Jeff Sessions Is Amazed That A Judge “Sitting On An Island In The Pacific” Can Block Trump’s Travel Ban

CNN reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said this week he was amazed that a judge in Hawaii could block President Donald Trump’s executive order halting immigration from several majority Muslim countries. Sessions made the comments in an interview with “The Mark Levin Show” Tuesday evening that was put online Wednesday.

“We’ve got cases moving in the very, very liberal Ninth Circuit, who, they’ve been hostile to the order,” Sessions said. “We won a case in Virginia recently that was a nicely-written order that just demolished, I thought, all the arguments that some of the other people have been making. We are confident that the President will prevail on appeal and particularly in the Supreme Court, if not the Ninth Circuit. So this is a huge matter. I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and Constitutional power.”

Last month, a federal judge in Hawaii, Judge Derrick Watson, issued an order that blocked Trump’s ban on travelers from several Muslim-majority countries. The Department of Justice is currently appealing the decision.

  • dcurlee

    He probably thinks there are still only 13 colonies

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      He was probably born when they were colonies.

      • ohbear1957

        I don’t know if he’s that old, but he was certainly born from a colon. He’s an awful little turd that I’d love to flush.

    • djcoastermark

      That puts his place of birth and where he is from, in the untamed netherlands of the continent then. Nothing but savages. (look at him for an example) So why should a savage complain? Allybamy aint part of the original 13.

    • coram nobis

      And that Hawaii is still an independent kingdom.

      • JCF

        …of fur’ners!

    • April

      In his case I was going to say the CSA.

    • Steverino

      And that there are only 13 centuries.

  • penpal

    Of course he’s amazed. Republicans have no idea what the judicial branch is for and they have no idea how it works. They would fail a 5th-grade civics test.

    • dcurlee

      Exactly what I’ve said

      • Charlenejrowe

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    • They unfortunately know that packing enough assholes on it will turn things in their favor.
      Something the people who rode Bernie or the greed(n)s all the way down seen incapable of understanding.

      • penpal

        I think they understand judicial appointments.

    • narutomania

      Well stated, PenPal.

      I was going to say something similar about how Drumpf said (effectively), “Who’dah thunk that Health Care was so complicated?” And now Bubbah Sessions muses about how a judge can actually exercise his judicial power.

      What a collective of dunces.

    • Gerry Fisher

      They seemed to know what it was for when they were hoping for a court case to tank Obamacare a few years back. Their civics recall seems very selective…some might say “self serving.”

  • Nic Peterson

    Checks and balances, Jeffy. You’re familiar with those?



    • Tor

      But that other co-equal branch of government isn’t really equal is it?

  • Christopher

    These people are starting to make me wish that my allergies would just un-alive me now.

  • Sam_Handwich

    douche canoe

  • The_Wretched

    Really Jeff, how did you feel about the 5th Circuit (Texas) putting Obama’s immigration plan on hold?

    • Those judges were patriots! 😒


      • Todd20036

        I read your comment as: Those judges were parrots.

        • Tawreos

          Not much of a difference sometimes

        • Well, you’re not really wrong. 😏

    • Mauvaisregard

      Was a single judge sittin’ alone down in some border down hooked up with a bunch of right-wing militia loons.

  • another_steve

    I can’t take any more tsuris today. First, beloved JMG commenter vorpal announces he won’t be commenting anymore. Now, this from Jeff Sessions, who is U.S. Attorney General but is better suited to burning crosses on people’s lawns.

    Can we just post pictures of gorgeous guys for a while now?

    I’ll begin.

    • ColdCountry

      WHAT?? No more of our beloved black kitty? Please, say it isn’t so!

      • another_steve

        Oy it’s terrible. 🙁

        Go to the “KARMA: “Mexican” Judge To Hear DREAMer Case” comment thread.

        • bzrd

          thanks, I’ve been busy all morning and missed that

        • ColdCountry

          Thank you. I have gone and added my yowl of sadness, best wishes, and most fervent desires to have him back.

