KENTUCKY: Family Court Judge Refuses To Hear Any Adoption Cases From “Practicing Homosexuals”

USA Today reports:

A family court judge who sits in Barren and Metcalfe counties has announced he will no longer hear adoption cases involving “homosexual parties” because he believes allowing a gay person to adopt could never be in the child’s best interest.

Judge W. Mitchell Nance, who begins court each day by requiring everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, said in an order this week that he would recuse himself from all adoptions involving gay people. Nance cited a judicial ethics rule that says a judge must disqualify himself when he has a personal bias or prejudice.

He said in the order issued Thursday that “as a matter of conscience” he believes that “under no circumstance” would “the best interest of the child be promoted by the adoption by a practicing homosexual.” Kentucky state law allows gay couples to adopt, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that all states must permit same-sex marriage.

  • margaretpoa

    If you can’t do your job, bigot, your other option is to resign.

    • Thisoldspouse

      So this IS a zero sum game. Glad you admitted it.

      • margaretpoa

        It’s a zero sum game when somebody won’t do their job. If I went to work and refused to do my job when it come to some of the abominable religious literature we produce, I’d be fired and rightly so. If a judge finds himself unable to do his job because he’s afraid of his dear and fluffy, (not to mention fictitious) lord, then he should resign. It;s not a “game”. It’s his job and if he won’t do it, there are people who will.

        Oh and your Gadsden flag is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  • bkmn
    • FAEN


    • Goodboy

      You infidels!!

    • Just think how lucky you are to be born where THE ONE TRUE RELIGION™ IS KING!!!
      Really what are the odds!

      • BeaverTales

        If you were born in Antarctica, would you be an atheist?

        • narutomania

          Pffft! Heck, no! You’d belive in The One True Deity. All bow before … Penguinus!!

        • Jerry

          No…bowing before ice sculptures.

          • Janetjjohnson

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        • Andymac3

          I’d be praising the God of Fire for keeping me alive and cooking food.

    • Frostbite

      A study that was done a few years ago said there are over 26,000,000 deities over the course of human history. Want a god/goddess? Pick one.

  • Gustav2

    He doesn’t just have a “personal bias or prejudice,” he refuses to follow the law.

    That could be an impeachable offense, no?

    • Chucktech

      A judge recusing himself because he knows he’d be unfair actually sounds more like respecting the office he holds.

      • swimboy

        It sounds more like respecting the paycheck he gets.

  • FAEN

    Do your fucking job or quit.

  • bkmn

    Time for someone to retire.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      … or be fired.

      • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

        Can we retroactively have him fixed too?

        • Shy Guy

          Retroactively? Wouldn’t that mean shooting all his children, assuming he has some?

          • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

            I’ll take that.

    • FAEN

      He should be fired.

    • JT

      His brain retired long ago.

  • Dramphooey

    It amazes me how many people want to be snuck into the Pope’s bedroom.

  • Lazycrockett

    Where marrying your first cousin is smiled upon.

    • Todd20036

      I checked the comments in the article. Most of them are actually on our side

  • ccc

    It is just too much for him to witness when he sees the walls of his stereotypes start crashing down.

  • Jay Silversmith

    Kim Davis with a new haircut.

    • Hank

      And how many ex-husbands??? /s

      • -M-

        Three. And it would still be three if she divorces the current one again.

    • Adam King

      And did she ever need it.

  • Nate

    He needs to step down from being a judge then.

  • Todd20036

    Actually, this is a best case scenario for such a bigoted judge. He isn’t including himself on the case.

    You know he’ll never be fired. It’s KenFuckMe

    • BobSF_94117

      True, but I suspect his role is perfunctory. The adoption has already been arranged by the agency. He just approves it. (Again, my guess.)

      • David L. Caster

        His job is to pronounce it legal.

    • Shy Guy

      Was that last part Barbie’s original tagline? /s

  • Sounds like a judge who is ready to resign, since his “beliefs” interfere with his ability to administer justice in his court.

