Fox News Fires Host Bob Beckel For Racist Comment

Variety reports:

Fox News Channel is parting ways – again – with Bob Beckel, the co-host of its primetime program, “The Five.” “Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee,” the network said in a statement. The dismissal opens – or perhaps closes – another chapter in an off-and-on relationship Beckel has had with the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet over the years.

Beckel, a longtime political consultant as well as a former campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale, joined Fox News in 2000, and had a years-long tenure on “The Five” when it aired in the late afternoon. Indeed, he was one of the program’s original co-hosts. Beckel leaves after Fox News made “The Five” part of its primetime lineup just a few weeks ago, part of an effort to realign the most-watched part of its schedule after O’Reilly’s departure last month.

  • Will Parkinson

    At this rate they won’t have anyone left to work for them.

    • skyweaver

      That can’t come soon enough

    • hdtex

      They are all defecting to MSNBC

    • Adam King

      You’ll turn on the TV and see out-of-focus empty sets and one nervous blonde college-age bimbette intern squinting at the cue cards.

  • Leo

    Insensitive remark? Like the ones your executives have been making to your African-American employees for decades and are currently in a lawsuit over?

  • PickyPecker
    • The_Wretched

      That’s exactly it.

      • Marionbwoody

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  • Pollos Hermanos

    He said:

    “The new sheriff is NEAR”.

    Can’t all those old white guys at Fox hear anything?

  • PickyPecker
  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    I think this is all theater so that as the many lawsuits progress, they can claim “See we totally care about about a non-discriminatory work environment.

    Also, the first comment when I looked at the Variety article:

    WoodNfish says:
    May 19, 2017 at 8:53 am
    Leftists ARE racists. The DNC created the KKK, it is part of their DNA. Leftists accuse others of what they are – intolerant, violent racist fascists.

    • skyweaver

      My thought exactly

    • The_Wretched

      More projection / obfuscation so they can ‘both sides’ it.

      • another_steve

        A tactic they learned from their führer.

        Trump very adeptly hijacked the term “false news” — making it impossible for Democrats to use it as a weapon.

        • David Walker

          That’s because he’s “like a smart person.”

          • another_steve

            “There’s my uneducated over there! I love my uneducated!”

          • Nowhereman

            …but not ACTUALLY a smart person.

    • Nowhereman

      Just like they always drag out “Lincoln was a republican! Republicans freed the slaves!” when they want to show how not-racist they are. Never mind that the parties have switched positions long ago. Lincoln, and even Reagan would be democrats today.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        Yup. They are waving the giant “I don’t understand history or politics” as they demand to be taken seriously.

  • Statistics Palin

    I don’t understand why people watch him. I have my own crazy old racist uncle. Why do I need another?

    • Reality.Bites

      The pleasure of using the mute button on him?

      • Statistics Palin

        That works.

  • Uncle Mark

    Given FOX’s racial/racist policies, it’s obvious Bob Beckel was testing very poorly with the prime time audience

    • BuckyB12

      Probably helpful to know that Beckel was the “liberal” on the panel that the other four consistently ganged up on.

      • Uncle Mark

        Interesting. I still wonder if he was testing poorly in their primetime slot. I’m curious; if Beckel was the “liberal,” are you suggesting that he actually didn’t say anything racist and was railroaded…or is he a racist, but is just less awful than the rest of them?

  • DaddyRay

    Sounds like a PR excuse, fox never cared about racist comments before

    • FAEN

      If anything they dog whistled it all the time for their base.

      • vorpal 😼

        “Good boy! Here, have another cracker!”

        • Adam King

          “Here’s an old white bone to gnaw on!”

    • AJ Drew

      oh they cared, absolutely… now the ratings have turned.

    • Nic Peterson

      Right. If Jabba Ailes had still been around he would have received an on the spot bonus.

    • Gustav2

      Well, Whitey gets pissed when you call him a “Cracker.”

    • kareemachan

      Didn’t some employees start a lawsuit for this?

      Faux Noise seems to be getting a tad shy about these lawsuits…

  • Kelly Lape

    What???? Racism at Faux “News” – what a shock.

    • FAEN

      Thankfully my fainting couch was near by 😉.

      • AJ Drew

        My ammonia vial is somewhere nearby… PEOPLE! My fainting vials! Fetch them!

