TEXAS: 200 Faith Leaders Oppose Pending Bathroom Bill With Letter To Members Of State House

The San Antonio Express-News reports:

Some 200 ministers, rabbis and other religious leaders wrote to select House members Thursday asking them to support policies that treat lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Texans on an equal basis with other people.

The letter went to lawmakers including members of the House State Affairs Committee, which is considering legislation that would restrict the restrooms transgender people can use. The religious leaders didn’t confine their message to the bathroom bill, although they cited it among other legislation.

“Our faith compels us to oppose anti-transgender legislation (‘bathroom bills), discriminatory laws masquerading as “religious freedom,” or any other attempts to treat Texas’ LGBT community as second-class citizens,” said the letter from Texas Believes, which according to its website is a project of the Texas Freedom Network and Equality Texas.

  • Skokieguy [Larry]
  • Tawreos

    Christians in Texas telling people not to hate? What is going on in the world these days?

    • Adam King

      Wrong sort of Christians. This is the kind Texas Republican legislators ignore.

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    I’m gonna guess there’s at least a dozen molesters seated in that room.

    • Tawreos

      Look again, the balcony is full too so your number is way to low.

    • bkmn

      And dozens of people who are cheating on their spouses.

    • VodkaAndPolitics

      What the Fuck is wrong with you?! Those are people who are FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS, many of them risking their own careers to do so. If you think you can make heinously derogatory comments about people just because of a single identifying characteristic, then you’re just as bad as our opponents. Grow Up.

      • Cackalaquiano

        I agree with your sentiment that Christians shouldn’t be painted as universally anti-LGBT, but the photo ( and the comment) is of the legislature.

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        Sorry. That was very rude of me. I apologize.

      • JCF

        VandP, chill. This is JMG (i.e., I don’t disagree w/ you, but allowances must be made. If you’re going to be a person of faith here—or even merely an ally of same—you need a thick skin).

    • JCF

      Among the Rethugs in the Texass legislature? No doubt.

  • Jonathan Smith

    well, DARN. i was going to go off on those person’s of “faith”…….. 🙂 next story…..

  • Chucktech

    I’m sure the Texas legislature rolls their eyes and looks on in condescending derision, thinking “poor rubes think this is about bathrooms. Besides, some of these folks opposing this are Jews.”

    • Uncle Mark

      I have to wonder how many of the 200 are actually Southern Baptists. Those folks are great at dismissing all the other Christian faiths as non-Christian.

    • netxtown

      …then they push their Ricky perry glasses down their nose a bit…and add…..”and blacks, too.”

  • Gustav2

    Not REAL religious leaders!

    • Adam King

      Not “biblical” enough or something.

    • Nychta

      Fake clerics!

  • bambinoitaliano

    Let’s compromise. We will have bathroom for the transgender community and also build for the faith where they can shit and pray to their jeebus to their hearts content.

  • another_steve

    Love to Joe for a post dealing with religious/spiritual folks that doesn’t blanket-demonize them.

    Love to you, Joe.

    • Adam King

      People who don’t believe in gods don’t believe in demons either as a rule. (But we mostly believe in blankets.)

    • Chucktech

      Some of them seem nice…

      • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly


      • another_steve


        I’m married to a very nice one, so I know they’re out there. 😉

        • Todd20036

          Does your boyfriend know?

          • another_steve

            Ironically, Todd, I’ve always been romantically and sexually attracted to the goyim. My very first boyfriend — when I was age 19 — was an ex-Passionist bother. (“Brother” in the sense of both “monk” and “queer”).

            I think you and my other heeb brethren reading here will agree that the goyim are quite amusing and often very nice.

  • The_Wretched

    Good! the pro-human and pro-LGBTQ segment of the ‘faith leaders’ (really, it must by 98% christian) needs to do more like this.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Chucktech

      God, you can just see the good christianity oozing out of this pig…

    • TJ

      At the very least if they are going to obligate people to work they themselves should be obligated to provide a job, like another WPA or something.