  • Kevin Perez

    Homosexual Parties are the only ones worth going to.

  • EweTaw

    All of us of the LGBT persuasion should write this judge letters of thanks. Recuse away Mr. Judge Person. We certainly don’t need ass holes like him thinking they have any ability to adjudicate serious family issues. Not losing any tears over this.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Practicing ? I’d say at this point I am a professional.

    • SFBruce

      I’m old enough to remember the sitcom Soap which included the first openly gay character (I think) played by Billy Crystal.

      The Prosecution: Mr. Dallas, are you a practicing homosexual?
      Jodie: I don’t have to practice. I’m very good at what I do.

      • ByronK

        Did you have to start with “I’m old enough…”. Crap. I guess I am too.

        • Blackfork

          You are, Blance, you are. So am I. And, yes, it was Billy Crystal.

        • narutomania

          Count me in, too!!! I never missed an episode! The season with the alien baby was PRICELESS.

      • Mikey

        my favourite lines from that are when they go to Texas to visit (what was it, his beard?) wife’s mother.
        “Would you like some lemonade? Do homosexshuls drink lemonade?”
        “We don’t have any homosexshuls in Texas. Least not live ones.”

      • Grumpy Old Man

        Remember how the bar scene closed? The last person out pointed to his dummy – he’ll get it.

    • Silver Badger

      Even so, one must practice to keep one’s skills sharp. I try to get a few hours practice in every day.

      • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

        With all the lisping, mincing, prancing, and oral sex, who has time to practice?

      • David Walker

        A famous violinist (maybe Isaac Stern) said that he must practice every day. If he misses a day, HE notices. If he misses two days, the orchestra notices. And if he misses three days, the audience notices it. We should all heed his advice.

    • David Walker

      Rate card?

      • Andymac3

        At a dog shelter fundraiser I was at today, I heard a woman tell her daughter to get away from my ‘vicious dog’, a laid back pit mix, who was lying in the grass on his back with his feet in the air loving the warm sun while on a leash that I was holding. Some people are just dumb fucks who drag their kids up to be just like themselves.

    • Thisoldspouse

      At that rate, you must be HIV++++++ then.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Wrong, bigot. Sorry to disappoint.

  • Goodboy

    Study after study (except the BS Regnerus one) has shown gay parenting to be as good and sometimes even better. This Taliban shithead has nothing to base his “opinion” on except the babble which he obviously cherry picks through.

    • David Walker

      “…the babble which he obviously cherry picks through.” Doubt it. I’d be more inclined to believe it’s his preacher friend who does the cherry-picking; Judge Nancy-Boy simply takes his work for it.

    • Galvestonian

      but…but…but… he’s a Christian.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Yeah, studies by “gay” groups. Give me a break.

  • johncAtl

    He could save the court a lot of time by shortening the pledge to the one thing he wants to say…

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God , indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    • Hank

      The “one Nation under …” phrase was not part of the original pledge. It was added at the height of the Cold War, when people were afraid of the Atheistic Communists!!! Looking at what the Russian have done and the power oi the Orthodox Church, as well as the attempt by Assholes like this judge, who knew, the Communists had it right all along!!!

  • j.martindale

    Resign if you can’t do the job! And you obviously can’t!

  • djcoastermark

    I am no more a practicing gay person, I pretty much got it down. However, since this judge is still practicing, he should step aside and let the professional judges handle the cases until he learns.

  • SFBruce

    At least he admits it’s basis that motivates his actions. Of course, the next step would be to resign.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Right! So you have a bias against gays, you say? I’ll fight appearing in your court for a traffic ticket.

      • Adam King

        Absolutely. As should any non-Christian. This shit has Christian sharia written all over it.

  • Tiger Quinn

    All right lads, let’s not handwring, let’s do something about it. Whom do we call?

  • Ninja0980

    If you can’t serve all folks equally, then resign from the bench.

