Taiwan’s Haters Have The Marriage Sadz [VIDEO]

The Shanghaiist reports:

On Wednesday afternoon, cheers rang out in the streets of Taipei as Taiwan’s top constitutional court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, but not everyone present was so overjoyed. The ruling has left anti-gay groups on the island in shock, with one prominent activist likening the decision to the September 11th terror attacks of 2001.

Shih Chun-yu, a student at Fu Jen Catholic University in New Taipei City who heads the Protection of Family Value Students Organization, bowed to supporters following the announcement, apologizing, “We did not work hard enough, we have failed. This ruling will destroy the foundation of the family and marriage in Taiwan, just like the Twin Towers were destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.”

As Taiwan seemed on the verge of marriage equality in recent months, anti-gay groups mobilized and took to the streets, holding massive demonstrations across Taiwan and launching a publicity campaign that attempted to link same-sex marriage to incest, bestiality and AIDS. The Washington Post notes that one religious group even warned that the legalization of gay marriage would mean that “it’s possible to marry a Ferris wheel.”

There’s much more wailing assholery at the link, including many photos.

  • bkmn
  • No More GOP.

    And it affects them not at all. Wankers.

  • Lazycrockett
  • pj

    get over it

  • JWC

    what these dumb fucks never seem to grasp Lettinf 2 guys or 2 girls get married takes away nothing from family valuues they are as strong as they ever were It just reflect one groups unwillingness to let another group be happy

  • Lazycrockett
  • clay

    I was so hoping for something original. [sigh] Shit’s so old it could be from the ’80s.

  • Pip

    The comment about the 9/11 attacks shows the influence of American haters in this fight…

  • SoCalGal20

    This Seth Rich conspiracy thing just gets weirder and weirder. Apparently Kim Dotcom is suspected of attempting to hack into Seth Rich’s Gmail to plant evidence that he supplied info to Wikileaks. What the fuck even?!


    • Sam_Handwich

      the fascists are desperate and stupid

      • Bad Tom

        And cruel. Very, very cruel.
        I’d be wary about leaving anyone vulnerable alone with this Kim Schmitz / Kim Tim Jim Vestor / Kim Dotcom “person”.
        Alleged photo of Kim Dotcom, by Reuters
        He looks the sort.

        • Melindaemorehouse

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      • ultragreen

        It’s so easy to invent a fake conspiracy story. Here’s one: In reality, Seth Rich was killed because he had hacked the e-mail of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and he was about to release this information to the New York Times and Washington Post. So Reince Priebus ordered that he should be killed with Donald Trump’s approval.

    • ultragreen

      It sounds like Seth Rich’s family already know what is in his g-mail account. They obviously didn’t find any evidence of the alleged conspiracy.

  • Capritaur

    I love how seriously butthurt the protesters are. They’re like hopping stomping mad!

    • coram nobis

      Schadenfreude is tasty, isn’t it?

  • Andymac3

    “Boohoo, you are ruining my traditional marriage. I wanted to marry Dan but I married Jan because my mummy said I’d go to hell and I’m so weak willed and scared of everyone that I hide behind religion to give me courage, but I hate my life, so I hate you because you are happy.”

    • Todd20036

      Now everyone is “Jan, Jan, Jan…”

      • grada3784

        So much better than Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

  • Moebym Reborn

    A few weeks ago, while I was taking a course to meet my licensing requirements, a woman made an anti-gay comment to the tune of, “then what’s stopping someone from marrying a [insert animal or inanimate object here]”. I’ve never wanted so badly to slap someone, but that would have been unprofessional. >:(

    • ultragreen

      What’s to stop heterosexuals from committing acts of bestiality and marrying animals? Bestiality and marrying animals is not specific to a particular sexual orientation. Always respond to such hateful comments with logic. Haters can’t stand that.

  • Stogiebear

    Dear Shih Chun-yu,

    Please show us on the Butthurt Baby Jesus Doll™ where the icky qweerz’z future marriage equality touched you.


    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Taiwanese/English Dictionary: Dear Shih Chun-yu = Dear Sh!t-fer-bains

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    And once again, we are treated to the whole “end of civilization” bullshit. Guys, by now, even you have to admit that shtick doesn’t work anymore. Over 20 nations have SSM and guess what? The Earth is still spinning, straights are still fucking, cats and dogs have not starting mating and mankind is in no danger of vanishing. Seriously, people are starting to notice you’re full of shit.

  • ultragreen

    It would be nice if conservative Christians (and religious fundamentalists everywhere) would keep their noses out of the business of everyone else. No one is forcing them into same-sex marriage nor is anyone denying them access to different-sex marriage. They have no right to complain when their ability to oppress other people has been taken away. Everyone should have access to equal rights under the law.

    • Tor

      But, but, someone somewhere might have to bake a cake or take some photos!!

  • Bad Tom

    Letting the gays marry is like 9/11?

    No. It’s not like 9/11.

    It’s literally treating people equally, with equal respect.. We are people. Just like you.

    It is that simple.

    • Tor

      No, we are not like them. They are assholes.

  • lukefromcanada

    comparing it to the 9/11 attacks is offensive and wrong. When they start using hyperbole such as that you know they have no argument for why this is a bad thing

    • Goodboy

      911 was about the fanatical hatred of others using religion to justify it. Who does remind you of. The comparison is right. Just the wrong group.

  • David Wickham

    if I marry a ferris wheel does that mean I get free rides?

    • Tor

      I married my husband, and I get free rides. So, yes.

      • Stogiebear

        Just make sure you keep that axle properly lubed.

  • fuzzybits

    It happened in 2001 you dumb asses.

  • Hue-Man

    PBS Newshour: “Taiwan will become the first Asian nation to legalize same-sex marriage. The country’s constitutional court etc.”

  • David Walker

    I’m waiting for them to start pointing at us as an example of god’s wrath regarding marriage equality. I’d like to point out, dear Asian xns, that many European countries legalized it before we did and they seem to be doing well. The destruction of the US way of life happened well after the Supreme Court decision. Your god is too small.

  • The Milkman

    Nice to know that christian supremacists in Taiwan are just as reprehensible as they are here. I would like to propose an amendment to Godwin’s law that includes 9/11 as one of the historical events with which a comparison immediately invalidates an argument.

  • NedFlaherty

    The most important thing to know about Asians objecting to marriage equality is this: what proportion of Asians are Christian-ist, and what proportion of no-marriage protesters are Christian-ist?

    History shows that, most likely, the protesters are disproportionately Christian-ist, and are funded, aided, and abetted by the dying cult of U.S. no-marriage Christian-ists, as well as those theocratic eunuchs from the Vatican.