      • Uncle Mark

        …And provide something that pays a living wage, not the poverty wages they pay the undocumented workers they allegedly hate so much (that keeps them from paying payroll taxes.) How about addressing the farm subsidies welfare program, while you’re trying to save money for the state? (My bad…corporate welfare is good for business; people welfare is evil. I guess I failed that in micro & macro-economics.)

    • safari

      You know how you could save money? Stop adding stupid rules on to assistance programs that make them cost more and do absolutely nothing aside from waste everyone’s time and money.

      • safari

        …while increasing the problem the programs were designed to fix, might I add.

    • Mike C

      Have they reopened those coal mines yet?

    • Todd20036

      Meanwhile corporate tax cuts would fund SNAP for the next 100 years.
      Hell, Trump’s vacations and “extra” white house in NYC could fund SNAP for a decade.

    • RJ Bone

      Ahh, but see, if they add work requirements then they can cut benefits because what you can receive drops quickly and dramatically with only a little income.

      So for them it’s win-win. Either kick people off because work or kick people off because no work.

    • JCF

      I think the FARMERS will put a stop to this: food stamps bring them $$$$$$!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    So the NALT people are real ?

    • Adam King

      Not all of them.

      • EweTaw

        So, it’s NALM?

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    When we use the term Judeo-Christian we mean Christian… When we say Christian .. We mean a certain kind of Christian.. Not yours….

  • bkmn

    Meaningless, it didn’t come from their Jeebus so it is meaningless.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Christians acting Christ-like? Oh look! A pig just flew by my window. Seriously though, good for them, especially pointing out that “religious freedom” is just a bullshit term for discrimination.

    In other news, Vincente Fox is poking Hair Furor with a stick again. I love this guy!

    • Rebecca Gardner
      • Deborahdharris

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    • jefe5084

      Yes. I enjoy his nearly daily digs on the Chief Bad Hombre—Cheetolini.

    • Treant

      It’s OK, you can relax. It’s not like they’ll actually fight, or send appreciable money from their donation plates, so it’s more LWC (Liberal When Convenient).

    • Nic Peterson

      200 faith leaders standing up for what is right will have zero impact. 1 NFL commision will get the job done. Religion is useless.

  • TexasBoy

    The GOP Legislators will have this take on the situation:

    Making everyone use the restroom of their birth gender IS equality. The only thing these lawmakers understand would be hitting them, or their supporters, in the pocketbook.

  • safari

    Do intersex people have to wear the letter I on their breast to let others know what their parts are?

    • edrex

      no. if they have breasts, we’ll just call them “female.” next question?

      • safari

        What if they identify as male but are overweight and also have breasts?

        • edrex

          please don’t complicate things. this is texas.

          • safari

            So, everyone has breasts.

          • edrex

            you’re really causing problems here. perhaps you should just spend time in California?

          • JCF


    • Uncle Mark

      Don’t give them ideas…but I bet if you wear a badge with a cross, you’re granted access anywhere

  • Boy Elvis

    I personally have no use for religion whatsoever…zero. But I know an important ally when I see one. Thanks, Texas faith leaders.

    • Todd20036

      You’ve never been to a Passover Seder, have you?

      • i have. several times. and some other “minority faith” situations/rituals.

        i have no use for religion. except to destroy them all. it’s going to be fun, when technology and the internet finally kills it. because this is the place where Religion Comes to Die.

        challenge me any time you feel like it. i will go on and on with links and facts, for the younglings. see? you don’t need this shit. that is the message, and it is working. i speak also to those who don’t live in the US, but in places where religion runs your government. nope. that isn’t necessary either. kill your religious leaders. or, jail them. don’t give them any money is the easy way. they all die without that.

      • Hank
      • Boy Elvis

        Definitely not. Am I missing the party?

        • Todd20036

          The food is great!