  • Paula

    A new martyr is born. How long before re retires, blames it on Gays, and sets up a GoFundMe account?
    Personally, I would rather have him recuse himself than hear the case.

    • Shy Guy

      Exactly. Better he recuses, than force the poor adoptive families to have to appeal and reverse everything he does.

      • Chucktech

        Totally. He has enough self-awareness to know he is BIASED or prejudiced (his words) against gay people so he will recuse himself instead of holding Kangaroo Court.

    • Robincho

      If by recuse you mean commit suicide, then yes…

      • Paula

        Hell, I’ll even give him a gun.

  • David

    Maybe someone should tell him that the “Pledge” is nothing more than a marketing campaign invented by a flag manufacturer to sell more flags and make more profits.

    Historically, “I pledge allegiance to the flag…” is absolutely no different then “Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun”.

    • Randolph Finder

      The Pledge of Allegiance was actually created by a socialist. The addition of “Under God” was added in the 1950s, with the primary push being from the Knights of Columbus as an anti-Communist measure.

  • OrangeJesus

    This dude is a practicing idiot.

    • Todd20036

      Practice makes perfect,,,

      • OrangeJesus

        And permanent.

      • BudClark

        No. As one of my (pipe) organ teachers said:

        “Practice doesn’t make perfect; it only makes PERMANENT.”

        Which is why she required EVERY fingering, pedalling mark, phrasing mark, etc. be written into the score BEFORE I put my hands on the keyboard the first time.

    • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

      I think he has it down at this point.

  • David Walker

    Funny. He demands the Pledge of Allegiance be recited every morning (I was surprised that it wasn’t the lord’s prayer), yet he gets distracted after the “under god” thing and misses the all-important “with liberty and justice for all.” But at least he’s honest about his bigotry. I guess he thinks we should congratulate him for that. Guess again, Sparky.

  • Card

    Because a gay couple adopting is much worse than a child living under the umbrella of drug-addled parents:

    • Pat

      Or being shuttled from foster home to foster home until he’s abandoned when he’s of age. This guy isn’t even pretending to care about what is in a child’s best interests.

    • Ninja0980

      Sad to say but that is exactly how many of these folks feel.

    • ByronK

      Amazing that this shit continues. I remember a case, probably in the 80s where there was evidence that the father was sexually abusing his daughter but the judge gave him custody because the mother was a lesbian.

  • April

    Wanna bet if he could get away with it he would refuse to hear adoption cases if it involved a mixed race marriage. .

  • dcurlee

    What an ass. To me if you are a judge you should not be bias in any situation

  • Ninja0980

    “Lawyers say Nance is highly religious and opposed to divorce.”
    One can only imagine how any woman who filed for divorce was treated by this prick.

    • Acronym Jim

      I wonder if he’s so homophobic because of a childhood of being made fun of for his last name.

      • Michael R
        • Dejerrity Mycron

          What a slut. But I’d let her adopt babies.

        • Robincho

          This is Nance-y. The new boy is named Sluggo. Nance-y lives with her Aunt Fritzi, and the lot of them were created by one Ernie Bushmiller. Ernie vies with Bil “Family Circus” Keane as the father of the unfunniest strip ever thought up…

          • Adam King

            Fritzi Ritz had her own comic strip before Nancy came into the picture.

          • Robincho

            Fun Fact: Before she became a Bunstead, Blondie’s maiden name was Boopadoop…

          • Adam King

            Not a ripoff of Betty Boop at all.

          • Robincho

            Betty, Fritzi, Blondie — they were all of that quaint time when, if you threw in enough “fast” mascara to get va-va-va-voom with your boop-oop-a-doop, the only possible next step was voh-de-oh-doh. And even Martha Hoople knew what THAT was all about.

            And tell me that Jethro and Elly Mae Clampett didn’t owe their very existence to Li’l Abner and Daisy Mae Yoakum…

  • Acronym Jim

    Practice makes perfect. Who wants to meet me on the mat?

    • Silver Badger

      I have a few hours to spare this afternoon.