      • David Walker

        Is your fan near by? Do you want your pearls to clutch? Your smelling salts? Poppers? Yes, I memorized the checklist; it’s so much easier than having to re-read it perhaps 4 times a day.

        Today’s Tip: Keep a murse handy so you can rummage through it as if you were looking for something, just to distract you.

        • Adam King

          And loosen your corset!

          • David Walker

            If I did that, the house would explode.

        • FAEN

          LOL-pearls? Check. Clutch? Check. Smelling salts? Check. Poppers? Check. However I have never owned a murse aka a European shoulder bag 😉.

          • David Walker

            How can you possibly consider yourself fully, properly accessorized? OK, I’m cheap. Mine is an old laptop carrying bag, from back when laptops were big…but it serves its murse-ifil purpose and probably could flatten anybody who threatened me. European? Please. Chinese.

    • Nowhereman

      Next thing you know, someone will tell us that they are sexists!

    • vorpal 😼

      FOX News diversity.
      I think they must have a factory somewhere that cranks out vapid blondes.

      • David Walker

        Journalism schools. The Ted Baxter Academy of Journalism.

      • kareemachan

        And a lot of stock in Clairol…

      • greenmanTN

        If nature won’t do it, peroxide will.

  • Jonathan Smith
    sure you didn’t mean to say “patted him on the head, and gave him a raise”?

  • bkmn

    If more of this kind of thing happens at Fux I will take it as a sign that the Murdoch boys want dad out.

    • Leo

      Not gonna happen – this is damage control for the lawsuit

    • FAEN

      Maybe. Only time will tell.

      • Adam King

        Time is definitely not on Rupert’s side.

  • Adam King

    “Don’t waste it like that! You were supposed to say it on the air! You’re so fired.”

  • Blake J Butler

    Happy Friday!

    Music and eye candy rolled into one.

    • KCMC

      clean. my. house.

    • vorpal 😼

      Damn. My cleaning lady looks nothing like that.

      • Robincho

        This whole “next to godliness” business is starting to make some real sense…

      • Silver Badger

        But does he wash walls?

    • ByronK

      He could of at least polished his knob.

  • Bad Cracker…..No Wonder Bread!

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    It really is starting to feel like FNC might be cleaning house and coming to the Light Side of the Force.

    • The_Wretched

      I doubt it’ll go that far but I hope the oligarchs have figured out that endless insanity will crash the country and kill the goose. Trump is the prime example of that.

      • Reality.Bites

        I think it’s more that Fox News has the fastest-dying audience in television.

        I can’t see sitting and watching cable news as a popular activity for anyone much under 50 – and I don’t think it’s a habit gen-Xers and millennials are likely to pick up as they get older. This is a problem all news organizations face, but because of the age of its audience it’s more critical for Fox.

        • vorpal 😼

          I suspect that the news that many people under 50 watch comprises shows like the Daily Show, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, etc.

          Being able to laugh at how shit things are becoming is the only way to tolerate it while learning about it without sinking into depression.

    • AJ Drew

      Evil abhors a void… but fair enough, let’s rejoice while we can. (one eye open at all times, though…)

    • Mike C

      There’s some BAD energy over there. It’s gonna take a lot more than a few firings to clean that house.

  • JWC

    The last person leaving FAUX please turn off the lights

    • Lazycrockett

      Fuck that made Rupert pay.

      • JWC

        another fat old greedy man

    • AJ Drew

      BUT… where/what is their new news source? [shudder]

      • JWC

        hehe where was the OLD?

        • AJ Drew

          my fear is the old becomes bigger new to fill the void… and it starts with previously acting Prez Br… and ends with dot com. Ewww.

      • David Walker

        Now that the lovely ailing Ailes is no longer able to chase women — or anything else — the prospects for Trump TV seem a bit dim, like 45 himself.

        • AJ Drew

          Aha! An easy out for DT, perhaps… resign from being POTUS to pursue that “business venture.”

  • DuaneBidoux

    He failed to grasp the rules: Fox viewers may say it but program hosts are only allowed to insinuate it.

  • another_steve

    Glad to hear there’s at least one Fox male employee who’s not being fired for groping women’s breasts.

  • vorpal 😼

    Is Breitbart hiring?

    • Silver Badger

      Well, he IS still dead.

      • Adam King

        Well, some good news for a change!

    • JCF

      Only defense lawyers!

  • Dom Saunders

    I swear, it’s like if you’re old, rich, white, and bloated like Jabba the Hutt, the chances of you being a racist prick go up exponentially or something…

    • David Walker

      Not “chances” so much as “likelihood” or “probability.”