    • RoFaWh

      What do you think I was doing yesterday when I posted images to make clear the difference between a g-string and a thong?

      But I made a mistake using the same model for all four; I could have had a different model for each pose (I think!)

      • another_steve

        Yes, I saw that post of yours, RoFaWh. It was not, shall we say, the most intellectual moment here on JMG, 2017-to-date. It didn’t quite rise to the level of…hmm…the thirty-five dialogues and thirteen letters of Plato.

        That said, I had absolutely no problem looking at four pictures of that boy.

        None whatsoever.


  • Halou

    The United States of Dumbass over there, it doesn’t matter where the judge is when they make their ruling, their ruling is what it is. #GetOverIt

  • Tawreos

    We won ok, we won bigly in a court of law and they just can’t handle it. They need to get over it, accept it and move on.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Hawaii a real state ? WTF do they teach in Elf school anyway ?

    • Todd20036


      • Tor


    • Uncle Mark

      I’m guessing he only knows how to bake cookies in his tree…although in his case, it’s all half-baked


    Alaska had better watch out! And any other state Jeffy disapproves of.

    I’ll wager his map that includes only the “legitimate” states in America consists of this:

  • Frommer_Gast

    Isn´t it touching that the Attorney General after so many years still kept his sense of wonder alive?

  • yes b’y
  • ColdCountry

    “Some island in the Pacific…. What? It’s a state? Prove it!”

    • break out the long form state declaration.

    • Blake Jordan

      Maybe to Sessions, et. al. it can only qualify as a state if the (Western European) white population exceeds a certain percentage…

      • pch1013

        There’s no “maybe” about it.

    • melllt

      Come on you libtard sheeples or something. Hawaii is a state that belongs to Kenya. Just ask Trump.

  • um. i’m not even sure what to type. it boggles the mind. it ALL boggles the mind.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      I’ve read there are theoretically an infinite number of alternate universes but I’m guessing that Seshsy Sessions doesn’t exist in most of them.

      • Smokey

        Is that where alternate facts come from? I’m not really good with that quantum stuff.

        • bzrd

          that’s where the bowling green is stored

  • LOL did he actually say that? Or is it an Onion headline?

  • PickyPecker

    Here ya go, Jefferson Beauregard…something you might actually understand. Sorry if it’s a re-run for you, bud. 🙂

  • Guido Miller

    Why is anyone surprised that the Sessions, who was a child actor seen in the opening minutes of the movie “Deliverance,” would be so wrong on the law?? Remember the US Senate did not approve him to be a federal judge in 1986. Could it be that he is not a good lawyer? I think he should go back to playing stringed instruments….

    • Tor

      Whoaaaa. I missed that one. He was not approved to be a federal judge during the Reagan years? No wonder he is so bitter.

      • Guido Miller

        Mitch McConnell shut down Elizabeth Warren’s reading of a letter from Coretta Scott King about what a jerk he was as Alabama AG. You can find the letter on line. Mind-you, he was nixed when Reagan was president. So…..

      • CJAS

        Yeah, among other things, he persecuted a small civil rights group doing voter registration in majority black west Alabama counties in 1985, you know, so they could elect representatives instead of being represented, at every level of government, by white supremacists.

  • Blake Jordan

    The world would be such a better place if right wing politicians and religious extremists ceased to exist… why won’t some alien race do the earth a favor and take care of that problem…

    • Tor

      Those aliens are we, dear. We are they.

  • Barry William Teske

    Somebody lost the pot to piss on and is actively looking to use human rights justice as a replacement.
    Talk to Loser#45.
    Might help with perspective, perhaps even flow?

  • Hue-Man

    Don’t tell him Manhattan is an island.

  • coram nobis
  • EdA

    That’s funny. I’m amazed that a White Nationalist attorney general from one of the slave states of the Confederacy with a quality of life that would embarrass a number of so-called developing countries would be amazed that there are federal judges in all of the 50 states.

    • coram nobis

      Be respectful! His title is Grand Imperial Gizzard.