      • Acronym Jim

        Cool, bring your singlet!

        • ByronK

          Yay, wrestle party!!

        • Silver Badger

          It’s more fun without it.

    • Adam King

      Oh, it’s that kind of practice? And here I was running through my scales and arpeggios.

      • Silver Badger

        I’m with you. I thought he was talking about the skin flute.

  • JT
  • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

    Congress shall make no law “respecting an establishment of religion”, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  • Michael R

    It’s not in the best interest of a child to be raised in Kentucky .
    Shut it down !

    • Galvestonian

      Kentucky — where the family tree don’t branch.

  • jmax

    He belongs behind a pulpit, not a judicial bench.

  • TimCA

    If the judge has such strong bigotry against gay men and women as parents, I’m sure the prejudice doesn’t just stop there. As a gay person I doubt I’d necessarily receive a fair and impartial hearing regardless of the nature of the topic being adjudicated.

  • ByronK

    If he can’t do his job based on the law, get him the fuck off the bench. Church/state, law over mythology.

  • Clive Johnson

    I think the only real concern here is practicing Christian conservatives.

  • TexasBoy

    I would assume there is another family court judge in the same location that will fill the void and can handle the workload adequately, as I doubt there are a huge number of such cases in Kentucky. If not, then this needs to go to SCOTUS. The whole state appears to be run by hypocritical Christo-fascists like Kim Davis.

  • Irish856

    Good for him. At least he is honest and Gays and Lesbians that ended up with him will now have a better chance of adopting a child.
    We all have prejudices, most of us will not admit. He admitted he did .

    Perhaps other judges will be more fair with our community.

  • Pat

    He is employed as a judge, and as a judge he is obligated to perform his job without prejudice. Recusing himself is not enough as that is a political statement, in his case. He needs to be removed from the bench. He also needs a timely reminder of the separation of church and state as there is no logical reason for his prejudice, just his fundamentalist fueled hatred.

    • David L. Caster

      I’m cool with recusal. Granted, the jebusiness is a tiresome excuse, but better out in the open than a clandestine bias.

      • Adam King

        But where and when will his bias pop up unrecused? Prejudice like that doesn’t exist in isolation. What other litigants will be deemed unholy and unworthy of his very special form of “justice”? If he really wanted to do the right thing (and knew what the right thing was) he’d resign.

        • David L. Caster

          Hard to say. Superstition has no place in court, that’s certain. All judges are human and come with biases. The best of them know how to put those biases aside and rule according to the law.

          In this situation, the issue is “the best interests of the child”. There is no single formula for determining what those are but the law in Kentucky probably outlines what should be considered. Beyond that, is a judgement call.

          In general the law requires that the sex and sexualities of the potentially adoptive parent(s) not come into the question as long is the child is safe, can be properly cared for, and is loved and will be supported in his or her development.

      • Pat

        I can see both sides of the argument (true Gemini!) and it is better an enemy out in the open, but it’s infuriating that he gets away with pulling his jebus business as an excuse to not carry out the law.

        • David L. Caster

          No argument here. He really should step down if it’s that much of a burden for him to view Gay couples as worthy parents. The jebusiness should not come into the questions before his court.

          • Pat

            I have to start using ‘jebusiness’ every chance I get!

          • David L. Caster

            Jebusiness: n.: the occupation or industrial activity of conmen and grifters and frauds that profit from Christianity or use it as an excuse to circumvent or break the law.

  • ByronK

    A: So why were you dismissed from your last position?
    B: God.
    A: Ok, I think we’re done here. Thanks for coming out.

  • Boreal
    • Hank

      Make it a “Tea Room Party”, and I am sure he will be tap, tap taping his feet in a stall!!! /s

  • Statistics Palin

    He’s a bigot, but by recusing himself he’s doing the right thing.

    • Adam King

      And now that he’s shown off his bigotry in the press, he’ll be able to parlay the inevitable criticism into a lucrative “Religious Freedom” martyr gig.