      • Dom Saunders

        Po-tay-to, Po-Tah-To, he still looks like Jabba’s sentient-yet-dried-up cum stain.

        • David Walker

          Well, if you put it that way. (heh-heh-heh)

  • The_Wretched

    It’s a step in the right direction but until and unless they stop gaslighting reality, the misogyny, racism, LGBTQ hate and the rest will be back. Our brains have a tendency to fall into thinking ruts – it’s the fundamental nature of using neurons, synapses and such for our brains. When you make the gaslighting comments – even if you know you’re lying or making it up – your brain makes those paths. It’s like pretending to be an asshole; if you pull it off, you’re an asshole.

  • Cuberly

    “When Ailes spotted James Murdoch on the monitor smoking a cigarette outside the office, he remarked to his deputy Bill Shine, “Tell me that mouth hasn’t sucked a cock,” according to an executive who was in the room; Shine laughed.”

    The rotten head may be gone but the festering sure as hell hasn’t stopped.

  • Tawreos

    I am not sure what to think when even Fox news is starting to act like a reputable employer.

    • JWC

      They still have Hannity

      • Tawreos

        Will he stay if all of his friends have moved on?

        • JWC

          Interesting thot, who can he trade sexist remarks and innuendo with

          • Tawreos

            True, on the other hand if he conforms to the new way he will probably get a sizable increase in his salary, but I am not sure if he could ever change.

    • Adam King

      “Act like.”

  • edrex

    ha! i first read that as “fox news HIRES host bob beckel for racist comments.” only on the third pass did i get that he was booted out.

  • Kevin Perez

    This Bob Beckel person .. was he important? If he was, I missed that memo.

    • JWC

      I agree, never heard f the schnook

    • Fox News liked him, because he ran the 1984 Mondale Campaign. He was a Dem political operative, like Pat Caddell, went to the dark side for a paycheck, who was turned into a “Fox News Democrat”, (i.e. converted Republican)

  • The Sentinel

    Fox News IS a racist comment! Racist commentary, actually.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Is Fox News and MSNBC swapping souls?

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    What vile or weak Democrat are they going to hire to take his place on The Five? Maybe if Joe Lieberman doesn’t get the FBI gig.

  • Luther Kreiger

    And exactly 1 person is devastated by the loss of such a luminary…

  • safari

    Oh, look… another overweight older white man has been fired by Fox.

  • Hue-Man

    Why has no one commented on the most shocking news from this story?
    “…for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee”
    Fox hires non-whites? Whodathunkit?

    • David Walker

      If they’re a union house, they would be forced to, despite their deeply-held racist convictions and beliefs.

      • Hue-Man

        Fox allows unions?! If Ailes was so powerful, why didn’t he get his GOP pals to fix the law?

        • David Walker

          I don’t know that they are, which is why I started with “If.” Their studios are in strong stage and broadcast union cities, however.

  • Greg B.

    It must’ve been pretty bad if it violated Fox standards. Wait, was it a racist comment about Caucasians? Because that would make sense.

  • Gigi

    This doesn’t make any sense. If Fox were to fire every employee who’d made a racist comment they’d have no on-air “talent” left.

  • justmeeeee

    What’d he say?

  • Tomcat

    I guess (depending on who you are) you can point a gun at a black man at Fox but no racism allowed there. Shit you say.

  • Jim Maloney

    I read so fast that at first I thought it read, “Hires”, and I wasn’t terribly surprised since it was Fox. Sad…

  • TampaDink

    An insensitive racist remark got him fired from that place? Clearly he is destined for stardom in republican politics.

  • Dejerrity Mycron

    At this rate of attrition FOX will run out of people by November and will have to switch to holograms.

    Vile, nasty, pasty-faced, conservative holograms.

  • LovesIrony

    You could wipe out the whole fucking staff and it won’t change your reputation of a being a bunch of racist and homophobic mysogynists catering to a dwindling number of doomsday dopes that advertisers don’t see as worth the risks. You got your president cheer him all you want the 69% of the populace that is rational will not be supportive of your brand ever again.

  • agcons

    I first read the headline as “Fox News Hires Host Bob Beckel For Racist Comment”.

    I know what that says about my vision, but what else does it say about the state of things generally?

  • Orly
  • JCF

    I did not see this coming…