Brian Brown: Another SCOTUS Vacancy Is Coming And I Need Money To Make Sure The Nominee Is Anti-Gay

Via press release from hate group leader Brian Brown:

I wish I didn’t have to write you about this, but I don’t know who else to turn to for help. NOM is in the midst of a critically-important Matching Fund Drive that began on Monday. We need to raise $100,000 to avoid making drastic budget cuts, and we’re way behind.

Can you help with an immediate financial contribution? Whatever amount you can give will be doubled thanks to a matching gift from a generous donor. I have to be honest with you, right now we’re running very low on funds and are counting on the success of this Matching Fund Drive to give us a boost so that we can continue with all the critical programs we have underway.

Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, said yesterday that he expects there will be another vacancy on the Supreme Court as soon as this summer. Other sources have said the same thing in recent weeks.

That means that we need to be ready at a moment’s notice to spring into action to urge the appointment of a strong constitutionalist to the Court, someone who will have the courage to vote to reverse the illegitimate, anti-constitutional Obergefell ruling that redefined marriage.

That’s just one example of what’s at risk if we don’t have the funds to aggressively fight for our issues. We won’t be able to do everything possible to press President Trump to make the right appointment, or to influence the confirmation process of the nominee.

We won’t have the resources to fight all-out for legislation to protect the religious liberty rights of people of faith. We will have to cut back on our public education and grassroots mobilization efforts. And we’ll have to take a pass on participating in critical court cases on key issues including gender and religious liberty.

  • kcken
    • BlueberriesForMe

      A couple of weeks ago, I went by a church in our area with this question on their message board:

      “Why Is God Angry?”

      Let’s all give that a LOT of thought.

      • vorpal

        Not enough circumcisions.
        Not enough virgin rapes.
        Not enough slavery.
        Not enough stoning of gay people.
        Not enough baby murder.
        Take your pick.

        • Gustav2

          We stole his rainbow?

          • vorpal

            If it bothers him so damn much, he can pick up his rotary phone and give Judge Judy a call.

          • ColdCountry

            Vorpal! Does this mean you’re not leaving us? Please, please, please?

          • vorpal

            I changed my mind.
            My initial reasons seemed good at the time, but then I realized that they weren’t worth it.

            So now if you want to try to get rid of me, you’re going to have to put your backbone(r) into it!

          • ColdCountry


        • MB
        • vorpal

          (What Would Jesus Do Before Light Refracted?)

      • AnotherJosh

        [raises hand]

        Hey, I found the answer! “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”

      • vorpal

        Bitch needs some serious anger classes, and to be taught NO, that it is not nice to hit people.

        Remedial kindergarten.

      • NancyP

        She’s sick of the humans wrecking Her best Creation, Earth.

    • Todd20036

      I’d sleep with either of them just based on their attitudes alone.

      • Reality.Bites

        They’d both have to develop different smiles

    • KCMC

      in. and out. and in and out…

    • vorpal

      They have all the letters there they need to write:

    • EdmondWherever

      New Hope Church? Sounds great, but I bet Empire Church is even better!

  • BlueberriesForMe

    Brownshirt, this should be your “finest hour”. Why isn’t the money pouring in on its own?
    Your record of success almost matches your buddy Matty Staver. Why has the Lard not blessed you again and again? Perhaps you need to pray harder?

    • vorpal
    • ChrisMorley

      I know they aren’t very bright, but Brian’s grifting story really doesn’t add up. I rather suspect he’s lying.

      He only launched his match-funding drive on Monday, but he’s already “way behind” his $100,000 target?
      “NOM is in the midst of a critically-important Matching Fund Drive that
      began on Monday. We need to raise $100,000 to avoid making drastic
      budget cuts, and we’re way behind.”

      Bring on the “drastic budget cuts” !

      • McSwagg

        Maybe, just like the government, NOM can shut down.

    • McSwagg

      Because braying* louder hasn’t worked.

      * intentional “typo”

  • vorpal

    Read: “I need more money to feed my eight kids and trick two bus loads of seniors from NYC to attend a free march around DC.”

    It’s the time share presentation equivalent of hate.