  • sword

    At least he is trying to be ‘ethical’…by recusing himself because of his religion. The 4 Supremes need to take a lesson from him and recuse themselves when needed: i.e.receiving lavish vacations and speaking fees from potential litigants.

  • netxtown

    I doubt he draws the line at adoption. If its gay in any way – it’s just too nasty for him. So, fuck him. Take off the robe, get off the bench – and go throw your dumbass on the altar to jeebus…turn on the auto-ignite gas jets and get ready for a ride right on out of this world…..

  • Gigi

    My husband and I are no longer “practicing” homosexuals as we perfected the Art of Homosexuality long ago, so I’m sure Nance would be A-OK with us adopting, right?

  • AdamTh

    Christianists will be starting a gofundme page for this buffoon in 3..2….

    Maybe he just wants some extra income for retirement. Play to their prejudices and Christianists are always suckers for things like this.

  • Adam King

    What a nasty human being. I wonder how he can still be walking and breathing with a rotten prune where his heart should be.

  • DaddyRay

    I don’t practice any more, it just comes naturally

    • David L. Caster

      You have perfected your technique.

  • ben

    If all he is doing is asking to be recused so a different judge can handle it, and there’s another judge who will take the case, I don’t see a problem. Judges recuse themselves all the time for all kinds of reasons. I feel like this is overplaying our hand. If the couple can get adopt and another judge does it, fine. Let this asshole be a bigot. I’m sure others will disagree with me, but occasionally it’s helpful to be magnanimous in victory.

    • David L. Caster


    • Adam King

      I’ll be magnanimous as fuck once victory is actually achieved and this turd is off the bench.

    • safari

      I just don’t think he should serve on the bench, full stop, period. He admits to systematic bias against a class that has had a history of government oppression. I have no idea how he’d treat suspected gays — out or otherwise — in other cases as a result. He should find another line of work.

  • Robert Adams

    What if they are past the “practicing” stage and are now really good at it?

    I must admit, i always worry when I realize my Doctor is still “practicing” medicine.

  • Ninja0980

    There are many more assholes just like “judge” on the bench, only they won’t recuse themselves from the bench when they hear cases involving us.
    That is the scary part.

    • paganguy

      This. I’d rather they be clear and recuse themselves. The same with businesses that don’t want to offer their services. Just put up a big sign that says “straights only”.

  • Blackfork

    This shit hook will eventually go down in his own flames.

  • Steverino

    But presiding over adoption cases involving a potential parent who is single (all children need a mother and a father!!!1!!1!), or individuals who have been a party to het divorce (adultery!!!1!!1!!), is A-OK.

    • David L. Caster

      Of course.

    • ChrisMorley

      This doesn’t seem to be OK to him.

      ‘Nance, not surprisingly, has been described by local attorneys as highly religious and opposed to divorce, The Courier-Journal notes.
      “Even in uncontested divorces involving no children, he makes the parties appear in court, offers them condolences on the demise of their marriage and makes them explain why it didn’t work out.”
      Attorneys say he also asked divorce litigants where they go to church and whether they are a true believer.
      It’s unclear if that, too, is within the confines of proper judicial ethics.’

      • Crow on a Top Hat

        Well dang. That guy is putting his religious dogma over another’s and their rights at what point can he be sued for that?

      • Steverino

        Interesting. Consistency like this is unusual.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Nance is his last name? As in Concernstipated Women of America’s Penny Nance? Are they any relation?

    • stevenj

      Don’t know the answer to your query but ironically it’s slang for “an effeminate man or homosexual” according to A nance is also a strong smelling fruit bearing tropical plant.

      • grada3784

        He was almost certainly bullied over his name as a kid.

  • greenmanTN

    Because fucking children in state run orphanages is like shooting fish in a barrel, but gay people might give them a home.

  • Dejerrity Mycron

    “Practicing Homosexuals” ???

    Honey, I haven’t needed to “practice” in too MANY damn years. I’m semi-pro status now.