      • Cattleya1

        I thought it was Elmer Fudd, Attorney Outlaw.

        • coram nobis

          No, Sen. Fudd is the one that has a prejudice against rabbits.

  • SFBruce

    Jeff Sessions graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law, the same school that produced Morris Dees, who co-founded the SPLC. US News & World Reports ranks the institution 26th among the best law schools, so I assume it’s a decent place. And Sessions must have passed the bar in at least one state, and yet he just showed he couldn’t pass a middle school civics test.

  • Carl

    Hawaii being a state is controversial in many conservative circles.

    • um. it’s been a state since Aug 21, 1959.
      ninteen fifty fucking nine.

      • gaymex1

        It actually happened. I remember the bells ringing outside my highschool classroom on Oahu. Damn, hard to believe it’s been fifty-eight years.

        • would you please continue that story? it sounds fascinating. no, this isn;t snark.

          • gaymex1

            There’s really not much to tell. My dad was in the military and had a choice between being stationed in Alaska or Hawaii (both became States in 1959). We settled on Hawaii and I consider myself extremely lucky for the experience and friendships (many survive to this day). It was a strange feeling during the ninth grade when I was one of the handful of Haoles–people who are not descendants of the native Hawaiians or of other nationalities whose families had been brought in to work the pineapple and sugarcane fields. It was an experience for a white boy and forever changed my attitudes toward non-white nationalities. Students were expected to pull their weight. Once a month every student had cafeteria duty. I always thought it was fun to skip class and work preparing and serving lunches for the other students. Those of us who had agriculture class also had to work the fields growing some of the food consumed in the cafeteria. We were grouped into different sections. Fortunately I was in the college prep section. It was not easy. You had to work. My English teacher used the same outline for book reports that was used at the University of Hawaii. The first day of class she came into the room and announced that we were not stupid and we would not survive if we didn’t study. She also said she had a reputation for being a “bitch”, but only among the students who didn’t like thinking. What an experience. I don’t think I had ever even heard the word “bitch” before. I was terrified. I studied. She was an incredible teacher. On parent/teacher nights there were long lines of parent waiting to see her to thank her for what she was doing for their children.
            In civics class, we had been studying the advantages and disadvantages of becoming the 50th State. I remember barely being able to sleep the night before. On the day of Statehood, we were all sitting in classrooms awaiting the news. Sirens, bells, children screaming, horns honking. Most of all I remember squeezing my girlfriend’s hand and closing my eyes to take in the moment. I will never forget the sweet fragrance of the plumeria blossoms that filled the air.
            I guess I need to shutup, but it was a day I will never forget.

          • That’s awesome. Thanks for that.

          • Paula

            Damn! I remember them making us work in the cafeteria.
            We had to clean the classroom in elementary school, too.
            I went to school in Waipahu.

          • gaymex1

            Holy Shit. I went to Waipahu.

          • Tor

            Wow, gaymex1 and Paula probably made out in the broom closet! And now you are both here at JMG.

          • gaymex1

            Unlikely, but possible. lol.

        • William

          My mother lived on Oahu during the mid 50s. She attended the high school Obama.went to, later on.

          • gaymex1

            Then she went to Punahou. My family couldn’t really afford for me to attend there, but I was determined. Somehow I managed to get a scholarship and floated on air at Punahou for three weeks and then new orders came in for my dad and off we went to California. Punahou is a fantastic school. Your mom is fortunate, indeed. Lots of bright kids there. After my school experiences in Hawaii, the university was a snap.
            Is your mom’s family from Oahu?

          • William

            My Grandfather was in the Navy, on a ship based out of Pearl Harbor. She was supposed to move to Hawaii with her mother soon after being born, but the Japanese had other plans. The whole family finally got to Hawaii about five years after the war.

          • gaymex1

            We lived in Makaha Beach and then later Nanakuli. I remember talking to the old timers about the Japanese attack and the aerial dogfights. They had some interesting tales.
            I used to climb in the mountains around Nanakuli and play in the old defensive artillary batteries that overlooked the sea. It was a great place to be a teenager and a great place to live.
            I’m glad your family finally made it there.

