoebum

      The dictatorship was out of legal tear gas and had begun using expired cannisters, a violation of international law, when Goldman came along and gave the repression hundreds of millions of dollars. All that isn’t stolen will be used to buy tear gas and bullets, none for food and medicine. The vampire squid over the face of humanity, indeed.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        Using expired cannisters of tear gas is a violation of international law, but using unexpired ones ain’t??? Something wrong with that whole regime

        • canoebum

          There are books to be written about all that is wrong with the Bolivarian Revolution and its narco-kleptocratic government, but using expired tear gas is the part and parcel of the many illegal actions which will land the regime’s officials in front of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

  • Rex

    Since the earth didn’t open up and swallow Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay, then it’s safe to proceed Chile. Love is Love, even in South America.

    • KCMC

      makes my Tierra del Fuego all warm and tingly.

      • TuuxKabin

        Thought it was smokin’. Must be from a fire of some kind on the SW horizon I see.

      • djcoastermark

        global warming.

        • Territcaesar

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  • Tomcat

    OT: I guess it is just fine for the media to say the Democratic party is in shambles and was part of the reason they lost, but god forbid Hillary agree with them and say the same thing and they go after her tooth and nail demanding she take complete responsibility for the loss. Well I for one blame the media for the loss as much as the other reasons. I have learned to NEVER trust the media again, they are back biters, all of them.

    • scream4ever

      As far as I’m concerned, there are many reasons why she lost, and had even just one been different, she would be our President.

  • a copper smelter? color me confused. why is it “badly needed?”

    but good on her for moving forward on the marriage equality issue. chile is now on my list of places to visit.

    • Tawreos

      They are home to the worlds largest copper company.

    • vorpal 😼

      As Tawreos said, copper mining is a gigantic industry here.

    • Randolph Finder

      I think the issue is that right now they export copper ore, and they want to export purified copper.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Lots of copper ore in that area to be exploited by those lucky enough to be here first to seize if from autochthonous people

  • JT
    • Phillip in L.A.

      Strangely alluring, although it reminds me an awful lot of Texas

  • barrixines

    Go Chile! If it had marriage equality and, just as important, a few more bars with outdoor terraces, Valparaíso could become perhaps the most fabulous city on earth.

    • skyweaver

      Whoa, that is so pretty

      • barrixines

        It is. When I visited my immediate thought was – “Why don’t I live here?” The lack of places to actually sit out with a beer and enjoy the riot of colour is a big part of the answer.

        Anyway, it’s clear that the rainbow has already landed there so marriage equality is long overdue.

        • skyweaver

          That’s a shame. Maybe with marriage equality things like that would be a natural follow through with the tourism that would follow

        • Lars Littlefield

          Chileans don’t relax exactly the same way as most would expect. Everyone stands. Everyone is in a hurry. You go to a bar to have drinks and there’s no place to sit except a few tables and chairs. They prefer to stand at counters and chat away as fast as possible, making deals, plans, appointments to meet up in the next few hours. It’s odd, but that’s they way it seems to be.

  • vorpal 😼

    As usual, it takes forever for anything to actually happen here in Chile.
    Marriage equality has been “in the works” for a couple years now.
    I’m sure it’ll come eventually, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • skyweaver

    O/T in case you haven’t googled anything, the google animation is dedicated to Gilbert Baker:

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Thank you, skyweaver–that is awesome! I performed one of those said searches just to see what you might be on about

  • Phillip in L.A.

    ¡Muchas gracias, Señora Presidente Michelet! Ojalá que no falte a su palabra.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Bravo! Another step forward. The Rainbow cannot be stopped.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Only way to stop rainbows is to put out the Sun, and thank goodness we haven’t yet developed technology able to do that

  • TheManicMechanic

    This should properly rile the haters.

  • Mickey Bitsko

    You know Chile is a democracy when they plaster the last year of the president’s term in large letters right behind her.

  • JCF

    Just Do It!

  • Danieruw

    In South America, same-sex marriage is also legal in French Guiana and is awaiting final approval or signature in the Falkland Islands.