Babs Wishes You Happy LGBT Pride Month

“The first time I ever sang for a paying audience was at a gay club, The Lion, in Greenwich Village. I was 18 years old and had never been in a nightclub before. The gay community supported me from the start, and I will always be grateful. Decades later, I remember sitting in a theater and watching Larry Kramer’s play, The Normal Heart, with tears running down my cheeks.

“It was 1985 and Ronald Reagan was president and it was heartbreaking to know people were dying while he refused to even say the word AIDS. I wanted more people to see this powerful story about everyone’s right to love, so I tried for 25 years to get it made as a movie. No one would touch it, but thank God times have changed.

“Marriage equality is the law and that deserves a toast… to all of us, because we’re all unique and beautiful in our own way and entitled to love and be loved by whomever we choose.” – Barbra Streisand, in a letter submitted to Billboard Magazine’s 30 Days Of Pride feature.

Hit this link to see similar messages of gratitude and solidarity from a galaxy of stars, including Liza, Dionne Warwick, Britney Spears, K.D. Lang, Celine Dion, Belinda Carlisle, Christina Aguilera, Pat Benatar, Martha Wash, Andy Bell, RuPaul, Elton John, and many more. (Tipped by JMG reader Christopher)

  • AJayne


  • Dejerrity Mycron

    We love you, Barbra !!!

    • Prost Seattle

      My mother bought me my very first album: Barbra Streisand’s greatest hits volume 2. She still claims she didn’t know I was gay.

      As the joke goes, my mother made me gay. If you give her some yarn, maybe she’ll make you one, too.

      • The Professor

        Love this! My grandma not only bought me a Streisand album. she bought me yarn AND taught me how to knit. She TOTALLY made me gay πŸ™‚

      • WitlessProtection

        That was the first I album I got from mom as well! She told me, after I came out, that my dad had tricked her into eating mountain oysters while she was pregnant with me, then she said “That explains a lot.”

  • Chucktech

    Thank you, Ms. Streisand! What a wonderful ally you are not just to our community, but to all that’s good and right and fair in our country. We love you and hope you are well and happy!

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Well said, Chucktech!

  • Rebecca Gardner

    WOW! Another Pride month. Happy Pride everyone. I remember my first Pride in NYC oh so many years ago when I was so young. Today I help set up the Pride parade in San Francisco.

    Despite all the hate from the GOP and the Religutards we persevere.
    Despite all the hate from the ignorant, we persevere.
    Despite all the attempts at legislating our discrimination, we persevere.
    LGBT is as normal as the sun setting in the west. It cannot be stopped, it cannot be prayed away, it cannot be legislated away, it cannot even be murdered away. It is a very real part of being a human being.
    I am looking forward to the day when Pride month and a Pride parade is just a fun, fanciful event like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and not an event to protect our lives and rights.

    Happy Pride everyone. I’ll be setting up all the Dykes on Bikes again this year in San Francisco. The back seat is still available on my beautiful Harley if you want to ride in the parade.

    • Nychta

      Wish I could be there. Happy Pride. When I lived in SF, whenever I saw Dykes on Bikes it moved me to tears – of joy.

      • Carrieccruz

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      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        I applaud Dykes on Bikes, but for me its when is see PFlag marching, helpless to prevent tears every time.

        • Territcaesar

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    • David Milley

      Have a great ride — I’ll wave to you from my spot in the NY parade!

    • Ginger Snap

      Wish I was there I’d love to be on you back seat. Have a great time.

    • ChrisInKansas

      The very first time I went to SF was during Gay Pride in 1995. It was just amazing to see so many people just like me. Was hot and crowded but so much fun. And on the shuttle ride to the airport, one of a lesbian couple told me she went to school at my little community college in Kansas. It really is a small world! Have a great time, Rebecca!

    • Todd Allis

      Cool, I’ll be marching again with AVEN, the Asexual group. Happy Pride!

  • Reality.Bites
    • prixator

      Is that outside CIBC? Last year, I was surprised that they also were flying a trans flag (I hadn’t ever seen one before, so I had to google it later. I thought maybe it was a bi flag with the pink and blue).

  • Mark McGovern

    After reading so much bad, I loved this article.

  • bdsmjack

    Thanks, Barbra! I wish I had seen your early performances in the Village. Thank you, for being such a powerful ally.

  • Ernest Endevor

    Let’s talk about you for a change.

    This seems so very condescending, and I’d let it go but I know from personal eyewitness accounts that she used to do nothing but refer to her gay colleagues fags, homos, and fairies. But in the 60s, when she was married to Elliot Gould, that was how people in the theatre talked. So instead of getting warm and fuzzy about Babs – I’ve always loathed the way she sings – Ill remember the men and women I knew as a teenager in NYC, the ones who came before me whose professional lives were trashed and mocked by such thoughtless cruelty. I guess she’s learned since and good for her. And she has a nice son. But I’m still going to remember those others.

    BTW. I find the Lion story suspect.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Yeah, you know, I’ve never really gotten the greatest vibes from Babs, either

    • violamateo

      What’s suspect about it? Every single Streisand bio mentions her stint at The Lion. It’s well documented.

      • Ernest Endevor

        It’s true? I never saw that and clearly I’m wrong. I’ve never read a bio. I was only stating what I know to have happened and shouldn’t have included that. Thanks


      Don’t be a salty queen! LOL!

    • The Professor

      I was one of those tortured by thoughtless cruelty way before being gay was even legal. For those of us in our middle years, Streisand was an icon and whether you care for her voice or not it is indisputably unique and her career is nearly unparalleled. Many of us loved her because in an age of Doris Day, she was the ugly duckling, fast talking outcast Jewish girl who became the princess and won at life against all odds. She has also been at the forefront of equality for our community, as well as donating time, her name and her money to the AIDS crisis when we didn’t have many other superstar allies. She participated in boycotts for equality, and has been an outspoken advocate for decades. For the record, I work in the entertainment industry and can tell you that demeaning people for their sexuality wouldn’t even cross her mind. She may be short and may be curt, but it is probably because she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, their sexuality has nothing to do with it. And the Lion story is absolutely 100% true.

      • Ernest Endevor

        Whatever happened since I know that was true then and only brought it up because of her claim to have been there when they laid the foundation stone for Stonewall. My husband was there with her and herd her talk like that repeatedly. Whatever happened since that was once the truth. I’m glad she evolved. More power to her. Hey. And don’t slag off Doris! We all have our likes and dislikes and in my book Maisie Day sings way better than Streisand ever could. Best.

        • The Professor

          Wasn’t insulting Doris Day. I was pointing out the unlikely trajectory of a career in show business in 1961 for someone who looked like Streisand.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Prepare everyone to march for equality next week in D.C.!

  • Kenneth Sean Campbell

    I bought her first album when I was a senior in high school. I had to order it, as the record store in Marshall, Texas had never heard of her! Ms. Streisand provided, quite literally, the soundtrack of my life. Many thanks.

  • It is, perhaps, fitting that today would have been Gilbert Baker’s 66th birthday. Thank you Gilbert, for creating the only flag that means anything to me…

  • JDS

    The first Pride I ever attended was back in 1981 in San Francisco. It was overwhelming for a 19 year old from Columbus Ohio. It was also fantastic and fun.