      • BlueberriesForMe

        Darling, we know that. Unfortunately, there are some who would like to pretend otherwise. How can anyone forget that “awful black man” came from there?

    • William

      Republican businessmen are the folks who overthrew the legitimate Hawaiian government. They wanted immediate statehood.

      • RoFaWh

        And the native Hawaiians have not forgotten that.

    • Steverino

      It’s their ultimate fallback for deligitimizing the citizenship and presidency of Barack Obama, as well as the state being overwhelmingly Democratic.

    • narutomania

      I suspect it’s “controversial” among many Hawai’ians, too.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • TimJ

    WTF is the Attorney General of the United States of American doing on the Mark Levin Show? Seriously!

    • coram nobis

      Maybe he was going to sing.

    • bzrd

      the bigger question is, why is the lying asshole still AG??????????????

    • Jon Doh

      Jerry Springer Show was already booked up.

    • Tor

      I’ve never heard of Mark Levin. Is he somebody?

  • Jon Doh

    Can’t Sessions use his elfin magic to unblock it?

    • KnownDonorDad

      I guess not…that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

  • HKDaniel

    I am amazed that a judge from a former colony of a foreign nation is allowed to uphold a clearly un-American executive order.

    It’s all in how you frame it, Herr Sessions.

  • coram nobis
    • HILARIOUS pic they used…

      • BlueberriesForMe

        “What do you mean? The men’s room toilet is not working?”

  • Gaymurcan

    Send all available lei garlands and Hawaiian flags to:

    US Attorney General’s
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    • Bj Lincoln

      YES! I’m going to find his website and info……….
      His FB is having a problem……….Be right back…..
      Click here for the email to his department.
      Was checking out some of his opinions and ideas….well…he is a little shit!

    • coram nobis

      Poor man probably needs a good lei.

      • Tor

        We all do, but pity the poor soul to lei that person.

      • JCF

        You volunteering? O_o

  • Smokey

    I’m amazed that a former U.S. Senator sitting at a desk in some city that’s not a part of any state makes remarks that display a complete lack of knowledge about geography and civics. Then again, maybe I’m not.

    • William

      Sessions is in the Twilight Zone?

      • Steverino

        He thinks he is in total control of the horizontal and the vertical.

  • JWC

    Just amazin’ ain’t it Jeffy a Judge in the pacific can stop you in your tracks

  • Scribble Writer 🌹 ☭
    • KarenAtFOH

      Red, clay-filled dirt, baking in the sweltering, airless, godforsaken summer heat of a backwater, heartless, ignorant, judgemental, backass southern state of this precious Union! The sooner he takes his eternal nap in it, the better.

      • Tor

        Just wishing him a lovely rest.

  • Uncle Mark

    As if Trump and a Republican Congress don’t give Hawaii and other states enough incentive to secede…now we have this divisive & treasonous AG trying to cast shade on one of our states, while pandering to a simple-minded base with faulty propaganda. What kind of AG does this?

    • A hard-core Southern bigot appointed by a reality TV star.

      • Bj Lincoln

        Damn! Nailed it!

      • JCF

        IF ONLY it were fiction…

    • billbear1961

      a FASCIST one

  • billbear1961

    That “island in the Pacific” is an American STATE, you swaggering fascist PIG.

    What amazes ME is that someone who perjured himself in a congressional hearing is the AG of the USA!!

    • Tor

      There are no surprises anymore. Let us weep.

  • Cackalaquiano

    Is that particular judge brown? Because that would absolutely blow his narrow fucking mind.

  • No More GOP.

    The Angry Keebler Elf is not having a good week. This pleases me.

    • Tor

      The cookies suck this week.

  • HZ81

    Racist asswipe AG goes on racist asswipe Mark Levin’s show to be racist.

    And unaware of our 50 states.