  • I really wish people could have seen that this Presidental election was about the Supreme Court and other important issues and stop:

    1. Hillary Bashing
    2. Bernie or Bust Determined
    3. Actually Got Their Asses Out and Voted

  • PickyPecker
    • vorpal

      The conversion rate from TAP* to USD is maintaining a steady $0.00.
      (*TAP = Thoughts and Prayers)

      Jesus should have studied economics instead of all that woodwork, which is what got him in the end.

      • Menergy

        (hee hee and snicker!!)

      • MB
        • vorpal

          LOL glad to know that Jesus finally takes credit (in all senses of the word).

          • DonnaLee

            I’ve lit candles all free, what are they going to do? Blow the ones I lit out?

          • vorpal

            I’m willing to bet that they’re those height of tacky LED candles. Noting shows your devotion and desire to cure the sick like turning on a light switch… provided you swipe your CC.

          • Alishajholland

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        • Bryan

          My lord and mastercard…

        • ChrisMorley

          A card operated 420 dispensary! Genius.

        • Librarykid

          That looks so cold compared to all of the candles flickering in St. Pat’s in Miracle in the Rain. I guess it reflects the soul of the church.

          • NancyP

            Yup. Plus, ugly!

    • Oh, Parker

      Perfect! I wish I’d said that to my religious moocher brother a long time ago.

  • FAEN

    Grifters gonna grift.

  • Bluto
    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Thanks… now I will be singing, “come into my shop, let me shave your crop, daintily, daintily! Don’t look so perplexed, can’t you see your next? Your next! Your so next!” In my head all day long.

  • Silver Badger

    Wouldn’t it be easier if he just went out and got a real job?

    • vorpal

      His resume, amongst other things, is pretty short.

    • ColdCountry

      I dunno. A middle-aged guy with no skills or trade? He’s gonna have to start selling off his children in order to live.

      • OdieDenCO

        what’s the going rate for selling your daughter into slavery, three goats and a cow? wouldn’t keep brian fed for a week.

  • Blake J Butler
  • David

    How does giving him money have ANYTHING to do with whom is or is not nominated to the Court?

    I know; silly question.

    • “What does God need with a starship?”

      • Oh, Parker

        I’m one of the few who actually loved that movie.

  • ByronK

    Joe has such a talent for screenshots that capture those special sphincter-mouth moments!

    • vorpal

      Either that, or they have resting rim face.
      Hard to say.

  • greenmanTN

    Ponder this for a moment. Dodos are extinct but this chimp is still around.

    • vorpal

      Maggie Gallagher may have been a hateful bitch, but unlike this dumb fuck, she knew when to jump ship.

      • greenmanTN

        The resulting tsunami was a bit of a downer though.

        I wake up every morning and say “I will not be a bitch today” but I always fail before breakfast. πŸ˜‰

        • vorpal

          You should embrace your natural talents.

          • greenmanTN

            Play to your strengths as they say…

          • vorpal

            This is why Brian is out of luck.

          • TampaDink

            In his case: “Prey to your weaknesses…and weak minded followers” is as close as he can get to what greenmanTN posted.

          • vorpal

            So many stupid people to take advantage of, with the legal framework of religion to do so.

          • TampaDink

            So sad. So true. People who require ancient, made up stories to pretend to care about others & behave accordingly have given organized religion a black eye.

          • vorpal

            ‘I think many of them are seriously convinced that if they didn’t select from their big buffet book of bullshit, they would be wandering around the streets looting, rioting, and committing mass murders.

            LGBT people have been extraordinarily civil despite the crap we’ve had to put up with, mostly from the religious. Apart from Floyd Corkins II, I think the worst atrocity the Christians have had to endure through homosexuality is to smear some buttercream on a cake.

          • TampaDink

            This is so fucked up & yet so true for so many of the “faithful”. They are often so quick to justify criminal behavior in the name of their deities & as quick to point out everyone who has ever done the same or worse.
            Under the current regime, I expect that the F.R.C. massacre to be back in the headlines to justify erosion of our rights.

          • vorpal

            BTW, this is both the wine and I talking, but you are fun, and I’m glad you are here!

          • TampaDink

            That is just fine & dandy….as I’m beginning to speak/type with a bourbon accent. I’m usually a vodka kinda guy but now & then, I do like to switch things around….and buzzed or not, I do so enjoy interacting with you too. Do your kitties ever tire of dining on Chilean Sea Bass?

          • MB

            I try to “embrace” mine on a regular basis.

