ORLANDO: Pulse Nightclub Owner Unveils Plan To Create “Iconic” National Memorial And Museum [VIDEO]

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub on June 12 will be memorialized with an “iconic, meaningful, national” memorial and eventually a museum, where Orlando’s millions of visitors will learn about the club, the tragedy and the victims. Leaders of the not-for-profit onePULSE Foundation officially launched the effort to building the memorial Thursday morning.

“Today, I’m able to share with you what I believe is news that will help in our mission of healing,” nightclub owner Barbara Poma, who is executive director and CEO of the foundation, said. “It isn’t easy for me to stand on this site. What began as a place for fun and joy is now sacred ground.”

The effort will be led by a board of trustees including Disney World president George Kalogridis, Jason Felts, CEO of Virgin Produced, and entertainer Lance Bass. The board will be led by Orlando attorney Earl Crittenden, of GrayRobinson.

  • Tawreos

    It would be better if we didn’t have a reason to have a memorial there at all.

    • Victor Crabbe


      • Erikadmason

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  • bkmn

    Definitely going to make a day trip to Orlando next time I go to Florida.

  • JoeMyGod

    The NLGJA convention was in Orlando back in March and we took two busloads of queer journos to Pulse. Late on a Saturday afternoon there were already dozens of people there laying flowers and paying their respects. My mother lives a couple of blocks away and says it’s been like that every day.

  • Ninja0980

    As it should be.
    I just can’t imagine partying at a place where so many innocent people died.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    There is a sad irony in all of this as well. Some of us may recall the argument that it was a tragedy not, according to several Republicans and for a while FL’s governor, due to a killer’s hate against the LGBTQ community but because “they hate Americans.” Trumping up the charge of how much hate “the terrorists” had for this country was oh! so de rigueur as we realized this was the worst shooting in US history.
    Then, lo and behold, the fact came out, which all of us knew: Dude hated anything non-hetero.
    And then it became “a gay thing.” And all those “isn’t it tragic?” voices seemed to stop. Will any Republican come to this memorial? I doubt it. It’s not part of their narrative now. After all, in their mind, it’s just a bunch of queers.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      And -something that is almost always ignored talking about Pulse- the ethnicity of the overwhelming majority of the victims. I wonder how many of the victims spoke accented or broken English and would get asked to prove that they’re in the country “legally” nowadays if they were still alive and trying to visit the memorial. I also noticed there isn’t one single Hispanic name among the members of the Board.

      • ChrisMorley

        >> there isn’t one single Hispanic name among the members of the Board.

        The full board is listed here https://www.onepulsefoundation.org/onepulse-foundation/
        It won’t cut and paste 🙁

        I’m a Brit so am not very familiar with Hispanic names but Aly Benitez and Yolanda Londono look like there maybe two possibly out of the 20 member board.

        • That_Looks_Delicious


    • Chuck in PA

      You know what the true motivations were to the massacre? I doubt we will ever know what the investigators found. People have their agenda and change the story to fit what they think should be the truth.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        If a person shows up to a synagogue having been known to publically condemn and hate Jewish people, and then shoots 49 people there while injuring 59 others, I am going to assume that it wasn’t because he was too favorable toward Jews. Same cross applies here.

        • Chuck in PA

          But, what if the person described by you, was born to a Jewish family, his father was an Orthodox Jew, went to the synagogue, but also said anti-Jewish things, was seen at Christian church, celebrated Christmas, and was shunned by his synagogue and treated as an outcast.
          Things are not that simple.

  • it’ll take some time to raise money for everything on that list. it’s very ambitious.

  • John Ruff

    I smell profiteering. It needs to be torn down, and a monument in its place. I certainly wouldn’t want to walk into that building. Fucking Florida.

  • Paul David

    Oh this is a bit much.

    • Chuck in PA

      I kind of agree. You go to any park nowadays and they have to have some kind of memorial and others are fighting for their cause to be represented.

      • Paul David

        I mean…it was an unremarkable gay club, in an unremarkable area.

        Keep the club open, have a nonprofit advocacy arm, call it a day.

        This isn’t, and will not be since we’re gays, some religious pilgrimage site. It’s not the Stonewall Inn.