  • safari

    Wait until he finds out who won the civil war.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Don’t you mean the war of northern aggression? /s

      • Tor

        Take your snarking snark and stuff it up your snarking snark snark..

      • Craig Howell

        First time I ever heard that expression was on a tour of an old Virginia plantation back in the 80s. My friends and I spontaneously burst out into gales of laughter, no doubt much to the distress of our very serious ante-bellum hoop-skirted tour guide.

    • Lee Grupsmith-Pedersen

      This had me curious, so I did some research. Ft. Sumter (where it began) was attacked by the Confederates.So this SHOULD correctly be called the War of SOUTHERN Aggression.

      • Bad Tom

        There is that.

      • Craig Howell

        Alternative Facts are nothing new in American History.

  • KnownDonorDad

    Ah, Mark Levin, the human sneer.

  • Thorn Spike

    lol, google images of “beverly leslie” and Ms. Beauregard pops up all over the place.

  • billbear1961

    Confident of the outcome at SCOTUS now that you’ve managed to plant a fascist THIEF there in a seat STOLEN for him by your fellow SEDITIONISTS??

    Yes, of course, of course, only decisions that AGREE with you are “nicely written”!

    Disagreement can only be politically motivated!!

    • Martin

      Gorsuch should recuse himself since his was appointed by the man who’s case he’ll be trying.

  • William
  • AmeriCanadian

    OMG. I never thought I would live to see the day when the movie Idiocracy would be considered a documentary.

    • safari

      Idiocracy would be a good outcome.

      I’m thinking we’re heading for a darker version of Brazil

      • Bad Tom

        And straight-up Brazil was plenty dark.
        Our Hero escapes only by way of insanity.
        That’s just not acceptable.

  • Chaz Antonelli

    Awwwww — there are non-republican judges out there… I cry rivers for him.

  • bmoore4026

    It is a state, asshole

  • Frostbite

    I’m not amazed Jeff Sessions has no idea how our government works.

    • He knows damned well. It’s just that now that he’s no longer merely a Senator but in a position of authority in the administration, he now prefers an elected (for now) fascist authoritarian autocracy.

    • Gil

      He’s from Alabama……Um…

      • JCF

        Our goverment. The USA’s. As opposed to…

  • BobSF_94117

    I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can
    issue an order that stops the President of the United States from what
    appears to be clearly his statutory and Constitutional power.”

    Indeed, that’s what conservative judges in Texas are for…

    • Snownova

      Its worrisome that someone in his position is still amazed by the simple mechanics of the constitution. Of course we all know she never read the thing.

  • Orly

    His “amazement” just shows how ignorant he is. He should probably just shut the hell up.

  • Mikey
  • saucetin

    I’m surprised Jeffrey’s sitting on a big black dildo doesn’t register a little bit more, on his “face.”

  • amazingly, he seems unaware that the ‘island in the pacific’ is a State in the USA. I would gladly point that out to him if nobody else will.

    • Tor

      A state with equal standing to Alabama.

  • abqdan

    Of course – those damned Hawaiians – who do they think they are – Americans? 🙁

    • You should see what happens to Puerto Ricans. And American Samoans. And U.S. citizens living in Guam or Northern Marianas or U.S. Virgin Islands…

  • DoctorDJ

    Hte So-Called Attorney General is a dumb fuck.

  • Gianni

    Don’t be so amazed, Jeff. Long ago Hawaii became a state in the United States and though it is not part of the contiguous states, it is, nonetheless, constitutionally the total equal of Alabama – the state that birthed you, who is now the top legal moron of this country.

    • Tor

      Plus, Hawaii has pineapples.

  • FAEN

    That’s the Alabama education system for you. What a dumb ass. Then again he is a KKKlansman.

  • Westcoast88

    Sessions probably never went to Hawaii. He didn’t think that they took American money.
    That, and he never bothered to get a passport.

    • KarenAtFOH

      It’s left of the left coast. Much too evil for his delicate snowflake asshole.

      • Tor

        Asshole from the south does not even know what a snowflake is. It’s from that other far away place of impotence, Alaska.

