DNC Chairman Tom Perez On Obamacare Repeal Vote: Trump “Will Own Every Preventable Death” That Results

The Hill reports:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez blasted the Republican effort to repeal ObamaCare ahead of the House vote on Thursday, saying President Trump and Republicans “will own every preventable death” as a result.

“Trump and Republicans will own every preventable death, every untreated illness and every bankruptcy that American families will be forced to bear if this bill becomes law and millions lose access to affordable care,” he said in a statement. “The 24 million that lose access to healthcare is not just a number.”

That number comes from a Congressional Budget Office estimate that the number of people without health insurance would grow by 14 million in 2018 under the Republican ­ObamaCare replacement bill, with that number rising to 24 million in a decade.