            * TMI ?????

        • TampaDink

          This is why I rarely eat breakfast.

      • Ninja0980

        Indeed, say what you will about her but she’s no dummy.
        She saw the writing on the wall and left Brown to sink on the NOM ship.

        • vorpal

          I completely agree. The Haggaher ran a tight ship, focusing on “traditional marriage” and not letting anything directly resembling anti-LGBT hate leak out: this is the reason that NOM was never labeled a hate group. She wisely jumped ship when she say donations drying up.

          Brian, on the other hand, is a freaking moron who makes it clear that he just despises gay people, and he is on a crash course with an iceberg, the idiot.

    • perversatile
  • Reality.Bites

    Even if they cut Scalia’s rotting corpse into 9 pieces and appointed all of them to the court, they still need to find a state insane enough to actually pass a marriage repeal act.

    • Curiuex Bleu

      Some clearly exist.

      However for Brian’s problem, he clearly needs to suck on it, whatever “it” is. Maybe only a sour lemon, one after another.

      Such a sad queer little special snowflake … watching him melt away from his puffed up frozen in time irrelevancy. Plus the impecuniousness of his situation…. So many mouths … do they still all go to fancy private academies, …. or forced by the wolf at the door into home brainwashing …
      I feel for the kids, but for Cry Bry …. the eyes are Dry..

  • If there’s ever been a face that needs to meet forcefully with a metal folding chair, it’s that one.

  • ColdCountry

    He’s starting to sound like Eugene.

    • vorpal

      Good morning, ColdCountry! I very much appreciated your comment the other day!
      =huggy squeezes=
      (Sorry about all the black fur. But not really.)

      • ColdCountry

        Fur? No problem! Both my (60 lb) dog and my cat decided to sleep under the covers last night. Very cozy, but I woke up a tad bit furry.

        =ear scritches=

        • vorpal

          I am the amongst the world’s lighter sleepers. All cats and husband must be evicted from my bedroom at night, with white noise through wildlife (Coqui frogs in Hawaii) or electronic devices (fans) here. If you haven’t hear the coqui, it is one of the loudest little things you can imagine.

          I got used to them in a week, and then when I moved to Chile and it was soooo quiet, I didn’t think I could ever sleep again.

          • ColdCountry

            They sound just like our peepers! (Pseudacris crucifer)

          • vorpal

            =checking it out now=
            Oh weird… how did I not know about these?
            JMG… always educating me.

            They were considered such a nuisance on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii that they sprayed the jungle with caffeine to try to kill them. I think it just made them more excited and loud, TBH.

            They eat tons of fire ants, which are considered one of the most annoying invasive species in Hawaii, so I don’t see the objection. The only annoying time is when one jumps on your windowsill and insists on serenading you up close and personal.

          • ColdCountry

            I had a peeper on my window screen one night. How can such a little creature make such a loud noise? But they are only vocal for about a month, and they are a certain sign of spring, so – as far as I’m concerned – they can make as much noise as they want. Hearing them always makes me smile.

          • vorpal

            Oh, seasons… how I don’t miss them at all!

            Here the sky is every day almost beautiful and blue, and the temp fluctuates from around 60 – 84 across the year.

          • ColdCountry

            Lol! I would miss the seasons. I love them all, though some last a bit longer than is necessary.

          • vorpal

            Living in Canada for about 35 years gave me enough seasons for a lifetime.

            Now I want things to be conseasontly pleasant. (groan)

          • ColdCountry

            I don’t like what I consider “overly harsh” winters, but I do enjoy some winter, if only to look for the signs of coming spring. And fall is my favorite season.

          • vorpal

            If I ever feel the urge to experience snow, I just drive up to the telescope on a cold day.

            I get my fill after about five minutes and then wan to go back to the subtropical coastal areas.

            Here I am taking a roll in the snow at the base of the telescope:

          • MB
          • vorpal

            Thanks, MB! Under no circumstances – if you value your eyesight – scroll down.

          • TampaDink

            You’re even more adorable when you shed your sweet black kitty form.

          • vorpal
          • TampaDink

            Worse? Only in an alternate universe where up is down & day is night…and hair furor is POTUS. You got it going on and on!

          • vorpal

            Well, thank you, good Dink of the Tampa!