    • canoebum

      They never should have been readmitted to the Union as States. Territories, at best. All they do is take from the productive states and screw over their populations. The graft and corruption are at banana republic levels.

  • sword

    Next…Sessions will complain about those Yankee judges who shouldn’t be allowed to make decision concerning the Confederate States. Who does he think won the War of Northern Aggression…the South?

  • Bryan

    Welp we knew they thought it and now theys saying it. YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL LADIES AND GENTLEFOPS

  • Paula

    Try to keep up, Forrest. Try to keep up.

  • Michael

    The stupid! It hurts so much!

  • TuuxKabin

    Blind hatred. Pure and simple. Stupid. Blind. Hatred.

    Meanwhile, what a surprise when we went to the bank. There’s a new

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Nic Peterson

    I am amazed that in 2017 a racist redneck from Alatucky is the AG of the USA.

    • JWC

      Not in Trumpanoonia

  • JWC

    I wonder If Jeffy pees and pooos on command he looks like a well trained litle feller

    • Tor

      You might be the Master who knows.

      • JWC

        Not Bloddy likely

  • KarenAtFOH


    • BudClark

      THANK YOU, NO! I don’t do interspecies, and that one’s a JACKASS!

  • Jack

    If he had at least half a brain, he wouldn’t be amazed at all.

  • Bigots Hang

    And two thirds of the United States still can’t wrap its head around the surreality that a pig-fucking bigot from a cracker-barrel state like Alabama is in charge of protecting civil rights. Odd how that works isn’t it?

  • Piet

    He looks so much like Mitch McConnell I’m tempted to think they might be cousin brothers or something. It’s the little tight mouth that does it. Like he’ll never approve of anything other people do. I call it Aunt Mabel syndrome.

    • Tor

      Someone, somewhere might be enjoying themselves, and I don’t like it!

      • Piet


  • TexasBoy

    An Attorney General that has no idea of how the US court system works…way to go Donnie!

  • fuzzybits

    Someone needs to drop an anvil on his head.

  • TKW

    Um, excuse m but last time I checked Hawaii is a state.

  • leastyebejudged

    Is this arrogance or just ignorance ?

    YOU decide !

    • leastyebejudged

      Then again, why pick one when it’s clearly both right

  • Peter

    I’m totally ashamed that the person at the head of the Department of Justice doesn’t understand how the judicial system of the United States works, even more ashamed that this uneducated buffoon​ was a senator for multiple years and yet was “amazed” at how government works.

    • Gregory In Seattle

      He’s a Trump appointee. What did you expect?

  • justmeeeee

    Aren’t there a bunch of brownish people living on that island? So should it really count as part of the real Murka?

    • CJAS

      That was the subtext. Yes.

  • JCF

    “I really am amazed that…an island in the Pacific can”

    …produce an outstanding PRESIDENT, muthaf#cka!

  • Max_1

    The only thing lower Sessions could have said was:
    “An island in the Pacific called Kenya where that Muslim Socialist came from.”

    The man is clueless. And notice how he disparages the Nation’s own court system, of which he heads, by calling the 9th a Liberal court. Nothing about the 9th makes it a Liberal court. Not a damned thing BUT slander and accusations by the Atty. Gen. of the USA makes it “Liberal”.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Meanwhile, no one is at all amazed that a Trump appointee lacks a basic understanding of the department under his purview.

  • Charlenejrowe

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  • canoebum

    Perhaps Attorney General Sessions should concern himself with getting US Attorney’s appointed so the business of the Department of Justice can go forward. His boss fired them all. There are no US Attorneys now. None.

  • DaveMiller135

    Oh Goody, another Trump appointee who slept through high school civics. Amateurs are good in porn. I’ve heard.

  • CJAS

    Can these bastards utter a single thought that doesn’t have racist undertones? Yeah, the native Hawaiian man (with two degrees from Harvard) is your better.

  • EDinMCO

    Hey Frodo: Fuck. You.