TRAILER: The Dark Tower

Slate reports:

This is the year for long-gestating Stephen King adaptations. We’ve already gotten a look at It, the latest version of King’s 1986 novel, and now comes The Dark Tower, based on the eight-book fantasy saga King began with The Gunslinger in 1982. The first of King’s short stories set in that universe actually dates back to 1978, making this just shy of the series’ 40th anniversary. The outlines of the story, which pits an otherworldly gunslinger (Idris Elba) against the malevolent Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) remain the same, as, regrettably, does the presence of a young Earth boy who discovers a portal between worlds.

  • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

    Waiting for decades for this!

  • The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed.

    I loved the books, definitely looking forward to the movie!

    • KCMC
      • another_steve

        It should be illegal to look that good.

        • liondon#iamnotatraitor

          If the PC is rocking don’t come a knockin’!

      • Todd20036

        You people are shallower than a puddle.
        You aren’t wrong, mind you.

        • Derrick Johns

          LOL You aint lying, Todd20036

      • pj


    • Miji

      Any King fans notice the picture on the counselor’s table of the hotel from The Shining?

    • Raising_Rlyeh

      I wonder if they’re going to keep the original ending considering how “bad” it is for the characters.

  • fuzzybits

    donnie is preaching now.

  • Puckfair52

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! and perhaps one day the Talisman !
    God Pounds his nails Jackie

    • HandyAndy

      The Talisman is my absolute favorite. Quick story-
      Waaaay back in my senior year of High School, I had one of those teachers for AP English who graded based on her estimation of your actual ability vs the work that you turned in. She expected a lot (a lot) from me, and it was hard to meet her expectations.
      For my senior final paper, I did a 40-page comparison of The Talisman to The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
      Got an A+ and a hug from her at graduation, and she kept my final paper for her “shelf” which was an honor.

  • Capritaur

    Don’t really care for Stephen King, but I’ll see it if they show Idris’s butt.

    • Miji

      While that would be a nice bonus, he is sexier in clothes than most men are naked.

      • pj

        thank you

  • I haven’t read the books, but based on this trailer I have very little interest in seeing this movie.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      When King’s writing is conceptual, it’s intriguing. Shining, Salem’s Lot, The Stand– these are all statements on the state and nature of humankind.
      Gun slinging? Just not into it.

      • swimboy

        I read the first few books of the series, and “The Gunslinger” is about gun slinging about as much as “30 Rock” is about 30 rocks. (Although you wouldn’t know it from watching this trailer.)

        • Randy Ellicott

          Since the first book is about the Gunslinger, as that was his title, it makes sense. I dont think King wanted to write a manual on how to be a gunslinger… Also since 30 Rock was a show about a show produced @ 30 Rock, the shortened name for the location in NYC it also makes sense…

          • swimboy

            I wasn’t trying to imply that the title didn’t make sense. Just that the books were in line with other King novels that OW had mentioned, and not the gun-slinging mega-explosion-fest that the trailer portrayed.

          • Randy Ellicott

            Oh yeah that makes more sense, sorry read it to fast…. 🙂

      • Acronym Jim

        The first book was conceptual. It was basically a Sergio Leone tale with an Arthurian subtext. Roland is constantly having to decide between his duty to his quest and his humanity.

  • Will Parkinson

    You’re gonna like earth. A lot.

  • HanyBaal

    Woof, Idris looks very hot. He woulda made a great James Bond

    • Gerry Fisher

      He’s really got it going on, doesn’t he?

      • Yvettejparker

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    • Jeffrey

      And he gets hotter with age

  • Paul David


  • Scoot

    I really liked the first four books in this series, with Wizard and Glass being the high point, but it really fell off the rails after that. Especially when Stephen King wrote himself into it as a character.

    • BobSF_94117

      OoooOOOoooOOOooo What tag is that?

    • Talisman

      Exactly. Song of Susannah, I thought, had some of King’s strongest, most poetical writing ever. But by then the “plot twist” had soured the story. The final book was mostly trite and uninspired.

  • Jonathan Smith

    always had the hots for Jake, in the 70’s and 80’s, we had the same birth year. now it’s just frigging creepy.

  • another_steve
  • Acronym Jim

    The outline of the Dark Tower series seems to be there, but if the trailer is any indication, everything else is scattershot and rejiggered. In the first book, Jake didn’t “find a portal between worlds,” he was placed at the way station to provide the Gunslinger with a moral conundrum. The creepy house element didn’t come about until the third book, after the “drawing of the three” who don’t appear to be part of this iteration.

    Also, there weren’t tons of explosions in the original series.

    That said, Wikipedia states that this is to be considered a sequel to the books, so there may be something to it. I love Idris Elba, but thanks to the inclusion of Matthew McConaughey as “the Man in Black,” I’ll likely wait until the movie comes out on cable before watching it.