    If you can’t or WON’T do your job, then RESIGN and go pump gas for a living. That seems to be something that fits your skill set.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      I’m in the Masters Tournament. 😉

      • Adam King

        I’ve got a Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • JWC

    What if Taxi drivers bakers airline employees anuone in the public sector refussed service to fat bigots because its ahains our beliefs

  • jimbo65

    I can’t believe this is supposed to be the 21st century.

  • Matt

    I bet he sides with a lot of physically abusive hetero parents because they’re “better.” What a fraud. Make sure you take your fan with you to hell. Gonna get toasty!

  • Steven Jaeger

    What does he do when he runs into one of the OTHER religionists who refuse to swear/pledge?

  • Bad Tom

    At least he is honest enough to recuse himself.
    Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get blowback.

  • Katrina Rose

    So what if he recuses himself for prejudice? He’s announcing that he’s refusing to do part of his job – while, presumably, collecting his full paycheck.
    He should be charged with theft/larceny.

  • If we are “practicing” homosexuals, does that mean that heterosexuals are “practicing” too? Carnegie Hall, here I come!

  • eric dumptee

    Christ, my neibs investigated states like Ky ,and south,for ( somewhat safe) lgbt retirement, but concluded you to be a ” zillionaire” to live in any of the LGBT friendly areas .(..they moved to Portugal….)…

  • Joseph Miceli

    First of all he has recused himself. Is he a dick…. yes , but at least he admits he’s a dick and he will not be harming anyone . Second if I was a judge you know you would damn well be standing at the beginning of every single court I presided over and saying the Pledge of Allegiance . I get the part about ” under God ” being unnecessary and invasive , but when did saying the pledge become so controversial ? It is shared ritual that ties us to gather and gives us identity as a nation . The pledge is one of those rituals .

    • Adam King

      I don’t believe in god and I’m not willing to be allied to a piece of cloth, so your “shared” ritual leaves me out entirely.

      • Joseph Miceli

        “under God” was added in the 50’s and I agree it doesn’t belong. As for being allied to a piece of cloth, misrepresenting the situation is not an argument. Usually people who are so gung ho about the flag are idiots on the right whose idolatry of it defiles what the flag actually represents: the Constitution and the Americans who live by it. I’d be concerned if you DID want to be allied to a piece of cloth, unless you were Linus from Peanuts! 🙂
        I have no problem with anything beyond the under God, because I do not feel the pledge means I endorse our political leaders, I feel it means I endorse what it means to be a real American.
        If you feel differently that’s fine. This isn’t Russia (yet!)

    • Ben in Oakland

      I’m going to disagree. If freedom of speech means I can say what I want within closely define limitations– slander, fire in a theatre, etc– then it must mean that I cannot be forced to say what I don’t want to say.

      The pledge doesn’t bind me to this country. A flag is just a symbol that I do not pledge anything to. The few times I have said the pledge in the past 30 years, I said “constitution” not “flag.”

      • grada3784

        General Flynn saluted the flag a lot.

        Didn’t stop him from doing what he did.

        • Adam King

          Mouthing those stupid words is the easiest thing in the world to do and means absolutely nothing.

        • Ben in Oakland

          It’s like Christians in that way. Do whatever you like, and sock puppet Jesus will forgive you for it.

      • Joseph Miceli

        Further up the thread I made that exact point. I would rather say Constitution as well. No, you can’t be forced to say it and respect that is forced is not respect. Respect is earned. If you don’t want to say it don’t…but I can’t help but feel that instilling patriotism in kids is not a bad thing, and some sort of shared ritual besides football and “Dancing With the Stars” would help unify us.

    • safari

      It’s a weird ritual.

      • safari
      • Joseph Miceli

        I know I’m not getting a lot of love for this, and I WISH we said “I pledge allegiance to the Constitution” but that is what we ultimately are pledging allegiance to. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” I’m ex- Army. I simply do not have a problem with it and I think people who do need to reacquaint themselves with what it really means to be an American.