            I worked out really hard and lost 70 lbs prior to those pictures being taken. I am no adonis, but I am proud of my efforts all the same!

          • TampaDink

            You wear it well, Senor Vorpal, my pal of Vor.
            Although my father was 6′-1″ & my brothers both about the same height, I topped out (pardon the use of “topped”) at a mere 5′-9″ and was proud of my status as a 98 lb. weakling. Until I began my magical medical mystery tour at 34, I struggled to maintain tipping the scales at more than 110lbs
            but once I settled into permanent disability status in my later 30’s, I never got above 125lbs.. These days, I fluctuate between 140 & 150…and have shrunken down to 5′-8″. I suppose I owe the blessing/curse of my lack of girth on an unfortunate side symptom of Mitral valve disease, I.B.S.. Why couldn’t I have just been willing to settle for an Ibis instead, I cannot say.

          • ColdCountry

            (And I’m going to ignore that pun, excellent though it was.)

          • vorpal

            I was mildly embarrassed by it myself :D.

          • David in Tucson

            Yes. No cats for us in the bedroom; they stay in their own room overnight so they don’t stand outside the bedroom door, crying piteously about how they are unloved and neglected. And it’s not rare for one or the other of us to move to the guest room at some point.

          • vorpal

            Our cat Felix was inseparable from us, since he was the baby of the family and the only cat we had when we were in Hawaii.

            Every time we tried to have sex and kicked him out of the bedroom, he would wail and cry with anguish, throwing himself at the door with all his might.

          • MB

            I too need white noise to sleep ~ usually put on a 10-hour rain/thunder YouTube relaxation video. Too bad I never get more than 6 hours of sleep. When I still had Lhasa Apso’s, sleeping with them was sooo comforting and relaxing.

            Nothing like having a warm furry creature snuggle up next to you. My first pupster looked very much like this little guy, when we brought him home in 1982. He was an amazing dog.


  • Tiger Quinn

    The court isn’t just going to wake up and flip off Gay Marriage switches the minute you get another Scalia in there. The court has to actually accept the case. There has to be a reason for it. And then there’s all that settled case law.

    • Charlie

      And there has to be solid proof that someone or group has suffered harm because of SSM…and ‘because the bible’ is NOT a reason. Anyone who gives money to this grifter is an IDIOT!

  • Nowhereman

    Nice to know that they are broke or nearly broke.

  • JWC

    Brian brown “HATE for fun and profit”

  • Silver Badger

    Our money would be far better spent helping But Clark out. IMHO

  • -M-

    “Today’s rationale for our continuing money beg…”

  • Librarykid

    Blow it out of your fat ass, Brian. I hope that when your crooked racket is busted, you have to work at hard, manual labor outdoors in the sun and rain, the scorching heat and the freezing cold and that’s before you spend eternity in hell.

  • Kenneth Hamlett

    He calls himself a Christian, but says it is critical that he make sure the next Supreme Court justice is anti-gay and will vote to deny rights under our civil laws to tens of millions of hardworking, tax-paying and decent Americans because he dislikes them. He says that it is necessary because he believes that we are sinners. But, he has never proposed, supported or even suggested that the rights of those who commit any other sins be denied their rights under our civil laws. So, this is not a reaction to perceived sinfulness or a reaction related to religion at all. This is pure, unadulterated bigotry, and Mr. Brown should at least be honorable enough and honest enough to acknowledge it for what it is. Trying to pretend otherwise and disguise his prejudice as motivated by religion is a misuse of the religion and an insult to those from whom he is trying to obtain contributions. Jesus Christ never tried to deny the rights of anyone. He never refused to serve, assist or interact with anyone. He had no screening criteria for those with whom he dealt. He welcomed all, performed a miracle for an individual everyone believed to be a sinner, treated everyone with respect, kindness and dignity, and he even treated those who were conspiring to kill him with respect (and forgave them before he died). What Mr. Brown is trying to achieve is not based in religion, and it is not something that Jesus Christ would do. It is time that Christians and everyone else stood up to those trying to use our religion as an excuse for harming people and spreading hatred and fear and told them that it has gone too far. Jesus taught us to treat all others as we would be treated. Mr. Brown is urging that the opposite be done, trying to convince others to disregard the teachings of Jesus Christ. He should be confronted with his dishonesty and then ignored.