    • Treant

      It’s the Michael Bay Rule: Everything Is Better With Explosions!

      • Todd20036

        Works in sex, too

        • Treant

          It’s the one time when this phrase is a turn-on: “It’s oozing and I can’t make it stop.”

  • Cuberly

    Interesting, seems the movie isn’t a direct adaptation of The Gun Slinger but a continuation of the entire series. There’s going to be a TV series as well, but sticking more to the books.

  • narutomania

    If it has Idris Elba in it, then I’m there. Not only do I think he’s extremely talented, he is one of the most perfectly gorgeous men in movies today. Yowzah!!

  • Talisman

    I guess a movie adaptation couldn’t butcher the story any more than King himself did.

    No Eddie, no Susannah, and it looks like they combined the characters of Jake & Patrick.

  • narutomania

    A former boyfriend of mine read this series and he said he liked them, so I thought I’d dive into the first book. I just couldn’t get into it. I think I made it to page 20 before I quit. The style of writing and the voice in general just didn’t appeal to me.

    Am I missing something? Any feedback or insights are welcomed.

    • Acronym Jim

      The first book is significantly different from Stephen King’s usual style. It is basically a spaghetti western with an Arthurian subtext. If you view it like the movie “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” it makes more sense. Clint Eastwood’s “mysterious stranger” is the inspiration for Roland.

    • MonochromeMouse

      I haven’t read any of the Dark Tower series but King in general writes in a style that is sometimes difficult to enjoy, he tends to be overly descriptive of unimportant details and that can make the story hard to follow. I enjoy his short stories but have trouble reading his novels, I think “The Mist” was the only one I’ve been able to finish.

    • trog

      Big SK fan here … and I just couldn’t get into the Dark Tower series either. I’m not such a big sci-fi fan in general, but I do think the stories will better to watch than read.

      (I’m currently reading his latest trilogy–starts with Mr. Mercedes–and that writing style is more pared down and crime-fiction simplified, unlike Dark Tower, which is ornate and meanders, in my opinion.)

    • SoCalGal20

      Some of Stephen King’s writing I really enjoy, others not so much. I loved Salem’s Lot and The Stand and some of his novellas that I’ve read. I have not come close to reading everything he’s written, though.

    • Terry E. Christian

      Keep in mind that the first book, ‘The Gunslinger,’ was actually a book of related short stories. It isn’t until the second book, ‘The Drawing of the Three,’ that it takes the form of a novel and begins to accelerate into high gear.
      Also note that after finishing writing the series, King went back and revised ‘The Gunslinger’ to better bring it in line with the rest. If your copy is the old version, try the new. Regardless, try making it to the second book before you completely swear it off.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Malevolent, eh? Will he force you against your will to watch his damn Lincoln commercials? Cruel.

  • Sam_Handwich

    anyone else having Disqus problems?

    comments won’t load for me on Joe’s newest post, above this one

    • Acronym Jim

      It’s not just you.

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      Disqus seems to have somehow gotten flagged by Internet Watch Foundation CAIC ( ). That’s what our firewall at work is throwing up. All Disqus, everywhere is being blocked. That particular blacklist is likely pushed to a hell of a lot of firewalls.

      I use the browser Opera and it’s VPN option allows me to get around that.

      Which… brings up other issues I’mma hafta go look at. Anyway. /IT speak

  • Rex

    Ya know, I could use a portal to another world, this one has become meh, and if those other world men look like Idris, I’d be fine with that.

  • Randy Ellicott

    Looks like a good story fairly loosely based on the all the books crammed together to fit a 2 hr movie window… It looks like one of those that i will have to actively try and forget the books to enjoy, otherwise i will be wondering where the hell Susannah and Eddie are!

    EDIT: OK found this article that explains what happens and reminded me about a certain event that happened at the end of the book series that explains how this is a sorta sequel to the books, and it makes a lot of freaking sense! They have a spoiler warning for the spoiler part if you are still reading the books,

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Idris. Yum.

  • Could be very good…could be very bad. I guess we’ll see in the fullness of time.

  • -M-

    Something weird. Disqus doesn’t load for me on the next story and if I try to reload the whole page instead of navigating to it, it says it’s blocked by an ad blocker. ???

    • We do not know for sure, but many of us suspect the Disqus feed for that page was deliberately corrupted by hackers.

  • Jeffrey

    I would like to be taken to Idris Elba’s dark tower, please

  • David Fox-Schreiber

    I recall the books vividly and I recall the end, for which I never forgave King. As a reader I respect his body of work, as a human I’ve cheered at his tweets especially at 45. But I never forgave him for Jake Chambers. Reading the write up here, it makes me think not much has changed with respect to that and I’ll probably pass on a story that had some great elements.

  • EdmondWherever

    Needs more Oy.

  • Derrick Johns

    Idris Elba is a very handsome man.

  • Dave Babler

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!