    • grada3784

      Some religious groups object to saying it, on grounds of idolatry.

      • Joseph Miceli

        Well, then they are religious before they are Americans and THAT is the point isn’t it? Any time a group elevates the Bible over the Constitution we have traitors in our midst.

        • grada3784

          That was one of the reasons the early Christians got into trouble in Ancient Rome. Besides all the rumors of incest and cannibalism.

  • Halou

    Are there other judges to do his job for him, or is this a case of entire counties getting shafted? Also, as with clerks or any other public officials who do not want to do their jobs because ‘gawd’, their wages should be deducted by an appropriate amount to reflect the work they are not doing.

  • MikeBx2

    We need a study that determines whose kids turn out better. Those in a “practicing” homosexual household or those in a practicing bigot household.

  • I assume he also recuses himself for all other cases in his court that involve LGBT people out of fairness to them? Or was this just grandstanding for the media to show how good a Christian he is? Makes me wonder if he’s an elected judge…

  • Ben in Oakland

    At least he is an honest bigot with principles. Imagine if he were willing to hear those cases, but always knew in advance the outcome?

    • coram nobis

      It’s not just adoption cases. From the USA Today story:

      Lawyers say Nance is highly religious and opposed to divorce.

      Even in uncontested divorces involving no children, he makes the parties appear in court, offers them condolences on the demise of their marriage and makes them explain why it didn’t work out.

      Attorneys say he also asked divorce litigants where they go to church and whether they are a true believer.

      Sounds like he has some serious conflicts, amounting to an inability to do his job.

      • Ben in Oakland

        Freedom of religion is for me. The freedom to follow my religion is for you. And it’s true freedom, because everyone has exactly the same rights– to follow my religion.

        • coram nobis

          There’s also an Establishment Clause right before the Free Exercise Clause, to the effect that our beliefs are to be free of someone else’s imposition, esp. when it’s under color of authority. Which means in this guy’s case that if his religion dislikes witchcraft (see, e.g., Exodus 22:18) he isn’t free to accuse witches or order them hanged in front of the courthouse.

  • Frostbite

    I’m not practicing, I’m a pro.

  • TexasBoy

    Kentucky must have a huge wealthy ax base, I mean, willing to risk expensive lawsuits and all. I guess they have perfect roads, perfect education and perfect infrastructure if they need to find something else to waste taxpayer money upon.

  • safari

    Now imagine if he said black people or Christians.

  • John Ruff

    Obviously, he’s a latent homosexual.

  • safari

    Sounds like he should step down because he admits to a class bias.

  • Taylor
  • 2patricius2

    “As a matter of conscience, I believe…..”

    It’s about facts, judge, not about beliefs.

  • Michael

    If you’re still a practicing homosexual you need to go reread the manual because it’s not that difficult

    • AmeriCanadian

      There’s a manual??? Damn it. I had to learn by trial and error.

  • goofy_joe

    So here is where I may differ from my brethren in the community. This judge is not denying gay couples a fair hearing, he is recusing himself because he is aware of his own bias. He is allowing gay couples to have their cases heard in front of a judge with no bias, therefore giving them a fair trial.

    While I don’t agree with him, I have to respect his ability to adhere to the law and remove himself from a situation where he knows he won’t be fair.

    • Chucktech


    • Natty Enquirer

      Unfortunately, that “situation” is being a judge. Recusal is to be used in particular cases where bias is present. It’s not an excuse to grandstand one’s disagreement with the law.

      • goofy_joe

        He is recusing himself. Unless I missed something, he’s not out on Morning Joe or ABC or making speeches at rallies. He made a public statement, yes, but he is also simply recusing himself. He’s not like Judge Moore in Alabama who openly said he would defy the judgement of the Supreme Court.

        • Natty Enquirer

          He may well pop up on Fox in a few days.

          “He sent out his order to all lawyers who practice in his counties, saying they will need to request a special judge if they have an adoption case involving gay people.”