  • William

    They might as well plead with one of the statues out in front of the capitol.

  • JWC

    a breath of sensibikity by religon in Texas??

  • to me, this is the epitome of the absurdity of republican politics. texass is really fucked up, and has a lot of problems that politicians should be trying to fix. but no, in the name of jeebus, they spend this much time and energy on a law that cannot be enforced, deals with a problem that doesn’t exist, and get paid to bloviate endlessly upon, instead of dealing with real issues. at my old blog, we called this Kabuki. and it is.

    again i ask: are you also funding the bathroom police? is this going to be a new thing in law enforcement? how is that going to work, exactly? will all our Precious Daughters be required to pull down their wonder woman panties and show their vaginas? will all our grandmothers be required to step off their walkers and change out their Depends, to prove that they are using the right bathroom? srsly, how do people who care about this “issue” think this is going to work? i almost want to go to a right wing nutbag church and ask a pastor about that. who would jeebus genital inspect?

    i guess the only silver lining (not in my Depends!) that i can think of, is that at least they aren’t spending their time and our money on worse things. texass is so fucked up and everyone elected there is only trying to make it more so. i’m sorry texas. i am only glad i don’t live there anymore. i look forward to my older age, when your government is finally run by the majority of people who live there, who are blah and young. that will be a glorious day, and it is coming, christers. you and i both know it.

    • Uncle Mark

      I agree with you; this is all kabuki theater…and it costs them nothing, which is why they prefer to prattle on about this shit all day, instead of spending money on fixing the infrastructure. Let’s face it, if this state was so concerned for the safety of its citizens they would be putting up more worker-safety laws/requirements, not taking them down.

      As for asking these assholes how they intend to enforce their laws…be careful not to make them think upon it. They may not have a genital inspector, but in this day and age with the gov’t obsessed with American citizens being documented, they may require us to present papers to use the bathroom at the Alamo…although I would only present them with papers of the double-ply variety.

  • david fairfield

    Interesting turn of events in Texas! However, the candidates that these same people support and elect into office are the one’s filled with promises ONLY for the purpose of staying on the freight train of bigotry and hate. Therefore it will not matter one bit what “pleas”are made to them. They are so hideous that they will merely pass the letter around so everyone can laugh at it and make demeaning remarks about the lgbt community and then toss it in the trash bin. After which they’ll think up new ways to block the rights of minorities. It’s what they do.

  • Max_1
  • netxtown

    I capplaud their effort – but I’m sure the tx legislature dismisses them as faux-xtians.

  • DuaneBidoux

    I’m a Texan and I tell you no statewide law like this will EVER pass. Yes Texas is full of evangelical crazies but we are MORE full of the corporate type conservatives and their only interest is in one thing: money.

    They have watched elsewhere and they are not willing to take such a loss.

  • Tor

    It’s a start. Finally. The NALTS need to speak out, or they will continue to be lumped in with the haters. They’ve needed to speak out for years. To me, they’ve lost all credibility.

  • Clive Johnson

    I knew a Lutheran minister who said he’d be perfectly fine with giving a sermon on the homosexuality of Jesus. I think he was agnostic on the question of the sexuality of Jesus, but he himself, being bisexual, wanted to keep minds open. There are some good pastors out there.

  • B&E

    Hey everyone, I’m going to keep posting information on the Sneaky LGBT Erasure Bill. We need to bring more attention to this. If Governor Haslam lets this pass, it could cost the state millions in lost revenue, create legal limbo for those of us who are legally married, wanting to adopt, etc, and just generally fucking over our community. Why is it that the christianists in power do nothing to further the evolution of humanity, but instill their internal hatred on the rest of us. ARRRRRG


  • Robert Flanagan

    Time to start taxing religious institutions.

  • JCF
  • Kaye

    I have a hard time believing so called “Christians” are really being “Christ like.”. Like everything else in Texas its money driven. Everything is driven by the Almighty Buck.