          • goofy_joe

            That’s standard. All judges have rules and policies that they publish with attorneys who come to their courts. They range from procedural requests to possible conflicts of interest.

            I really can’t stress enough that he is being totally above board and open about his bias, and if I were an attorney bringing a case of adoption for a gay couple I would want to know this information so I can request a change of venue.

          • Natty Enquirer

            There is a principle here beyond your utilitarianism.

            “He has taken an oath to uphold the law, which by virtue of the equal protection clause does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, religion or sexual orientation,” said Charles Geyl, an Indiana University law school professor whose research specializes in judicial ethics. “If he is unable to set his personal views aside and uphold the law — not just in an isolated case, but with respect to an entire class of litigant because he finds them odious — it leads me to wonder whether he is able to honor his oath.”

          • goofy_joe

            I agree with that statement. I also think he is being open and honest, and giving people the chance to move to replace him to get a fair trial.

            I am not an absolutionist, Natty. I am able to agree with you while still holding my own views on the situation.

  • MonochromeMouse

    This just means that “practicing homosexuals” need to flood his office with cases and when he declines to hear them flood his boss’ office with complaints about him, eventually the boss will have enough of it and the disbarment will commence.

  • coram nobis

    ABA Model Rules of Judicial Conduct:

    CANON 1
    A judge shall uphold and promote the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.

    CANON 2
    A judge shall perform the duties of judicial office impartially, competently, and diligently.

    CANON 3
    A judge shall conduct the judge’s personal and extrajudicial activities to minimize the risk of conflict with the obligations of judicial office …

    • Schlukitz

      Bottom line. This Judge is refusing to perform the duties of office for which he is being paid.

      I see little difference between him and Kim Davis who also refused to perform the duties of office for which she too was being paid.

      At least, a maid applying for a housekeeping job, has the honesty and the decency to declare, before taking the job, I might add….”I don’t do windows”.

      • coram nobis

        Point is, professional rules for lawyers and judges are not just nice “ethics” but provisions that could get your license lifted if you breach them.

  • Natty Enquirer

    To refuse an entire class of petitioners is nonfeasance and should lead to expulsion from the bench.

  • Goggles

    So we can expect to hear the same objections from reactionaries as they had when Florida State Attorney Ayala said she would refuse the seek the death penalty in cases on ethical grounds, right?

  • This bigot must be impeached, removed from office. I don’t want his resignation. I want him to be FIRED

  • TexasBoy

    Kim Davis is now a transgender male?

  • fuow

    Well, I must agree with him on one thing (and this being the Internet and I’ve never posted here before, I’d best add /snark): – who wants an only ‘practicing’ homosexual. I want a master, experienced homosexual.

    • I wish I had gotten better coaches years ago. Ah well, trial and error works too. 😉

  • BeaverTales

    “under no circumstance” would “the best interest of the child be promoted by the adoption by a practicing homosexual.”

    If you’re a miserable closeted self-hating homosexual for Jesus, then you’re obviously fine….

  • DaveMiller135

    I’m done practicing. This is as good as it gets.

  • Schlukitz

    Gee…I wasn’t aware that homosexuals threw a party each and every time that they adopted a kid?

  • Gerry Fisher

    As long as he gets the hell out of the way, I don’t care.

  • jm2

    I’ve never figured out how to tell the ‘practicing’ homosexuals apart from the ‘non-practicing’ homosexuals. Must be a trick…..

    • Steve Teeter

      I think the answer is, “I’m not practicing! I’m damn good at it!”

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        I’m pro level. Used to to tour and win big. I’ll never retire.

  • Hamoverfist

    Whatever old man. Just get out of our way.

  • leastyebejudged

    Well, he recused himself, so I don’t get the hate on him, this is exactly how an ethical judge is supposed to behave.

  • PR

    Just the practicing ones ? Not the ones who got it down ?

  • JCF
  • Thisoldspouse

    This is an issue of “may” or “must.” Learn the difference.